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4.4 out of 5 stars83
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2010
One of the earlier Steven Segal films and also one of the better ones. Impossible to get in the shops. The story of a cop in a coma for seven years and regaining consciousness. He then goes on the hunt for the senator and the crooked cops who murdered his wife with the help of the nurse from the hospital who took care of him.Plenty of action and violence, quality martial arts and with a happy ending.Hard to Kill * Steven Seagal (Import)
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on 4 September 2003
I have just recently purchased 'Hard to Kill' from this site and Im very glad as it provided me with classic Steven Seagal not these terrible new films he has made such as 'Ticker' and 'The Foreigner'. It also contains the immortal line 'F*** You and Die' which epitamises Steven Seagal completely.
If you enjoy a good violent action flick youll like this. The supporting actor Coffin is suberb also.
Seagal acts quite well also. The bad guys are bad. Seagal breaks arms and necks with a sick passion. Its great. Just turn off your mind and enjoy the action.
I conclude that if youre a Steven Seagal fan you MUST buy this film and if youre not a Steven Seagal fan youll enjoy it anyway. Hell, even if yopu hate Seagals guts youll not mind this film.
Buy it from here (its so rare you cant find it anywhere else) you wont regret it.
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on 30 March 2015
It's easy where to start here with Hard To Kill. It's bloody great. I know my last review was Under Siege but after watching that on my Seagal Collection Bluray box set I decided to have a bit of a Seagal fest. I remember that Hard To Kill was more or less my first above PG rated film I saw at the cinema. I can't remember if I snuck into it because it was an 18 or if it was a 15 and I got ticket. Never mind, I got to see it back in 1990 at my local AMC multiplex next to RollerWorld.

Hard To Kill is another early (Seagal's second) film with a ridiculous story line and some cheesy dialog from Seagal's female co star, Kelly Le Brock. The story sees Seagal playing an LA cop Mason Storm (one of my favourite Seagal character names) who is investigating a corrupt politician played by the brilliant Bill Sadler. You recall him as the baddie in Die Hard 2 and the gold digger in the underrated Ice-T film Tresspass (I'll review that at some point). Anyway Storm is gunned down with his family in their home and left for dead. Yeah right! Storm is left in a coma for 7 long years and cared for in hospital by nurse Le Brock who has a fascination with his man hood as she takes a peak under the sheets. A penis left limp and dead for 7 years does not sound attractive to me!

Storm awakens with total recall of the deadly incident and sets about escaping with his caring nurse, plotting his revenge. It really is amazing that Storms memory is in perfect working order after 7 years practically dead and picking up right where he left off. Oh, well the daftness of these sorts of films is part of the charm. We then have a superb Rocky Balboa type montage of Storm pumping up and getting into shape ready to kick the bad guys asses during which time he finds the time to hang out the back of Le Brock with some sax music in the back ground.

I love this film because it has some truly great action and bone crunching fight scenes involving snapped wrists, broken limbs and a shot gun thrust into a guys mouth, breaking his teeth. The action is not just action, it's violent action which is always a good thing in a Seagal picture. Watch out for the stick up at the beginning of the film because it's awesome with some classic Seagal fighting. Oh, and Dean Norris is in this film which can only be a good thing. You know him from Breaking Bad as Hank and Tony in Total Recall!

Hard To Kill is silly and Proposterious but that is exactly why I love it and so should you. "YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK".
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on 3 December 2000
Before Seagal found fame with "Under Seige" he made a lot of low budget action flicks which, if you were to leave the room halfway through one, was replaced with another before your return, you would be forgiven for not realising. Yet Hard To Kill does have quite an interesting story behind the "kick ass violence" from Seagal, which you'll find yourself strangely transfixed to. Kelly Le Brock's acting is a little shakey but she does seem to work quite well with Seagal (they met and married through this film after all). To sum up Hard To Kill is probably the best of the Seagal films, save Under Seige, and if your one for action and revenge then this is the film for you. Worth a watch.
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on 18 September 2012
Seagal piles the bodies high as Mason Storm, a cop who is gunned down and presumed dead after taping an underground meeting involving an ambitious Senator. Storm, however, survives and after waking up from a seven year coma (with a hilariously fake beard) embarks on revenge.

This is a standard revenge movie; full of unitentional comedy (e.g. Seagal awakening from a coma while Kelly LeBrock's nurse doesn't notice a thing) and a good dose of violence. Most of it is standard gunplay but those looking for some martial arts action get their fair share of broken bones. However this film is pretty tame compared to later outings such as 'Marked for Death' and 'Out for Justice'.

Imported this from the US on a Region Free disc and it works fine on my machine. Image quality is surprisingly good, not great, but you have to remember this is an old catalogue release and is far better than previously released DVD versions. The new DTS-HD audio track fully emphasises the breaking bones and flying bullets.

Only extra is a SD trailer.
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on 13 December 2013
I love this film. It was panned by the critics & even Seagal regretted making it but I thought it was great action & intrigue. Yes, a man coming out of a coma after 7 years & fighting off his enemies is absurd but who cares? It was so well done I watch it every year or 2.
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on 16 August 2010
the order arrived in good time it is one of the one that i could not find in the shops. I would use this seller again they are fast & thier thing are in good condition.
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on 9 December 2015
One of my favourite old films! Looked everywhere for this in shops and was gutted when I couldn't find it. Was really happy to find it on amazon. Some of the acting is what you would expect of an old film, but I like the story and have always been a fan of Seagals fighting technique. Over all, very happy with the product and also the service from the seller.
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on 13 May 2016
What can I say, a Seagal classic. I gave it 5 stars for the film although the quality was poor, even distorted at a few points. This does take away the fact that its a great film that never loses its appeal.
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on 15 January 2013
Early Steven seagal film.this is my favourite Steven seagal movie until he made under seige . He will never win an Oscar for the acting but the martial arts is great
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