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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2016
I brought this DVD for my mom for Christmas and she loved it. She has all the other DVDs to it aswell now. I did think to start with it would not be my kind of film but it's great the story is lovely and very romantic.
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on 14 June 2016
Unusually, the films are so much better than the books; perhaps because it's difficult to picture what things like incredible speed and phenomenal strength look like.. the films illustrate these and more effortlessly.
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on 4 July 2010
So it looks like they finally got the right director. David Slade seems to totally understand these books...

Eclipse is my favourite of the four books of the Twilight Saga (along with a great many other people) and I think it was always going to be quite a hard one to translate to screen, but I came back from the cinema and I am not disappointed at all.

And it's not all about the love triangle in Eclipse either, you've got revenge, epic battles and lots of other stuff thrown in too so there's something for everyone in there.

Robert Pattinson is FINALLY the perfect Edward. He has been building up to it through the last two films and in this one he nailed it.

Taylor Lautner is amazing and captures every emotion going, and Kristen Stewart is great too.

Oh and as always, Billy Burke is a scene stealer, so you need to watch it just for him.

5 stars. Just fantastic.
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on 24 February 2012
What can I say about Twilight? I've never bothered much to read the books,or watch the movies for that matter, but I saw girls/women around me in awe about this. Edward this, Edward that, Robert Pattinson here and there. So after watching Vampire Diaries I got curious and started watching Twilight. Within 20 minutes I was hooked. Can't let go anymore, ordered the books, ordered all the movies there are and following everything now very closely.

Feel a little embarrassed because I'm a 35 y/o woman that is totally hooked on the characters (book as wel as the people portraying them on screen) and keep rewatching over and over and over again. I actually feel a bit empty inside when I'm done watching, so I start from the beginning again haha!

I love the story, the special effects in the movie, it's just such a great big love. You shouldn't overthink it all too much. I know people are saying well how stupid is that, she has to die in order to be with him, he is too protective and overbearing. But don't look at that. Look at why she wants to become a vampire and why he acts around her the way he does. It's their love. And that love is amazing and I would wish for everybody in the world.

So read the books, watch the movies. You'll have a lovestory for life :)
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on 21 July 2010
First off, let me start by saying that I'm actually a Twilight fan. I've read all the books and enjoyed the first two movies, but this? I can't understand why this film is getting so much more praise than the first two movies. In my opinion it was far below what I'd expected as an adaptation of my favourite book of the saga. It chopped and changed, flicking through what I considered important parts of the story and lingering on less important, less entertaining parts.

I found almost every scene featuring Jacob ridiculous and cringeworthy, especially when we first see him and the 'rebel' music plays, again when he's leaning against his car half-naked and also when he says "I'm hotter than you". Eek! And the Bella-Jacob kiss was so forced... they just don't have natural chemistry. I don't think it's Taylor Lautner's fault though. Likewise, I was very disappointed to see that Kristen Stewart's acting skills had reverted back to the quality of those in Twilight, but I don't it on her, I blame it on the directing - I thought she was brilliant in New Moon. However even in Twilight I saw Bella. Here I wasn't seeing Bella, I was seeing Kristen in a wig.

And, strangely enough, the film was even physically painful at one point - was it necessary to flick to a bright white snow scene immediately after the dimly-lit tent scene?

Finally, as I don't like leaving negative reviews, I have to add that I didn't want this film to be a disappointment - I really did want to enjoy it. But I can't help the way I felt about it. I gave it 3 instead of 2 stars because I thought Robert Pattinson's acting had improved noticably and there were some good laughs to be had, even if they weren't all necessarily at the places the directors intended them to be.
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on 6 March 2013
i have been given the first two movies as a gift and even though i found i was a little bored throughout them i continued to watch. now since having seen the first two i thought i needed to watch this one.

i do really find bella annoying. all she does is sigh and moan about anything and she never smiles. i gues the books are better but i cannot rag myself to read them!

i guess this is ideal teenage drama but alas those days are gone!! im sure plenty of people love these and its one of those things that you have to watch!
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on 29 July 2010
When I went to watch the movie two day ago, honestly I didn't expect very much. As somebody who is way past teenage years, I always felt that Twilight and New Moon were very superficial and hollow - the directors were just counting on the looks of the young protagonists, rather than on the story. And the story is what makes the books so special. Some scenes are so intensly written that I always felt that I was present there. In the films, these scenes were mostly cut very short and I always felt like 'is that it????'. Just two examples: the scene in the ballet room anwhere Bella struggles with the poison (Twilight) and the scenes with the explanations why Edward left after the return from Italy (New Moon).

But I have to say that I was very surprised when I watched Eclipse. For the first time I never felt that something was missing or that some scenes were cut too short. The moments between Bella and Edward were very tender and the hostility between Edward and Jakob and the tension between Bella and Jakob were transported very well. For the first time the viewers were able to get a better insight into the Cullen Family (I still can't get over the badly dyed blonde hair of some Cullens though) and the fighting scenes were thrilling.

Overall I really think that Eclipse is worth watching and I will definitely buy the DVD and am looking forward to see how this saga will go on...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 September 2013
Mousy Kristen Stewart, who dates outside of her species, causes a vampires vs. newbie vampires vs. werewolves war, perhaps the best scene in the movie, which lasted about two minutes. The movie is filled with numerous flashbacks, primarily to the 19th century. Unlike the Harry Potter series where the acting improves from one movie to the next, this one does not. No wait. It is not bad acting. We discover that newbie vampires are uncontrollable and emotional. Vampires that are uncontrollable must be destroyed, so only unemotional vampires, who simply appear to be bad actors survive. They in turn like the aroma of infrequent bathers and wig wearers who are also bad actors, i.e unemotional. So that explains it. They are supposed to be unemotional. Why the werewolves, who look like an underage male revue sucked, I don't know.

The most painful scenes are the one on one dialouge scenes. Here their "unemotional" ability comes out. Unfortunately this consists of too much of the movie as I kept yelling at the screen, "Get on with it!" Besides Edward's glitter, what is also unnatural is Kristen's hairline. I kept waiting for her fake hair to fall off. Young females will certainly rate this as 5 stars as the whole unnatural world is fighting over one of them, one that lacks a great body, personality, or hygiene. (Just a joke about the hygiene as everything unnatural keeps sniffing her scent.)

Kristen wants to be a vampire. Edward doesn't want her to be one. Edward wants to get married. Kristen doesn't. She wants to have sex, but Edward doesn't want to have sex out of marriage. (Guess the compromise coming in the next movie?) Dad doesn't want Kristen to date a vampire, but would rather she go out with a werewolf. The movie saga has become overly hokey.

It is unfair to say all the acting was bad. Alice Cullen was noticeably good, although she normally appears talking to Kristen. In one scene an excited Alice tells Bella, "You will be spending the night in our house with Edward." Bella, whose blank face doesn't even twitch, has a long dramatic Shatner-like pause, and finally remembers her line and says, "Like, alone?" It was MST-3000 bad. I had to laugh.

Dakota Fanning, who can act, played a very minor role where she wasn't allowed to act, just recite a few lines. The movie reminded me of "Billy Jack" where fans of the movie couldn't fathom why the Academy overlooked the movie, or when Star Trek fans couldn't understand why Shatner never got an Emmy. They would say, "Maybe because William Shatner was so good as Captain Kirk, they didn't realize he was acting." The same could be said of the Twilight series. We really don't realize these people are acting (except Alice).
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on 14 November 2012
Again, a great book to film adaptation, like all the twilight films, so far. There is a new Victoria in this film (no idea why) and I feel this lady hit the nail on the head better. It's great to finally close the curtain on the Victoria/James saga and it comes to a head in this film with the newborn army.

The flashbacks of Rosalie's and Jasper's pasts are well done and it was great to see why Rosalie is the way she is, on screen as you see hints in the first book.
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on 26 October 2013
The Twilight Saga are the BEST film EVER. It is worth getting all 5 films before you watch this one as this is the 3rd of the 5 films. This film is romantic, brilliant, exciting, breathtaking and no other film can compare to this amazing story. To think it started with a dream the author had!
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