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4.4 out of 5 stars115
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 September 2010
Archery - Will be alot better with 2 controllers but with 1 it is still entertaining, requires a steady hand and good aim, the only downside is that it gets a bit tedious after a while.

Gladiator Dual - one of my favorites, again will be better with 2 controllers however even without it is very tactical and keeps you entertained for ages.

Table Tennis - The most realistic and one of my joint favorite, if u use the controller exactly like it was a ping pong paddle then you will have hours of fun with this game, it recognizes chops and top spin to almost perfection.

Bocce - a chilled out game, not very exciting but gives the game variety as a whole.

Volley Ball - quite simple and not to much skill apart from timing, but it is a good multiplayer game.

Frisbee Golf - Another chilled game but it is very realistic as well and will keep u entertained for long especially with multiplayer.

Overall - A very polished game and im pretty sure no other move game at the moment is better than it. 100% go for this as your first move game!
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on 2 November 2010
Sports Champions is the launch game on the PS Move. The game features 6 different sports all with unique gameplay styles, these sports include: Disc Golf, Bocce, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Archery and Gladiator Duel. In each sport your matches are graded out of 3 stars.

The first sport i will start with is Gladiator Duel which is by far my favourite on the game. You have a sword and sheild and your aim is to knock out the other opponent or hit them out of the ring. The game is very tactical as you have to block and parry incoming attacks and aim your hits to precision. The accruacy is brilliant, your sword will hit where you want it and you can control your sheild easily, blocking high and low attacks. There is no lag throughout the duel and the graphics are fantastic. There are 3 tournaments to complete gradually increasing in difficulty, swords to unlock and outfits. With 11 matches in each tournament there is a lot of playing required to complete all of them.

The second sport is Table Tennis. First to 7 points wins. Once again the accruacy on the controller is brilliant, you can easily put spin on your shots and you even have to move towards the camera if the ball lands near the net. It is very releastic, the ball sometimes hits the edge of your paddle and misses the table completly if you go for too much spin, and also unlick Wii Tennis your shots wont always hit the table. The graphics are again fantastic. As in every sport there are 3 tournaments, equipment unlocks and outfit unlocks. However, the difficulty increase from the first to second tournament is quite steep.

The game also contains Archery. In Archery you are not always aiming for a target, in some matches you have to shoot fruit on stands at different heights and distances and in others you have to shoot falling money bags. Also one match is a game of connect three which is a very nice touch to the game. The aiming is very precise and the action of getting an arrow from your back and putting it on the bow is very releastic and makes the game more authentistic. With the game mode changing every match the sport never gets boring.

Also on the game is Disc Golf. In this sport you have to throw a frisbee around a course and get it into a large metal basket, basically it is golf with a frisbee. The game tracks your hand movement very well, the frisbee is thrown depending on the angle of your hand and the power. Also you can choose from different frisbees for long drives or putters. The courses on the game are very detailed and have the best graphics on the game, the courses can vary from caves, to forests and even playground parks. Also Disc Golf is the best sport for multiplayer in my opinion, with up to 4 players the game can become very competative as well as fun.

Bocce or Bowls is also included on the game. In Bocce you need to get your ball closest to the pallino (the small white ball). The game is not played on a normal bowls green but in playgrounds and broadwalks so there are obsatcles you need to dodge to get to the pallino. You can control the height, spin and power on your throw which is all tracked very well by the camera. With the surrondings and obstacles changing every round it never becomes repetative.

The last sport is Volley Ball which is probably the poorest on the game. Graphically it is great, when you move your footprints come out in the sand which is a small touch but adds realism. However, the game gets boring very fast. It plays great and the movements in the game resemble real actions in real life Volley Ball but it just doesnt appeal and feels like the sport is lacking depth. With only new venues the game mode gets very repetative. Cooperative multiplayer provides good fun with a friend but Volley Ball Will be the sport you play the least.

Overall Sports Champions is a great lauch game for Move which shows off the accruacy and power of the move controller, with over 30 matches in each sport to play there is a long single player and also split screen multiplayer provides lots of fun.

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on 15 October 2010
Purchased this game at the same time as the move starter pack and an additional move controller, quite an investment I know but for the cost of a meal and a few drinks in the local I thought why not!

The game as a whole knocks the socks off any wii games I've played, the controllers are great to use and responsive and the set up easy. All the games have a set of characters you can choose from (about 12 I think) and Bronze, Silver and Gold level cups to unlock and compete for. Feedback on the individual games would be as follows:

Archery: Brilliant fun with one or two controllers and likewise for one or two players, a pleasurable mix of challenges can keep you amused for a good long while which you'll want to return and do again, good accuracy with a steady hand and quite tiring for your strong arm!

Bocce: Couldn't quite get the hang of this Boules/lawn bowls game so went back to what I was enjoying (archery and gladiator)

Gladiator: My favourite, awesome using 2 controllers, one as your weapon and one as shield, you can ram your opponent with the shield to stun them and then slice and dice, very energetic so as a bit of a fitness freak I wanted to see how many calories I burned so wore my heart monitor whilst playing once, 600 calories an hour fighting an AI character in your living room is better than sitting on your sofa watching TV on a dark wet autumn eve!

Beach Volley Ball: Fairly simple but again energetic, make sure your not playing near a ceiling light... ooops.

Table tennis: Once you relax and try not to compare how real or unreal it is its good fun, I found it hard to master.

Disc Golf: Great chilled out fun that's pretty realistic with how the frisbee responds! Fly it over and around obstacles like a golf course (as the name suggests), very enjoyable.

All of the above are good fun to play with friends and family no matter how old or young, would recommend for an xmas present, maybe burn off some of those celebrations...

I look forward to what the future brings for the move compatible games industry, I think this is just the beginning.
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on 18 September 2010
As a core launch title, Sports Champions has to directly compete with Wii Sports. The games available are: Disc Golf, Gladitors, Archery, Bocce, Table Tennis and Beach Volleyball. All look great in HD on the PS3, are easy to pick up, and make a great addition to any PS3 system.

All use the motion controller well, but, ideally you will want two controllers per person to really enjoy them. Especially in the Archery and Volleyball, where with two controllers you really feel like you're mimicking it for real. However, once the initial fun of the motion controllers lifts, the game has to speak for itself; and it's good, but not great! I can only see myself spending long periods of time playing these games if it's multiplayer. On your own, once you've shot a few hundred arrows and jumped around the room playing volleyball for a bit, you realise the game has little progression.

Of course, the difficulty increases, which on Gladiators gets very hard very quickly (in fact, the ankle chop is the only move that works later on!). It's just that you realise the games themselves have little in the way of development.

Based solely on this game, the PS3 move is so far just an HD Wii! If you're going to buy the 'Move' system, buy this game, since it does show off what the new controllers are all about and will keep the friends entertained for quite some time.

- Graphics look Good
- Six Games in One
- Great Multiplayer
- Uses the 'Move' Controller!

- Games get old quickly
- Need two controllers per person to really enjoy (= ££££££££...)
- Difficulty goes from easy to difficult too quickly on some games.
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on 23 September 2010
Despite more proffesional reivews, this to me feels like more than a tech demo, its suprisingly deep especially when you consider the context, the game consists of five different types of sport, Table tennis, disc golf, bocce, archery, and volleyball, each game has three leagues, bronze silver and gold, and also a challenge mode that you must unlock, i personally think all the games apart from volleyball are really good, although bocce (which is basically mini bowles) is a bit slow. The archery is pretty hardcore, i played somebody at this and my arms were pretty sore. graphically its better than anything the wii could ever dream of but so it should be, overall this is a nice little gem that to be fair should be in every playstation move owners collection,

- Nice smooth visuals
- Fantastic motion control
- online leaderboards
- Only 5 different sports
- No online play
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on 18 September 2010
Got this today with the starter pack and a 2nd controller. The 2nd controller really helps with this title. Did the archery 1st off and was impressed as it looks and plays nicely. Went on to the table tennis and was disappointed as this doesn't look so great and the table area is too small for the range of spin shots etc available, also the distance is a factor as you have to keep going backwards and forwards but I guess this will come in time with practice. Then tried Bocce as I must admit I didn't know what is was before today! Very enjoyable game and a mixture of lawn bowls and Boule basically with a few different gaming locations and obstacles thrown in for good measure. Next came the gladiator game and I was hugely disappointed by the lag on it. You end up just waving your arms about without hitting anything most of the time (Am hoping for a decent sword / light sabre game on this format so hope it can be improved!). The beach volley ball is alright, nice to look at and ok to play but not amazing. Finally I ended up on the frisbee golf and have to say it's been my favourite so far. Pitching the angle, elevation and strength of the throw is very realistic and highly addictive. All in all some highs and a few lows. Looking forward to playing some more serious titles on it. I used to have the eye toy on the ps2 and this is a definite improvement. Just hope it lives up to its potential
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Sports Champions is a showpiece for the PS3 Move controller and definitely demonstrates how good the hardware is. If you miss a ball in table tennis or fire your arrow out of the arena in archery, you never feel like it's the controller's fault - it's always your own.

The disk has a decent selection of games, my personal favourite being disc golf and years of larking around with a Frisbee seem to have finally paid off with several aces to my name. Table tennis is a good workout but I tend to struggle with the backhand as moving my bat across to line up the shot often hits the ball accidentally but often the helpful CPU keeps it in play for you. As you move up through the championship, things do get a lot tougher with the assistance reduced though. Bocce (think boules) and archery make for good two player experiences; the archery in particular can be fast and furious with some inventive rounds such as Tic Tac Toe and a "push-of-war" type game. Gladiator is a bit limited and a certain combo of moves generally beats the comp but you'll work up a sweat here too. Like archery, this can be played with one or two controllers but it's definitely better with two. Volley ball is a bit strange, I put the controller down at one stage and the CPU carried on as if I wasn't there (again, over helpful but only in the early stages). It's probably the weakest of the games as the moves you need to make don't really reflect what you would do in real life.

My main criticism of this game is that it's bit generic - the music is quite bland, ditto most of the scenery. There's a lot of browns on show here, put it that way. The playing characters are all "cool" (read uncool) but humourless college type kids who don't say a lot apart from the odd grunt or "Oh man". The unlockables are pretty uninspiring, often the same arenas but at night or dull t-shirts (woo!). It really needs a bit of Nintendo-ing to make it more "funner" and if you can get anywhere near a platinum on this you're or you're a better man than I am.

Almost a must buy IF you have the Move controllers (note - nav controller not needed) already but I wouldn't splash out on them just to play this.
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on 22 October 2010
You do need two move controllers to make the most of this, most sports only need one, but archery is much better with two, and having 2 allows you to play 2 player games. The game is well planned with challengers that increase in difficulty. The control is flawless and completely intuitive, it's great for all the family.
The game definitely shows the potential of the Move and makes you want more, heres to many many more great move enabled games
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on 18 September 2010
An affordable and very nice collection of sports minigames, that does exactly what it says on the box.

There is actually quite a lot to do here, like unlocking various different events in each sport and winning PSN Trophies. I was quite surprised, as I was expecting it to be bare-bones like Wii Sports. But there is enough to keep, even a single player, entertained for a while.

For the cheap price, you can't complain. The controls are almost flawless and precise, especially the table tennis. And it would keep a group of friends entertained for a long time.

My only complaint would be that the Volleyball is the weak sport of the bunch. But that's down to personal preference.

I would give it 4 and a half stars, but you can't do halves on here :/
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on 27 November 2010
Received this game very swiftly even with free p&p. Gameplay is absolutely awesome on both 32inch tv and our 86inch screen. Table tennis is so close to being real (as a table tennis county player) I was shocked at its realisticness, the other games are fantastic as well.
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