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on 8 January 2011
Like many I was put off by the shocking reviews of this game. However when I started to see the great user reviews I though hey, if the people who have actually PAID to play/own the game love it there must be something.

Well at [...] from Amazon, the cheapest price anywhere by far, I decided to take a punt. The game arrived on Tuesday and I played it in the evening.

This is a game first and a fight simulator 2nd, however the simulator part is the issue. (Initially)

I really think the Game reviewers probably picked the game up, gave it 15mins of fighting (without any training as you have to win fights to earn money to use the gym) and thought stuff this, this aint 1:1 Motion Control, my punches don't land and I'M GETTING EXHAUSTED! Hate it, rubbish game so I'll give it 3 out of ten.

How wrong could they be.

Firstly this game is hard work, this is not some Wii clone where you just flail your arms around, as a fighter you are a rookie who's skills are not honed so reactions are slower and mistimed, but as you progress, train and up your stats specific to your style your fighter improves and eventually you truly start to experience probably one of the best motion tracking games on the market.

You hit hard, the fighter hits hard, you push out a feeble jab, it simply taps the opponent in the face. Aim for the Head - Bang! Ribs - ouch! It is truly awesome.

But the trade off is the pain, after my first 2.5hrs stint I was exhausted and striped to my boxers (too much info), sweating like some brute out of a Rocky flick. The in game statistics said I'd burned over 600 calories during the game. Equivalent to a hard gym session.

If I'm honest with myself I am out of shape but I didn't realise how unfit I was, however the next day (ALL day) my arms were in incredible pain due to the workout, so bad that I could not play it again that day or my other Move game Sports Champions. Seriously, I strongly recommend you do some stretching or warm up stuff before you play, no joke!

I genuinely believe that this is one of the best workout 'games' on the market today but rather than mundane exercises you are engaged and immersed, it doesn't bore you and the time flys.

So what do you get, well a great motion sensor experience that rewards patience and hard work and an awesome workout that will definitely help shed the post Xmas pounds that is fun to boot.

If you own a PS3 you must own this game. (ps 4 stars for fun coz i am still hurting!!)

UPDATE OCT 2011 - Since May 2011 i have lost a total of 2st 4lbs and am now at my target weight of 15st AND LOST 5inches off my waist! NOTHING FITS ME ANYMORE :) - I have not stepped into a Gym/Run/Jogged or Cycled since the start of my fitness regime - all was done at home in from of the TV, i have tho adopted a healthier, lower calorie diet which you have to do to lose weight no matter what route you chooes excercise wise.

For 9wks i used EA Sports Active 2 (see my review) and this has been an amazing tool that has got me leaner/lighter/fitter and faster - in the 9wks i lost 1st 10lbs.

I now used EASA 2 a day or to a week to maintain - But now i have turned to "The Fight Lights Out" as my go to upper body and CV workout. As i said above, I could barely play this game 6 months ago as i was so unfit, now my seesions last, my arms NO LONGER ACHE and i sweat absolute buckets within half an hours play loosing over 500 calories a typical 45- 1hr session.

You can now download a Fitness Mini Game which is awesome - it focuses on getting you into shape with 7 great workouts that you can choose individually or do a Circuit Training session at a time and intensity level of your choice, this i find brilliant.

It tracks your Calorie Burn and the best thing is you get skill points for every workout excercise, the amount depends on how you perform - THESE SKILL POINTS CAN THEN BE SPENT TO UP THE STATS OF YOUR FIGHTER WITHOUT PAYING TO USE THE GYM IN THE GAME - half an hour Circuit Training on Hard could earn you 500 points or more and massively improve your fighter AND YOUR OWN skill, power and technique.

It is so good simply as an tremdous excercise tool i would buy the game for the Fitness Minigames Pack alone.

For me this is simply a game that keeps giving and giving!! My fitness levels are amazing compared to a few months ago and my body is in the best shape its been for over 15yrs!

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on 5 November 2010
I was very sceptical about this game after online reviews varied between 2/10 - 8/10. However, after seeing this price tag I thought I would give it a go.
The game itself is very gritty with a strong hip hiop soundtrack and Danny Trejo being a tough guy (reminds me a bit of the defjam games). The videos of trejo are more funny than threatening as its hard to take him serious when he's in the gym throwing punches with the move controlers. Still, the videos serve their purpose in teaching you how the game works.

Holding the controlers at different angles makes them do different things. The best thing to do is pretend you are not holding them, block as any boxer would (backs of your hands out, fingers towards you) and throw punches as you would. At first the movement doesnt seem that responsive. But once you get into the game you find yourself blocking and parrying punches with ease, and getting some good connects with your throws. However, the move capture is not perfect, Luckily for me (unlike most reviewers) I wasn't expecting it to be perfect as the technology behind the game is still relatively new.
There is special moves to unlock as you progress which are done by hold a button then making the correct motions. (hammerfist/elbows/backhand etc)
Well connected punches show signs of damage on your opponent. You see bruises, black eyes, broken noses, cuts and scratches.

There is a few camera angles to choose from, although each has its own minor flaw, whether it being hard to judge distance, or not being able to see your torso making bodyshots hard to block.

The game has a pyramid progression table, having different venues then a smaller pyramid to each of those which is the fights. With 100+ fights in total. Each with different objectives like the faster you beat the opponent the more money you win etc. This isn't a huge ammount of fights, however, if you beat each fighter first time everytime you must be Lennox Lewis! sometimes you will have to try a fighter a few times until you get his style right.

Money is used for healing injuries that you may sustain during a fight. Although they are quite rare unless someone gets a clean shot to your ribs for example.
Money is also used for buying clothing/jewelery/tattoos/gloves and other various apparel to kit out your fighter. These are unlocked as you progress through fights. There is a nice level of customization with plenty of items available.

Money can also be used to pruchase training sessions in the gym on the speedbag, heavy bag or sparring. These increase your fighters attributes. Making him faster, stronger and having the ability to take more punches etc.
Many reviews have said that its odd to have a stamina bar in the game as surely its down to the player, which i agree with to an extent, however, you will probably find yourself falling before the character does. This game is VERY HARD WORK! I can't stress that enough! If like myself you are the average gamer (i.e: pretty unhealthy) this game will be one hell of a workout. I have been playing for a good few hours and i'm struggling to pick up the move controllers now, so I thought I would type up a quick review before I collapse in a heap.

Another nice touch is the trophies. There are certain things to do within the game to win the ps3 trophies. Once you have obtained a trophy you will gain additional points from unlocking the trophy which will add as eg: "+2 strength" etc, depending on what the trophy was for.

Overall the game is not going to blow you away and there is the odd calibration hiccup everynow and again, however, it is a good fun workout with a bit of progression to keep you going. There is also nothing more satisfying then landing that perfect hook.

(Edited - 7th Nov 2010) - One thing I forgot to add, I would highly recommend stretching before and after playing this game otherwise you will really feel it the next day.
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on 12 November 2010
I was looking forward to this title before it's release for the move, then the reviews came out which weren't very flattering to say the least, but i decided to buy and see for myself as we all know game reviewers are an odd breed at best.
All i can say is i'm glad i didn't listen to the reviews because this game despite some early frustrations with calibration(fixed by turning on motion controllers on after the game had loaded) is alot of fun and left me aching in places i haven't ached for some years after two hours of play time. It has that just one more fight addictiveness to it that will require you to use some discipline on how much you play to begin with or your easily find your body aching like you had been in a real fight like I did, but now i'm doing half an hour a day with the focus on slowly building myself up.

I can however see where some might get frustrated as the tracking and calibration is a bit fiddly, but you will as you play more find that sweet spot where your movements feel natural and those punches start hitting with deadly accuracy.
It has items you unlock as you win fights and you get skill points also which can be earned in the gym to boost your characters stats and clothing, but these things are just sideshows to the main fights which i've found i repeat to get a better rating, its all about being the perfect puncher right?

So if like me you were looking forward to this title but were put of by reviews i would say go for it or be patient until a demo arrives in the future, personally it gets a 5 star from me for the fun, which is insanely addictive if you like to feel your heart pounding, your lungs bursting and that desire to be the best dirty fighter in the underground! ;)
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on 2 December 2010
This game is the best workout ever.. you create a character from scratch and you train with him hard before yo ucan be funny operational on the rings. The Fight is a lot of fun and muscles workout. The movements are very well tracked by the camera and the Move is very well used. A must buy, but only for those who are patient before they get good results cause in the beginning the game can be kinda frustrating for the ones who want to beat everyone easily. you can have the impression that the movements are not very well following you, but it's very normal because you have to do the exercises to make your player stronger, faster, and with a good stamina.
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on 9 January 2011
I don't understand the bad reviews for this. People may not understand how to set the game up. If the fighter lags you need to train them and up their speed. I have no problems with calibration or lag and can say that it tracks punches amazingly. It's just a matter of understanding the settings, if you create a beefcake he'll fight slower unless you balance it with speed.

This is not a wii boxing game where you can throw windmills or slap at the screen and win. You have to punch properly and have a degree of control. I can only assume the 'professional' reviewers didnt like the exercise. It's excellent to use on a workout rest day as a thorough cardio session. It hurts after though as boxing is a killer so I would totally recommend stretching.
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on 14 January 2014
Here's my own personal opinion, I don't force anyone to read it. People who bought this game, but don't like it most likely are spoiled, impatient kids, who need constant encouragement and praise :)
What I like specifically:
1. "Fight club" atmosphere, this game is like "If you'd like to actually concentrate on the fighting part of the movie, and actually make it as a video game, and - even better - motion controlled video game, where the player would actually fight and get more fit in the process (but not get seriously hurt)". And they hired That Mexican Guy (Danny Trejo) for cutscenes!!!
2. Almost Morrowind (and to hell with vulgarized, shiny, xboxy Oblivion) style advancement :) OK, not really, but close enough for me. First you earn some cash, then go to gym and actually work out, thus improving you skills, strength and endurance, then you get some XP points to distribute. In ideal world game would register good punches, hooks, etc. and give XP points for that too, or even improve strength or chances of successful punches, hooks, etc. accordingly, but we (adults) can hope for that in The Fight II or at least in The Fight III :)
3. The game is not too short at all! Perhaps my Baldur's Gate II teenage experience made me too meticulous (pernickety for some), but I don't try to rush to final boss (like many kids did in Morrowind) and then complain and howl about terribly abrupt the storyline was. OK, I don't go to next location before I "nail" (the game's terminology) every opponent. Except for that old, tough bastard under the bridge.
And just two minor annoyances:
1. When I bet (my own hard earned virtual money!) I sometimes get only the standard bonus, the bet just gets lost :( For example, I bet 450 $ on beating the guy in less then 1 minute. I take him out in 10-12 seconds. I get only 112 $! Maybe one of the leading programmers secretly was a very religious person and this is his way to teach that gambling is a sin? Whatever.
2. After one victory I could heal my injuries without that tedious stepping back and forth thru the menus. I assumed that this convenience is permanent, but no, after that I had to click like 10 times again to pay the doc 50 $ and get my broken ribs in order. Surprisingly, sometimes I have the healing option straight after the fight again. So it must be a coding error... or just a loving and caring attempt to save elderly players from heart attack by making them take an extra pause before jumping into next battle :)
I bought my first PS3 (yes, I was a proud PC-only guy until recently) just last year, in one big box with Sports Champions (Archery and Gladiator Duel bridget my PC RPG background to The Fight just perfectly!) and Move Fitness (which also feels like an RPG to some extent, only you actually move and advance in this reality). So in conclusion I'd say that The Fight is best suited for players who have developed some natural patience and appreciation, imho above 25-28 years of age.
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on 20 January 2013
I held out for a long time before trying this game but i snapped it once it reached a bargain-basement price. Let me begin by saying that if/when Fight 2.0 sees the light, i'm going to buy it outright!
The game is quite something. I can't understand why professional reviewers nipped it in the bud once it came out. I consider myself above average when it comes to fitness. I've not been to the gym in two or three months due to my frequent travels and so i'm finding myself less and less motivated to hit the workout circuit.
After calibrating properly, i went in for my first fight. Boy, i was so disappointed... in myself. I was sweating by the buckets and my arms got really tired. The match only lasted 4 minutes. Needless to say, i lost my first one.
I didn't despair. I hit the "virtual" gym and got the hang of a few moves as well as familiarized myself with how my motion controllers connect. It's so satisfying when my punches land right where i intend them to! Best exercise is Endurance Sparring. I started off with making it to round 3, now almost 10 days later, i'm up to round 24. Endurance Sparring is also the best way to get the much-needed skill points to compete against the villains, ladder-style. It seems to cap off at 50 Skill points but maybe i am yet to break a barrier!
My arms and muscles feel great. Arms, biceps and back were sore for the first two days, a testament that the game really works in terms of exercise.
One of the few niggles i have is the multiplayer mode. It's very haphazard and does not match you with someone of similar skills. You end up either winning or losing in a couple of minutes.
Another niggle is the challenge presented as you progress in your career. You keep on earning money but there's no way to spend it really. The training sessions remain at the same price. It would have been nice if there was a way to spend the money on something...
I definitely recommend this game as a complement to exercising or a replacement to outdoor exercise if you play 40-60m of Endurance Sparring .
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on 8 January 2011
I've had this game for a couple of months now and I still play it regularly, it is surprisingly good considering the reviews it was given.

I was looking forward to this game before it released but then the poor reception it received from gaming sites put me off getting it. I then started reading positive user reviews here on Amazon and on Metacritic and decided to take a chance with it and I'm very glad I did.

The first half hour or so I spent with The Fight I found myself disappointedly agreeing with the negative reviews. I dived straight into a couple of fights within the career mode and thought the controls seemed almost non-responsive and the hit detection was way off. I then spent an hour playing through the training modes, upgraded my characters abilities to between 40 and 50 each and found the controls and hit detection improved dramatically. Certainly the most accurate and responsive motion fighting game I have played.

I find the training modes a bit hit and miss - The heavy bag can be quite monotonous and I still can't get the hang of the speed ball, but the endurance sparring is good and I love the target practice (pad training). The good thing is that you can use the XP earned from any training mode to upgrade any ability so as long as you enjoy at least one you can stick with it and fully upgrade your character.

The career mode is decent enough with plenty of opponents. It can feel a bit repetitive but unless your super fit you won't manage to play the game for much more than an hour at a time so you don't really get a chance to get bored of it.

The online mode has potential but I have often found it difficult finding opponents. When I have managed to find a fight it has been a solid experience. You can also choose to watch other fights aswell and bet on the outcome based on the competitors stats, I find this to be a nice little addition as it gives you something to do whilst resting between your own fights.

Overall I am very happy with this game and would recommend it to anybody that is a fight fan and is looking for a game that gives you a good workout.
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on 17 November 2011
Right first off this is not a 'passive' game
An hour of playing this sees me dripping with sweat and stripped down to my shorts (just like a real boxer :-)

I'd treat this game as more of a training tool than a console game: you have to work hard, train hard and actually box properly to get anywhere which is probably why most 'professional' game reviewers didn't like it very much.

If you're not pretty fit to start with a full hour or two of this game will destroy you the first time....
I'm not exactly unfit myself, typically cycling 60-80 miles a week on the road and a gym session once a week, but the day after a good 1.5 hour gaming session I can usually barely lift my arms!

Two player split screen is also an absolute hoot if you can avoid actually really punching each other by accident.

I've also only just noticed this is 3D enabled (it's not turned on by defualt you have to dig down into the Video menu) so had a go on my 3D TV last night and it really adds enormously to the game, giving a much better experience.

A few niggles: loading times could be shorter and it does need to be re-calibrated mid fight sometimes, but overall it's huge fun and will give the sort of workout you usually need to employ a personal trainer to force you to do....
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on 10 December 2010
The Fight: Lights Out is the first non-party game for PS Move. Here you step in to the role of a backstreet fighter. You use the move controllers 1 to 1 movement to punch your opponent. There are quite many ways to punch them, normal punches like hook and uppercut, but you also have dirty tricks like elbow punches and headbutting.

Your quest is to fight your way to the top of the street fighting empire, by winning fights against all kinds of weird fighters. The fights are pretty similar to each other, but thats all up to you. If you always use the same fighting style (bacause it works) the whole game would be the same. Personally I try to variate a little, because its always fun to find new ways to kick ass!

As you progress in the game you'll learn new tricks from your awesome trainer played by Dan "Danny" Trejo! It's worth buying the game just to see him standing there with one pink glowing stick in his right hand and a turquoise one in the other, it's just priceless!

The Fight: Lighs Out is totally woth the 20£ I payed for it!
So buy it, throw on some training clothes ('cause you're gonna get swetty after a while) and kick some ass!!
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