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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 October 2011
To my mind the selling point of this microwave oven is the built in quartz grill, a very unusual feature for units at this price point. For the purpose of the review I will concentrate on this aspect.

My old microwave packed in and so I decided to look for a replacement but this time I wanted one with an integral grill. The problem with most dual function ovens lies with the grill element: they seem usually to be metal heating bars permanently suspended from the roof of the oven interior. This restricts the height of the cooking bowl that can be used inside and restricts the potential of the oven.

In searching online I found that this unit features a Quartz grill rather than the more usual type. In fact this was the only microwave oven with such a grill at this price range that I could find. Further investigation online failed show just how the heating element was mounted in the oven but I decided to order anyway. We were lucky for it turned out that the grill element was recessed in to the roof of the oven interior behind glass (or quartz, I suppose) with no projections to get in the way. The grill works really well and the supplied metal stand raises the food to the right distance from the heating elements. Note that the heating elements are only in the rear half of the roof but as the turntable rotates in use all the food gets equal coverage. The oven is quite small and the grill stand smaller still so only single slices of toasted cheese can be accomodated.... (shame).

But enough about the grill...

This is a very attractive device with a shiny stainless steel interior and a black plastic fascia with a grey band below. A small but bright blue LED panels displays the clock, timer and other relevant information. It has a built in kitchen timer separate in function from the timer used with the oven itself. There are a number of presets available from push buttons on the front of the oven to prepare a variety of simple cooking and defrosting tasks.

The oven works well as a microwave as well as a grill and makes a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

The Good
Quartz grill is unique at this price and works really well without restricting oven space.
Plenty of pre sets and automated cooking functions
Attractive design and styling
Quiet in operation
Lightweight and easy to move
Easy clean stainless steel interior
Unusual blue LED display

The Bad
Grilling is restricted to small plate sizes
Build quality could be stronger and more robust for heavy use, particularly the door
LED display is quite small but very bright
Grilling stand does not fold up for storage
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on 7 July 2010
My girlfriend did most of the research work on this microwave but after it got delivered, I discovered why it was her final choice. I have never had a microwave/grill before and I have to say I am impressed with it. Firstly, the aesthetics of the machine is beautiful, it goes very well with a black and white/chrome kitchen (which we have). Secondly, it is quite powerful and grills quite well. Granted I have never had a an electronic grill. but we have tried different foods, like meat, corn-on-cob etc and it works very well. It was easy to program, came with a few accessories like the usually microwave plate and a grill stand. All in all, I am happy with the purchase.
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on 4 May 2012
I was quite pleased with this compact microwave, it didn't take up a lot of room and it worked flawlessly for about 4 weeks. Then one evening I put some fish in the microwave to cook, and got this odor of hot plastic. The fish was in a plastic dish, so I double checked to make sure I hadnt accidentally put it in grill mode, and that the dish was OK, but all seemed fine, so I restarted the microwave. Within 45 seconds fumes were seeping out around the door and from the vents on the side. I turned it off but the fumes continued. On opening it up I saw they they were pouring through the grating that protects the internal light. I only have a small kitchen, so tried to pick up the microwave and take it outside, but almost burned myself, as it was really hot on the base on the right hand side where the smoke was coming from. I had to use a folded towel to be able to get it out of the house, and by then I had to use another towel in order to breath the air in my kitchen. Even 30 minutes later the base was noticably hot to the touch and the smell lingered for a long time. I probably was just unlucky and got a faulty unit, but I'd not have another of these, as I'd simply not be able to trust it, and dread to think what'd have happened if I'd just turned it on and left it running.
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on 5 May 2011
I bought this microwave from Amazon, based on the reviews and it was the best looking microwave in Currys also (but they wanted £80 for it). I have 2 Sharp TVs and have found it a reliable brand.

Not used the grill facility in it, as my oven has a built-in grill, but microwave is powerful, display does have a 12 / 24hr clock (despite what someone has previously said on here), it illuminates in blue so looks very modern. Even the "beep" noise doesn't sound cheap, and I'm confident this is the best microwave on the market today.
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on 27 November 2011
I recently purchased this product to replace a Breville Oven of the same specs ( Just for the record the Breville Combi i purchased in 2003 was still going strong, just looked a bit tired and didnt fit in with new kitchen appliances ect).

On arrival it was packed well looked great but on testing it i thought i had moved house next to a tube station, the vibrations and rattlings were horendous.

I decided to give it a chance as i live at a BFPO address and returns can be costly, however i lasted around a week. I wanted desperately to go to the recycling centre to see if my could rescue my old one and save my nerves.

I had a closer look at the offending item to find the housing had not been fitted correctly in one position. So faced with a choice do i go through the lenthy returns and replacement procedure OR do I plunge head first in to the mysterious depths of White Goods repair, armed only with a blunt screwdriver and risk invalidating my warranty or ending up with a bag of bits i cant remember what were for.

Well here you have it i dug out the screwdriver to remedy the problem, only to find that one of the screws holding the casing in place totaly miss matched the others in size and design! where? in the offending area. I located an almost like for like replcement and fitted the housing snugly or as snugly as i could and voila no left over bits.

After this process the problem dissapeared, yes i have probably invalidated my warranty but hey ho i managed to save around £3.50 (enough for around 1 pint if i come back to the UK LOL) and i now got hot beans on tap.

So SHARP functionaly sound no complaints there, but as for build quality and quality control you completely bummed so 3 stars.

Like i said it looks nice and functions perfectly my only issue was the fault (Now gone) and if it lasts half as long as the Breville that cost pretty much the same 8 years ago ill be happy.
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on 8 September 2011
This compact microwave is very impressive, not only for its classy looks (in silver and black), but also for its performance, although it does take slightly longer to cook than its 900 watt predecessor.

It is great value, has a stainless steel interior and you can clearly see the food as it is cooking. Although the turntable is only 24.5 cm (not 27.2 cm as stated by Amazon), it can very easily take my large 27.5 cm dinner plates. According to Which it can take a maximum plate size of 29 cm.

Some reviews from customers on Reevo mentioned an apparent lack of non-slip feet, which meant that the microwave moved across the worktop when you opened the door. I needn't have worried as this is not the case. I ordered this microwave from Amazon and it arrived within 2 working days. I am very pleased with this purchase.
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on 4 January 2012
Sharp R658SLM, 20L, 800W microwave, 1000W quartz grill

Usual good packaging from Amazon (let down by HDNL leaving cardboard box on doorstep in the rain) revealed my new shiny Sharp microwave/grill, marred somewhat by slight dent/ripple on topmost surface above door hinge.

The instruction manual advises that, since there is likely to be smoke and odour when the grill function is first used, that a 20 minute grill cycle should be performed before actual cooking takes place - also that the entire apparatus is likely to get very warm, and to take adequate precautions.

Sadly the door got so warm, that the decorative retaining strip across the lower aspect of this door seemed to warp. and broke 3 of the light plastic retaining connectors - leaving it only partly attached to the door.

Whilst I was content to accept the slight cosmetic issue of the topmost dent (rather than the hassle of returning the item) I cannot really cope with the damaged door, and so am about to package it all up for return and refund.

Cannot recommend this item at all - and therefore 1 star rating - which actually equates to: I HATE IT
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VINE VOICEon 6 June 2011
Had a Sharp microwave that lasted for ages until a few weeks ago, decided to stick with the brand based on my good experiences with the previous one. This is a lot smaller but still takes a dinner plate comfortably. Looks stylish, seems well built, easy to use. The presets work well and make cooking/defrosting very easy. Hoping its as durable as the last one!
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on 22 December 2010
As a guide, the interior will hold a medium size chicken.
Works really well, and is much quicker than heating up the oven grill. Hot milk for drinking or making porridge takes only 2 minutes. I would recommend this.
NB No clock and bizzarly you have to press the stop button before you start!
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on 30 May 2011
Sharp R658SLM, 20L, 800W microwave, 1000W quartz grill

Great value microwave,easy on the eye and the instructions are clear and precise.
No degree in rocket science needed as the touch controls are also easy to follow and use,cooking is quick with good results.

Earlier revues that I had read said that this model has no clock (time of day) but not only has it got a clock but it is bright blue and almost lights up our small kitchen on it's own.
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