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3.6 out of 5 stars140
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2012
This really is a stunning film, forget the torture porn analogies, this is probably the first anti-torture porn film. Claude Legault puts in a truly oustanding performance as the surgeon turned torturer who kidnaps the man who has killed his daughter. There's no need for me to tell you what it's about I'll just say it's a brutal, brilliant study of what happens to a man when he actually gets to carry out his revenge fantasies. It's not an easy watch and it has no easy answers, but it's majestic, powerful and disturbing all at the same time.
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on 17 October 2010
I don't normally feel the need to write reviews on items I buy, but this is an exception because I believe it is a film that can quite easily be misunderstood, as evidenced by another reviewers take.

The box doesn't help itself with the Saw comparison. I personally can't abide what Saw has become, the first one was a bit of a watershed for the 'torture porn' sub genre (I do hate that name) and a landmark horror of the noughties, but it soon descended into absolute farce, not scary, not clever, and as it limped to into it's sixth instalment, I would go far as to say totally laughable.

Anyway, back to 7 days. This film is a bleak, unsettling documentary of one man's quest for revenge on the rapist and murderer of his 8 year old daughter. He manages to kidnap him from police custody and takes him to a deserted cabin in the middle of nowhere where he plans to torture him to death over the following 7 days. However he is a doctor, and although this comes in handy when exacting his revenge on his daughters killer, he was also a compassionate and gentle person before he lost his daughter, and his actions coupled with the grief of losing his only child start to take there toll on his sanity...

There are scenes of brutality but they are sparse, which hieghtens their impact when the do happen. The violence is realistic and nasty, but overall the movie is more focused on the doctors descent into depression. It is light on dialogue and music, preferring to convey the despair and depression through silence and a washed out colour palette. It is a far more human film than the Saw comparison gives it credit for, and the real horror fans who appreciate more than vivisectionist splatter will find plenty to immerse themselves in here.

A sterling effort and a quite haunting film in it's own right. Recommended.
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on 6 June 2012
I felt I needed to leap to the defence of '7 Days' as a few others have here - unhelpful 'Saw' comparsions aside, there is far, far more to this film that meets the eye.

Forget the 'Saw' comparsions; 'torture porn' it isn't - a sombre, bleak study of one man's guilt and desperation following a shocking and sudden bereavement it certainly is.

The desperate journey made by the male lead is a fascinating and moving one (played by Claude Legault). As you've probably gathered; after kidnapping his daughter's killer, Legault's character spends seven days in isolation with him.

In days 1,2, 3 and 4 he 'gives it' to his daughter's murderer hook line and sinker (hence the lazy 'Saw' comparison). Thereafter his doubt, his self questioning, the blurring of his reality, his core morals and a lot more all kick in - it's here that 7 Days goes from good to great. Incredibly deep, incredibly evocative his 'eye for an eye' vs. doing the 'right' thing inner battle plays out superbly.

The sub-plot of the widowed police decective is very intereting too and through his telephone conversations with the kidnapper is also made to question his mindset (his wife was shot dead as revealed early on). In addition' there is the contrast in public opinion - as reveled through newsreels some are completely behind him killing his daughter's murderer, whilst some are not. Another brave look at the human/sometimes media driven psyche.

A very sombre film, brilliantly shot in cold, silvery tones, 7 Days makes you have a good think about things we probably don't want to actally think about! It's not one to 'enjoy'....but it's most certainly not one to forget either.

Highly recommended.
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on 2 April 2014
Slow paced film with deep emotion. Highly recommend, especially if you are into crime films. Not horror or gory as such, though blood shown and mutilation - not graphic. Grief stricken father seeks justice for his beloved little girl in the most unthinkable ways. Gripping thriller in my opinion. They speak in French, but English subtitles throughout. Dr Hamel is a very clever and strong man. Seeing his pain and unconditional love for Jasmine, before and after she was tragically killed is certainly one of the aspects of this film which makes it so moving. Towards the end, which in my eyes was incredibly sad, he starts sinking. Jasmine is standing in front of him in the hallway. He tries to clean her wounds, untie her little hands. They don't speak - this part was the tear jerker for me. He wrists so deeply cut from the ribbon and the sad look on her face. It was like my heart was braking with him. This film really gives you a reality check, to all the sick people who are out there in the world, pedophiles who do sick things to children. What would you do? would the thought of your child's murderer jailed for life be enough for you? Did Jasmine's killer deserve to be tortured the way he was? Was this right... I wanted to know more when it ended. I wanted to know exactly what the police would have done and what the consequences were for Jasmine's poor father. Everybody grieves in their own way. This is a father who went to extremes.
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on 8 February 2013
This film was described as being similar to the Saw movies, which I have watched and enjoyed as excellent horror movies. 7 Days is a film I feel would be more appropriate to be compared to "I Spit On Your Grave".
This is a film telling the story of a couple whose 8 year old daughter is brutally raped, murdered and left in the bushes to be found by her father. The actors who play the parents, and the police detective could not have played these roles any better.
The father manages to abduct the man proved by DNA to have committed this crime. He intends to torture him for 7 days, then kill him on his daughter's 9th birthday before giving himself up.
As the 7 days progress, you see him trying to relieve his own incredible pain and suffering onto his "victim" using various methods, yet not for a second did I feel remotely sorry for this man being tortured. I am not a sadistic person, but the acting performance by this man playing a grieving father was so that you could almost feel his grief and see that it was he that was being tortured more than his victim.
Personally I found this father's grief harder to bear than anything he was doing to that man who caused it yet you see the father realise that inflicting pain on this paedophile is not helping to relieve his own suffering.
The detective who is searching for him lost his own wife to a murderer who is now in jail, and you see him fighting his own feelings of inadequacy while he still grieves his wife. He feels deeply for this father's suffering as he knows that there could be no deeper grief than to have lost a child in this way.
This is NOT a cheap video nasty, it is a real story that will leave you asking yourself a lot of questions afterwards. Well worth watching, and not as gory as Saw!
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on 17 July 2012
7 Days is a haunting tale about a man seeking revenge for his daughters brutal rape and murder. Claude Legault's performance is almost flawless infact all the actors are as near to perfection as a director would wish to get. the gore (there isnt much) is very realistic. there is a sub plot of a police officer who lost his wife in a shop robbery gone wrong, which you find your self ignoring because the main narrative is enough in its self. you have no sympathy for the man who commited the murder, but you do however have a massive amount of support for the main character who lost his only child to a disturbing and cold crime. the message of the stroy pulls at heart strings, can Bruno (main character) actually bring himself to kill the man who killed his daughter, will his sense of right and wrong prevale in the end? do morals triumph over the want for revenage. its a must watch if you like good thrillers, the frecnh do do it best.
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on 31 December 2014
How would you feel if your young daughter had been raped and murdered?
Well this film explores one possible response and shows the humane conflicts entailed in acting out a fathers's feelings.
There is no resolution to such a tragedy, torture doesn't supply it. But what else can he do when he makes the opportunity to enact?
A pretty honest film I would say.
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on 30 January 2015
Don't really understand why this film has had so many bad reviews, maybe some people are just too impatient to wait for the film to get going or just too lazy to read subtitles. The film is made in a way where you are on the side of the father seeking to revenge his daughters rape and murder, it certainly makes you think of what you would do to them if it was you and he then starts to struggle with if he can kill the paedophile or not.
The film is slow paced so don't expect fast action and the torture scenes are not as gory as some suggest, I have seen much worse in terms of gore and torture and the only down side to the film is the very abrupt ending which leaves you wondering what the outcome was to both the father and the paedophile.
Overall a good film to watch free on amazon prime but is it one to add to my vast DVD collection? I don't think so, it is worth a watch but if I owned it I know it would just gather dust never to be seen again
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on 4 October 2014
This isnt a snuff film about torture and horror like the saw films some viewers have likened it to. Being a father of two girls this represents our fears and what we would do if we had the opportunity to confront the perpetrators who carried out these atrocity against our children
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on 7 February 2015
This film is easily one of the best films I have watched for a long time. It's really intense and keeps you gripped to the end. The torture is not intended to be gory, but is very realistic, and it's what most people would want to do to a paedophile. Well worth watching.
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