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3.3 out of 5 stars54
3.3 out of 5 stars
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48 of 50 people found the following review helpful
on 26 October 2010
With the tag line "From the producers of the Saw" splashed all over the DVD front cover. It is clear that the makers of this film were trying to attract the torture porn crowd. I must admit to only watching this because I'm a big fan of Bill Moseley. But sadly yet again Moseley's acting talent is wasted. This had the pretence to be a really deep and meaningful psychological thriller. If it had a totally different cast that is. The story revolves around a couple whose young son is kidnapped and murdered by a paedophile (played by Moseley) and after a deal with the DA he subsequently gets a rather lenient prison sentence. So the couple come up with the plan to kidnap him and take revenge. After conveniently knowing when Moseley's character is being transferred from prison they easily get to him and take him off to a house in the woods for some torture. You are supposed to believe and feel the hurt and torment that the couple are going through after the murder of their son. I'm sorry but Jesse Metcalfe and his blinding white teeth just don't work for me. His acting is abysmal and at no time is he convincing. Erika Christensen does okay with her role as the grieving mother. But it never rises above TV series acting. Over syrupy flashbacks are laughable and sadly the set up for the shock twist ending is clear very early on and takes away any suspense from the film. But okay a torture porn film doesn't really need a believable plot. Yes it's true but the film never delivers on its promise of gore or torture. Most the film time is taken up with talk by the couple about all the horrible things they are going to do to their victim. But they never live up to the talk. Horror/thriller fans will be bored and torture porn fans will feel short changed. I'm just left with the feeling of what an awesome film this could have been.
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on 10 September 2011
What can I say ? Its a very missable offering - basic plot, and very unconvincing acting. I suspect was was made on a very limited budget. It`s from the producers of the `SAW` series, but I really dont think it comes anywhere near that genre, or indeed quality.
Just as well it was only a couple of quid.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2010
i didnt enjoy or like this movie, it was a rip off of the french film 7 days which is amazing.. jesse metcalffe is wrong to be cast in this role,nothing special not terrible just not good..more a b rate type film
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on 29 November 2010
I was surprised with this little belter. A good little horror thriller with an odd but effective cast and a brilliant twist at the end.

The actors are an odd combo but they do well in this adrenaline fuelled thriller. Their son is kidnapped, tortured and killed. After the killer is sentenced only to 25 years the grieving parents kidnap him in prison transit and put him through what their son suffered. This is fuelled by their anger, grief, guilt and taste for revenge. The father is a doctor and this is a great way to almost control or justify the almost horrific torture acts.

This film is like bits of Saw, Cellular and ? All mixed in, but still remains with it's own identity. It reminded me very much of an American version of the French film 7 Days, which most people won't have seen.

To summarise, I enjoyed it but it is quite short and resolves a bit too quickly for it's own good, losing the power of the final twist. It is a success with the cast and budget it had but it is slightly dense and could have been brilliant with a bit more emotion, drama, acting and tension building.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 3 October 2013
This film is so bad that I almost didn't bother to review it. Then, in a dream, I saw a vision of a world where people had all watched this film. The result was civilization crumbling like feta cheese. Once great nations were populated by wide-eyed, dribbling troglodytes. I awoke and thought that I had a DUTY to warn how dreadfully bad this film is.

First off - torture....ok...I guess it is horrifying if you like, but the oft used term "torture-porn" really does show that this kind of film is to horror what Eastenders is for thought-provoking, well-acted and intelligent television. Make of that what you will.

I blundered into this movie because the description sold it to me big time. Because, let's face it, if you're a parent reading this and somebody hurt or worse, killed YOUR child you wouldn't hesitate to tie them to a table and torture them, right?


So we have a yawningly long period of "plot development" which if you don't fast forward through then you're a better person than me. Then we get to THE GOOD BITS and then it just goes downhill. I dunno, this is the first time I've seen this kind of film so it may be lost on me. But it just didn't horrify or even make me cringe. It was just stupid.

The thing that really annoyed me was that the two protagonists sway roles as being "the nasty one" and "the one with a glint of conscience". I was expecting the woman to go nuts and be the torturer and the man to rebel and then she turns on him because she actually enjoys it or something....but no. They just do-se-do between who is the aggressor and who the one with the flicker of humanity.

And of course, like every film of this ilk, it massively over-eggs the pudding by at one point crushing the baddy's foot in a vice then slitting him open to fiddle with his intestines. It may SOUND horrible, but the effect is utterly stupid. Particularly when the baddy SOMEHOW manages to get up shortly afterwards and walk around perfectly fine without his bowels hanging around his knees.

There is no chance to empathize with any of the characters in it, and it just comes across as a lame, listless, lazy, bland, sterile, vapid little movie that is about as entertaining as slowly inserting hot needles into your own eye. WAIT! I have the idea for a new film! The SELF TORTURED! It's brilliant. One guy with a conscience and a good job suddenly takes it upon himself to brutally maim himself over the course of a 17 hour long epic film and in the end there is a twist because zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This is the worst film I have ever watched. Utterly useless.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 20 October 2015
Ok initial plot premise, could have been a decent watch if it weren't for that blooming ending, I mean REALLY what smart ass thought that would be a good idea. ! I love a good horror, torture porn or not, horrors were the good guy wins or the bad guy does.. but the 'twist' in this film leaves you so unbelievably unsatisfied it takes away any interest that was made earlier on in the film.. In fact I am now desperately looking for a decent film in my collection just to get rid of this horrible sense of disappointment!

And whilst Jesse Metcalfe is decent eye candy in any scenario I wish I hadn't bothered!!

If you're looking for a similar film without the anti climax, hard candy and 7 days are both better watches!
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on 1 November 2011
I thought that this was worthy of a watch, on the basis that it came from the producers of Saw and appeared to have 'torture porn' at its heart. The following contains spoilers!

There are some serious flaws in the plot which might be forgiveable if the film was actually centred on the 'torture' element, as I think we can all put these to the back of the mind if we think we're just watching a violent gore flick. But, as other reviewers have said, it's actually more talking about what the parents will do to the perpetrator, than actually doing it. I was therefore left thinking more about the daft plot, than 'enjoying' being shocked. For starters, the capture of the perpetrator seemed a little too easy for me.

The redeeming feature of the film, for me, was the twist. I certainly didn't see this coming - as others say they did - so it was a really great manoeuvre; or so it seemed. However, within a few minutes of the big reveal, I found myself feeling a little confused - why did the wrongly-captured 'perpetrator' not explain what had happened? He had the opportunity to do so, when he was allowed to speak to the parents, but he rather let it slip by, with unfortunate consequences. He could have just said, 'Look, I just happened to be in the same police van as the chap you're after. I am in fact an insurance fraudster (or whatever he was!), and you've probably heard of me on the telly.'

That said, the film did make me think on one or two occasions about the nature of revenge and what I would do in the same position, which is always good for any movie. If you're looking for deeper meaning, I think the film was a rejection of capital punishment: you can never be certain that you've got the villain!

Certainly worth a watch, but if you're like me, you just end up feeling that the supposed perpetrator missed a trick to escape his torture.
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on 14 November 2012
Given its made-for-TV pedigree, this film punches above its weight with game acting performances and a couple of twists to keep the viewer guessing. Mum and Dad decide to bust their son's killer out of jail to exact grisly revenge for the murder of their child - but is all as it seems?

There are one or two moments of far-fetchedness, notably the jailbreak itself which pans out mighty conveniently before an accident is contrived to suit the needs of the script. Also the endgame seems to be over and done with before it has even begun. All in all though I found this to be a solid effort and superior to much of the fare that receives million-dollar cinema releases. Oh, and in my opinion the torture scenes veered away from the voyeuristic and instead supported the story and the characters' reactions.
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on 11 July 2012
I bought The Tortured when I read it was from the producers of Saw...I'm sorry- that was me being silly!
A couples child is kidnapped, tortured and killed. When the killer gets a lenient sentence, the child's parents take their revenge.
Sounds like a simple, powerful story right?
Well its badly acted and poorly written with a twist ending that made me laugh at its desperate attempt to shock the audience.
At times the torture scenes are gruesome but nothing you haven't seen before in a Saw movie.
Its an OK late night film, fast paced with a short running time, but its a completely wasted opportunity.
The Blu Ray transfer is actually excellent-well detailed and bright with strong colours.
Worth a rent for 'torture porn' fans but not much more!
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on 24 May 2014
Where to begin, for those who are not familiar, `The tortured` is a movie about a
happy family whose six year old son is kidnapped and brutally murdered and
mutilated by a vicious and savage child killer, The parents, after hearing the child killer
only may serve ten years for two children abduct the killer and subject him to harsh torture!

Sound good? It's actually not. There are so many plot holes, and the ending twist made
no sense. The acting from the parents and the killer is laughable. The sad thing is it
had a lot of potential but wasted. I recommend `Seven days` which is basically the same plot,
but a lot deeper and more unsettling.
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