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on 12 December 2013
The first No More Heroes is quite easily the best game on the wii for my money, and a bit of a cult classic. Anything Suda 51 and Grasshopper put their names to tends to be an otherworldly hyper-stylized blast of sugar coated oddness unlike anything else out there, and this holds up that tradition well.

The open world from the first game is gone though, which I found made the game slightly less absorbing, and the boss fights could sometimes feel a little less refined, leading to occasionally frustrating slug fests.

Still way more interesting than almost anything else out there, and a must-play for anyone who loves that Grasshopper flavour (and everyone should, seriously they're the most interesting studio working in games today).
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on 25 October 2013
Like most things from Suda51, this game is one that you will either really like and appreciate or you will dislike and wonder why you wasted time with it.
I personally loved the game...took everything great from the first game and removed the annoying open areas...thus streamlining the gameplay and making it feel less like a grind-fest.
If you don't know anything about this game or Suda51, I'd recommend looking up trailers/videos of this game and the first game and maybe even other games from Suda51 to judge whether you would find this game to your liking.
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on 15 June 2010
No More Heroes was a breath of fresh air, its a throwback to retro gaming in a modern punk style. Featuring a series of mini games, linear fighting and the element where the game comes into its own is the boss fights. These are where this game excels. The characters are inventive, creative and extremely fun to pit your wits against. This second installment is pretty much more of the same. The world of Travis Touchdown is vibrant and exciting with Santa Destroy being an ideal location for a mini vacation. The controls are fun and intuitive with plenty of slicing and dicing carried out by the player to really help immerse you in the game. Overall I highly recommend this game, although it might be more for the long running hardcore gamer who will appreciate the throwback and retro style and mini games.
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on 1 May 2014
Even if you haven't played the first this game is definitely worth picking up.
It's bloody and has overwhelmingly fun combat in. The new beam katanas are pretty awesome and lets you choose a sort of fighting style unlike the first one.

If you have a Wii or Wii U this is worth getting.
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on 17 July 2010
For those of you who played the original no more heroes the characters and general madness should be familiar yet still great fun to get to know all over again. For the uninitiated the plot will be explained in-game simply and quickly, with you taking control of Travis Touchdown and kicking bad-guy ass. One major difference for me was the blood (something sorely lacking from the PAL version of the last game) and while it seemed really strange at first to me I have no quarrel with it now. Combat has tightened up and high and low attacks mean much more than just landing a hit, they are now significantly different with one fast and weak and one slow and strong. Wrestling moves to be used as finishers are still present if initiated correctly. Although it offers fifty boss fights it is chopped down to about a third of that later on this is even more dissapointing as I felt the last game's bosses were better and more memorable. But one major thing that hit me much later on was that Travis starts to care about his victims becoming more and more aggrivated by Sylvia's disregard for human life. Side-jobs present are now in 8-Bit form and are much more fun aswell as navigating being made much easier (2d maps instead of biking trawls).
Overall this version is much more fun,cool and worthwhile than the previous game. A solid 10 out of 10!
Long Live Suda51!!
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on 6 August 2013
This game is pretty damn flawless compared to the original in the fact that a faster, more efficient system is placed in order to reach shops, missions and mini-games. The script is strong and hilarious like the original.
The biggest improvement is the plethora of mini games that drag you into the arcade classic era with the 8 bit appearance; these mini games can be a collection of time consuming games in their own right.
This game gets 4/5 because the new camera system is a little delayed and not as forthright like the first game, and the story/character boss fights are a little lacklustre if only ever in the slightest. Playing as *SPOILER* shinobu was frustrating like hell because of the poorly made jump system.

Much better mini-games, efficient menu, strong combat improvement. Lacks strong charismatic bosses compared to the first game, shinobu is annoying, and slightly delayed camera.
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on 26 April 2011
No More Heroes 2 is not quite the balls-to-the-wall action game it appears to be. It may very well be exciting and brash, hyperactive and garishly unsubtle on the outside, but underneath lies a sad, meaningful story and a devastatingly observant satire. It's gameplay is that of a fun but shallow hack and slash, the minigames are fun but ultimately shallow retro games, and it's boos battles are samey but thrilling encounters.

It is, however, the most enigmatic and complex game I've ever played. This game is deep, in philosophy and in allegory, and it is not obvious in anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if you finished this game without having a clue what it is actually about. Because it's a very carefully made little thing. Like an art house film, honestly, a lot of people won't get it. If you reckon you';re up for a lot of thought on something so seemingly trivial, go for it. You won't regret it.
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on 20 September 2010
As a big fan of the first No More Heroes, I was pretty excited to play the sequel. Inserting the disc in to my Wii, I automatically expected more of the same: tongue on cheek dialogue, memorable characters and varied gameplay.

In reality: not quite. No More Heroes 2 plays more like a prettier, stripped down version of the original: no more free roaming, no more telephone call moments, no more K Entertainment?!

Without giving too much away, the plot was also a little contrived. Fifty assassin battles were cut down to more like ten. The final plot twist also felt more like an anti-climax.

You are also granted the ability to play as two extra characters: Shinobu and Henry,both from the first game. Henry's part is fun, bizarre albeit short-lived, but Shinobu's adventure soon outlives its welcome. For some reason her levels include jumping on platforms: which invariably resulted in repeated failures given the clumsy controls.

The main selling point of the game seems to be the retro minigames. Personally, I didn't enjoy these, but I can see how they would appeal to a significant portion of the gaming market.


-Plenty of customisable outfits, weapons and wrestling moves.
-Plenty of familiar faces from the original No More Heroes.
-Plenty of minigames
-Pretty graphics

-No more exploration
-Annoying compulsary platforming segment
-Confusing storyline
-Repetitive battles
-Uninspired script.

VERDICT: Worth a playthrough, but the original is far superior.
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on 3 October 2011
I enjoyed No More Heroes 1 immensely so was looking forward to NMH2. The boss fights are still great and the story is brilliant and hilarious. However, in an attempt to cut out some of the repetitive nature of NMH1 I think it has gone a bit too far. The 'old school' mini games are fun for a bit, but when you realise there is no real point in collecting money in the game they become redundant. This means the game boils down to essentially a bunch of boss fights with storyline as filler. The few side bits and pieces: collecting outfits, training at gym, mini games are unnecessary. Ultimately the game is a lot of fun but far too short.
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on 8 June 2015
i originally brought no more heroes and found it to be an awesome and hilarious game. the story is still good and the fights have been improved a little but i feel they have adjusted this game to give more quantity, not quality... the mini games are horrible and stupid, if you was any good at no more heroes, you had no problems accumulating cash. you are more likely to spend your time try to complete they ridiculously stupid mini games to increase strength and stamina than actually playing some decent game play. i completed the first no more heroes and collected every upgrade but i feel i have lost out on them with no more heroes 2, they are just annoying and dull. i even found them to be unresponsive.

i am basing the low rating on the terrible layout of this game and how it barely relates to the first. i would only recommend this game to those who can be bothered with 8-bit games for more than half the time you play it. just found the game to lack interest and enjoyment as much as the first one...
they have swapped literally every side mission and training for stupid 8-bit games and removed the assassin jobs that was the main way of earning money in the original. i find it pretty stupid considering you are meant to be an assassin in the game and you take on roles such as cooking steak, catching insects and flying round space trying to catch garbage, all in 8-bit...
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