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4.2 out of 5 stars76
4.2 out of 5 stars
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 14 June 2013
Well where do I begin? A game that was initially released as a Playstation 2 title in 2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered, by many, to be the greatest Grand Theft Auto title to date. This game was revolutionary in many ways; it contained a map of such a size that it would embarrass most current generation games, it had a voice acting list that has to be seen to be believed and it had a hugely compelling story-line with in-game mechanics that took all the best aspects from the previous two GTA 3 games and made them better. If this was not enough there are so many extra things that you can do whilst not following the main story, this can be anything from visiting the gym to increase CJ's muscle stats, entering a shooting range to increase your weapon skills or going to a driving school to improve your skills in various modes of transport. As introduced in Vice City you will find yourself flying helicopters, driving a huge variety of vehicles and riding on sea in speed boats, there is literally so much that this game has to offer.

I was one of the many that had this game on the Playstation 2 many years ago. After recently purchasing a high-end multimedia computer I was told that the PS2 version cannot be compared to the PC version as the latter is so vastly superior. Once I installed the game I went into the settings menu to find many settings that were fully adjustable and naturally I maxed them all out to see what would happen, this customization included everything from 1080p video to full render distance (something the PS2 suffered GREATLY with). When I went to start a new game I was blown away by how fast this game loaded. All that owned this on the Playstation 2 will remember just how long this game took to load up (after all it was a huge game for its time) but on the PC it literally took around 2 seconds to load the entire game. When the game began I instantly noticed just how much better this game looked visually. I could see buildings all the way in the distance that I never remembered being there, the character models and cars looked colourful and detailed, the entire image was sharp and clean with none of that infamous 'blurry' effect that the Playstation 2 version had. Playing this on the PC was like playing an entirely different game to what I remember and I found myself completely hooked on this game once more.

One of the biggest differences between the PC and the console version is the control system. When playing this on the computer it quickly became obvious that this game was designed for the sluggish lock-on system that the Playstation 2 version had. I say this because when you have a computer mouse giving you pin-point free aim accuracy whilst you use the keyboard to crouch, roll or strafe you find yourself effortlessly landing head-shots on all your enemies before they even get the chance to get near you. This control system only gets better when driving a car as you can control the car in its entirety with your left hand on the keyboard whilst using the mouse to rotate the camera around the car so you will always know what is coming. The control system on the PC feels complete and well thought out and it rendered the game far easier than I recall (although that could just me being poor on the PS2 due to naivety!). In addition to the controls and graphics being far better the PC also allows you to link your own music library to the game which you access via the radio stations in a vehicle, I felt this was a good addition as you can add a personal touch to your gaming experience during missions that were not there before.

With all this said it is clear that the claim of the PC version being superior to its Playstation 2 counter-part holds credence. In addition to all the benefits mentioned in the review one cannot forget mentioning the huge MOD community that Grand Theft Auto games possess. One trip to the 'gta-downloads' website will present to you hundreds of modifications a player can make to their game to enhance their gaming experience even further.

If you are someone who wishes to relive a fantastic game with a vastly superior gaming experience then the PC version of San Andreas is a must. If you are someone who wishes to play this game for the first time but are unsure of what platform to play it on then the PC must be taken in consideration providing you have the hardware to play it. A fantastic game that will never get old, I highly recommend to all!
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 13 October 2011
Good things;
-Very cheap
-Good storyline
-Loads of options to do in the game
-better graphics than the ps2

bad things;
- runs slowly when there is a lot of acrivity in the game
-Takes ages to install
-requires the cd to play the game

Good game overall
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 6 September 2011
This game must be one of the all time greats. From a seemingly confusing and humble start, the game just grows and grows as Carl Johnson gets involved acros a huge landscape of amazing locales and imaginative situations. An excellent teaching experience in ghetto culture while, at the end, all the story comes together in the final showdown. A game to play and play again.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 3 April 2012
The game is exactly like the ps2 version apart from, different controls which take time to get used to and better graphics. It's easier to play if you use a joypad or a usb xbox360 controller.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 11 March 2015
One of the very best games ever, gta san andreas is mind blowing ,the reason why because of the activities that you can do in the game world,i owned this game on the ps2 and that did not do this great game justice.
Gta san andreas runs perfectly on a windows 7 pc with a Amd graphics card,so please ignore any review that states it does not.
The pc version of this game runs in 1080p smoothly and is xbox controller compatible ,you can also redefine the controls to suit your gaming style,this game has to be one the most user freindly pc games i have ever owned, i brought this game in 2010 for my PC and it installed on my Amd processor with no problems.
Gta san andras is worth every penny of the asking price and i would pay full price for this gaming gem,the game has 100 missions and is longer than the new gta v . you need to play this if you are gta fan.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 November 2014
I don't know how so many folks had trouble installing this, it's easy peasy, even on Windows 7 64bit, if you go into Properties before you install it and tell it that you want it on Windows 7, what could be easier. You do have to have the disc in when you play the game, and a Windows pop up does tell you that the colour tone gets changed whilst you play the game, but, it changes back again when you're finished, so, no problems really, I don't know what all the fuss was about.
I can't give it anything less than 5 stars, the sound is brilliant, the graphics a bit ropey although it is 10 years old and I'm playing with a 2GB card installed, so, I can't expect everything, but, the game is just how it was all those years ago, absolutely fantastic, now I just have to remember how to ride that
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on 4 February 2013
If you have even a Medium to low gaming PC, this game has the potential to look so much better than its
ps2 or xbox equivilant.

Its runs a lot better on my dads Athlon x2 processor and Nvidia 250 graphics card very smooth and pretty, and if you dont know what that means, those are some old PC components.

I'm very much looking forward to what it'll look like on my
i5 2500k + GTX550ti gaming rig when its assembled. I've already run vice city in HD on max settings on a little Dell Optiplex 745 combined with a low profile GT610 to help out and a large HD monitor, and it looks gorgeous and like a whole new game to make up for
the massive disappointment that was GTA4.

Of course Modding is also 100% easier so you can pick and choose cars, textures, themes or character skins you wish to add which is always fun when you've finished the actual game.

I don't think it ever crashed or even slowed down, well worth it if you have a PC with a medium power graphics card (a GT640 would easily run this, and that's not powerful by any stretch of the imagination)

worth noting that it also comes in a very cool "book like" case with a much bigger manual inside and map background.
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on 17 June 2015
I love this game. I really like how varied it is in different aspects of the game. I like the variety of weapons, activities and cheats. Also I find that unlocking the different areas of Los Santos to be really refreshing because it means you have to progress through the story to do that and I like it. The game works fantastically on the computer with no problems so far. I love it. However, when the item arrived, the case was slightly cracked (it's the second time now, although it's less than last time) and the booklet and map slightly ripped, although this is likely to have happened in transit and when I touched the crack, a small piece of the case broke although this is not a major problem - it's not really a big thing. The game works perfectly and that's all there is to it As for packaging, it was good, however, for items such as games I would suggest that protective material be used to protect the item inside the package as it just came in a cardboard envelope and had plastic wrap. I think that This can be said for all of the games and not just this one. I would also suggest that the carrier improves their transit and/or handling of packages to ensure the items inside are not broken in any way.
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on 18 March 2013
This is not just a awesome game. It's almost a whole new world to immerse your self in.
Even if you don't want to attempt any of the missions just yet there's still plenty to do.

At the beginning when you get on the BMX Cycle down to Roboi's Food Mart and do the asset mission, switch BMX's to start. Even if you fail to complete all four levels it won't be to long before you acquire the £10,000 to purchase the safe house next to the airport, now you've got a safe house with a garage.

Get a car, it doesn't matter which. Now go the airport gate and park it by the security cabin by the gate. Clime on the roof of the car, clime on the roof of the Cabin and you're in. Get inside the Dodo, fly around a bit, get you licence so you can enter anytime you like. No for some real fun

Fly over to Las Venturas airpost by jet, get a car and go over to the small parking lot top left, go to the lower level and get yourself a minigun, back to the airpost then back home. It's fast, furious. Or Las Venturas airpost by jet and get the RPG
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on 27 August 2015
It's a great game, but the PC port suffers a bit on newer versions of Windows, namely 7 and up. Issues range from the game refusing to start, missing textures, controllers not working correctly or getting sudden CTDs. But don't fret, all of them are fixable; check here to see how:

The game came out more than 10 years ago; incompatibility problems are common issues with PC games, let alone 10 year old ones designed for older OSes.

Before I go, I strongly suggest avoiding the Steam release and going for a physical copy; R* issued an update a while back that breaks widescreen support and removes a small number of songs. The only good thing that came out of it is they finally added in Xinput support, so 360 joypads can be used without any issues. DVD copies of the game retain all those songs and you can add in Xinput support yourself with a simple mod, which you can find in the link I posted above.
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