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4.5 out of 5 stars68
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2013
Great album, I love it to bits, but the same problem as the first album, no lead breaks.

It's ACDC without Angus...


I can't stop playing this album.. it's brilliant and forget what I said before, there are lead breaks but they are not in your face. It's a completely new take on the ACDC phenomenon but it really works.

I WILL be buying more Airbourne.
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on 22 May 2011
I caught sight of this band on Scuzz while skipping through channels on FreeSat & stopped to watch. Elements of early AC/DC, W.A.S.P., The Four Horsemen, and Rose Tattoo got me hooked, so I bought both their CDs. When my hairy biker brother visited, it turned out he likes them too & said they're similar to The Answer.
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on 19 June 2012
I purchased Airbourne's first album after only hearing the title track, and I absolutely loved it - I am 18 years of age and half Australian, so to hear an entire album like that was a sign to me that there was some good left in music!

So without hesitation, I bought this album not listening to a single track. And WHAT an album! Normally I would pick out certain tracks as my favourites, but I just can't this album is consistent head bangin', foot stampin' rock and roll. I personally think Joel O'Keefe is a fantastic front man, and he definitely gets his energy and enthusiasm through the speakers with his roaring vocals and screaming guitar solos!

I will say this, if you are a fan of new and original sounds then you might struggle to like this at first, but I am certain if you liked the old school rock n' roll of the the 70's then it will definitely grow on you. It is just how it used to be in the old days; a WALL of Marshall amps, a few guitars, some drums, no effects and just raw sound and energy.

Much like the first album this is still very riff based with plenty of guitar solos, heavy bass and pure drums. And although some say they are very ACDC, they most definitely have there own style and sound. You can't pick out an Airbourne song that sounds specifically like an ACDC song. They are doing it there own way - Aussie Rock N Roll! Don't, however, be fooled into thinking it's just a bunch of drunk Aussie guys smashing out some music... The majority of the songs you can tell have been well thought out during the writing process, and very well played during the recording. Also, I HAVE to comment on Airbourne's lyrics (I am speaking for both albums here), all of Airbourne's lyrics fit each song superbly and quite often make you laugh. They also help you realise what rock and roll is all about.

An album well worth getting for any rock fan, from now or the 70's or anywhere in between. Pure music in its rawest form.

Airbourne - A real breath of fresh air in the modern music world. Rock N Roll is most definitely still alive!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 March 2010
Make no mistake this is a fine, energetic, lively and fun album. The problem is you know exactly what you are going to get so that by the end, and this is more true of the deluxe edition, it all sort of blends into one conglomorate of noise. It's a good noise mind you but I will be intrigued as to what this band can do for their third album because they have surely mined this seam to death.

Some of the other reviewers are obviously quite correct with the AC/DC comparisons and the band are more than willing to admit this, but I detect more than a little influence of Slade with this lot especially with the vocals.

So all in all this is fine as far as it goes but don't listen to this if you expect subtlety or new ideas.
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on 14 May 2013
Yes Airbourne are pretty much just Ac/Dc under another name everybody knows and accepts this and most apparently love it.

I can see why, this is Ac/Dc on high Octane fuel, The songs and rip roaring Stompers, there is not much room for anything but Fast and furious and simple did I mention simple the Joy and beauty behind this band is the simplicity of how they play there is no complicated riffs or solo's or showing off it is purely for jumping around too. No Nonsense, no boredom, Pure fun on a c.d. sing along choruses in almost every song and wild solo's. Lyrics about getting drunk and shaggin and driving cars and other man things ( except eating pie or bacon)

If you listen to this and don't enjoy it I would think you have no soul or heart, this music is made purely to entertain and make you happy.

Brilliant fantastic album
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well done amazon ordered this a few days ago and it arrives 3 days prior to official released,superb.I have had a couple of days to listen and that it is a good album is not in question,however its not as good as the debut and most songs are basically interchangeable.

Airbourne have went lock stock and barrel for the Ac/Dc comparisons ,right down to the Angus Young guitar solo's.When does immitation become parody?Airbourne really need to branch out and develop their own sound or they will lose momentum

Pretty much every song follows the same pattern,booming drums,sing along chorus,emulating mid 70's Ac/Dc and after a while it becomes samey,there are no 'Ride On's here,at times there is the whiff of one trick pony.

If you want no frills rock n roll then this is the disc for you,it is great but i was hoping for more,some progression,i like Airbourne but it would be a pity if the disappear amid criticism that they dont have their own style.their next album really has to take some chances
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on 11 March 2010
Forget about comparisons, whats been done before, or what might happen in the future. This is a great rock album. You want no frills, heads down, un pc, 70's/80's rockin then this is for you. These guys currently fly the flag for uncomplicated goodtime headbanging. Shure its a bit samey in places but they've have found their niche and they aint givin it up without a fight. You want progression, growth then go listen to Marillion! AC/DC, Status Quo, Whitesnake etc all found their "sounds" and have pretty much stuck to it with great success. Airbourne are a young band with tonnes of energy, and attitude that will keep a smile on the faces of rockers young and old for years to come. On the first album they said "Stand up for Rock n Roll" - they're walkin it like they're talkin it. Go and see them on the tour this month you will not be dissapointed. As for the album its an absolute must have.
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on 29 December 2012
It's ok but not what I was looking for.
I have heard a couple of cracking tracks by these guys on "Planet Rock", which is my lifeblood at work.
Unfortunately the cracking tracks are missing from this particular album.
I will try again in the new year with something from the back catalogue.
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on 14 February 2013
Like some of the other reviews say, yes, there are many similarities with AC/DC and Slade. If Noddy Holder hadn't turned down the offer to replace the late Bon Scott and join AC/DC, the combination of guitars and vocals together with the writing talent of Holder and the Young brothers, this is what AC/DC would be sounding like now. I'm a big fan of both bands so I love this sound. Listening to the album you understand why Airbourne are a great live act, full of energy. OK, they won't win any awards for originality but if you like your rock fast and loud, this album is for you.
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on 10 March 2010
Its a great album don't get me wrong. I agree with the other reviewers so far! If you liked Airbourne the first time round then you'll like this! But if you're like me & you were blitzed by them first time round then you might find the tracks a little samey but as has been said before its good samey!

I haven't been disappointed but its just hard to beat Runnin Wild!
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