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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2012
I have a whole 4 bed house to paint following a replaster and bought this Wagner sprayer having read these reviews. After a week of use (half the house done) I've got mixed views about the sprayer. Firstly, the plus points: it is simple to set up and start using, really easy to clean and does give the most impressive paint finish I've ever seen. It's why I bought it, and why I'll finish the house with it despite what I'm about to say...
The marketing pics for this show families playing happily within a few meters of someone using one of these. In reality this thing sprays mist... shockingly far. I found it hard to be in the same room as it...with a mask and goggles on. The mist goes everywhere so I've had to prep like never before. If it ain't masked, it's gonna have paint mist on it. I don't know how you could use it in an ordinary house. Whilst mine is a carpetless, furniture less shell it works for me. But honestly the time I've spent prepping windows has dampened my enthusiasm for the speed in which you can spray a wall. You need to cover things with well taped plastic, else the blower will loosen it. If you've ever watched Dexter the bit you don't see is that he's really about to use one of these sprayers when he sets up his rooms.
Other irritations... The big unit sports a carrying strap. The pics show someone carrying it round with them. But you can't. The power lead connected to this unit (like a vacuum blower) is so short you really have to either park it next to a socket or use an extension lead. And it sounds lame but the spray gun itself is pretty heavy after a week of holding 1.8 litres of paint up to ceilings. Maybe it's a woman thing...but I already have new muscles now.
That said if you're like me and want the glass-like amazing finish others have mentioned, here's my top tips: dilute your paint really well... You should do anyway on new plaster. Keep it warm, too... Cold affects the spray fineness. Be prepared to lose the rubbish spring and plastic screw that controls the spray fineness (worst bit of this kit) at some point. Before you start DO go onto YouTube and watch the Wagner video... I only did after day 3 of working in a snowstorm... I was holding it too far away. You have to really be closer than you think. I was also keeping the handle attached to the sprayer and not the hose. Much easier not to.
Be patient and build up your coats to avoid running paint. If you cause a run, stop spraying and aim the gun at the run...the air blowing will disperse the runny paint. I use a v fine sandpaper in between coats for 'special' walls like my projector wall... The finish is the smoothest I've ever felt. Decide for yourself which way you prefer the nozzles to be aligned depending on horizontal or vertical stripes (I prefer the opposite of the manual).. Do be prepared for the first coat(s) to have a stripey effect as I still can't master totally even stripes (tripping over the frickin extension lead doesn't help) after a week.
Finally if you dislike someone invite them to play near you whilst you spray. Better still, if you do know Dexter get him to come in and prep for you. But I'm going to finish the whole house with it and show off my amazing paint finish to anyone who can bear it.
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on 30 April 2015
A fantastic bit of kit that has saved me an amazing amount of time painting my newly plastered home.

I have attached some pictures in case anyone finds them useful. I got through the first coat in the kitchen-diner and the hallway in less than an hour - amazing!

A few bits of advice:

1. Take your time preparing. Mask around all your windows and then stick plastic dust sheets onto this masking tape to cover the window. Cover anything in the room that you don't want to get paint onto, because you will get paint mist in the room. I didn't have this problem because my house is empty with no carpets.

2. Some people have said they mixed their paints with 50% water. For me this was WAY too much. The instructions suggested 10% water with 90% paint and I found this to be about right. The paint just needs to be slightly runny, not like water. If you mix in too much water the paint will likely go on too thin and you'll find yourself with paint running down the walls and also requiring many many coats. For info, I used Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint Brilliant White 10Ltr, from Screwfix. It covers very nicely. Also, when mixing paint it's best to mix large amounts at once so you can spray, refill, spray, refill, rather than spray, mix, refill, spray, mix, refill.

3. Hold the spray gun 20-30cm away from the wall, as instructed in the manual. Any further and you'll get more paint mist in the room and more wasted paint.

4. When starting off initially, set the spray gun to a low setting and gradually increase it until you feel the right amount of paint is coming out.

5. When finished painting for the day ensure you rinse out everything that gets paint on it, which is basically all elements on the spray gun.
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on 31 October 2010
Great little machine once you get the hang and set it up right.
Firstly, you must dilute the paint, it has to be runny. I ended up diluting paint with 50% water, stirred with a drill and paddle, and got amazing results.
Secondly, set it on minimum paint spray, and do 3 or 4 coats. Sounds like a lot of work, but you can zoom around a room in no time. Buy a couple of cheap paint kettles, and premix your diluted paint.
Finally, spend time masking properly. If you put the time in the preparation, the spraying is super quick.
If you set it up right and prepare properly, you will never match the results with a brush and roller. I have 9 rooms in white with a glass finish.
Ignore the idiots who say the machine is rubbish; the're just a bunch of muppets. You have to get the paint runny and mixed well, do multiple thin coats and mask well.
I have achieved amazing results with this machine.
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on 31 July 2011
I brought this item after recently re painting our extension,(with a roller) and to be honest, it took me longer than i had hoped,so i decided to buy this product. The verdict?, All in all it's a good bit of kit if used in the correct manner, i read nearly all the reviews on this page, and to be honest, they were more use than the instructions that came with it, the one review, i followed to the letter,Masking off well is a must, whilst the over spray isn't that bad,i would say it's better to be safe than sorry,so put your time into the preparation.Secondly, DILUTE THE PAINT, some reviews say dilute to 10% others say 30-50%,I diluted my paint by around 50%, but i would advise to do this at 10% increments so you don't thin the paint down too much and be left with paint runnier than you need,i am also guessing the rate at which you dilute the paint depends on the manufacturer of paint one is using, i.e, i have always found Dulux paint to be thicker than say, crown paints. Thirdly, MIX WELL, Again i followed a previous reviewers advise and brought a mixing paddle for my drill, mixes beautifully,no lumps in the paint, jobs a good un! when it came to actually using the sprayer, i was astounded at how well it covers, and how quickly, again, following advice from a previous review, i set the spray gun to a low setting, and did 3 or 4 coats,And the finish? it's like glass, no other way to describe it. I am more, than happy with this product, my only gripe is the knob which controls the amount of paint delivered, if you turn it too much,(to the left) it will pop off the spray gun,and with it been spring loaded, you could easily lose it, other than that, what a great bit of kit.....Highly recommended!!!!
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on 2 March 2013
Package arrived in good order and by the date stated. Product information well written and easy to follow, so although I watched the CD demonstration there was really no need. Tackling the lounge was much simpler than I anticipated and the whole thing was done in about four hours, we have a large lounge so I was really impressed with how quickly the job can be done using the sprayer. It takes a couple of tries to get used to spraying on the different settings, especially for the ceiling but it is very easy once you get started. It is well worth using the practice poster to have a go first if you are not so confident about using it, but to be honest there was no real need. It is worth covering/masking everything carefully as the spray leaves a fine dusting of paint in the air that falls like dust and I would recommend using a dust mask on your face as the fine particles in the air can be annoying if you have allergies. Only other thing to say is if you are planning on tackling a whole room, it may be helpful to not fill the paint bottle all the way to the full mark as it can get a bit of a strain on your wrist after an hour or so. Overall well and truly pleased with this product.
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on 26 May 2011
I bought the Wallperfect a few days ago for redecorating five rooms in my house. This product really delivers on its promises... That was the fastest painting I've ever done and afterwards the cleaning of the machine wasn't time consuming at all either! It just takes seconds to get the hang of it and what the right speed for application is. You can adjust the amount of paint at the gun which helps getting it right. You can go quite fast and have no runs with too much or poor coverage (too little paint). In my case, coverage was very good. I did one coat and the finish was brilliant. In the end I painted the five rooms in one day without causing too much mess. I would definitely recommend this product.
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on 13 October 2010
I bought this product to avoid paying a professional to redecorate my living room and landing. I'm no great DIYer at all, so was happy to spend some money to get the right results. True, masking was needed, but once I got the hang of it (if you can do a little practice run) I have to say it's really much faster and less hassle than doing it manually. You can tell the difference between the finish I achieved on my last attempt (brush & roller) and this one. The use of the machine was straight forward (DVD helped) even for someone like me, and really saved me time. Good quality machine. Overall would recommend this product.
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on 15 September 2012
I'm not in the habit of wrting reveiws but this kit is so good I'd like others to benefit. Reviews from experienced P&Ds are likely to favour brush or roller. For a small area where masking is complicated they are probably right. For a large single colour area this innovation is, in a word, brilliant. The translated instructions are not always clear (ie 'Do not lay the spraygun' - actually the French version clarifies this!). It is important to read them carefully. I was able to apply a single coat to the ceiling and walls of a 38 sq m building in 3 hours. Overspray was minimal, coverage was even and, using a high quality emulsion, the result was good enough for no second application. It took me 1/2 hr to learn how to use the machine, the same time to set it up, and then to clean it properly. No skill is required, just do exactly what it says and the result is excellent. For a large area, particularly a ceiling, a strong right arm helps ....
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on 3 May 2011
I had a whole house with re-plastered walls to paint and wasnt looking forward to using a roller and paint brush.
i tried a couple of rooms with a roller and it took me forever to get the finish i wanted so bought this product.
The machine takes a bit of getting used to and you need to read the instructions. Yes, read the instructions... properly!
Some people leaving 1* rating obviously didnt !

I watered down to 20% and got great coverage on plastered walls with no show through.
Use it properly, keep the unit clean and you can re-use again and again.
Will definitely be using it again.

Pros: Very smooth finish. (i did use a roller over the sprayed area to get an even better finish. Worked a treat !
Can cover a lot in short space of time
Great to spray paint coving and walls and ceiling in 1 go.
I get thumbs up from people looking at the quality finish. :-)

Its as noisy as a hoover !!
It sprays tiny speckles sideways so cover everything in your room.
Definitely need to mask areas or hold a cardboard alongside it to stop spraying on unwanted areas. I used a wooden plyboard which did the trick.
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on 19 September 2010
This product in general is built quite well, as for the performance i felt a little let down, if you view the dvd that comes with it, it mentions about hardly needing to mask up the areas around you are going to paint. Not true.
The spray amount is adjustable, but i found that trying to get this correct took alot of time and made a lot of mess, it was either far to much paint which caused runs or far to little paint which meant you have to go over the same wall again and again and again.
If you are planning on using this inside then i would say don't bother. I found it much quicker and alot let mess to use a brush and a roller ( brush and roller also needed far less masking up).
If your going to spray outside, a fence or a shed then i would say that this would be great for the job
My final word is have a look at the videos for this item on youtube (made by wagner) then if you do decide to give it a go you can compare your outcome with the videos, don't hold your breath though.
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