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on 17 November 2009
If you drew a line between Abba and REM, at the mid-point you would find Music Go Music. That is clearly a good place to be. I discovered them on YouTube, took the plunge and ordered this CD. I can't remember the last time I bought an album that had no duff tracks on it. Credit to their indie label, Secretly Canadian, as the major labels wouldn't permit this, fearing that we would be getting more for our money than we deserved.

'Expressions' contains all the tracks released on three vinyl EPs, 2008-2009. The title tracks of these, 'Light of Love', 'Warm in the Shadows' and 'Reach Out' are all excellent, but if pushed, I'd go with the wonderfully anthemic 'Just Me' as a debut CD single, following it up with 'Explorers Of The Heart'. I'm nit-picking. There are no 'B-Side' singles on here.

This is a quirky group with a fresh, melodic and characteristic sound. You will be tapping your feet and nodding your head like an idiot on your morning commute or at your PC and you won't need to shuffle. If you associate indie with 'weird', Don't Panic. Music Go Music have already developed a mature and coherent style. Their lyrical and musical skills are easily as good as any established mainstream group. And the icing on the cake, they have a beautiful lead vocalist with a fabulous voice. They will be massive, certainly in the UK if not globally.

Forget reality TV, celebs who decide they want to be singers and all that X-Factor rubbish, this is the real deal.

Music Go Music are not an early work in progress that need to find their place in the musical universe. They are already there. You just haven't heard of them yet. You most assuredly will. A majestic CD. Blissful.
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on 19 October 2009
It's not easy to find such good bands these days. If you like Blondie and ABBA, you won't be disappointed. Really good bunch of high quality pop songs. The most upbeat are: Explorers of the Heart; Just Me; Light of Love. However, the disco-style 'Warm in the Shadows' is simply fab - love the rythm - it's so 80s and so cool!
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VINE VOICEon 5 July 2010
I've lived with most of these songs for nearly a year now. I chanced across Warm in the Shadows on youtube and was instantly entranced by the whole vibe, by the wonderfully tunesome, funkadelic, epic-disco feel of the whole thing. And the musicianship was impressively tight. (MGM's shred-a-delic guitarist Torg, I was later unsurprised to learn, was a Bay Area thrasher in a former incarnation!) After lapping up several more songs on youtube, it quickly became apparent that MGM would become one of my favourite bands in next-to-no time. Yes, there were hints of Blondie and Abba and the Carpenters and... erm... Black Sabbath and early 80s Bollywood disco(!). But MGM are far, far more than a derivative hybrid of all those influences/predecessors. They've distilled the essence of what made some of that music great and compacted it into the most joyous album I can think of. (Although Abba Gold runs it close!) Seriously, if you need music to lift your mood, you cannot do better than MGM. The album twists and turns and surprises and delights and bamboozles. And I say this even though I feel the production doesn't do the songs justice. I saw them live at the ICA in London last September and they were amazing in spite of some dodgy acoustics. And Gala Bell - aka Meredith Metcalf - is an infectiously happy frontwoman whose voice is a welcome antidote to all that depressive, angst-ridden music that seems so popular these days. (I speak as a long-standing fan of Heavy Metal in all its guises and other depressive music too!) MGM weave a spell in the live arena which absolutely bewitches. And this is no mean feat when you consider the multi-layered complexity of the songs.
And what songs! Each and every one is a classic. Absolutely no filler. And it all seems so effortless! This is a band that deserve to go global. But somehow, I suspect that there's too much talent, too much individuality, too much sheer class here for that to happen. In the meantime, mainstream music drowns in a flood of banality, mediocrity and style over substance. MGM are the total antithesis of all that. And their magical music will make you feel all lovey-dovey and warm inside!
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on 1 August 2014
In 1979 ABBA, Blondie, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michelle Jarre were force to share the studio as Eno produced. This is the result. I'm joking of course, but it's hard to find another means of comparison.

However, Music Go Music are not simply derivative; their lyrics are thought-provoking and the musicianship is first class. The band is releasing a new album shortly and I'm keen to hear the finished product.

Meanwhile, how and why this group has been overlooked by the British music press I've no idea. Work like this deserves much greater recognition, especially when so much useless pap is being foisted on us care of mainstream radio etc. etc. So do you your bit: download, enjoy and spread the word!
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on 6 November 2009
Can't remember where I found it, but I bumped into "Warm In The Shadows" somewhere on the net, possibly Youtube. That hooked me and I started listening/watching their other songs and was blown away by how good they were. I managed to find the album so I could give it a proper listen and immediately bought it. It is one of my 3 albums of the year - the others being by Airborne Toxic Event and Polly Scattergood.

Now I wanted to see them live. I discovered they were supporting Franz Ferdinand and nearly bought a ticket purely for the support (I've done that before). I did though spot a hole in their calendar that tied up with the Sunday of Manchester's "In The City" music festival. I started praying. Finally, YES!!!! They were playing. Headlining an NME Radar hosted gig too. I bought my wristband and started getting exited.

Sunday came! Pottered round a couple of the venues enjoying some as-yet unsigned bands before heading up to Night & Day (top venue too) to install myself in a good spot for when MGM came on.

Finally they came on! Now, I'm going to cut straight to the end of the gig and just say I've never danced so much at a gig. The only way you could stay still whilst MGM are playing is if your feet were nailed to the floor and you were wrapped in cellophane. They were brilliant! I came out drenched and delerious.

I think this album gets a proper UK release early next year so with a bit of luck they'll do a proper tour too - I can't wait!
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on 29 May 2011
I don't often write reviews, but this album deserves one.

Quite simply, it is one of the best pop albums ever made...from the swirling joy of "Thousand Crazy Nights" through the Eurotastic "Light of Love" to Studio 54 and "Warm in the Shadows" and the Abba-esque "Goodbye, Everybody". I totally love it...every track!

Buy it, play it, love it!
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on 3 November 2009
I saw this band supporting Franz Ferdinand and have never before seen a support band get the crowd going us much as Music Go Music. I agree with the previous review that the lead singer does indeed sound like Blondie and that some of the tracks do also sound like they might have been recorded by Abba. There is a varied mixture of genres on this album in my opinion and I have convinced myself that the backing on one of the tracks sounds very much like Pink Floyd. I bought this album having seen Music Go Music perform live at the Wolverhampton Civic and must admit I really do like the album. I don't think it will be long before we see them in the album charts.
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on 23 June 2010
Heard this at a friend's house and immediately went to check it out. Once I heard it properly,
I was blown away. Hard to add further to what has already been written about the album,
other than how refreshing it is to hear people actually writing songs again. There is still
some hope!

If you like ELO, ABBA, Carpenters etc, then you'll love this. I learnt about them after they
had played in London and wish I could have seen them live. Will look out for them next time.

There is nothing I know of that sounds like this these days. I just hope they continue to make
albums this fantastic in the future. Highly recommended!
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on 10 May 2010
This album is the best album I've heard this year. If you love pop, the best of Eurovision and Scissor Sister you'll love this. It's a breath of fresh air with classy melodies reminiscent of classic Abba. There are rousing choruses and moody psychodelic touches to keep it interesting and not cheesy.It makes me feel happy and uplifted whenever I hear it and it's had me playing it again and again. When classic Abba meets Alphabeat with a psychodelic 70s twist, what more could you want from this LA based band? They could be huge and the phenomenon starts here with 'Expressions'.
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on 10 November 2009
Fantastic collision of Abba-grade tunes with the best of prog-rock and disco. My album of the year!
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