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on 1 November 2010
I wish I had the nerve and ability to produce a video review for this product to show the quality of the movies - but I don't so words it is.
I am sorry for those reviewers who had a bad experience with earlier examples of the Samsung U20 but it is now an excellent little thing. It slips into a pocket and is light enough to almost forget about. It takes a few seconds before it's ready for use but is so easy to use I can forgive that.
I have just returned from a trip to Italy and the Cote d'Azure and believe me, the camera had plenty of use - in fact my Panasonic DMC-T26 hardly got a look-in and we didn't bother taking a Panasonic full-sized video camera.
Photos of the historic sites of Pisa, Florence and Perugia are crystal clear taken at 8Mp (firmware stretches this to 10Mp) while the beaches of the South of France are excellent. The colour and clarity are as good as the Panasonic. Autofocus is mostly good and writing to memory is almost instantaneous.
Video is better than I anticipated and after some trials decided that 720dpi / 50fps was the optimum setting for smooth panning whilst maintaining good definition.
Downloading to a Samsung NB220+ netbook each day was simplicity itself and leaving it connected to the "always on" USB port topped off the batteries ready for the next day.
I just had to use the time-lapse recording to capture a Lake Garda sunset and here is my only mild criticism. The first part is beautiful, the clouds rolling over the dramatic hills with sailboats reflected in the lake waters gradually changing colours through golden, a blush of rose into deeper yellows and reds. As the light eventually fades the image becomes grainy until the twinkling lights along the opposite shore disappear intead of becoming brighter. To be fair neither you nor I would normally take photos in such poor light so it's no big deal.
This device is very good at what it does. It's relatively inexpensive, extremely portable, easy to use and the quality is infinately acceptable. Too many people expect too much from their computers, TVs and mobile phones - the Samsung U20 will give you your money's-worth and then some .............

and the pinky red is quite nice actually.
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on 27 September 2010
Please try not to let the previous reviews on this item put you off, they nearly did for me yet I took a punt hoping Samusung had sorted the bugs out, and it seems they have!!! I have not had one single problem with this. The HD camcorder is excellent, great quality, I used it whilst on holiday on Scotland, views of the landscape are breathtaking and the picture and video quality picks them out brilliantly. Very impressed with both the camera and camcorder.

Samsung are my first stop for electricals as they are normally top, top quality and this has not let them down, as with lots of new items it has its problems at first, yet now they have ironed these out I would reccomend this to all. Has great quality and a great battery life. Also the fact that you dont even need a wire to plug into your laptop is great, something so simple yet makes things so much easier not having to rummage around looking for that wire!

One last note, if I do have any problems with this I will make sure to update the review, but as of yet, great, and its had some hammer!!!!!!
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on 25 January 2011
Dear buyers, before I purchased this Samsung U20 Mini Full HD camcorder, I repeatedly read the reviews on Amazon and on Youtube. I found out that many buyers rated this excellent and fantastic piece of machine very low on Amazon but I decided to go ahead and place my order from Amazon. When the camera arrived, I went outside my house, recorded & snapped photos with it, then connected it to my Philips LCD 42 inch TV via HDMI cable. Camera performance was perfect, excellent and fine, all the shots I took were crystal clear and great. For the camera of this size, I was very amazed and pleased with it's performance.

Very important: Now, read these information below carefully.

(1) I guess why some buyers rated this samsung U20 Mini Full HD Camera Camcorder so low, is because they only read the manual which did not elaborate more on how to use it without actually studying it's menu as well. For better understanding on how to use this camera, you would need to carefully study it's menu to get it's settings right in order to achieve the result you want. I can understand the reason why most buyers rated this camera so low, I would definitly do the same if there was not enough technical information available on how to use a pruduct.

(2) Please note, because most buyers are unaware that this camera comes factory default with ZOOM MUTE: ON, they became frustrated about the audble clicking and hissing noise of zoom-in and zoom-out when they played back their videos taken with this camera on their TVs.

(3) NOW, this is how to solve this problem, go to the camera menu, select ZOOM MUTE and select 'OFF'. Once you have done this, you are ready to film without those audible clicking and hissing noise coming out when you play back your videos on your TVs.

(4) To better understand what I am writing about, on the screen of the camera, where you zoom-in and zoom-out. On your right hand side, look at the bottom of the zoom line bar, you would see a small microphone icon or a sign with a tiny line across it. That shows that the ZOOM MUTE is 'ON' when you turn it 'OFF' that icon or sign will disappear and you are ready to go.

(5) Most buyers who rated this camera so low because they filmed with it where there was not enough light, were not serious. They must know that this camera does not come with light or flashlight unlike most big camcorders. Maybe they expect too much for the little money they paid, if they wanted the camera to perform well in the dark, they should have coughed out big money and go for those big Full HD cameras out there with light or flashlight. Even as humans, without enough light, we cannot see or perform well in the dark.

I hope my review would help you reach a better decision in buying this nice little machine. Goodluck!!!
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on 20 December 2010
Excellent HD cam corda. Though it dpesn't like low light conditions and the quality indoors is not so good. the camera is reasonable although you need to hold it very steady or you get blurred pictures and there is some confusion about the number of pixals. The box says 10 mega pixals but the litlle logo o the camera says 7.5???
but as I purchased this for the HD movies and only outdoor shooting I am veryy happy. And I love the time lapsed movie capability.
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on 11 April 2011
I bought it as it was small and pretty cheap. Long story short: it works well outside and in bright conditions, as you might expect. It records in mp4 format. Bit gloomy inside unless you make sure you switch wall lights on etc. The 720 HD recording settings work well enough and give reasonable recording length on SD memory card (I'm using Transcend 8GB SDHC Class 10 for £8.35 which records up to about 2 hours on 720 / 25 frame rate). It's not worth setting to 1080 in my opinion as, lets face it, it's hardly world class quality, but neither is my 'shooting' so for videos of your family on holiday etc 720 is fine.

Also as some others have mentioned the curved screen is a bit annoying and pretty senseless to be honest. It makes it harder to see, especially outside in sunny conditions.

Anyway, having said all that it's fine for us as: a) the quality is good (it has decent lens); b) it was the only small camcorder that has an 'optical' zoom ie the lens moves as you expect, it's not a crappy 'digital' zoom (which is worthless in my opinion); c) it's nice and small so you can take it to the park, swimming pool, holiday, walks etc unlike bigger camcorders that use a hardrive; d) £80 was cheap enough to make us take a risk - and it's been ok.
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on 13 January 2011
it is a good product and good design but i don't like it's Display (LCD) I can't see what I am recording
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on 19 April 2011
The Samsung Smart Camcorder arrived very quickly and does exactly what it says on the box. It will take not only Movies in HD but still's as well in HD. The inbuilt USB connection is also very useful. It is pocket friendly so you can carry it with you where ever you go. I am very satisfied with it.
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on 12 February 2011
Not really getting all the negative reviews for this item. I think it is a great little piece of kit for recording home video. I bought this specifically for recording odd bits and pieces to put on Facebook etc and it is perfect for that. If you are into fine cinematography, buy a full size recorder! I have had no issues with clicking or hiss and found it fairly intuitive to operate. The only downside is that the positioning of the USB dongle means it is hard to read when attached to my laptop, this would probably be resolved if I had USB ports on the right hand side of the laptop. All in all a good buy for infrrmal fun videos, again if you want to do serious cinematography I would suggest you need to spend a fair bit more money than what this costs but it does the job it is marketed for. Can't ask for more than that.
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on 28 June 2010
I bought this item from a leading high street retailer, however they do not provide the ability to leave feedback on this item on their website, so I came here. I have come here to tell you to try before you buy with this product if at all possible. On both the first and second replacement devices, there was a distinct audible clicking noise that accompanied the video recording. It sounds like miniature servo's and motors are moving inside the top half of the device and even when you are recording and turning the camera to track a moving target, you can hear this ticking noise if you listen carefully.

When you connect the device to a PC and play back the video, you can really hear it over the top of the audio, as if it has been amplified. The replacement Samsung U20 I recieved also had this issue and to top that, the video playback has a centimeter high strip of garbled video on every shot I took which really annoyed me. Both units were fundamentally broken.

I sent both back for a full refund and bought a Kodak Zi8 instead which works perfectly with my Type-6 16GB Sandisk SDHC card. Be warned. This is not an isolated issue. Many customers in the US where this product has been out for a month or so also have expereicned this problem. Check Amazon US for the lowdown and also the Youtube videos for the evidence / commentary from those affected. Cheers
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on 26 October 2010
This camera was completly usless.In low light you could not see anything,the sound was just an unrecognisable noise.
Sending it back for a refund.
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