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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2015
This is a great product. As for the simple question, does it work? Th short answer is yes it does. The long answer is, it depends on you.

While on the one hand I'm as skeptical as anybody when it comes to most fitness supplements, I have used this one to great effect. I was on a major cutting diet and I felt that this helped me no-end to achieve my goals. But I would follow this up with a couple of caveats.

Firstly, the efficacy of this product is all on you. Throwing a few pills in your mouth and expecting the fat to melt away is just lunacy. You need to use this with a balanced and well formulated diet. One where you get enough proteins, one where you're actually exercising properly and one that you are sticking to.

Secondly, I would share my experiences on this product. It says four pills per day, but not once have I been able to get to that. It's too much for me. I would suggest starting with one pill in the morning and one mid-afternoon or pre workout (if you work full time like me and only gym in the evening). I found this was enough 99% of the time. The added bonus is it was a great spark for all my workouts. It provided me more focus, drive and I felt more energized. I got more out of the workout!

Thirdly, a few warnings. Read the labels and instructions. It says to reduce your caffeine intake while taking. This advice I completely ignored when I first started using it. I still maintained my desk job lifestyle with 15 odd cups of coffee a day plus 2-3 pills. Let me tell you I didn't sleep a wink! I was up all night completely unable to get any sleep. I reduced my caffeine to two cups of coffee per day and this was the perfect balance!

Do not take this product 2-3 hours before bed. Words to live by!

When you take your morning pill, drink down a whole glass of water with it. Trust me this makes all the difference.

I would also add, don't make this part of your every day long term. I found that after 3-4 boxes using them how I was, my body got used to them and the effects wore off. You do need a break every so often. I found maintaining a 2 months on, one month off cycle the best, your mileage may vary.

Out of all the fat burners on the market, I felt that this one was effective. I chose wisely and the list of ingredients is actually pretty good. There is no rubbish in this, it's all as you would expect. If anyone remembers the old Xenadrine RFA-1 formula with ephedra, I would say I got similar results using this one.

And the proof? Well, I am 30kg down, I'm well into a great weights and lifting program, I have more to cut and I know this is playing a great hand in me attaining my goals. This product is great - PROVIDED that you use it properly! Read the instructions, behave yourself at mealtimes, make sure you exercise and above all, listen to your body.

Pro tip: For big weight cutting, I found that simply waking up an hour earlier, taking my Grenade and going for a one hour walk in the morning seriously improved my weight loss in a big way. It seemed the right combination. Remember. Like all supplements, it is a SUPPLEMENT, not a crux!
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on 23 November 2014
I award this product and it needs to be known all known ingrediants in this product are SAFE and herbal it has many weight loss effects to lose weight while taking it eat clean and drink water and WORK OUT im 16 and was 27 stone NO LIE AFTER 5 months of this product i train 5 days a week satuday sunday rest days eat clean and drink nothing but water im 21 stone from aa 7xl clothing to. 3xl GOD DONT LISTEN TO THESE STUPID IDIOTS WHO SAY IT DIDNT WORK THEY OBVIOUSLY DIDNT EAT RIGHT OR TRAIN RIGHT or could not be arsed to use them dont get me wrong i was terrified of taking this product at first now it is a naccesity in my life it makes me focus makes me faster stronger i have more energy i would recomend this to anyone but dont drink energy drinks on it as it allready has caffeine in it it even makes me sleep better ! because im not sat on my arse and taking them doing nothing and expecting to lose weight if you

Eat clean
Drink water

Ok its not cheap but its well worth it in the long run dont look at any other reviews after reading this buy it use it and you will see for youself add me on facebook if you dont believe me there is pictures on there that will show you that i have done it and if i didnt use this product then i would not have gotten there.
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on 23 March 2016
All of the people who are rating these poorly and saying that they felt unwell after taking them are right..... sort of.

As instructed, I started by taking half the dose (1 pill on waking up, another half an hour before lunch). Straight away I felt uneasy and anxious. A bit like the beginning of a panic attack, a lot like a caffeine overdose. It's easy to see why, as well: each pill contains the equivalent in caffeine of one and a half cans of Red Bull plus all of the other ingredients that are designed to get your metabolism pumping. So, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, increased body temperature and jittery/fidgety. However, after a few days use, these feelings calmed down to the point where I had no side effects at all. It felt normal.

On moving up to the recommended dose, which is 2 pills twice per day, I experienced all of the same uneasy feelings as before, except this time they were twice as powerful and lasted twice as long. I wasn't sleeping well and couldn't concentrate at work. I stuck with it for over a week, but unfortunately I just couldn't hack it and so stopped taking them for a few days while everything returned to normal.

I decided that I would take 2 pills in the morning, followed by one at lunch.... and found the perfect dose for me. The morning dose wakes me up and gets my body pumping without any uneasy feelings and the lunch time dose just keeps it going without any spikes in how I feel. I can also sleep now - perhaps even better than before.

I'm taking these in conjunction with meal replacement shakes, again once in the morning and once at lunch and over the past 6 weeks (the last 3 of which I've been taking the Thermo Detonator), I've lost 1st 4lbs. Don't get me wrong - I'm certain that the majority of my weight loss is down to the fact that I'm only getting 300 calories during the day followed by a meal at night, but I'm almost just as certain that these pills are sort of turbo charging the weight loss. The biggest effect I've found these pills having, is that they really help to reduce my cravings. It's like someone shrinks your stomach half an hour before meal (shake) times.

They're pretty expensive, but I want to lose weight and I'm willing to pay extra for a bit of extra help. I highly suggest that you give these a go, but just be aware that you might feel pretty uneasy for a while after taking them. The suggested dose is just that - suggested. Don't persevere with a dose that makes you feel really bad, reduce the amount and if it's still too bad, stop altogether. And if you do stop, you haven't lost anything, you've learnt that these aren't for you. But I reckon that if you can hack it for a few days, you'll see massive changes in your weight and appearance.
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on 13 May 2016
I really wanted to like Grenade, despite my hesitance. Generally any time I see outlandish packaging like this, I ultimately find it's to make up for other shortcomings. Unfortunately, my initial instincts were right, because almost everything about this product fell flat. After four weeks (which I felt was fair to make a full assessment), only 3% body fat was shed. I called it quits and switched over to Skald: Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher, which has been a night-and-day difference.

To flesh-out my experience, Grenade didn't make me jittery or anything, but then it also didn't give me any energy. Even on an empty stomach, they may as well have been sugar pills. And with such an extensive ingredient profile, I was expecting at least a little perk. My guess is there's probably only a small dusting of each ingredient (if they even truly included every ingredient). To give credit where it's due, I did experience a bit of hunger suppression. After all's said and done, those 4 weeks were a complete waste of time. Even caffeine pills would have helped me shed more than 3% bf.

On the other hand, after less than a couple weeks with Skald, I'm already down 5% bf with absolutely no change in diet or fitness. That alone has made up for Grenade. What's also really cool about Skald is how it helps you breathe better, which they are the only brand to offer. With this plus the awesome energy my endurance has gone through the roof. What used to be 45-minute sessions are now over an hour. So glad they offer this in the UK now. Will definitely be getting more.
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on 15 July 2016
Hey guys, I'll keep this short and to the point.
Fat burners work by increasing your metabolism and making your food pass straight through you to the toilet. This effectively helps you lose weight. I went from 226lbs in 2012 to roughly 175lbs in 2016 (today). I used this as a preworkout to give me an extra boost while running and then it gave me a long sit down on the toilet. This is what ALL fat burners will do (not the ones which contain speed though, yes, gym people use that..).
It's safe for long term use and will help you lose weight, but it's not a miracle pill. You do not HAVE to exercise, just stop eating so much food and it'll push you through the rest.
I am a male in my mid 20's, so your results may vary from mine (especially women), but I believe it especially helped with my heavy potato based Irish diet. So if that's the case for you, it'll be great.

Hope this helps,
(To note, I do not work for or get paid by grenade. As some reviewers do and don't state it)
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on 2 November 2014
Bought this product a few times it works quiet good all they need to do is offer a refill pack insted of having a grenade shaped pot all the time and cut down the cost apart from that a good product
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on 31 May 2015
These are great order on a monthly basis take 2 in the morning before I go running it really gives me a boost.Drink plenty of fluids though. Helps with maintaining my weight.
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on 22 January 2016
Awesome product and if you plan well with a good diet and exercise and it will definitely help. If you take this product without making any changes then I think you'll be wasting your money. But it can amplify any results (slightly!) if you are coordinating your diet and exercise well. One word of warning hence the 4stars and not 5 is the caffeine. When I stopped taking these I felt quite tired and my body had become reliant on caffeine as I previously wasn't much of a caffeine drinker - as well as that, in the evenings after the caffeine has worn off you do tend to feel quite tired. But not is all bad for the caffeine - when on a low cal or low carb diet then the caffeine does provide very welcome energy throughout the day whilst at work or studying! So the caffeine isn't all bad! ALSO GIVE IT A FEW DAYS FOR YOUR STOMACH TO ADJUST TO THESE!
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on 8 July 2015
Brilliant product. Lost 2 stone in two months with these. Give u a massive workout if you take half hour before you go gym or jogging. Fast shipment. Much cheaper than out if GNC. Thanks
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on 2 July 2016
Amongst the many bad or misleading products in the suppliment industry I find this fat burner to be a step above others in the market.
Every six or so months after a slow bulk I like to bring my body fat percentage back down to around the ten percent mark. Grenade thermo detonator really helps me achieve that. I'm not saying it works on its on though, I combine it with a calorie controlled diet, lots of cardio and heavy weight lifting sessions to hold onto the hard earned muscle throughout my bulks.
I've bought this product multiple of times and can honestly say it does the job if your willing to put in the work.
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