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2.3 out of 5 stars7
2.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2010
Great graphics, a big improvement over 08. Ok, that's the good bit out of the way.

Utterly frustrating, it's bad enough that they've cocked up the handling physics of the thing. For example, when you steer left the rear wheel seems to swing out to the right. Opposite happens when you steer right, the rear swings left. This is NOT how a motorcycle behaves. It IS how a forklift truck behaves. But that's only the beginning. Things go downhill from here.

I want to work my way through a realistic career mode, oh but hang on let me see I have 5 minutes free practice with no indication during that time of where I am in relation to everyone else. So I don't know whether I need to speed up a bit, a lot, or whether I'm just doing ok, or am I 6 seconds ahead? The whole point of free practice is SETUP of your bike. Hello? Developers? Did you actually study how MotoGP works at all? It's impossible to work on bike adjustment and setup unless you have information about how other racers are doing. There should be 1 hour free practice with a leaderboard and the option to skip time forward.

Same goes for qualifying session, it's utterly ludicrous to only have 5 minutes and no positional information during the session. Once again, an hour and a leaderboard required with the time skip option.

Which brings us to the race itself. 3 laps, which (unless I've missed something, and PLEASE correct me if I have) you can't alter. 3 laps?? No option of 5, 10, 15, or full race distance?

As if those fundamental flaws weren't bad enough we also have a numpty Scotsman whining in your ear DURING the sessions. Oh yeah, that's realistic. Thankfully he can be turned down.
Ducati, which sounds like Honda, which sounds like Yamaha etc etc....very disappointing and inexcusable in this day and age.
Oh, and getting marked A, B or C for your sessions. Wow, thanks. Not had those since spelling tests at primary school.
I expect small children and people who don't know much about MotoGP will be impressed with the colours and the gimmicky aspects. But this game bears no resemblance to an actual MotoGP weekend. It's utterly pants.

Developers please take note: Have a look at SBK09. This is how to make a game that reflects accurately the championship it's based on. Great menu system and bike setup screens that strike a great balance between simulation and playability, finely tuneable to your own ability and preferences. By all means have an ARCADE option for those that want it, but leave all the arcadey gimmicks IN THAT SECTION and make the CAREER option realistic!! Use that as your template, adjust it to fit MotoGP and you'll have a winner. Do the same thing and develop a BSB (British Superbike) championship game and you'd have 2 winners!!
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on 29 March 2010
Okay, so reading the mixed reviews I hired this game. I have now bought it but make no mistake this is not because it is a fantastically good game. It is because I want an up to date Moto GP game with all the current bikes and riders and because I hate only getting half way through a game. My guess is Capcom are relying on this trade. Marketing a game covering two years 09/10 also seems a ploy to get more sales, but I guess that means each years' part of the game is only worth £15. I would argue it's worth even less than that.

Firstly, I am a massive Moto GP fan. As I don't have sky it is the only bike racing I get to watch now. Secondly, I have owned previous Moto GP and SBK titles (Moto GP 08 and Moto GP 4). Thirdly, I ride a motorbike myself although admittedly have not raced.

I have so many gripes with this game. Here's some:
Sound - the sound in the game is very poor. The scottish voice and music are irritating and even when you turn them off you have a stupid icon that comes up to tell you when a new tune starts, which is really distracting in a race. The sound of the bikes is naff. The sound when you collide with other bikes and crash is awful. I also have not noticed any sound when a bike is approaching you from behind (there was in Moto GP 08), so you get no warning if you are about to be overtaken, apart from an icon on the left of the screen that is hard to take in if you are in a section with lots of corners and trying to concentrate. HAVING PLAYED THE GAME MORE THERE IS SOME SOUND WHEN A BIKE IS APPROACHING BUT THIS IS MINIMAL.
Graphics - I think the graphics were better last year. This years game is way too bright and arcadey. Not to my taste. The crash graphics are awful too. The graphics at the start of each race looking through your visor at the brolly dolly's and your engineer are really rubbish and unnecessary. You have no graphic showing where you are in relation to the whole track, just a section of the track. Not helpful.
Gameplay - don't get excited about the bike livery, leather and helmet design. It is very limited and I've seen better design on my old PS2 Nascar 06 game. AS YOU GET FURTHER INTO THE GAME THERE ARE MORE DESIGN OPTIONS, BUT STILL LIMITED. The hiring and firing of engineers and press officers is okay, along with research and development of the bike. However, it is very, very basic, but to be honest that is part of what has got me hooked on the game. I have a huge gripe with the career mode. As others have said you only get 5 minutes practice (3-4 laps at most) and in qualifying, with no indication of where you are placed compared to the other riders. It is ridiculous as I have had other riders blasting past me in practice and qualifying so thought I was snail pace, but then got pole position - go figure! 5 minutes practice and qualifying is not enough to get bike set up sorted. The races are only 3 laps which is a mixed blessing. I have found no way to increase them so for people that want to race for longer than 5 minutes at each track, say 5, 10 or full lap race, you cannot do this. However, it does force you to be very focused from the off and allows little room for error, which adds an edge to the races.

Another criticism for me is that you have to complete seasons in 125 and 250cc to use 250 or moto gp riders in any other mode apart from the time trial (where you can use limited other 250 and moto gp riders from the start but not the big guns). I have no problem completing seasons with the smaller bikes to unlock and graduate to bigger bikes in SEASON or CAREER mode but in quick play mode I want all of them available from when I get the game out of the box. In terms of the handling model I think Moto GP 08 was much better. It felt to me quite realistic in terms of what could cause a crash and what type of crash it was. This years feels very unrealistic.

I cannot understand after last years decent effort with Moto GP 08 why Capcom did not stick with Milestone for this years' game. I think they have gone for more mainstream gamers but it is not even good as an arcade style racing game. Unless like me you are desperate for a game with up to date bikes and riders for Moto GP I would stick with Moto GP 08, SBK 09 and wait for the upcoming SBK X, which looks awesome from the details available so far. Made by Milestone again and driven by passion for bikes by the look of it. Advice for Moto GP 11. Try harder...
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on 12 July 2010
I am a real big fan of the moto gp and most bike games in general. one of the best bike games i have played was moto gp 07 which was the last game made by THQ before capcom took over.

I own motogp 08 which was not too bad but a little disapointing as you could not customise your bike or leathers or even ride as your computerised avaitar... plus no more extreme mode. the game was ok for the moto gp experience but just didnt feel like it should of it had more of a arcade feel and more restictive in game play.

i purchased the new moto gp 09/10 to see if it was any better see if capcom had improved over all the bad reviews and issues on 08. i first played the game on split screen mutiplayer with a friend and i hated it. my main issues with the game are
1. who wants to listen to a very anoying guy shouting at you the whole race
2.this time out thing on mutiplayer im first then it tells me i have timed out put you last and then lets you continue and i cant seem to turn it off if i wanted arcade mode id select it
3.the game is not fluid in the racing it feels riged and you dont feel fully in control
4.the contol set up on the controller wont let you re assign to what you want you have to have all the set ups capcom want you to have
5.the game puts you under pressure when you dont need it which seems to take the fun out of it for me customisational bikes,leathers so you cant put yourself in the game unlike 06 and 07

but not all is bad the good points are very good and it is a nice looking game
2.all the latest riders and bikes from 125,250 and gp bikes
3.a good selection of tracks

but in conclusion i would suggest if you want a decent moto gp game that wont disapoint get moto gp 07 it is so much better or if you really want this wait till its in the bargin section becuse it isnt worth more than a tenner

and capcom stick to games like resident evil and stop doing racing games becuse it just isnt your thing

hope this helps
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on 7 December 2012
These guys haven't been able to reach level of game as they did with 2007 version. What a pity but still.
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on 30 April 2010
sold this game after a week if you liked the previous motogp games you will like this, if you want a real bike game by sbk x lets hope motogp 2010/11 is made by the same people as sbk x

this game s---ks
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on 1 October 2010
Good Service

Fast Delivery

Fun Game

What more can i say?
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on 8 April 2010
Read some bad reviws about the latest MotoGP but I brought it and was suprised ay how addictive it was. Maybe it's not for the hardcore fan boys who like SBK but for MotoGp fans and people who want to play with 20 online, it's perfect. It's got a great and well thoguht out career mode and the graphics are really cool, The moton blur adds to the feeling of real speed. Persoanlly I loev the game and would recommend it.
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