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3.1 out of 5 stars38
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 September 2012
Haws broken already, i am 100 kg, and it seemed stable enough to hold me. But then it snapped, the plastic on the one of the tightening bolts snapped, it is now unusable.
Needs to be more robust, and could do with something like velcro blocks on eitherb side to stop it slipping, because the concept is ok.really dissapointed cos it could easily be better.
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on 18 April 2013
i brought this product a few years ago maybe 2 and a half years i think. wen i 1st got it i fort it was really good and it is still sort of good now, there are a few problems with it. problem 1 i think it is only good 4 dips, the pull ups are a joke and i wudnt trust it 4 push ups. problem 2 in the product description it says "grab onto the comfy handles" are you actually kiddin me iv seen more comfortable handles on a cheese grater, i strongly reccomend that you unscrew the handles and just use the metal bars underneath alot more comfortable alot more hand friendly. finally problem number 3 is that after awhile cracks start 2 appear on the equipment and ur door frame, put it down 2 wear and tear if you must but now it is starting 2 slowly slip down my door frame everytime i use it, i dont think that it will last much longer. so it started out good enuf 4 dips but completely nothing else.
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on 11 February 2012
I went back and forth between choosing to purchase this item or going with a JML Iron Gym workout bar (JML Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar) but decided to purchase this item because of the way you do dips with them. When I received the product it was easy to set up but I quickly realised that the only thing keeping it from slipping down the door frame was two rubber grips on either side which push outwards onto the door frame that you need to tighten.

I decided to go ahead and use it anyway, and for the first 2 months it worked fine. From using it on a regular basis I noticed after about a month or so I would find myself needing to tighten the bit which pushes against the door frame more and more as it was becoming weaker. After 2 months of use I became quite accustomed with setting it up until one day I was doing dips and those rubber grips failed - they were literally ripped off the product itself and I fell directly onto my knees. I can't tell you how painful that was. I should have probably stopped using the product when I was having to tighten it more and more, but I kept going anyway because if I didn't tighten the product enough it would start to slip - giving me more than enough time to stop what I was doing - I wasn't expecting the rubber grips to actually break off the product itself! I don't weigh a ton, I weigh 80kg - well within the norm for using a product like this.

After closer inspection I discovered those two rubber grips which are the only parts of the product keeping you from falling down unexpectedly is glue. I was surprised to say the least that this weak glue was the only thing ensuring my safety when using this product. I've since gone ahead and purchased the JML Iron Gym workout bar (JML Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar) and I absolutely love it. It doesn't use glue, it uses your door frame itself - so unless your door frame caves in, the Iron Gym workout bar will keep going. Not only it is safer, it's cheaper too. If you want to do dips with good form, use two chairs - [...]
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on 1 February 2013
I had seen previous reviews and been sceptical about buying this item anyway, I physically tightened the product as much as possible into the door frame to use for pull ups. I am approximately 80kg, so far below the wieght requirement, with limited clearance I had to tuck my knees up for an effective pull up. At the hieght of mu pull up, the product slipped causing me to crash to the ground onto my knees and feet, which are now severely painful, and for my back to be injured as well, leaving me winded. This product is not safe for use, I have had it a day and a half, yesterday it was fine when I tried it out for the first time. There are clear marks today where I have pushed the product outward into the door frame, and yet, I was still injured.
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on 18 September 2012

I think the one I got might have been used as there were wear marks on the paint in places that make contact with nothing! And the handles ride up and down on the vertical bars, and they dont exacly slide freely, and there were paint worn off all up and down in all directions on the vertical bars.

Documentation states...

ME = 93Kg
MY DOORWAY = 755mm

NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Just hand tighten the threaded legs to the door width for the compression in the doorway width to secure it.

Once installed, I begin to rest my weight on it gently attempting to ease the weight onto this DIPS BAR while my feet remain on the floor...and I see it sliding slowly down the I tighten it by hand a quarter turn on one leg only...ease my weight onto...its slipping again, another quarter turn...ease...its slipping...another quarter turn...

THATS IT, THE LEG WITH THE THREAD IS STRIPPED...I never even got my feet off the ground yet!!! Disassemble the thing from the doorway and take the threaded leg out, sure enough, the threads are a bit flat in a 1cm area...




They state, assemble and then disassemble when you are done and put it away. So whenever you want to do dips, take it out and assemble it, then disassemble when you are done...the threads didnt last me even on the first try, how many times will they last for you!

Also, no where in the documentation does is mention situps, pullups (chin ups) or push ups...but you can do push ups against the wall, so why not push ups against this stupid thing...

If you want to try pullups from this, then install it as high as you can, and it will be about 4 or 6 inches lower than that height, and if you avoid the vertical bars with the handles, then you have a little area to grip on, and on your way up try not to hit the handles on your shoulders!

And situps....NEVER! If they recommend this for pullups, situps, then they really are trying to pull one over on you!
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on 2 January 2012
...well, I liked the sound of this as I was looking for something in the way of a dip-station without having to splash out on a more dedicated standalone product - and it's okay, up to a point; but the dip-handles, by my experience, were only just up to the designated task: first of all the handles didn't engage to the bar all that well, not sitting down fully and therefore not exactly a secure basis upon which to trust your bodyweight; a little bit of handiwork solved this, but even then they didn't have the feel of something to put all your faith in - they take the weight okay, but it requires a little bit of concentration to counter the slightly shaky sensation given when using - and personally I'd prefer to be putting all of my concentration into the exercise, rather than in also compensating for the suspicious feeling that I might at any moment be snapping my wrists when the structure fails. I definitely feel the need for something with a sturdier build-quality as far as the dipping goes, but it otherwise works absolutely fine and without fault as a pull-up/chinning bar. I'm probably going to have to get another bar dedicated to pulls though as this one doesn't really allow for a wide-grip pull.
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on 28 January 2013
First impression was excellent. Easy to set up, reasonable price, fits the door frame nicely. Pretty much loved the item. However after a week, I began to notice I had to tighten it more and more, then small cracks began to appear, until eventually there was a popping sound and yes I feel directly onto my knees. Low quality product that you will be lucky to get a months use out of, DO NOT BUY!!
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on 21 February 2011
I have been using this item for a month and i just can't get enough of it. I am a sport enthusiast and a couple of friends and I love competing on who can do the most dips and pull ups.

However I do recommend reading the manual very carefully as when I dived stright into setting it up with just a glance at the instructions, i managed to chip the doorway and cut myself. Just a tiny cut.

Not only is the item good for exercise, during winter it works as a very good clothing rack for drying clothes. I just love my dips/pull up bar.
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on 7 February 2014
One of the bolts on the handle snapped while I was doing some dips - sent me straight down and I smashed my knee off the floor - I weigh about 14 stone so I doubt I'm the largest guy that ever used one of these.
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on 21 September 2010
I'm very impressed with the quality of this equipment; once properly fixed to the door frame it feels very solid and reliable. Applying the bar to the door and removing it is straightforward enough, despite the length of the instruction leaflet.

That said, I find the handle supplied a little too hard. Using good gym gloves greatly reduce the problem, but soft rubber handles would have made the use of this bar much more enjoyable.
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