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4.0 out of 5 stars82
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2010
Having bought this Set from Amazon - I was pleasantly surprized to find that unlike the Saainsburys/Tesco offerings ; it was supplied in the : Steel - Cased " Gift Set" and not just the 'Bog Standard' Cardboard sso often a s supplied by the " Supermarkets(and also at a better price/+ th free a) Promo Disc...orb) Battle of peliue Disc.....

As regards the actualFilm Content- well - just absolutely very well composed/and very well cut.

I'd recccomend it to any body who is ' into' wwii History films .

Comarisons? A choce between ' Windtalkers( without the Navajho secret language aspect; and some of the worst " Gung-Ho" American Celluloids sent our way....

IHope you'll enjoy as much as we did( please note - I made no reference ,or comparison to the widely enjojed " B.O.B " !!!!!

From David GoNEZ/QRP
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on 3 December 2010
Authentic, gripping action sequences mixed in with great 'background' civilian life stories make this a more 'complete' story than Band of Brothers, although not to belittle that series at all.

This is obviously from the same stable as BoB in terms of its realism, its great characterisations and its excellent depictions of the terror, camaraderie and discomfort of real-life soldiering in a combat zone.

People who diss our heroes, both past and present, could do with watching this series (and Band of Brothers) in its entirety to see just at what price our present-day freedoms were bought, and continue to be bought.

If you are at all interested in World War II history, then this series is for you. Buy it; you won't be disappointed!
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on 29 November 2010
After all the hype - you might expect the mother of all mini series.
The Pacific doesn`t quite deliver - but comes close.
The story crafting, focusing on three marines, (based on real life characters) is very good - the action is terrific - the fighting realistic - well as realistic as most of us can imagine it ever being - war is hell - right?
Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks --- a second installment of Band of Brothers - you might say - except I thought Band of Brothers to have the edge.
It`s worth the money - and in my opinion, The Pacific is a great piece of war theatre - but it doesn`t live up to the hype and your expectations may not be met.
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on 5 December 2010
Very dark compared to the earlier series dealing with more with the mental torment of war. Certainly as good as 'band of brothers' but the approach is from direction where even women are introduced and exposed. These women not so much showing the home front but decorate the bedroom when the men are on leave or other. The battle scenes graphic and gory that you come to expect but a little to predictable in the gore scenes. The Pacific was a very different war to Europe and the series does reflect this well, I have no doubt there will be lot's to be discovered each time I watch the series again and again!
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on 31 May 2010
Having watched this series throughout,I found the story so true to life, the detail was extremly graffic, as i would of expected it to be. And I wish people would not keep trying to compare it, Band of Brothers! It was not intended to be like Band of Brothers, in the first place, for gods sake! This was one of many graffic and detailed events that happened for real in the 2nd world war, and based on real people too, some of who, are still alive to this very day, and some who have tragically died in the last few years.
Those poor soldiers, went through absolute hell. and if those of you , who didn't watch it all the way through, had continued to do so, then i'm sure your opinion would of changed dramatically. And I am not one for watching war films as a rule, so it had to be good for me watch the series all the way through, and i will definately be buyint it on DVD.
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As production values go, this show has everything in abundance. It even puts most motion pictures to shame.

Pitty it didn't have a script that was of the same value.

In fact it failed badly in so many ways that I have no interest in buying the set, regardless of collecting War Movies in general.

Comparison with Band of Brothers is unavoidable and also highlights its failiure. In BoB it is Easy Company that is the true central character of the show. We get to know Easy through its fighting men, but the story has a fixed background that we can associate with and character development is easy to follow. In the end you almost feel as part of the unit. In HBO Pacific no paticular unit is followed and instead we get a summary of the Pacific Campaign seen through various (and certainly variously interesting) characters. This means we do not get to follow the same characters all through except in a disjointed way. So all through the show I never felt becoming a part of anything.

Then the show does something amazing. It seems to try to cater to everyone? We have episdoes which almost have no place in a War drama like Episode 3 where the brave marines spend an entire episode trying to invade Australian Women. Worse the focus becomes entirely devoted to a single rather boring character, melhancoly and depressed. At the time the show uses this paticular characters memoirs as a base but really if Episode 3 hadn't been there it not only would not have been missed but probably would have been a better show, or better if it had been crammed into 10 minutes before getting back into action. But it was Episode 4 that almost killed all interest in the show for me. Having already suffered from watching Episode 3 then Episode 4 started out o.k. with action at Cape Gloucester where the main enemy is the jungle itself. 10 minutes in and I had forgiven Episode 3. But then the script writers flushed a good start down the toilet and we get to follow our melhancoly lover Lechie to a field hospital where he spends the rest of the Episode in a mental ward in his customary depressed way. Imagine watching BoB and the Bastonge Episodes had focused on Buck recovering from an arse wound rather than what happend in Bastonge and you wouldn't be far off. After being subjected to Episodes 3 and 4 the series start to focus on a new character and even if there was more action to follow the series failed to engage me from then on. Episode 8 is called Iwo Jima, except it has almost no Iwo Jima but again is focusing on some love drama. Boy.

High production value and a sad script make this a watcher but hardly a collectable and if you never see it, it is no great loss. Seems the Pacific is a little cursed when it comes to movie making with Pearl Harbor, Windtalkers, Flags of Our Fathers and now the Pacific.
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on 30 September 2010
I've read some of the reviews, both positive and negative about this series. The main problem people seem to have is that it isn't band of brothers. But surely that's the point. The campaign in Europe was a picnic compared to what the marines had to endure in the Pacific.

I do feel the series was a little slow to start, but once you get through to the latter part of the series, it shows in graphic detail just what a hell the troops had to endure. My main gripe would be that there is little sense of the length of the campaigns - Guadalcanal took 6 months; but only 1 episode dealt with it. So you can tell that it was hell, but you have little sense of just how long it had to be endured.

And for those who thought BoB was so good - well I recall some rather slow episodes. And the last few just seemed to go on forever.

Consider this on it's own, and give it a chance. If you watched the first few episodes and then gave up, you've missed the best part.
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on 10 August 2010
After watching The Pacific, I was completely shocked by how determined the Japanese were and how grim and how much blood hadto be shed just to get close to Japan, I was so shocked that I went and purchased Sledge's and Leckie's books (which are brilliant and I strongly recommed as it will help you understand what these people went through). This story is not like Band of Brothers and therefore should not be compared to Band of Brothers. So people who claim that this programme is nothing like BoB and rubbish compared to BoB have completely missed of point of a mini series which wants to show you what humans can do when in these situations. It is an extremely brutal docudrama
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on 3 December 2010
Excellent service, wish I had used Amazon before, well packaged, excellent price. The series was very good on par with Band of Brothers, I watched the complete series in one go, wasn't going to but once I started that was it, a must for anybody who wonts to learn something of what it was like for those who fought in the Pacific.
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on 13 June 2010
As other reviewers have done, I will use Band of Brothers as the point of reference for The Pacific, as it is made by a lot of the same people and follows a similar premise. Whilst The Pacific for me was always going to struggle to match up to Band of Brothers, I feel it falls so far short I felt compelled to write a review.

What The Pacific does well is portray the awful conditions and terrifying scenes faced by the Marines, at times the battle scenes are very hard to watch because it is so well depicted - this part and this part alone made me carry on watching. However I viewed the entire series mostly because I felt a duty of respect to the subject matter and the shows creators but often found it a struggle in terms of its ultimate goal, to be an entertaining TV show.

Whilst clearly not wanting to belittle the amazing efforts of the marines, ultimately this show is about not only portraying the conflicts and the physical struggles, but also the characters and their emotions. This aspect is where The Pacific falls very short of Band of Brothers and, if this were about any other subject, would not be forgiven for lacking so completely in audience interaction with the central characters.

Whilst you do care about the characters, there simply is no 'Captain Winters' or similar classic characters as in Band of Brothers - a person you care about and have so much empathy and respect for. This vital element is, in my view, lacking throughout the entire series and makes the viewing experience much harder work than it should be.

You can appreciate the program for its technical skills, but true emotion and character development is sadly lacking.
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