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3.6 out of 5 stars943
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 1 February 2013
I dont understand why this game is 3 stars. It is a great game and implements some new never-before features in the CoD series, Exclusive to the BO Series. We got a currency, Known as CoD points, so instead of waiting to unlock your attachments, you can buy them straight away. You can also use this to buy perks, attachments, weapons and much, much more! If you think your good at the game but you lack CoD points, put what you have on the line, and gamble in the new Wager Match system. Its simple, Put some money in, If you come 1st 2nd or 3rd then you get up to triple what you put on the line. If you lose, its a small loss of money, Depending on how much you put in. A new feature is a second class of customization. You can now change your suit, facepaint, camo, RDS reticule and your sight lense. You can put your clan tag and emblem on your gun too, Speaking of emblems, You can now create your own! Rather than picking from some crappy ones. I personally love Zombies mode, but I get bored after playing for a couple hours. I dont play Campaign but its very good. Multiplayer is the king of Black Ops. And is the best part about it!
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on 21 March 2013
I originally wasn't going to write a review for this game because it's an extremely popular franchise. However, I want to write one now so that I can compare it to it's sequel: Black Ops 2.

There are 3 aspects to this game: Campaign, Zombies and Multiplayer.

Campaign: This was awesome. The story was absolutely mind-blowing! I can't say anything negative here, because there really were no faults!

Zombies: The popular mode from World at War is back! Zombies mode is great for anyone who wants to play with friends or other players, but not against each. In Zombies, 4 players team up against countless waves of zombies. The maps are great, the guns are great, and overall gameplay is faultless. One of the problems would be the connection. If the host of the party has a bad connection, then the game is pretty much unplayable.

Multiplayer: Now I have to say, at first I hated the Black Ops multiplayer. The guns were hard to use, the early killstreaks never worked for me, and some of the perks were just so damn annoying. But once I played MW3 and Black Ops 2, I can say that I misjudged Black Ops 1. It's true, there are no "laser" guns in BO1, like the ACR in MW3 or the M27 in BO2. The weapons were done right and they all had some recoil. The maps are all great, with the exception of some of course, and the streaks were set at achievable milestones (3 kills for a UAV, 7 for a helicopter etc.). When comparing to BO2, I must admit that even though this is a prequel, it's also a superior game in terms of multiplayer playability.

Black Ops 1 vs. Black Ops 2:
Black Ops 2 is a broken game with plenty of bugs and glitches, most of which are still not fixed yet. Some of the guns are definitely better than others, and there are some things (select fire, target finder, riot shield campers) which force you to play a certain way. This should never happen in a multiplayer game and it's the reason many people dislike the game. It seems like I absolutely despise the game, but I don't! There are plenty of annoying things in BO1 as well! Ghost Pro is an extremely over powered perk for campers, and second chance....I won't even go there....

Anyway, I love Black Ops 1, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a first person shooter set in the 1960s!
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on 10 March 2013
Black Ops has been out awhile now so I'm not going to bother with a full review. Fantastic game with huge replayability factor - even now! Many people still play it. Should be in every gamer's library.
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on 5 October 2011
Okay, everyone put down your guns for 5 seconds & take a breath!.. I fear that during the "Yes it's Great" & the "No it's terrible" conflict, the game isn't able to get a fair chance. I think this is because some people are comparing Black-Ops to the Modern Warfare series. That's probably not the best thing to do as this is made by Treyarch not Infinity Ward. Therefore it's going to be more like World At War than anything else: Seeing as this was Treyarch too. I actually love this game, but then I loved World At War, which is also in my collection. Unlike Infinity Ward, Treyarch games are quite brutal. They're dark & brooding, focusing heavilly on the death, real war produces. Grenades remove limbs & big guns splatter blood all over. Hell, even the way the chemical weapons kill people sees you almost feel sorry for enemies caught in it. I think they're like Modern Warfare's vampire goth, horror movie obsessed older sister or something!

Gameplay & Storyline:
It's been said that Black-Ops lacks originality. Okay, maybe in some ways yes, but in others I think they've added a few variations here & there. During the campaign missions it's not just full on warzone as one minute your in Cuba on an assasination mission, next your trying to escape a Russian gulag & then trying to take a hill in Vietnam. The Campaign is driven by a pretty good storyline - (if maybe a little convoluted here & there) - where your character Alex Mason is being forced to relive memories about top secret missions during an elaborate interogation, trying to uncover the truth about these mysterious numbers stuck in Mason's head. The guns and the environments are all unique to the time period & help create that: "Cuban Missile Crisis" era perfectly. Also, if you feel that there's a lack of Vietnam games on the PS3, Black-Op's can give you a smidgin of satisfaction here & there. I will say that during the campaign, sometimes it's not always made clear what your trying to achieve. Often I have failed after apparently abandoning my squad because I didn't know you had to follow them on a specific route. The Russian gulag while firing the harpoon at the helicopter is a prime example of this. It says wait for the perfect moment to fire, but nothing let's you know when that is. But then again maybe I'm just dense!

Graphics & Sound:
The graphics on Black-Ops are very good. The faces of the characters show wrinkles, stubble, glints of sweat & even go someway to express genuine emotion. Obviously not exactly, your brain still tells you it's not real, but then sometimes you find yourself wondering. The environments are excellent! I was knocked back by simple things, like churned up mud at a Marine camp in Vietnam; how the water gathered in the tire tracks & footprints, looked almost real. On one mission during the campaign your sprayed by a chemical weapon which sees your character put on a Hazmat suit. During this battle your suit takes damage instead of your body, so you really have to use cover as when your hit, it doesn't regenerate. As cracks in the glass appear you really begin to worry, seeing as your surrounded by this thick orange gas that kills instantly. All this really drags your senses into the game. Sound wise, the voice acting is stellar! Gary Oldman's back as Sgt Reznov (World At War) as well as actors like Ice Cube, Ed Harris & Sam Worthington delivering superb dialogue just as it should be. It's clear a lot of effort was put into creating realistic environments.

Yes, they're back & better than ever. The Zombie Nazi's games on World At War were great. So much so that even people who didn't like the main game, bought it for these extra games. I will simply say, if you loved Nazi Zombies you'll love these new versions just as much!

Online Multiplayer:
Hey, it's Call Of Duty! You know what it's all about. Just more of the same great online action. Would you really want them to change it too much? Currently the map packs are still quite pricey.

My Final Thought:
Black Ops to me is a beleaguered contender. Fighting the COD fight with all the rest but always being victimised for it. "Same Old Same Old!" they say. Well, good job! I love COD games & all that familiarity is what makes them great. If like me, your a big fan of World At War, then you'll love Black-Ops. If you prefer Modern Warfare then try before you buy. However, if your one of those people who wants something totally different?... Then go purchase from a different franchise altogether!
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on 7 January 2012
having just finished the game, there are parts of it that are superb but overall its not quite 5*. the game consists of individual missions or 'black ops' and focuses on historic american military missions such as the bay of pigs in cuba or the war in vietnam. the historic accuracy of them adds value to the gaming experience but unfortunately they're all implausibly tied together by a far fetched story line which, along with some of the over the top in-game action, makes the game somewhat over sensationalized. for me, the best parts of the game contained the least action - these are meant to be highly secret operations afer all. when there become so many enemies on scene that the situation turns into a full on battlefield slugfest, the game loses the tension and momentum that come with covert operations. there are however also great moments in the game where stealth is required and despite the niggles the game is very well put together and almost instantly re-playable. moments that made me smile were boating up a river in vietnam listening to the rolling stones (pick a movie!) & escaping from a Russain prison. overall, an enjoyabe game thats difficult to put down and at the current price must be worth adding to the FPS collection
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on 2 July 2013
First off let me say I love First Person Shooter games and in my 35 years of gaming I have played many of them - Only a few of them however have stuck with me and that's Black Ops and Counterstrike Source -

Putting genres aside - Black Ops is one of the best games I've played in years in terms of it's addictive quality and value-for-money and quality, I can for example compare games like Mario Kart Wii to it -

The game has immense value - there is campaign mode which is a great story and has the likes of Hollywood stars like Sam Worthington voicing characters in it. There is a Zombie mode which is fantastic fun, there is the online mode which is a great blast and probably one of the main reasons players buy this but for me one of it's great features is the Combat Training - where you can adjust the game to how you want it to play offline/online and it even has 2 player split screen - I've wasted many hours with friends and family setting up games in Combat Training and having a blast on our favourite maps.

The game is just great fun and has great longevity even with the Black Ops 2 out now - I don't hesitate in recommending this.

I purchased this at full price but now at this great low price it's a must buy on PS3.
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on 29 May 2012
Call of Duty (CoD) as a series has officially become the phenomenon of this generation of consoles, each new version breaking sales records. What must make Activision even more pleased is that they are able to swap Modern Warfare with other CoD concepts, including their bestselling game to date `Black Ops' (CoDBlops). However, millions of sales do not a good game make, and the proof of the pudding will be in the playing. Is CoDBlops the best CoD yet? Or just the bestselling?

Set over several Cold War years, `CoDBlops' tells the story of Alex Mason has he recalls his past. Being strapped to a chair is not helping is memory; neither are the hallucinogenic drugs being pumped into his arm. Journey with Mason into some of his most memorable operations including a time in the Gulag and a mission to bring down a missile. Like with all `CoD' games `CoDBlops' excels in terms of the epic set piece. Some of the levels are fantastically designed and you get to see some hugely impressive and memorable moments. The shooting is also as solid as ever, with plenty of weapons from the era on offer. Unfortunately, alongside the return of the solid shooting is the return of the dumb AI and triggered heavy levels, pop round a corner and all of a sudden 5 men appear.

`CoDBlops' suffers deeply from diminishing returns, it feels too much like the previous 4 or 5 outings in the series and as a FPS it is becoming increasingly generic, but with some short and impressive set pieces. Activision will keep going back to this cash cow until only powered milk is left, for me `CoDBlops' is the first sign of this already happening.

As always, this is more than just a single player experience. Multiplayer and zombie mode is available for those who wish it. Having tried out both I found them too similar to previous outings and soon grew bored. For many people these elements are the main draw for a `CoD game', for me they are now past it and need urgent revamping. Overall, `CoDBlops' is an impressive looking experience, that feels all too samey and, due to that, a bit dull.
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on 5 May 2011
Whilst I am a massive fan of the CoD series and have been since original CoD2, I am left feeling slightly annoyed at this game.

BlackOps has aimed at introducing a new element to the CoD series of late, moving away from modern warfare and going for a more retro (60s-70s) look at some of the darkest elements of the cold war.

Despite this shift in storyline, you have to ask, what this game actually adds to the genre and separates itself from its hugely successful predecessor? I will fully admit I have spent hours and hours of fun online shooting "278% of the world's population" (have to love those scrolling stats), but apart from refinement in graphics does this game add something new?

Personally I am at a 50-50 state. I really enjoy this game however, you are left feeling that with such a massive budget and even larger grossing revenues from CoD more can be done with the series. I would like to see options comes up to make fro better repeat play of single player missions, something which is ever being lost in the sea of multiplayer focus. I want to be able to choose to go left or right at the jungle path to determine who lives and who dies, etc.

Despite my wining, CoD remains the FPS to play right now (although Crysis 2 has done an amazing job with improving the graphics of this genre, particularly on the ps3). Therefore, like you even needed my advice, its CoD, of course it's a good game and the multiplayer will keep you hooked for endless hours (much to the distress of your other half!)
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on 20 September 2011
Personally, I never played any games until my boyfriend move in with me. He said how great MW2 is and so we both became excited when Black Ops was coming out.


I have played MW2 now, but when I first played Black Ops I was astounded! It was so much fun. It's a basic shooting game, you don't need skill unlike with BF2. The only let downs I get tell a year on is that there are unfair kills, spawn killing (which should not be allowed), campers (aren't there always?) and sometimes even hackers. It can cause you to throw your remote at the TV and call it quits. But overall, it's fun if you want a quick game before work or school.


This is probably the only reason why Black Ops has sold so many. I think I've wasted about 90 days of my life playing zombies. It's highly addictive, fun and just ... wow. I don't even feel like reviewing it because my words can't do it justice. Anyway, I just thought I'd put my two cents in.

My verdict? Buy it if you like a quick shooter and zombies.
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on 18 September 2011
This game is highly addictive especially the Mulit-player when you are playing against camping noobs and professional gamers worldwide. The gameplay is great and once you getused to the controls the game is immersive and absorbs you in the game as you try to get as many kills as you can with less of your own deaths along the way.

The funny thing sometimes is the players who have headsets on and the things they say sometimes can be a distraction, so you just put them on mute as there are a few idiots out there.

The campaigns and maps you can play are great and filled with some great war zone type scenery which looks efective and just the fact of hiding behind a brick wall or an army vehicle just seems authentic and gets you in the war mood....War, It's Fantastic!

You'll need the Internet for the Multi-player and a good broadband connection is best and so this game is best when played through the multi-player.

10 out of 10
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