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on 4 April 2012
These earbuds are shockingly light weight - I can't stress enough how light these are, it's almost unreal. They were designed to be as light as possible to put less pressure on your ear canal. The shape and design of the earbud allows it to adjust to the center of your ear canal which makes for a perfect fit. This design along with the oval shaped ear tips make them extremely comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.

There is a 3 button mic integrated on the wire at the point where the 2 earbud wires meet (called the yoke). It works flawlessly with my iPhone 4 and no issues with the mic were experienced. Users on the other end of a phone call had no issues hearing me.

Since these are high end earbuds, I recommended you to listen to your music in best format in terms of quality. I have mainly used them for Spotify 320kps music and their sound is out of this world.... Even better than my Bose Q3 noise cancelling headphones... It is immediately noticeable how crystal clear the mids and highs are. Every detail is very articulated and sharp. The lows are not over-powering but are present at just the right level. Under high volumes, they do not waiver at all and will easily take on the abuse if that's what you like. The sound is very well rounded and the highs/mids/lows are in perfect balance. If you are into music with a heavy bass these may not be for you but otherwise you will notice new sounds in the music and for some songs it will be like listening to songs for the first time!!!
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on 7 January 2014
Keeping this short. These headphones are the best I've used. Having come from a robust pair of comparably priced Shure headphones, I do prefer these X10s.

I purchased mine for just under £100, which I think is very good value for money. Would I pay the RRP of £249.99? Yes, probably I would. I have listed my pros and cons below. The pros are numerous. However, one thing people have written a lot about is the build quality. It is safe to safe the Shure headphones I used are heavier and more robust, but with that said, I've been using the X10s now for 6 months and there is little to no sign of wear and tear. If you look after your headphones I can imagine that these will last years with daily use.

- They are excellent at isolating noise. I use them in the London underground tube daily and come close to isolating all external noise when listening to my favourite music. The seal they make in my ear is great.
- The sound quality is excellent, both at the top and bottom end.
- They are extremely lightweight. Great for runners.
- They are extremely comfortable.
- They come with a range of accessories including changeable ear buds for different sized ears
- Very little noise is transmitted to your ears if you happen to knock the cabling or rub it
- Looks pretty great

- They build quality is good, but they are slightly less robust that I would like (this is tempered by the fact that they are so lightweight).
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on 13 July 2012
I've had a lot of earphones over the years and without doubt, these are by far the best. Yes they are quite a bit more expensive than your average set but if you love music, you'll love these. I listen to everything from Death Metal to Jazz and the X10i never fail to disappoint. The clarity on offer is sensational and they always maintain a neutral balance on music. If you're a dance music fan and expect the bass to come through stronger, these are not for you. They do exactly what a good earphone should do and do not add any colouration to the source. Don't get me wrong, bass weight and depth is there but not excessive. A good test of any earphone is how easily you can follow a bass guitar on some of the faster metal tracks and I can hear baselines through these I could not hear on lesser equipment. The other great thing about these is the fit. With the super flexi bud options they provide, you get a very tight fit that stays in when running. In fact, if I had to complain then when the rubber gets a little old, it actually comes off the earphone and sticks in your ear. But the bas news is the build quality just isn't there. I use mine every day for at least 3 hours and I've had to send 2 pairs back. The rubber grommit that connects the cable to the copper barrel is highly prone to splitting - both at the bottom and the elbow. Once this happens you cannot get the earphone out without stressing the cable which is obviously only going to end in it coming off. But the good news is with a 2 year warranty, there was no problem exchanging and I haven't even considered looking at a different model. It's all about the quality of the sound at the end of the day and I've not found anything to beat these (including other 'premium' brands which I doubt I'll be allowed to name in this review).
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on 5 November 2011
Everything is some kind of a compromise and these earphones make that clearer than most. The designers have gone all out for excellent technical performance and light weight. The penalty is cost (though MP3 Accessories have priced these £90 under Apple retail!) and feel.

Cost / performance is a dilemma we can all identify with so I'm going to talk about feel. In particular that the lightweight cords retain their coiled or scrunched up kinks when unwound. This a) makes them look cheap and b) means there are more opportunities for snagging because the cord just won't lie flat. There's also no advantage to cord noise; I hear my chin stubble now not my coat. Others have commented on their longevity - I have yet to worry but I'm pretty careful so I have my fingers crossed. I'm not sure the indestructible kink free weight of say Denons (C700 at least) is needed but my personal preference would certainly be for somewhat heavier grade cable or shielding - Apple have it nailed (provided you are a neat-freak coiler not absent minded scruncher).

Bizarrely given the price and pitch, Klipsch have adopted a really nasty approach to packaging. The cardboard box has perforated edging for the back to tear away (a rubbish experience in itself) but the quality of the card means you're more likely to simply rip your way in. The earphones themselves come in a nice little presentation box but it's covered in a low grade textured finish and sealed by a super-sticky seal. Again it's a case of ripping and tearing to get in. It's all a triumph of form over function and completely un-necessary. I suspect it was a deliberate attempt to create a high end feel which backfired. As you can tell I'm a bit of a geek that enjoys the unboxing experience. In the grand scheme, it's no reason not to buy these - just something not to expect to lead to any satisfaction for laying down a lot of hard-earned cash.

The audio performance though is excellent and why I bought them. I'm not a descriptive audiophile but can tell good from bad and these are good. There's strong not drowning bass (possibly the C700s only performance criticism). The trebles are clear, undistorted and balanced. Overall I just like the rich, warm feel to pop and I can here all the detail in classical. Lovely.

I haven't made many calls yet but the combination of the X10i and iPhone 4S (I'm not sure which gets all the kudos) is excellent. The receivers are hearing very little background noise (this could be a directional microphone or the 4S's cancelling or both) but you the user do so you have the context to not SHOUT TO HEAR YOURSELF resulting in a) looking and sounding like an idiot b) seeming normal to the other party on the call. I like it a lot.
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on 5 January 2012
I now hear all the studio foibles in the songs that I had never heard before. Bass is as good as hi-hat. Most people have 2 sizes of lug holes so you may need to use different sized inserts - yes you are not perfect. The sound is smack centre in the middle of my brain, something that I dont get from my studio over ear headphones. Brill.

OK - I still rave about the sound emanating from these, however I am now onto my 3rd set as the buttons do not do what they are supposed to do, they seem to deteriorate for some reason!!! Knocked them back to 3 stars
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on 3 April 2014
I can't think of one thing I'd change about these. Only gripe is I use the dual flange buds and these are not that easy to get, not that this is an issue, as I don't actually need one at the moment - I'm the type that likes to have spares in case something breaks - I've a lot of clutter still in boxes :)
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on 7 February 2014
It is a great product at insulating external noise, good bass and overall sound quality if inserted properly deep into ear canal. These are the best in-ear headphones I had so far. The cable is very durable, it looked flimsy at first, but over a year of using, pulling, twisting, accidental yanking, it didn't break and proved to be made from good quality materials. There were many times when the cable tangled itself around my bicycle's handle bar and I accidentally pulled it with force, yet making no damage to the cord.

Facts to note:
- If left too long in your ears, they will start inching your ear canals, but this is generally applicable to all objects inserted into ear canals
- not ideal for running since the noise from movement of the cable is audible, this can be eliminated by not letting the cable hang freely
- the clip does not stay on the cable for too long, attachment mechanism is too loose, I don't use the clip as it tends to detach itself from the cable
- also encountered the common problem with the cord near the earbuds being split apart

To summarise, I would buy this product again. There are little design faults, but the overall quality is still at a high standard, after a year of constant use, they still work great.
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on 11 August 2011
These are truly brilliant! I have had a lot of experience with headphones, having studied music technology at university and worked in several professional studios, and I can honestly say that these are some of the best I have ever used, certainly the best in-ear ones.

My only problem with them is that the cable is not up to the job. After about 5 months of, to be honest, pretty light use, it has already split around the jack connection, exposing bare wire. I would understand this if I had used them everyday or for jogging but I haven't, mostly I use them whilst sitting in a chair at home and they are always kept in a case. This is unacceptable for headphones of this price and I will be contacting Klipsch to ask for a replacement pair.
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on 22 June 2013
The quality of these earphones is beyond a doubt the best quality sound reproduction of any in ear headphones i have listened to,my only problem because they are very small very lightweight is keeping them in my small ears while on the move,but that aside they are 5***** quality.
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on 15 November 2014
Bought this product in March 2014 and was very pleased with the sound quality and I also found the headphones incredibly comfortable and light. Now after only 7+ months of use the right headphone doesn't work anymore. Even though I got an extremely good deal when I bought the headphones, GBP 99, they should have lasted much longer. This is supposed to be Klipsch's flagship product and I sure as hell expected more. Also since I bought the headphones from an Amazon merchant Klipsch refuse to deal with me directly. I contacted their customer services and they said that there's nothing they can do.

As much as I dislike Beats and had two pairs of their Tour headphones which both broke very quickly they had a great returns process and were extremely helpful. I didn't buy the headphones directly from them but from Dixons at Heathrow airport and Beats still helped me and sent over a new pair. Klipsch just try to pass the buck but as the manufacturer they should be responsible for giving me a replacement.

I will never buy anything from Klipsch again. Not because their product was a bit crap but because they don't have any idea of what customer experience means in this day an age.
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