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4.7 out of 5 stars144
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2001
....'What is this that stands before me......' This album was the type of sound the youth then and now were/are looking for.The lyrics,Ozzy's distinctive voice,Iommi's heavy guitar work-those brilliant rifts-Geezers great bass playing and Wards'thumping drums. Although the lyrics are simple enough,it is clear that they hold great meaning about this 'system'and the evil within said system and within individuals. This album is a work of genius:in all its glorious aspects. this album will be around forever.A definite must for any collector of hard/heavy rock.
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on 12 July 2009
Ok first off let's not confuse this release with the single cd available as this is a new remaster and what a remaster at that!
I was a tad skeptical about this release and one reason i didn't rush straight out and buy because i wasn't sure if it was just the same as the single cd,but after reading on the black sabbath forum about the unbelievable quality i had to get it asap.
Ok onto the review.
Well Many cds these days are so poorly re-mastered that great dynamic sounding music seems to be becoming a rarity these days with many artist's back catalogues and indeed new music being butchered and ruined so it fills me with enormous happiness to say this deluxe edition is really quite superb,in fact it's one of the best cds ive ever heard.
Everything about this cd is brilliant,one because it was the first and highly influential album from sabbath and two ive never heard it sound better.
From the opening of black sabbath to the final track of disc one warning i was amazed at how dynamic and powerful sounding this is.
The second cd has outtakes and instrumentals from the album which i found to be excellent especially the studio outtake of black sabbath,at the start you hear ozzy say (and i'll leave out certain words lol) "i dont understand it....i can't remember the words" really is priceless and in my opinion worthy of purchase on this reason alone.
Seriously though this is a masterclass in remastering and one that all engineers should take note and learn from.
So if you are a fan of heavy metal or sabbath and you are not quite sure whether to get it then don't wonder anymore just go for it.
Comparing this to the single cd version is like comparing gold to dirt,the single cd is louder,harsh sounding and brittle,this deluxe edirion is pure gold,not at all loud very smooth and rich.
Absolutely brilliant and a pleasure to award it 5 stars!
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on 28 October 2011
I am new into Black Sabbath and have been really surprised by how quickly I have got into them. This Album rates between 3-4 overall with my personal favourites being Black Sabbath, The Wizard and NIB.

I was trying to imagine how people would have reacted when they first heard the intro to the song Black Sabbath, on the album Black Sabbath by a band called Black Sabbath. What a way to announce yourself to the world.

Looking forward to increasing my collection.
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on 3 August 2011
Let's be clear, this album isn't as good as some of the Sabbath albums that followed it. However, for a debut album by a little Brummie band with little in the way of cash and metal peers to influence the sound, it's an awesome piece of work! 'Black Sabbath', 'NIB' and 'The Wizard' are right up there in the upper echelons of bone-crunching Sabbath material. You should buy this if you've ever liked any metal. :-)
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2008
This is it. The first Metal album. The most influential metal album of all time. The debut of the founding fathers. Sabbath were initially inspired by The Beatles to make music but this album began with a simple idea after Iommi came out the cinema. His idea was if people would pay too see a horror movie maybe they would pay to listen to a horror album. He was right and Metal was born. Even the genre name Metal came from the factories they used to work in. As a half-Brummie myself and having always lived around that area I have always been very proud that it all started here and what a start. A stunning album of immense importance, absolute quality. 'What is this that stands before me?' OH LORD YEAH!!!
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on 2 December 2009
I thought i had won the lotto when i saw this release. Any new unheard sound of the old Sabbath is a total joy and bonus to me. Best band in the world. This is my fav Sabbath album, so i bought it right away and so glad i did. Sound quality is awesome on disc one and i love the bonus material on disc two. Would of been nice to of had bonus stuff on vol 4, sabbath bloody sabbath, sabotage, technical ecstacy and never say die new releases too, but never mind. If you have this album loads of times already like i do, buy it, worth it for sound and bonus stuff. This album and band will go with me to my grave. Killer.
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on 19 August 2009
Check out the video below where I talk about the release. I show you a complete unboxing, showing everything that is inside there, speak to the sound quality, the extras on the second CD, etc, etc... The real review is in the video, not in this text. :)

Minor updates to my review. The book I mention towards the end is not Mark Weiss, he was the photographer, I believe. And the poem from the original release *IS* here, but not the upside down cross. That was my error.
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on 3 July 2001
This is the album that started all the heavy, dark rock that you all take for granted these days. This is one of the best albums from one of the best rock bands ever, the pioneers of Metal, Black Sabbath. All of the songs here are infested by Tony Iommi's hair-tingling, original guitar riffs and Bill Ward's jazz-based drumming, and the poetic lyrics are crooned by the unimitable Ozzy Osbourne, who can still rock a crowd now, let alone in his prime on sets such as this album.
All of the songs are so deep and powerful they'll make you sit up and take notice, especially the gothic and genuinely scary "Black Sabbath" and the war sirens and crashing guitars of "War Pigs". "NIB" is somewhat comical in my opinion but it still has enough power to make anyone mosh - it's one of their greatest tracks ever. In addition, the excellent "The Wizard" is unique becauase it is the only song where Ozzy has played harmonica.
Recorded in an hour while the band were probably under the influence, this doesn't seem to have the makings of a classic rock album, but hell, it damn sure is. It's right up there with "Nevermind" on my list, and every metal fan should have at least one copy of this!
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2006
Most bands who forge an individual identity take a couple of albums to do so. Black Sabbath had theirs pretty much laid out when they made their first. Let's make music to scare people, they said. It might have had something to do with the obvious fact that several other bands were ahead of them in the heavy blues stakes. Indeed, their blues influences surface on 'The Wizard' and 'The Warning'. But Chuck Berry this is not. Hammer Films might not have consulted them, but this is horror music. Tony Iommi was clearly already a fine guitarist, but the extended solos on 'The Warning' demonstrate that the band's strength was not conventional riffing, but the ability to create that effect of some unspeakable leviathan splitting the earth open and crawling out of it. As Ozzy Osbourne advises on the band's signature tune, 'Turn round quick and start to run'. From the beginning of this album, they bring your nightmares to you. Osbourne is no great singer, but he sure knows how to arrange the flowers in the graveyard. For me, the tracks 'Black Sabbath', 'Behind The Wall Of Sleep' and 'Sleeping Village' are what this band do best and make them unique. The bluesy stuff is okay, but better left to others. Meanwhile, the lyrics are variable to say the least. The title track sets the tone for the band's career, but when, on the bonus track, 'Wicked World', they address serious issues directly, it comes across as hackneyed. With hindsight, this is a landmark album, but is it classic rock? In places, yes, but not entirely. If you like 'Master Of Reality' and 'Paranoid', then come back to it later.
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on 7 June 2008
I bought this a couple of years ago as my first Sabbath album and i was blown away by it. You'll find no filler here just all killer tracks. The album starts of with the classic track Black Sabbath wow what a track they made this track to scare people they did there job well, the track is about finding out satan has picked you as the chosen one and the freaky thing about it is geezer butler wrote this after seeing a black shaped figure at the end of his bed (now thats creepy), the next track is The Wizard which is my personal favourite track it has a hermonica playing at the then goes into a mindblowing heavy riff which you wouldnt really think it came from the early 70s. My other favourite tracks are N.I.B a kinda more bluesy song mixed with metal a great bass intro to it, Warning is amazing 10 minutes long mainly instrumenatl which is breathtaking, Wicked World is fantastic with a cool intro cool lyrics and a great voice. This was the first ever metal album and it should be in every metalheads collection what ever type of metal you're into you need this album.
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