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4.1 out of 5 stars310
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2005
i thought this book was the best i ever read. i enjoyed it because it is a fantasy and it is very exiting all the way through.
it is about a 12 year old anti hero who sets out with evil intetions and ends up a better person. thanks to the help of captain holly short and his body gaurd butler.
i would recomend this book to anyone who can read as it is fantastic.
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on 12 August 2003
As a Harry Potter grown-up reader, I've grown used to criticism in the lines of the recent Byatt review. But I do think that there is a lot of comfort and interest in reading children's books in adulthood. It was lovely reading Artemis Fowl. The ingenuity of the literal and technological inventions of the writer was refreshing. The main characters enjoyable and believeable, though a bit Hollywood-streotyped. Self-humour and well-built suspense add to the fun. It was nice to see a children's author choosing characters that are different shades of grey, as in real life, and not all black and white. All in all, for a bit of good, soul-cleansing escapism, a very recommended read!
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on 5 November 2003
If you already own a copy of Artemis Fowl don't be fooled into think this is a different book - its a reprint.
On the other hand if you don't own a copy its a must have. A clever story with enough twists to keep anyone entertained. Artemis uses his intelligence to outwit a legion of fairies but manages to capture something more precious than fairy gold in the end.
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on 27 December 2003
This is not a new Artemis Fowl title but a new hardback edition by a different publisher - if you already have the first Artemis Fowl then this book is not for you
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on 16 September 2008
Another highly successful collection of books that give a new twist to faeries and all things mythical. Except unlike so many others of its kind, this book focuses upon the rather unlikely and unsavoury young aristocrat criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl. On a quest to steal leprechaun gold, he holds a young faery to ransom but gets more than he bargains for as the winged equivalent of the SAS storm his plush mansion.

Eoin Colfer's genius in this series of books is injecting a somewhat tired premise with a new twist. Particularly with this first novel of the long-running series, the reader is given plenty to think about as faeries have jet-propelled wings and mythical creatures are given a gritty and very tangible edge.

There is no doubt that many more readers of various ages will enjoy Artemis Fowl, and like the other modern heavyweights such as Harry Potter, Colfer's books can quite easily be enjoyed by readers of all ages. However, in a school setting the book is most likely aimed for a gifted Year 4 reader and up. Regarding curriculum links, there is potential for some extravagant and rather ambitious science and maths lessons that can link with events in the book.
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on 14 August 2001
Don't expect a simple kids books Eoin Colfer delivers something wickedly enjoyable for children and their parents. A great storyline pared down to the bone with no surplus fat (unlike 500 page Harry Potter books!), this is a great funny and pacy read, full of superb ideas and great set pieces, such as the descriptions of the fairies riding the hot magma currents to the surface. The detail is rich, the gadgets incredible and the action quite violent and gory in places. Defintely one for less sensitive kids!
The movie should be terrific - I can see Cameron Diaz as Captain Holly Short, the plucky heroine. The Troll should be awesome and scary on the big screen. This is such a good read and a real treat. Don't miss out,buy it!
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on 16 November 2009
I've made my children a promise - for a year and a day, I'll only read fiction aimed at young people. Artemis Fowl: what a place to begin!

The novel revokes every stereotype that children's fiction offered me in the seventies and offers instead a modern and sculpted twist on the world of magic and fairies. The concept of a villainous child prodigy is bleak but combined with the weaknesses that Fowl exhibits, every reader will be left willing him to succeed in his most dastardly of plots. Fortunately for the morality of the reader, the heroic fairy world is equipped to the hilt with a world-stopping array of technical gadgets and IT gizmos to stop Fowl in his tracks: almost. The cinematic narrative is easily imagined. This novel is creativity at its best.
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VINE VOICEon 7 May 2006
As an adult, I had never heard of Artemis Fowl until a friend (also an adult) recommended the books to me.....from then I was hooked! Eoin Colfer manages to write Artemis in a way that makes you feel as if you actually know him. Don't let the fact that fairys are involved in the story put you off. Its a fabulous read and will have you hooked
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on 15 May 2009
I initially read this book when I was around 12 years old, and though I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time, it was always 2nd best to my other favourite authors like JK Rowling and LJ Smith. But re-reading it now 7 years later I think I can finally understand exactly why though I enjoyed this book but maybe didn't feel the magic as much as my other favourite series - becuase it's spark lies in the authors sharp wit and hilarious commentary that, at the age of 12 pretty much went straight over my head.

For those of you who don't know, Artemis Fowl is the most intelligent 12 year old in all of Europe, and his IQ would give most adults more than 4 times his age a run for his money. But after his father dissappeared the previous year and his mother since has locked herself in her bedroom afraid of light, Artmemis has been able to get up to whatever mischief he sees fit, including hatching a devious plan to not only capture a fairy, but part the race from a substantial amount of gold. Will he manage the unmanageable, what the mud people (that's us) have tried time and time again over the span of many centuries to accomplish but have always been outfoxed by the fairy race's far superior technology? Read and find out!!

Fast paced, funny, witty, full of immagination and characters who you love to hate, and hate to love...I'm glad I decided to return to this one and now look forward to reading the new instalments, when I initially read this series had not yet been released.
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on 30 July 2003
there is no doubt about it harry potter and jk rowling pull in the mega bucks - be it film deals or the huge amount of books sold - but artemis fowl and eoin colfer deserve far more recognition than is bestowed upon them.
with artemis fowl your thrown deep into the action and adventure theres no wallying around establishing of characters - your given an instant profile of artemis and all of the characters in the book - and your instantly hooked - i read this book in a single sitting and i didnt even feel short changed i was almost relishing the ending when it came - i kept re-reading paragraphs to satisfy my lust for adventure - i was never dissapointed.
the book is very cinematic - you can easily imagine the chapters being played out on the big screen - and there wouldnt have to be any cutting of corners as the majority of this grand adventure is set in our world - so we have a very grounded story which brings you closer to the action.
there is no doubt this book is far more exciting than any harry potter book (i do love those books though) - the only aspect that this loses out is the sheer volume of the jk rowling chronicles !
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