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4.1 out of 5 stars310
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2003
Hey there!!!!! If you don't know if you should buy Artemis Fowl, well, I reccomend you to. It is one of the best books I have read. I liked it even better than Harry Potter, aand that is saying much. Artemis is a genius boy that, aided by his bodyguard, Butler, decides to aabdduct a fairy and hold him for ransom. What he doesn't expect is that the fairy turns out to be a girl. Not a submissive one, really, and she makes Artemis' plan much more complicated.
Artemis Fowl is for open-minded people, who don't mind technology, fantasy and humor blended together making a delicious mix.
In other words, Artemis Fowl is the best fantastic book from moddern times. Don't hesitate. Buy it now. Trust me.
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on 27 July 2008
How to tell whether an adult would like these books?

1 Do you like action books / action movies with pacy plots?
2 ... even if there is no characterisation or emotional depth?
3 Would you like a book that has a lot banter in it, but also has a dry humour running all the way through?

If you said 'yes' three times, I think you would like the book. Even one 'no' and I'm not so sure. I loved it.

It has a pacy plot. Think Jason Bourne, James Bond, Batman movies, Die Hard. Like these examples, it has very little characterisation.

It's got a lot of humour, though sometimes the banter gets a bit much. It reminded me of Terry Pratchett, but lighter. Artemis Fowl, the 12 year old criminal mastermind, is part James Bond, part James Bond villain, with a little pinch of mafia godfather. He is ridiculously clever, in an entertaining way, motivated by money again in an entertaining way, but endearing too.

Other reviewers argue whether it is or is not like Harry Potter. I think it's nothing like HP. More like part Robert Ludlum (the author of Jason Bourne), part Terry Pratchett (drier humour, but not as fantastically weird as TP).

It does have goblins, elves and dwarves in it, but don't let that put you off - it's an action book in a fantasy setting, rather than a fantasy book (in my view).

For an adult, it's a light read (Waterstones had it in the 9-12 year old section), but a fun way of filling a few hours.
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on 29 May 2001
Having read the majority of reviews on this book people either seem to love it or hate it - there aren't many "in-betweenies!!"
Artemis Fowl is an unusual book from the point of view that Artemis is the bad guy rather than the Hero. I had heard all the hype too and thought that the book would be disappointing. Was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. The lengthy descriptions we find in the Harry Potter series are not there and the fairy "world" is not as intricately described but the characters do actually all have "character". Each individual has their own personality and it is this, and the banter exchanged between them, that makes this book.
I really enjoyed Artemis Fowl and I don't think it's fair to compare it to Harry Potter simply because it has fantasy elements to it. Artemis will appeal to a teenage audience and I think boys in particular will enjoy it. This book was written with an audience of children in mind - it is not a difficult read and although it may not have the cult appeal amongst adults that Harry Potter has achieved, it will certainly be welcomed amongst children.
Remember this is not another Harry Potter - it is another fantasy story. So whether you like Harry or not, you should try to read this book without any preconceived ideas about it - you might just like it!!!
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on 7 July 2005
I was intrigued as i was told i was going to read artemis fowl, faries and a criminal mastermind, it wont work! Yet, i was pleasently suprised that it did. there may be difficulty following at the start but if you get into it, it will really appeal to you
The personallity and background of Artemis waas explained perfectly. Artemis , a genius child who seeks out a challenge to put his brain to the test, and his right hand man Butler , a beefy master of martial arts with more brain than braun, attemp to take a leprichaun to ransom but dont know what there in for. If your a die hard fan of magic and mayhem , would recomend this book to you.
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on 11 December 2001
You think you know the world you're living in? Think again, fairies live very close to us.
Artemis Fowl, a genius, or a crazy mad man?
He's plotting the crime of the centuary; ransom money with a twist, from the fairy folk.
Don't be decieved by his age, 12, Artemis Fowl will rock your world. Harry Potter is a legend in the making, but watch out Artemis Fowl is on your tail.
With appearances from Fairies finest; Root, Holly and the ever witty Foaly! And the crime masters henchmen; Butler and Juliet. We have the perfect if reailty altering Artemis Fowl.
I couldn't put the book down it was that good -KAReN Chan-
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on 13 September 2011
I've been on a pretty good run of good quality books in the past couple of months (bar a regrettable Twilight fiasco), and thought that this might be a good time to try out Artemis Fowl. This is a book that I see all the time in Waterstone's or in the recommended section of Amazon, so I thought I would give it a read and see what the fuss was about. Artemis Fowl is 12 year old genius. That statement alone should suggest the target audience for this book. However, despite its aim towards teens, it is in fact very enjoyable to read. I haven't read such an engaging young adult book since Harry Potter, and that is high praise. My only other recent forray into a book in this market was with Twilight, and I regret bringing it up so constantly, but it is my only real recent comparison. Artemis Fowl is written with wit, a pacy plot and with characters that actually encite emotion, all of which are absent in the book which shall no longer be named. I am surprised that the book has not yet been converted into a film, because all of the ingredients are there. There were rumours abound of a film conversion in 2008, but unfortunately nothing came to fruition. Artemis Fowl deserves its plaudits, and it is quite disheartening to see more shambolic and dreadful novels given such high praise, when this is not given anywhere near the coverage it deserves
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on 6 August 2007
Artemis Fowl was the recipient of the accusation in the title of this review, but even though he is a thief, he is also much more. The twelve-year-old genius has decided to use his intelligence to pursue a life of crime, so we find an unusual situation. A story with an evil main character is not a completely new concept; Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the outstanding "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" or Serge A. Storms in the series of books by Tim Dorsey come to mind. If we go into a different media, then Tony Soprano is one of the most famous examples in our time. What is novel though, is using this concept in a book targeted to young adults, and this is certainly a reason for controversy. I have to say though that the final product is so good, that the good aspects of this effort more than overcome this "drawback".

Artemis Fowl descends from a prestigious family of billionaires that a few years ago suffered a reversal of fortune. His father has disappeared and is presumed dead and her mother has gone crazy with grief. Artemis is decided to return his family to where it is supposed to be and crafts a plan designed to do just this. To try to accomplish his goal, he uses the help of Butler, a mountain of a man, expert in combat, and who as his name suggests is Artemis' butler, and Juliet, Butler's sister. The plan involves kidnapping a fairy and then getting a ransom in gold, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

The story involves a myriad of creatures besides fairies, such as goblins, elves, dwarves, centaurs and trolls. These variety allows the author to create several characters within each one of these groups that are interesting, peculiar and endearing. But the creative process does not stop there, since the author uses some of these peculiar characteristics, as well as some acute comments to make us laugh us loud in the middle of the action. In my opinion the funniest scene in the book involved Mulch, a dwarf, and Butler, you will know what I am talking about when you get there, you cannot miss it.

As I mentioned before, this book has many aspects worth of praise;the imagination in creating the story, the "logic" in the world in which it develops, and the finely tuned humor. But besides that, we get a glimpse at Artemis' mind. To others he is a calculating genius, but we get to understand that he has doubts about his choices and that there is still a scared kid behind the facade.

Except for the obvious similarity in terms of the creatures included in the story, I would not think of comparing this with Harry Potter in any level. I think both efforts are excellent in their own way. I would compare the humor though, with the one presented by Lemony Snicket in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"; I think that if you like this series you will probably like "Artemis Fowl" too. I am looking forward to read the next book by Colfer, which I already ordered.
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on 9 August 2001
This is a book which at first glance seems to be aimed at a childrens market. Unlike the other great adult/childrens book hero, Harry Potter, the hero of this story does not pass himself off as a "goody". His bag is crime and he follows his forefathers in this endeavour, However, he does aspire to be a master criminal on a scale not seen before and utilises magic and the latest in computerism and technology in his search.
Once started this book is hard to put down as the desire to see where the plot twists and turns to next will keep readers up late and red eyed next day.
This is a sort of modern day "cowboy" book with well defined goodies and baddies and a hero (without a white hat) who is not exactly what he tries to come across as.
'Artemis Fowl' is a novel that should be sought out by anyone who enjoys a good yarn and the sequel is be eagerly awaited.
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on 1 February 2009
Despite a slightly confusing beginning (for me), this is a tale that amused and fascinated. Knowing nothing of Eoin Colfer's work I was both surprised and intrigued by the subject matter and his storytelling. I wasn't expecting anything to do with fairies, although I was slightly aware that this was a story for children and therefore expected there to be a child - but not a boy! In fact I have recommended this to relatives and friends who I think will enjoy it as much as I did.
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on 7 July 2005
In a nut shell Artemis fowl is brilliant.It has alot of imagination behind it and is seeping with that uniqe aura that can only be found in books of this quality and genre.To compare this with potter would be cynical.In my honest opinion i belive potter books are more well writen than this book,but cast that aside and what your left with is a book thats bursting with original plots and belivable characters and therfore promises to be a good read for anyone over the age of 10.
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