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on 27 April 2007
Having never listened to Devins work before, this album immediately sucked me in.

ZTO - Begins with a booming, heavy dection, with chants of "Ziltoid!". amazingly catchy riffs. with some good metal screams thrown in. ends with an introduction section to the albums plot.

By Your Command - 8 minutes of epic metal. Slower, lurching riffs that will make you want to smash things. Then enters some amazing vocal sections, and eventually it delves into a softer passage that is just beautiful. Perfect Songwriting.

Ziltoidia Attaxx!! - "Attack", yells Ziltoid. then begins a fast and heavy song backed by some alien sounding synth. the song entails ziltoids attack on earth. some great guitar solos and spooky sounding vocals in the chorus.

Solar Winds - Starts with a short narrative of current plot events. then a light guitar comes in, with plenty of echo. backed by some beautiful vocals by Devin. Eventually gets VERY heavy, slow, and dark. Some almost hardcore sounding riffs.

Hyperdrive - Begins with a very catchy guitar part, not as heavy, more rock oriented. the albums most poppy song. very good vocals. Though its different in style, it does a good job of keeping the albums feel. very good song.

N9 - Another alien sounding vocal part, with a fairly simple guitar part. but slowly gets more complex. gets very heavy towards the end. fades out with a very middle eastern sounding part, backed by some strings.

Planet Smasher - Ziltoid decides he shall destroy a planet. Very heavy, with death metal like growls most of the way through the song. nothing too special in this song, besides some very cool vocal parts.

Omnidimensional Creator - Short plot narrative. no music.

Color Your World - almost 10 mintues long. begins pummeling you with a blast beat and a very fast, heavy guitar riff, backed by some vocals. Breaks down into an almost ballad type of feel for most of the song. Begins pummeling you at the end. "You ARE A PUPPET!"

The Grey's - Slower with an emotional metal type of sound, with the vocals. Very good blending of the vocals and the music, they fit like a puzzle. This song gives you a great feeling. That is until it goes into a minor passage for the chorus, that has a very spooky feeling. Back into the emotional part, with a good guitar solo. then it fades out with the spooky section again.

Tall Latte - A very funny, almost twist ending for the whole plot line. no music.
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on 11 December 2014
If, like me, you are a fan of the humour of Tenacious D, the narrative of Jeff Wayne's War Of The World, and the Drumkit From Hell of Thomas Haake, and of course you like your music heavy, then this could be your perfect album too.
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on 16 April 2007
Devin Townsend should need no introduction if your reading this, so ill get straight to the point.

This, in my opinion is THE BEST Townsend record since the incredible 'Terria' (2001). Its like a freakishly conceptual cross between SYL's 'City'(1997) and Townsend's solo classic 'Infinity'(1998), with a bit of a humourous vibe and some of the best vocal melodies Devin has ever written.

Its also the first Devin album which is truly a solo effort, all the instruments were played by Devin, even the drums were programmed using the "Drumkit from hell".

Standout stuff then? Well "By Your Command" is an awesome song, the chorus in particular is very catchy, you'll be singing away 'WE ARE NOT - WE ARE NOT TO BLAME!!!" all day long! "Solar Winds" is another Townsend classic, the build up of melody when the song finally kicks in is breathtaking - "GONE...GONE...GONE" sings Townsend with his signature overdubbed melodic vocals. "N9" is another gem, the opening riff reminds me of Devin's 'Physicist' album (2000) with its driving keyboard melody, crunching guitars and pounding kickdrums, once again the melodies and atmosphere make the song sound huge. But for me the real standout track here is "Color Your World" an almost 10 minute epic which kicks off at high speed with a super heavy guitar riff and an almost death metal style blastbeat, then the glorious vocals kick in and the song takes you on an epic journey, it has referances to "Wrong Side" from SYL's 'The New Black' and more welcomingly a brilliant nod to "Voices in the fan" from Devin's legendary 'Ocean machine' album (1997).

This record is a masterpiece, and the best thing to come out of Canada in years, right down to the flawless production and stellar artwork.

Fan of Devin's past work? You need this, but i also feel this record could be a good starting point for newcomers to Devin Townsend's music as it contains elements of everything he's ever done.

This album is everything i hoped it would be - check it out for yourself!

"...Bring me your finest cp of coffee...BLACK...make it perfect...!"
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on 22 May 2007
The problem with this album is that it can't quite decide whether it wants you to take it seriously or not.

The nerdy plot and cheap narrative make Ayreon look like Charles Dickens, and although they may be funny on the first spin, they add nothing to the songs in the long-term. If I am being brutally honest, they probably even devalue them.

Take out the crass narrative, however, and you are left with a high quality, mainly instrumental, atmospheric rock/metal album. The occasional vocals are beautifully layered and harmonised, as are the guitars. I hate the term prog-metal, but strictly speaking, it probably is. Anyone looking for simple metal songs of the verse-chorus variety is knocking at the wrong door.

If you are already a fan, there is little here that will either surprise or upset you. I can hear lots of Ocean Machine, bits of Synchestra, and the fast and heavy track 9 could almost be a SYL track.

Whilst the album is sprinkled with genius-dust in parts, there isn't quite enough of it to rank this alongside his best releases.

That said - it will still knock spots off most of the other albums you hear this year.
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2007
Bought on a whim, I'd always been intrigued by Devin, mainly after his work with Steve Vai who I'm a huge fan of, and Ziltoid was an impulse buy for no other reason than the cover made me laugh! And what a damn great choice it was! I know of Devin's reputation for being ever so slightly unhinged, but didn't quite know what to expect. Something between Metallica, industrial metal, Frank Zappa and earlier Vai is as close as I can come to , with a sprinling of the Muppets and Flash Gordon! One of the funniest, yet most poignant albums of the decade, full of wonderful melodies, crashing power guitar and side splittingly funny dialogue and plot. Highly, HIGHLY recommended. Anyone caught buying Coldplay, The Killers, Keane, Travis et al and daring to call them rock music should be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to this. My album of 2007, possibly my album of the decade! I will be buying far more Devin...
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on 13 April 2008
I have owned this album for a while now, got it soon after it came out and its one of the few albums i keep going back to listen to. Devin manages to combine a great metal record with a tongue in cheek sci-fi comedy feel, think Strapping Young Lad combined with Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds and a comedy like Red Dwarf. It tells the story of Ziltoid (the ultimate 4th dimensional guitar hero) who invades earth in search of the universes ultimate cup of coffee, and he encounters all sorts of problems and kinda ends up searching for the meaning of life...

From start to finish the album has a pretty epic feel to it with Devin's trademark guitar sound and layers of atmospheric keyboards and vocal samples. The album starts off with chugging metal riffs and explores a slower melodic feel in 'solar winds', 'hyperdrive' has a kinda catchy alternative rock feel to it, before going back to metal. The singing is really good too, ranging from soaring clean vocals to "death metal" screaming. Each track has its own memorable hooks and you'll find yourself singing "...and the greys flood our memories" over and over.
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on 4 May 2007
Honestly I was surprised how good this record is, and I am sure many fans feel like this. I relate to and love everything Devin does...and wow, this time he went far enough to drop my jaw badly, again. but really! Really-really...this album is just so worth it, if you cant hear the MUSIC here, you are deaf and/or emotionless. BUY IT!
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on 23 July 2014
Excellent place to start for a newcomer to Devin's work - this album is a must have for anybody wanting to get into the weird world of Devin.
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on 7 March 2016
Ziltoid rules! Literally...
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on 26 July 2007
Maybe the sort of thing that impresses pre-pubescent boys, this sub-Zappa vanity project is not a patch on Townsends previous efforts. The muppetesque dvd that accompanies it only compounds the insult that you've been mugged into wasting money on this tosh...disappointing doesn't even start to descibe it...
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