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4.0 out of 5 stars24
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2011
I borrowed the original TW1 off a mate, and didn't like it at all, so I was naturally sceptical about the sequel and held out for DA2. After the panning DA2 received, I bought TW2. Is it good? You bet. This game is brilliant.

Good points
1) Good selection of community mods available (easy to install, bit trickier to make, but some nice tutorials on the net)
2) Free roaming - all areas are open (make sure you download the "no invisible barrier" mod) from the start. As monsters don't level with you, it means you can blunder into "hard" areas by mistake and have to leave, level up, then go back when you are stronger
3) A Big World to explore and it looks like it is a long game - I have been playing for about 10 hours so far, just exploring and doing some side quests and have not even touched the first main quest on chapter 1. This world is SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than Oblivion or Morrowind
4) You gain Attributes (strength, endurance, wisdom and accuracy) and Skill points when you level to spend how you want. This leads to a class-less system and you can specialise in magic, melee, range or stealth, or spread your points as you want
5) Crafting - you can dismantle gear you don't want (or sell it) and upgrade your existing gear (providing you have allocated the appropriate skill points). You can also make your own potions from ingredients you gather.
6) Magic System is great - you create your own spells by combining the different element (fire, ice etc) with a different effect (direct damage, AOE etc). It is too complicated to explain here, just search on the net for a better explanation
7) Teleport points - once you have discovered the teleport location, you can use your "hearthstone" to go a teleport location (proving you are outside)
8) Gorgeous visuals, lovely textures, realistic grass and long draw distance (can be customised)
9) Good quality Audio and wide variety of sounds. Background music is atmospheric.

Bad points
1) A bit too easy, even on hard - hence I HAD to mod the game to triple the monster hit points and increase damage dealt - now I have to be more careful
2) Really bad "Mr Deep Voice" hero voice-over; monotone delivery and poor voice acting
3) Controls can a bit clunky and camera doesn't work as well as WOW, but I have got used to it now. You can tweak the camera offset via .ini files (called .con in TW2)
4) Lacks some polish, but is still high quality

Overall, this game is really REALLY good, in fact I'm going back to play it right now... :)
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on 21 December 2013
Excellent RPG with lots of quests to choose from. You can explore the contryside if you want. There is an underlying dark sense of humour. Chapter 1 of the game has a African flavour with Savannah that has many different creatures such as baboons and ostriches - Chapter 2 has a Japanese flavour - I highly recommend this game
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on 29 March 2011
I would agree that this is not the deepest RPG story ever, but it is charmigly light hearted and fun to play.

The characters are not that bad, and there is even a hint of romance, but relations and alliances cannot really be pursued to deeply engaging level. Also, the revenge & rescue story does not build up into emotional drama as after the prologue you start adventuring without much to remind you about your sister before it is time to rescue her.

That was the weak part, but well - no game has ever managed to up Baldur's Gate series to this date, this to me remains the era of magnificence in RPG story telling.

Then the good. Combat system is intuitive, the skills are well thought out, particularly crafting, and the progression flows smooth yet very free roaming, and the world is wide and gorgeous to explore. And this game was released for Mac OS - this gets my special mention -even if I played it on Windows running on my Mac - and encountered not a single problem or glitch.

What really does it for me is the humour and lighthearted take on the typcial "fetch-kill-find" sidequests - the main character is hired in most hilarously written notices, and the quests are cheeky, fantastic and sometimes just outright funny. Surely a mercenariy in Discworld might end up decimating monsters to salvage hats out of their guts? Or to kill demon posessed umbrellas?

I even grew to like the understated main protagonist.

If there will ever be TWIII, I hope they keep the tone and writing style and fantasy and cheeky touches - but just add bit more depth to the NPCs and the story. This game is good - that game would be great.
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on 14 January 2013
It's only because there have been so many truly appalling RPG games released recently - Reckoning, Dark Souls, Dungeon Seige 3 - that the average bar is currently set quite low, so anything that is at least competent, has pleasing graphics, smooth gameplay, a combat system mere mortals can understand and use, and vaguely cerebral storylines, gets noticed perhaps a little more than it should. Straight away as you start playing you realise this game is going to have its own quirks, and they're going to be good quirks, not programming or artistic shortcuts as is so often the case. There's nothing lumpy, clumpy or off-putting about the opening gameplay and this comfortably sets you up for a respectable romp through a world a little more closely related to Oblivion, now 6 years out of date, than its successor Skyrim. But this is no bad thing as overpoweringly good graphics often disguise the undeniable fact there there is absolutely no gameplay.

Looks a bit dated but flows nicely and you don't get killed by everything that springs a surprise, and there are several difficulty levels to suit experience. In my opinion not as good as the Drakensang games, or Dragon Age Origins, about equal with Divinity 2, but far far better for gameplay reasons than Skyrim, Dragon Age 2, and all previously mentioned titles.

And best of all it isn't tied into the Steam, Origin or Ubisoft "storefront" launch programs so you can play without having advertisements flung at you.
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on 18 March 2011
I am running the game on Windows 7 too and it works fine.

Two Worlds 2 is a third person role playing game working on the wasd controls, the left button is used to attack and the right button is used for blocking, in addition the number keys are used for a variety of learned rpg style special attacks. In terms of gameplay style it is highly reminiscent of Risen, or perhaps Gothic 4 Arcania - it is however superior to both in my opinion. The game follows on from the first Two Worlds and the basic gist of the story (I won't give spoilers) is that you are the hero trying to save your sister and stop the big bad guy - standard rpg stuff. As in many fantasy style rpgs the player has a choice of playing a warrior, ranger, thief/assassin or a mage - but there are not specific classes so it is more a case of developing the skills that you want your character to have.


- The combat system works very well. It is intuitive with some nice rpg additions.
- The world is large and fairly interesting to explore, there is a wide range of differently themed locales and the game is essentially free roaming.
- If the player has had enough of free roaming then there are teleporters all around the world that can be used for quick transport. This is not revolutionary by any means but it avoids you having to endlessly repeat the same journey, which is always a good thing.
- There are a good range of trade skills and crafting is fairly well implemented. There are also a good range of combat skills.
- The various mini games are very well designed and include such things as lock picking, pick pocketing, horse racing and bizarrely busking. Stealth is also well implemented.
- There are a wide range of quests available covering the full range of traditional rpg tasks. Because there is a fairly wide range the side-quests remain interesting as the game progresses.
- The Graphics are pretty good and the general 'feel' of the world is positive.
- The story trots along quite nicely and keeps the player involved.
- Customisation of your character through items, skills and appearence is fairly good.


- In game characters are fairly two-dimensional and under-developed.
- Voice acting is patchy and the script (as in what is being said) is rather bland.
- The story isn't fabulously written - the game is a little bit sandboxy at times.
- Because the game follows on from the first Two Worlds you don't get to choose your character - you are a male human.
- Very occasionally I get a ctd (I have the game patched up to date).

Overall I would say that I really like Two Worlds II. It is in many respects an old-fashioned RPG in that you are not making choices that necessarily change the game rather you are (think Morrowind) following a path that is laid out for you but in your own way. That is enough for me to be honest when it is as well executed as Two Worlds II is. I have not given this game 5 stars because there are things wrong with it - as I've said it would be nice if there was more story and better written more fleshed out characters - but the game itself really appeals to me, I could happily lose myself in it all night and I would recommend it.
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on 5 May 2011
I've been playing Two Worlds 2, for a couple of days now and think I've put in enough played time to write a review :) This sort of RPG is pretty much my fav genere, so I'm more likely to be a little forgiving of shortcomings.
1. Installation, on windows 7 this was pretty straight forward. Though on attempting to run, I was missing a needed graphics file. Some quick googling found it to be an invidea file needed to run the game. I downloaded and unzipped and the game was able to finally launch. So far so good...
2. Character creation, I wasnt overly happy with this, options seem limited when creating my character in terms of physical appearance.
3. The game itself appears to be vast. I've had great fun exploring and taking my time to get around. The standard pathetic size manual is very annoying and only covers the most basic aspects of the game. The combat system in this game isnt that simple, and takes a little working out. It would be great not having to rely on internet info to fill the vast gaps in the manual. The game does have a fabulous crafting system, beautiful visuals. The quest log and map arent the greatest, but they suffice. Though it sounds like I've been fairly critical, maybe because the game could have been alot better with some additional polish. Reccomended for RPG fans.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 April 2011
Two Worlds 2 is a nice Oblivion, FPS style RPG, it doesn't pigeon hole you into playing as one type of character class, as the game will only recognize you in a general class sense. You can play as a pure mage wielding water/earth/fire/air/necromancy and summoning a whole army of creatures or undead to do your bidding. Its quite daunting at first with all the various cards & how to make spells(make them stronger), but once you get a handle on it, it's fun & rewarding experimenting with the spell cards which you have(once you pump enough points into a speialization, like fire or water or a mix) to buy/find, uncovering spells like lockpicking or walking on water etc... its the most in depth class. Archer then Warrior are more straight forward, although you can mix them up as you wish. And at any stage of the game if your bored of playing a style, you can pay a soulpatcher, who will for a price(500 auras) randomly reset a number of points & give you skill points back to spend again. You can get all your points back if you have a few thousand, and go from a Mage to a Warrior in no time.

The Story is okay, but nothing amazing, the characters do get a helluva lot, long winded with conversations & unnecessary so, that it had me thinking "for the love of God shut up & let me get on with it!!!" in some instances. You will find a lot of varied side missions & quests to do, to keep you interested when your bored form the main quest. Varying from simple fetch & carry, murder, investigate or the more interesting but lack of, horse racing trials(yes we can ride horses, but not fight on them). The characters overall are not all that interesting & no comparison to games such as Dragon Age: Origins or The Elder Scroll's series rich characters & voice acting. The voice acting is hit & miss in 2w2, terrible at points although with the odd good one here & there. The main character who we play, sounds suspiciously like the chap who voiced JC Denton in Deus Ex , while he was brilliant for that, he still comes across as half cyborg/ half human here. Which is a bit distracting & disappointing to hear his range of voice acting is very limited.

The combat is FPS style, and can take place in open spaces which is good for mages or archers, but closed in caves/houses are a nightmare for them. Although if you have a Warrior its much easier in close quarters. As a pure mage i had to do a lot of summoning to protect me, while i hammered enemies from afar with missiles. The AI is not that great, a bit hit & miss, as sometimes enemies will not respond to you, or sometimes get stuck in the scenery behind walls, but still able to hit you. Sneaking isn't really that greatly implemented, there is no true sneak skill apart form putting points into how quickly you move in sneak & how far you can strike, but you can be pretty much any class to do anything. Sneak kills are satisfying, but you cannot kill enemies that are sitting down. Lockpick chests in the traditional way with lockpicks & skill , magic spells & spell strength or with your weapon as a warrior & strength. Alchemy is bit redundant as well.

In conclusion Two Worlds 2 gets more right than it gets wrong, and maybe with a bit more polish it could had been a much, much better game. As it stands though, it is a good game & will keep you hooked for many hours, but eventually it becomes quite boring towards the end of the game & you simply want to get it over with(at least i did). If you like exploring there is enough to do, but it gets repetitive after a while. I'd still recommend it as worth playing if you can overlook its weaknesses, a good RPG experience if your looking for something to play inbetween the next Elder Scroll's or so on. Recommended.
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on 22 October 2013
Really enjoyed the first Two Worlds but what a disappointment Two Worlds 2 turned out to be. Far too many set piece movies and even when there was a little action didn't feel that my character was in any real danger. Often felt like I was in training mode. No fun, no excitement. Another game that will end up in my charity shop pile.
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on 8 August 2011
I have played this game for over Twelve months now with different ingame characters the single player game is realy quite a good game and i reached to level 46 the multiplayer game however is a different story all together i have been playing rpg games since Diablo but the online game for Two Worlds II is fantastic so much so i have reached level 160 with my warrior 120 with my mage and i have sice started another mage which is now level 48 a thoroughly enjoyable game indeed i would highly reccomend this game to any self respecting rpg gamer.
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on 26 October 2014
A decent sequel to Two Worlds, although ultimately it's lost a lot of it's charm that set it apart from other RPGs.

The original Two Worlds was quite quirky with it's use of language and unfortunately that's been lost in the sequel. Even now I'd recommend playing the original before buying this.

It's a solid game with plenty of graphical and game-play improvements over the original. The magic is especially interesting with plenty of experimentation that needs to be done to get the most out of it.

It can't quite compete with Skyrim, but it is a good game in it's own right.
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