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4.3 out of 5 stars81
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2010
I'm astounded by the reviews here !

Firstly, the remaster is excellent, people are used to remasters being 100 decibels (for the deaf Ipod generation). This new remaster brings out even more subtle detail.

Regarding CD2, I'm amazed some people are moaning about it.

Firstly all tracks are taken from the original master tapes (the first time this has ever happened with the exception of The Sonic Collection SACD). They may seem like a mixed bag to some & I agree to a point, the Greek Mix of Relax will never be essential, however you have Greatest Bits (as mentioned is the cassette mix of Relax) which in my opinion is the only mix you'll ever need.

In addition, excellent demo's, a fantastic mix of The Ballad of 32, the only track that shouldn't even really be on this is Watusi Love Juicy which doesn't date from this album, but a curio never the less

The issue is the access to the "Goodies Cupboard". Like a lot of bands archives, labelling was incorrect if at all on many, hence the Pleasure Fix mix of WTTPD & Starfix mix of Only Star In Heaven (both overrated "instrumentals", were indeed found but too late for inclusion.

What we do have finally, is an amazing album finally being given the treatment is DESERVES.

Frankly (or should that be Frankiely?)at this bargain price, who can really complain??
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on 27 April 2012
I'd forgotten how good this disc was. One the greatest albums of the 80's; possibly ever. Its impact today is just as it was when I first heard it. Love the title track, Two Tribes, The Power of Love and Born to Run (much better than Springsteen!). I also love the scene in the Merseyside benefits office! 5 stars? You bet!
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on 25 October 2013
My reason for buying this particular 25th anniversary release of Welcome To The Pleasuredome is that I saw another review saying that it is louder!

This is exactly what I have been looking for, as I found my previous CD of the album to be too quiet. The new CD is perfect and is louder but without being excessively 'cranked up' and distorting. I'm not sure whether the sound is 'better' - I've seen one reviewer who reckons the remastering has brought out more detail and another who says there is no difference apart from the volume increase.

I haven't had chance to listen to the second CD yet, and there will always be arguments about what should and shouldn't be included as extra material.

My view is to treat the content of the second CD as bonus material (some good, some bad), and if what you want is not there then seek it out on other releases - either by downloading individual tracks or by buying the original CD singles. I suggest downloading the original 12-inch versions of Two Tribes and Relax (and then, with other tracks, compiling your own perfect Frankie CD if you want a physical copy to play), while to me the extended version of Welcome to the Pleasuredome that is on the original album and so included here is the definitive version, especially with the jungle intro.

In conclusion, if you've never owned the album or have a previous CD but want a slightly louder copy then you should go for this.
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on 20 April 2010
Straight to the point. As one reviewer remarked, there is no sound improvement on the album, just louder, that's all. So you can dunk CD 1. Next, CD 2 is supposed to give us Frankie fans some pleasureable thrill, but sad to say, no. While the demo tracks are an interesting addition, the rest can be left out. "Relax (Greatest Bits)" is actually the original cassette single. While it's a historical curiorsity, it is actually an edited amalgam of the "Sex Mix", "Instrumental Mix" and the 7" mix. The "One September" and "One February" b-sides (which were already available in the last re-issue) are just nonsence gibberish. Why include "Power Of Love" extended version ? It's a strange inclusion while the extended versions of "Relax", "Two Tribes" and "Welcome" are left out. Then again, you can't really include all their extended versions, right ? so they should just leave them all out. "Disneyland" was already released in the "12 Inch" 2CD version. The 2 spoken snippets can be left out completely. Anyway, "The Last Voice" has been around a long time, included in the ending of the "Two Tribes (Annihilation mix)". "Relax (Disco mix)" is another amalgam of the "Sex Mix" and the 7" mix. Again, though historically interesting, you don't need it. With all the above taken out, I would include other interesting unreleased tracks, such as "Relax (International), Welcome...(Bernard Rose version), Welcome... (Pleasurefix), Only Star In Heaven (Starfix), and the other proper b-sides like "Happy Hi, Get It On and The World Is My Oyster (7" and 12")"
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on 6 February 2012
After living with the late 1980s CD for years now (it was very very quiet)..This new version has been given a new lease of life without it being brickwalled to death.

Well worth £5.99...Takes me right back to 1984.

Highly recommended to all 80s kids!
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on 31 December 2005
We all know the music but here I'd like to purely say 'thanks' to ZTT for the care taken with the packaging! At last, this CD has the correct cover to the original vinyl release (and no nasty digipack either). The booklet contains nearly all the inner sleeve photo's and notes from the original and even the rear inlay has the '£ BANG' design.
Far, far superior to the previous CD releases and worth every penny. Now, if only Holly would rejoin the reformed Frankie...
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on 15 May 2006
I've recently rediscovered this album after buying the 2005 reissue, I, along with millions of others fell for all the media hype that surrounded Frankie back in 1983!

Back then the British music scene was floundering, New Romance was tired, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had ground to a halt! Things were looking up as a few bands including Tears For Fears started to create a new sound for the eighties with more than a hint of a Beatles influence.

So, I was searching for something similar and new to listen to at my local record store when suddenly 'Relax' powered its way over the speaker system. It immediately grabbed my attention, a mix of the aforementioned music genre's styles, but somehow produced to be fresh and exciting by the genius Trevor Horn. That along with a controversial cover and explicit lyrics that led to the record being banned by a host of radio stations, only fuelled this particular (then) 18 yr old to purchase!

This double album could not come quick enough for me, we had to wait a whole year as 'Relax' and 'Two Tribes' and a multitude of remixes kept us entertained. When it did arrive we were more than ready. The title track took up one side of the original vinyl copy, a great sprawling epic over 13 minutes long which had us all singing 'who ha, who ha' on the dancefloor!

The cover versions are all excellently performed,
'Born To Run' especially got the Springsteen seal of approval!
'War' originally an Edwin Starr song about Vietnam is, I think better, with its killer bass line and Ronald Reagan narrative segmants which Im pretty sure Baz Luhrmann got the idea for 'Everbody's Free To Wear Sunscreen' from. We get a brief snipit of 'Ferry Across The Mersey' although not credited on the sleeve notes, and a reworking of 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose'. As for the original material excluding the single releases 'Black Night, White Light' is superior although I do like the musical chaos of 'Krisco Kisses'.

Of coarse the album comes to a close with probably the best Christmas ballad ever 'The Power Of Love' which has Holly Johnson reducing us to tears with this exceptional powerhouse of a song.

Frankie say Sex, War, Religion, Enjoy! Not bad for a fiver! Buy it.
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on 8 November 2011
A remastering of the original seminal classic album - Welcome To The Pleasuredome.

I remember as a schoolboy, going to Woolworths the day before this album was released back in the mid 80s and seeing that it had arrived on Monday but could not be put out until the Tuesday on which it was released. The lady behind the counter let me look at the sleeve before hand.
The next day I left with my copy and hurried home to play it on my Amstrad record player. Ah - the whole purchasing experience of walking to the shop, waiting in anticipation and the many years of joy this fantastic Trevor Horn produced and Steven Lipson engineered album brought.

I have two vinyl copies, then came the CD version (with a few diffrent tracks including Happy Hi instead of San Jose) then a CD version that was an exact mirror of the orginal.

This is great to have as the remastering has slightly re-equalised the original to make it sound slightly sharper (although it was always pretty good) and the extra CD just fills in a few final gaps in my collection.

ZTT & Frankie - you've now had all the money you're getting out of me! If you've never heard it - buy it on my recommendadtion. For all the bands I never got into - it's kind of my 'Dark Side Of the Moon' - which is coincidentally the name of the guitar solo in the middle of the title track. They always did have such great aspirations!
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2006
I for one don't like much of the music of the 1980s, but when it was good, it was very good, like music from any period in history. WttPD is a superb album; it would be churlish of me to fault it.

Lyrically it is frequently amusing, shot through with biting irony. The musicianship is excellent for an album of its type, and it remains one of the best produced albums ever made. Only the likes of Peter Gabriel have surpassed the stunning quality of the recording and mixing of this album (hats off to the inevitable Trevor Horn). Terrific use of the stereo soundstage, clean, staggering dynamics from both performers and the recording. It humiliates most modern recordings, and shows just how good Compact Disk can sound when it's not shackled by over-compression. And that's very good indeed. Who needs DVD-A or SACD when ye olde redbook CD can be done this well?

There are no standout tracks for me, because this album should be listened to just like that -an album. A concept album at that: this was the 1980s doing progressive rock, and it works. OF course, it has the legendary Relax and Two Tribes, and the suitably lengthy title track; the others are not space fillers though, but vital parts to the cohesive whole.

Forget genres. Forget music decades. Buy on an albums merits. This should be in any music-lover's collection. It's not leaving mine.
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on 5 June 2001
This album is magnificent. With twists and turns, strange tags, spooky tunes and a different style in every track, it will not disappoint! Two Tribes and Relax have lost nothing over time and are still very potent songs. The album is dark and strange, but beautiful too. Just listen to Power Of Love! There are other songs on there that are sung wonderfully... There's even opera! Welcome To The Pleasure Dome is strange, long, twisting through different rythms and sounds, which is the feel of the whole album. A must buy!
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