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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2012
Being a big fan of Freddy and the band since '73, i had hoped that this book would reveal things which were not generally known. Unfortunately it is not very well written and is just a mish-mash of anecdotes and the book is just as much about the author as it is about the subject matter. Very disappointed.
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on 4 March 2005
The most personal, affectionate, balanced -- sad and funny, good and bad -- account I have read about the complex and conflicted character that was Freddie Mercury. In his writing, Peter Freestone never waivers in his love for the man while never deteriorating into 'fannish' or 'star-struck' obsequiousness. He doesn't baulk at addressing the more difficult chapters, sees the humour in even the bleakest times and seems to have come through, if not unaffected, then at least unscathed and with his integrity intact.
The one question Peter Freestone didn't answer (and a lot of people might ask, 'who cares'?): did Freddie die alone?
Does it matter now? I guess it doesn't.
A genuinely interesting account.
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on 1 October 2009
For all freddie fans, they would of enjoyed seeing how freddie went about his life at home and on tour and this is a very good read and i would recommend it to anybody who wants to know more about freddie and the life he lived

Nobody can come near to matching Freddie for his musical style, he will be a legend forever
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on 29 March 2015
Long and drawn out account of Freddy's last few years. Focuses on the mechanics of the record business and name dropping and gives little insight into Freddy's personality or personal life.
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on 29 September 2002
I'm sure you'd get better enjoyment, and certainly more enlightenment, out of reading your local bus timetable. Really was a major disappointment for me. This book is a list. A list of places visited, a list of things seen. No insight whatsoever into what drove Freddie (nor, for that matter, the author).
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on 12 March 2011
First of all - this is NOT the book published in 2003, this is just printed for your order like a week ago thing with too white paper and too obvious printer quality printing :-( But the saddest thing is cover. If you hope it will look like what you see in the picture here - forget it! You will have the printing quality where Freddie's face is unnaturally RED. I think they could have warned people, that it's just a "hand-made" copy of the book printed for order, not the real 2003 publication:-(
About the book itself. I wasn't thinking about "Afterlife" meaning until opened it. In fact there is NO Freddie in the book. Because it starts with the day he died. And my personal opinion is that when instead of the text reading about the person you expected it to be, you find copies of countless riders and countless recipes of Freddie's favorite meals, you know I think that you better go and read "The intimate memoir". Or more better - Jim Hutton's book. If you really are expected to read about FREDDIE. I'm terribly sorry sounding so negative but I was fully frustrated with the book and didn't return it only because was too lazy and didn't want to put myself into all those postal worries again. Amazon did great job in quickly offering it and safely speedy shipping as usual. With that they are the best, as ever.
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on 25 March 2008
I'm not a Queen fan but I bought this book by "glücklicher Zufall" - happy accident, after literally stumbling into Freddy's statue in Montreux Switzerland. The Swiss just don't do statues and I was really touched as people came up to kiss and touch this fantastic image of Freddy in what became his adopted city.

Two weeks later in Paris (sorry for blatant name-dropping) I saw the book and bought it immediately. I wanted to know "the real Freddy Mercury" and with wife and kids away I plonked myself down eagerly looking forward to reading this "intimate memoir by the man who knew him best" (Cover page).

Oh dear. A great disappointment.

I found out about lots Freddy's taste in curtains, linens and bathroom fixtures, but precious little I didn't already know about the man. No dirt, no sleaze - not an issue for me, but I just didn't feel I knew this man any better even after 250 pages. It was just mundane and superficial anecdotes. Memorable tales? No.

Sorry Queen fans, there must be better biographies on the market.
But I would say to you - go to Montreux if you've not already been and see how the Swiss have have commemorated this great musician and entertainer. I think you'll enjoy your trip.
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on 6 July 2011
I'm a huge Queen fan and after reading Jim Hutton's 'Mercury and Me' I couldn't wait to dig into this. The claim that Peter Freestone is the man who knew Freddie best isn't a wholly inaccurate one so I thought that this would provide great insight. And it does, but all too infrequently. Want to know what bed linen Freddie preferred? Then read this book. Want to know what his favourite undies were? You'll find that here too. You will also learn a lot about the man himself but the book is so poorly edited and so many inconsequential information is thrusted upon the reader that you really have to dig deep to find the interesting stuff.
There are very few revelatory things included here, which is a huge shame really. Maybe Peter Freestone is too loyal to really dig the dirt on Freddie or maybe he was banished to the serving quarters when all the real fun was being had. Who knows? What I do know from reading this book is that we will probably not have a scathingly honest account of Freddie's life for a long time yet. Not that I want dirt necessarily but I would like to know more about who he really was.
If it seems like I hated this book then I apologise. I certainly didn't. I was just left somewhat disappointed at the end of it. It is a book is filled with facts and dates, anecdoted and tidbits of information but it never delves deep enough for my liking. Peter Freestone has actually made Freddie Mercury seem a little boring at times here. I never thought that could happen as Freddie was such a wonderful one-off but this book is devoid of anything really interesting. It is filled with heart but lacks character. Maybe Peter Guralnick will one day have a bash at the Queen legacy. Wouldn't that be wonderful? If not, then maybe Paul Gambaccini could delve into the music of Queen and Freddie and unearth some interesting treasures therein. Unfortunately, this book adds little to the legend. A shame indeed.
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on 24 March 2012
This book is written through rose tinted spectacles and would bore you to tears, if you want your biography to be warts and all then this is definitely not for you,more tea vicar?
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on 9 November 2014
Little more than a list of gigs, the crews and who else played. Very little about Freddy Mercury the man, until the last couple of chapters -' waste of money in my opinion
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