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2.3 out of 5 stars7
2.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2010
I started playing this game having heard only a few things about it, and all of them overwhelmingly negative. After finishing the game I gotta say I can see where they're coming from though I do not completely regret my time playing this. There are a few neat ideas on show and its not impossible to imagine how they could have been formed into a genuinely solid title though it's constantly apparent that the game was made on a very small budget and this has a negative effect on almost every aspect of the game.

It plays like a standard turn based jrpg with a few original ideas. The combat system is pretty unique and seems like it could work really well but is hugely unbalanced and becomes incredibly easy after the first hour or so of play. The way you're forced to alternate between magic and physical attacks seems like a good balance to begin with but not so long into the game you'll find some techniques that make it way easier to just use the physical attacks.
There are a significant number of magic attacks available and each enemy has their weaknesses so it seems a real shame that this is put to waste, as I found I only used two of them at the start and never had to use them again later.

The game is also feels really short, and at about 15 hours it is for an rpg. This affects the pacing of the game, most noticeably in the levelling. The game being as short as it is you'll find yourself levelling up very rapidly and an a single trip through the, kinda small environments, you'll go from being about the right level to take on the local enemies to being way overpowered.

The story is pretty decent. The shortness of the game kinda cramps its scope but its a good story and the characters are good, though the voice acting is questionable at times. Another dampener is that the cut scenes are all played out with static images. This wasn't such a major issue for me though, whilst some of the illustrations a quite nice, some of them were terrible and really look like they were drawn by one guy rushing to get through the games worth.
The graphics in the game play share much the same fate, decent character design and a kind of stylized look do ease to problems a little bit though the environments are really sparse and wouldn't look out of place on a handheld. The music I personally liked no memorable tunes but more ambient industrial sounds. They fit the tone of the game without ever being stand out.

Last Rebellion is not totally unplayable. There are a few nice ideas and interesting mechanics and it's not hard to imagine how this could have been a much more enjoyable game. The story was good and the ending genuinely satisfying, but you've got to get past the terrible presentation to get anything from it. Whilst short, the length did at least mean the game was over before any of the issues became too much of an irritation. If you can find it real cheap it might be worth a play through, though it's hard to recommend it over any of the other similar titles on PS3 at the moment.
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I know I usually go into a little more detail with these reviews, but there really is nothing else to add here other than this game is ugly to look at with upscaled PS2 level visuals and talking head still pictures "cut scenes". It's clunky and inaccessible to play with a confusing and poorly designed combat system, has some truly lazy exploration elements and some utterly dreadful sound work... there's just nothing to recommend here. Everything about it makes the whole experience feel like such a chore.

Sorry, but that's all I can tell you. I forced myself through 2 hours of this and have no desire to ever go back... and this is from a man who played through the entirety of Venetica recently.

There are too many far far better RPGs around for Last Rebellion to genuinely be worth consideration, so do yourself a favour and go pick up Demon's Souls or Eternal Sonata or something instead, you'll be much happier for it.
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on 14 April 2010
ok i can only post a limited review as i was too bored after a few hours play to get too far but, since no-one else has posted on this so far I'll offer what i can until someone with more experience of the game comes along. Basically I would suspect that, although this is promoted as a ps3 exclusive I would doubt very much if it was developed as such , since the graphics are of mediocre ps2 standard at best. The combat system is similarly dull - it breaks down enemies into sections - head, shoulder, right arm etc and you have to pick the order in which you will attack these with a simple numeric system until you figure out by trial and error which is the optimum order and is as dull and slow as it sounds. This is combined with some magic casting which isn't overly impressive although I quit too early in the game to be able to judge how well this levels up. I don't mind repetetive fights early on in a game too much - ff12, star ocean etc - but they at least have the advantage of being over quickly whereas here they seem to drone on for ages with little or no excitement to them and do not encourage long-term involvement in the game.
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on 29 April 2011
Before I bought this I read a lot of negative reviews about it. However, I also have read a lot of over-positive reviews about games that I really didn't like. Therefore, I gave it a shot. Overall, I am glad I did. This is a turn-based Japanese RPG. Therefore, I think you have to like that sort of game to start with. The story is quite OK but not really terrific. In a world controlled by two gods, one of life and the other of death, there are two kinds of fighters, blades and sealers. The story revolves around two of these who end up joined by a single soul. The duo then go off fighting various demons to try to save the world before the power of one of the gods is let loose. The battle system in probably the strong suite of the game. You have to work out the order of attack on each monster to optimise defeating it and use the skills of the blade and sealer alternatively to bring about any enemy's end. The game has no CGI or fantastic graphics like Demon's Souls but the 2D art is quite nice and there is a fair bit of subtle humour throughout the game. The biggest issue I have with it is that there is no resolution to the dilemma of the two characters being permanently joined (I hope that doesn't count a spoiler). Also, it is a very short game (for an RPG) and I completed everything in about 15 hours (and gained all the trophies. However, on this point I think that it could get a bit repetitive if it was too much longer. However, there are other RPGs out there with big names like Mass Effect 2 which I finished in about 20 hours. So, if you like a game what does the lentgh really matter? - especially as the price is now quite good. Lastly, this is a game that has some initial challeges till you learn the system but then ends up being one of the easiest games out there. So in summary, this is no Final Fantasy epic but it does make a nice change from some of the more demanding and over hyped games out ther.
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on 16 August 2012
Its not because its a turn based combat game that i dont like it,one of my favorite games ever is lord of the rings the 3rd age which has an excellent turn based combat system.This game though does not, there are no real skill tree's, you dont seem to get any more powerfull by leveling up, most of your spells dont have any effect on the enemy monsters and you just seem to die very often due to your inability it seems to protect yourself from enemy attacks(which can kill you very quickly when its 5 against 1).The attack system is very dull and is based on hitting body parts and some very unimpressive magic and not much else all its pretty boring, the voice acting is so poor it gives channel 5 movie actors a shot at winning an bafta and the story is dull, i got rid of it in about 2 hrs.Life was just ticking away so i would not recomend you wasting hard earned money on this title!
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on 20 November 2015
This game feels rough around the edges, unpolished and sometimes slightly unfinished; however, I kind of like it maybe because I have a high degree of tolerance of game flaws or because of some redeeming hard-to-figure out quality. The story is not the strongest point but it gets the job done as many other Jrpgs. I think what I liked the most about this game is the battle system where you have to figure out opponents' weak points and you can switch with another character for strategic and aesthetic purposes. By the way, I have played and owned many ps3 games but this is the only one I platinumed probably because it was relatively easy.
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on 2 June 2011
Dull graphics, boring game play. By the end of the first encounter I was already fed up with it! Save yourself some time and money and don't buy it!
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