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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than the rest
It's a refreshing change to see Lestat back in action, albeit in the background. Blackwood Farm revolves around the character of Quinn, an impulsive young lord full of life and exploration yet secrelty haunted. Sound familiar? Quinn is basically Lestat's younger brother which is why the majority of you out there will probably love this book.
Personally I feel that...
Published on 8 Jan 2003 by I Heart Books

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3.0 out of 5 stars A bit of classic Rice, with a few blunders.
Blackwood Farm, although written with Rice's typical enchanting vernacular is not quite up to par with her earlier works. Although I was glued to the book and finished it in a hurry, I did so because of the subtle forshadowing and hinting that is typical of a Rice novel. However, in Blackwood Farm, the climaxes are just not there. In her earlier works, it was generally...
Published on 6 May 2007 by JRGuitargeek

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blackwood Farm, 13 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Blackwood Farm: The Vampire Chronicles 9 (Paranormal Romance) (Kindle Edition)
The plot of this book is very good, a very imaginative vampire fiction. I would recommend it to anyone that has followed Anne Rice Vampires Chronicles .
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5.0 out of 5 stars Magical book, 31 Mar 2013
I don't know... book is written marvelous, all adventures, story of Quinn, action, not one boring sentence...but I simply didn't like how Quinn's life turn on. And Lestat's... but I don't like Quinn with Mona and Lestat with Rowan (which will happen in last book). Nein, Non, No, Ne, Nada. I will never accept these relationships. Besides... Lestat TWICE sad HE LOVES QUINN. And Quinn like a puppy runs to that Mona. Who needs mortal family when you are a vampire? Just go, hunt, visit countries, have money, do whatever you wish, but noooo... that silly boy sits with mortals. More pathetic than Louis.

Oh well. It is book. It is supposed to make you feel something and get opinion on it. I know because I'm a writer myself and I know I make same dramas, same revenges, same relationships that my readers gonna hate and love. But this is life, I know nobody would read a book where everybody would be happy and live forever same every day. So in story must be different characters, different life stories, different things to make book colorful and splendid. Well, if I read this book in A MONTH, it means it was ggood. Usually I read such thick books for half year because of damned many pages. But this one I just "ate". It simply had magic inside to call me home from work and make me read it. It had magic to make me live without food for hours because I simply couldn't put it down. Who needs food when you have more secrets to reveal? I think I need more such books to help me lose more weight.

So in conclusion, I was amazed by this book. I think it was best of all I read from this serie. It had enough action and secrets not to feel bored. It was enough interesting for me. I think it is first time in my life that I sit now and look on this closed book and think: "God, why you had to end so fast? Why you couldn't last forever?". And I am always glad to finifh book and take new, but this one... I said. It has magic inside that you cannot stop reading it. I really wouldn't mind if "Blackwood Farm" would be 700 pages more longer. I always get mad of books which have more than 400 pages, but not this one. No. I will miss it dearly... Oh well. I better should start "Blood Canticle". Maybe it will great too.
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5.0 out of 5 stars blackwood farm, 21 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Love anne rice and most vampires tales! Did not dissappoint but then none have so far! More please asap! X
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST SO FAR, 10 Sep 2010
I have read all the Vampire Chronicles in the order they have come out (except reading Lestat first as i thought because i have seen Interview - the film that would be sufficient - it wasn't but that's another story)

So after reading Armand's story and then Marius' in blood and gold, i was not sure what to expect. because the last two were a little less interesting - as most of both stories was known, i kind of could not wait to finish those to get to this one.

And was it worth the wait!!!

Quinn - I am not sure whether i like him always, but i feel for him a lot more than i have ever felt for Lestat. Somehow Rice's writing had evolved and it really absorbs you. Literally i cannot put it down.

I do not like horrors (why do i read vampire books? good question, but so far i have not found it a problem) but i have found myself really scared when Quinn ventures to the Sugar Devil Island, even screaming at the book to stop him doing something stupid...
When Quinn is in despair it makes me feel in despair and almost depressed. Remember Lestat's savage garden and the blackness and nothingness that had been eating away at him. Again, Quinn gets under my skin lot more than Lestat ever did, not sure why that is.

Goblin - Quinn's double, not sure again what to make of him and as i am only just past the middle of the book, i have not formed an opinion yet.

Lestat - it is good to have him back, didn't even realize how much i had missed him. And finally, after all he has been through he seems to have grown up and be a good guy. I am very pleased to read about Lestat again and cannot wait to see what they all get up to after Quinn has finished telling him his story...

I just really hope the ending is not going to leave me feeling a little disappointed and a bit like: HEY?! like some of the others did...

Oh and also worth mentioning - the way Rebecca dies in the story - terryfying and gruesome... But just one of those things you have to read through...

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is what started my addiction to Rice..., 10 July 2010
Oddly enough, this was the first Anne Rice book I read. Which is an odd place to start since it is almost the last one Lestat and Co. appear in.

That said, I loved it. As I had no prior knowledge of Lestat and the vampires world (apart from having seen the film) I was glad to find that I did not find any parts confusing or hard to pick up. There was no need for me to have read any of the others. This is what makes Rice's books so special I think, no prior knowledge is needed, just pick up and go!

The story was captivating and I love Quinn, he's such a deeply intense character and so well written that it is like he has become part of me.

I enjoyed every page of this book and I strongly recommend any Rice fan or new fledgling to pick it up and give it a go.
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3.0 out of 5 stars How to abandon a great idea, 18 Feb 2003
David Stewart Mckee "nights_dawn" (Glasgow, UK) - See all my reviews
This book has a great idea at the beginning. A vampire attempts to gain the help of Lestat to combat a supernatural being who has learned to consume blood. This young vamp is worried that the spirit, called Goblin, may end up possessing a body and create a new breed of vampires. However the book ends up as yet another whiney, "here's how I became on overly romantic, psuedo-gay vampire" monologue. Not that I have any objection to these stories but this is all Ann Rice has ever written and it is getting tired. I won't give away the end but suffice to say that really good idea is abandonded like one of the newer characters to the series. Ann Rice must redeem herself with the next chapter in this series or consign it to the bin.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Details, mere details, 12 July 2003
I really don't like Anne Rice. This makes it even more frustrating for me to discover that whenever I start one of her books, I can't put it down! I read Interview with the Vampire, and found it wordy, meandering, vague, in parts boring, and yet utterly compelling. The Vampire Lestat was the same, as was the Witching Hour. Each time I finished one of them I felt vaguely disappointed, and yet each time a new one came out I grudgingly bought it and read it!
And it's happened again! Blackwood Farm is an endless droning monologue, narrated by a real spoilt loser of a character. All the way through I'm wishing Quinn had been strangled at birth or would just stop drivelling and get on with it! It's Anne Rice's trademark obsession with detail which does it. Even though Quinn is a troubled soul, trying to pour out his heart to a strangely silent Lestat, he still remembers every button on every shirt, every wisp of hair, every bird tweet and shoe style. The net result is that it takes an age for anything to happen. And you can guess the ending by about one third of the way through! Once again I'm left with the same impression. I love the stories, but I don't like Anne Rice!
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5.0 out of 5 stars blackwood farm - continuing the legacy, 25 Jan 2003
It starts with Quinn, who is loved by everyone but his mother, and who has a deep passion for life, deeper love for all that he meets and a strange connection with his spirit double. fate takes a strange turn for Tarquinn Blackwood and a whole new life begins for him with his newfound foe Lestat. But can Quinn win this battle of his heart and what would eternity be like without his Red haired Mayfair beauty? Vampires and witches united, how strange can fate be, one way to find out read this and be impressed.
Read this and discover yet again that Anne Rice has out done herself for once again you are invited to glimpse the dark side of the beast and see how the other half live, but don't be so sure that there isn't another side because Anne writes so expertly as if she has had an inside glance into the world of the vampire.
so next time you are going about your business after dark beware and observe that stranger in the corner of the cafe or pub are they really what they seem?
Dare you to find out.
well done anne another master piece of the chronicles, can't wait for the next installment.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Another gripping read!, 27 April 2003
This review is from: Blackwood Farm (Paperback)
Anne Rice has done it again. Although slow to get started it was gripping and kept you guessing as to certain events right up to the end. Lestat is again present and this story has left me content that although my reading pleasure has ended, the conclusion was as it should be and I am now guessing as to how Anne Rice will blend these new characters along with the old faithful, Lestat and the Mayfair clan into her next page turner. It has been worth waiting years to find that the Mayfair family still exist!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Please complete these beautiful chronicles for yourself and don't let the negative reviews put you off., 28 July 2008
Ms. L. Pitchford (UK) - See all my reviews
This is a review for Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle as i think they must be treated as one.

This book along with the Blood Canticle is fantastic and part of the most amazing series of books I have ever read. I never normally do customer reviews but these books and chronicles have made me feel I had to say something about the bad reviews for these two final books of Anne Rice's Vampire chronicles as these reviews nearly put me off completing the chronicles which I am ashamed I ever considered doing.

I can not understand how people who have read all the other books can not take these books with the same love and appreciation that they surely felt for the previous books. Now I do agree with some of the comments made that Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle are not written in the same way as the previous chronicles but I do not think this lessons them in anyway if anything it just provides the reader with new dimensions of the much loved character of Lestat while also introducing us to other new and interesting characters and themes. I can't believe that anyone who read the first books could not take the new characters of Quinn into there hearts, to me he is very reminiscent of Lestats beloved Lewis but without the tormented soul. I also agree that the last two books do veer away from the main vampirism themes but Quinn tells his life story so beautifully that this again can be forgiven. I think the books only major downfall is the change in Lestats language especially in the Blood Canticle its quite distracting his use of modern words such as duds, dudes, hunny bunch is all very strange and I'm not sure why Anne Rice chose to add these in.

But overall these books are wonderful on so many levels being happy sad, dark, romantic, erotic, and so much more and I think them a more than a adequate end to the story of Lestat they show that he has lived, learned and grown from his experience's and you are left with the belief that he will as they say "endure", while still at the same time managing to get himself involved in many future adventures or troubles depending on how you look at it.

My only tip would be that you read these finally two books as if they where one read them in quick succession so that you can keep the flow and depth of the sorry continued from one book to the other.

I hope you all love these books as much as I did.
Blood Canticle (Vampire Chronicles)
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