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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars21
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2010
I originally bought series 1 to 3 and was impressed enough to buy all 22 episodes. The scripting and acting is excellent, and the personalities and frailties of the main characters are very well developed in each succeeding series. I found myself almost screaming at Detective Inspector Mike Walker (David Hayman) because he appears to lose sight of everything going on around him, except for the case at hand. His personal life is a train wreck and elements of this is trawled through in some of the earlier series. DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit) is Mike's female co-star, and she's no shrinking violet either. She's happier to kick the door in than ring the bell, such is her eagerness to sort it. The original "Wonder Woman" on steroids, she seems to hide unrequited needs not fully revealed, which makes for a level of mystique in this capable but highly complex woman. And then there's DS Satchwell (Dorian Lough), the hapless underachiever who seems to coast along under Mike's shadow, doggedly doing all the donkey work, without finess, depicting the average foot soldier commonly seen in most jobs.

David Hayman and Victoria Smurfit are excellent choices for their respective leading roles, giving convincing portrayals or some seriously flawed coppers. I consider this to be a first rate series.
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on 15 March 2012
After many years of collecting/waiting for the missing episodes to re-appear on television, I have managed to purchase the complete collection of Trial and Retribution. If you like Lynda La Plante's work, then this is for you. I do not have any favourite/least favourite episodes. Each story is a separate entity. As gripping as the next. The cast is brilliant; the scripts well composed and, attention to detail is second to none - in other words, the whole series has been well researched. I would happily recommend this complete collection to anyone who respects Lynda La Plante's work, and at [in this instance] a bargain price too. Thank you.
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on 19 April 2012
If you like Morse, Frost, Cracker, Lewis, Prime Suspect et al, you will LOVE this!

Brilliant acting, brilliant story lines and a very classy feel to the whole series.

I would recommend this to all lovers of murder mysteries.
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on 28 August 2015
This is a must-own box set if you are a fan of Lynda La Plante or crime drama TV series. In my opinion "Trial and Retribution" is one of the great crime series. It has wonderful acting, brilliant stories and you can tell everyone involved is very invested in the projects. David Hayman is superb as DCI Mike Walker, he is great in the leading role. The other police characters are good and the guest stars are always well chosen. The acting is one of the things that makes this show so special, but of course in equal excellence is the writing of Lynda La Plante.

The box itself is great, not too chunky considering it contains all 22 episodes. There are three seperate DVD cases that hold the discs (the first and second collection, the third and fourth collection and the fifth and sixth collection.) It tells you about each of the storie son the back which is a nice touch and I like the array of screenshots from different episodes. It's a very good set to have on the shelf next to the other crime series DVD's.

In terms of the quality of the show, I would say Trial and Retribution finds its feet immediately. The first three movies are very well written and acted, highly gripping. Trial and Retribution 2 is outstanding and my favourite in the entire series. The first and second collection DVD has eight three-hour long movies. That is something that is so unique and compelling about this show, the amount of time that is spent on the stories. Because of the long running times, it allows for great character development and time for the story to progress in a way that does not feel rushed. That is why some of the later films in the series fall flat. The running times are different for each collection. Each story in the first and second collection runs as said for 3 hours and over. The second and third collection episodes for 2 hours 30 minutes and the fifth and sixth collection episodes for 1 hour 30 minutes. So, basically, the episodes get shorter as you go along.

The third collection has two amazing episodes that are simply groundbreaking stories, which is "The Lovers" and "Sins Of The Father." The first story is very powerful but also disturbing. "Sins Of The Father" is my second favourite episode after Trial and Retribution 2, it's so well written and I was impressed by Walkers storyline just as much as the main plot. Brilliant. "Closure" is the final episode in the third collection which is not up to the standard of the other two. It's okay though. The fourth collection has the excellent "Paradise Lost", we connect with the main guest star which shows good writing and acting, a tragic story in many ways. The other two "Curriculum Vitae" and "Mirror Image" aren't my favourites though.

The series did really start to lose steam around the fifth and sixth collection in my opinion. The reduce in the running time didn't help because what made the series great was the personal lives of the main characters (along with the main story) which made it interesting. The characters issues are mostly shoved aside in these episodes and the films only have average plots. The only two good episodes of the last eight stories in my eyes is "Rules Of The Game" and "Tracks." "Tracks" was great, quite a compelling storyline with plenty of twist to hold the interest of the viewer. The writing just wasn't as good on the fifth and sixth collection DVD and the court parts were not as realistic as earlier episodes. I would still watch the fifth and sixth collection episodes if you're a fan but don't expect masterpieces.

The sound and picture quality is great on the DVD's too. It's a great set to own. For the most part, it's an intelligent, compelling and brilliant series. The first, second, third and fourth collections are the best ones, but if like me you are someone who likes to watch all the episodes then this set is must-buy. I had to give it a five star rating because when Trial and Retribution was at it's best it was a classic crime drama series.
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on 14 September 2012
Complete box set. Bought as a gift for my partner he is not allowed to watch it without me! Very enjoyable TV but I do find it quite frustrating that sometimes there is no confirmation that the guy who goes down did the deed. Still I suppose that real life is lie that too! Give it a go.
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on 29 April 2010
Trial & Retribution is the most interesting and nail biting series I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I would highly recommend this series to everybody who is interested in murder mysteries. I must also add that it is spellbinding (I couldn't take my eyes off the screen until the very end of each episode.
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on 2 August 2012
We love the series, but realised we had missed a few episodes. basically where a disc has 2 episodes on it, you cannot select which episode you want from the front menu. you can only view the second episode on the disc by selecting 'view all' and watching both, or fast forwarding to the second episode
its only a problem on box 3 of the 3 boxes included, as first 2 boxes only contain one episode per disc. so..............beware.
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on 30 April 2011
I was very disappointed to realise that there was no subtitle and as I am french and some actors speak very quickly and have got some accent... I don't understand most of what they say. I am not satisfied of this product.
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on 17 September 2012
"Trial and retribution" is entertaining, most realistic, and thought provoking. The actors are quite impressive. However, the series are also - alas - without any subtitles. This is stupid, not only for people with hearing difficulties (a growing specie) but also for people unable to understand occasional slang and funny accents. So unless one is profundly informed about various approaches of the English language, one will lose a lot of substance.
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on 26 January 2014
Lynda LaPlante's books are a guarantee for suspense on end, and so is this series based on her books. Hard, thrilling and
with the ring of truth as far as is possible with a TV-production.
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