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3.7 out of 5 stars772
3.7 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Waterproof Case|Change
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on 9 January 2011
The Veho Muvi camcorder is the smallest camcorder I know of that takes serious quality SD film. I use these camcorders for filming both Off and On road cycling events and and it really is an excellent camcorder for this purpose. It's size and weight mean that it's not going to cause any weight problems or obstructions while fit on the cycle. I use a heart rate monitor bike mount to secure the camcorder to my bike and 'O' seal rings (available from car suppliers) to secure the camcorder to the heart rate monitor mount. I have used this camcorder to film Road Races, Cyclo Cross, Mountain biking and Time Trials and not had a problem with the adapted bracket (HRM Mount) yet. The film quality is not up to broadcast standards but if you are using it with a standard definition camera it's fine. I have tested several of these and on average the battery will last about 70 minutes on a full charge I match this with a 4GB micro SD card which will record about 80 minutes of film on the camcorder so they are well matched. The camcorder is not waterproof but it does come with mini rain cover that has protected my camcorders in very light rain so far. There is an actual waterproof casing now on the market that can be purchased for full water protection as an after sales item, but I have not test one. The camcorder is supplied with a bundle of mounts which are useful, but I tend to adapt cycle light mounts and other rigours mounts for mounting the camera to my cycle. When Veho make a true HD camcorder of this size I'll be the first to buy one but for now if you don't mind SD quality this little gadget is about the best camcorder of it size and price out there for cyclists (My opinion). The included software is not really needed to use the camcorder all you need is a usb cable (included) for charging the camcorder and transferring files. I use a micro SD card reader to transferee files as it's simple, just drag the files onto the hard drive once open and view the files in windows or in Quicktime if using a Mac computer. I use these on both Mac and PC's with no problem. Only thing with a Mac it's best to reformat the micro SD card after transferring the files to your hard drive otherwise you tempoarily loose the storage spacetaken up by the video files on the card until you do. A HD version at this size would be perfect, but for now this camcorder is about as good as they come in SD format for it's size.
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on 27 October 2009
I am really impressed with the capability of this "tiny" camera. Its not just compact but also really easy to use with very intuitive switches and buttons a real "plug and play" set up (even on Vista) with a simple drag and drop facility.

The video quality is very good with very little motion blur (see below) and the run time is acceptable (although in the cold winter mornings, you can cut the time by TWO THIRDS!).

Good points

* Cheap (for an action Camera). Being under £100 makes this a vital tool to ensure a little extra safety on my commute each day, there are plenty of Plus £100 cameras around that have nowhere near the quality and capability of this camera
* Light, Its built of sturdy metal and feel solid, but as it is so small it is very light and sits on a cycle helmet/head band without you even noticing the weight.
* Very, very, very small (have I mentioned the size!!)
* Simple to use (even for a fat fingered oaf like me)
* Simple to set up (just plug it in the USB, and it appears as a drive on the PC)
* Robust and sturdy design, made of solid and chunky metal not plastic
* Vox setting (voice control, a simple slide switch to turn's the camera into an auto record unit)
Bad Points

* Initially very jerky...this was solved by the addition of a higher class memory card than the standard (that the camera ships with). I didn't realise that storage cards record at different rates and the rate at which this camera produces images is effectively quicker than the standard card can burn. A new class 6 SDHC card works wonders and produces really good, smooth results

* 30 minute record segments. The camera stops recording after 30 minutes. However, if you switch on the vox setting the camera automatically starts recording again without any need to push buttons or "restart" (I use the camera to record a 60 to 90 minute commute and it never misses a beat).
* Weather proofing......well, it isn't....... so it wont stand up to rain and water (no water sports I'm afraid) even the "Extreme sports " pack's rubber cover/gator is pretty useless as the camera will not sit in any of the provided mounts with the gator fitted...very poor design of this component in my opinion. However the sports pack does excel in the provision of a multitude of very secure and very simple mounts for all other applications (motorcycle, cycle, car, head cam, climbing, skating etc etc)


The camera's use is massively enhanced by the additional "Extreme sports pack". To be honest, it's a little useless without it. The sports pack is a little costly, However the camera itself is pretty cheap so the two combined still cost less than most action cameras.

The SD card that the camera ships with is not (in my opinion) up to the job and creates jumpy and jerky (almost wobbly) footage. I really recommend the acquisition of a good High class card to replace the standard (costs about £10 to do so)

In addition, software shipped with the cam includes WEB cam software, I've yet to play with this but allegedly its plug & play .....and if the use-ability of the camera is anything to go by, then the webcam set up should be very straight forward.
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on 23 June 2011
I bought this kit hoping to be able to mount the camera in a variety of situations, but in my opinion this kit is very poorly thought out and the plastic used is very flimsy so won't stand up very well if knocked about.

- The 'clip' mount is exactly the same as the one that comes with the camera already. Probably useful to have as the clip itself is very flimsy, also the spring is weak so it doesn't have much 'grip' power and isn't very secure anyway.

- The 'T' shaped mount (surface, helmet etc) is a little better though it is hard to mount to a curved helmet. Also it is susceptible to vibrations which cause the video on the muvi to break up as the mount wobbles back and forth.

- The ball/socket mount is probably ok for mounting to a car dashboard with velcro or something but again it wouldn't take much of a knock for the camera to move out of its original alignment. Plus you have to use a clip mount with it which again makes the whole rig much less secure and more likely to move about.

- The 'protective silicone skin' is pointless as you can't use it with ANY of the mounts. All you can do is thread a strap through it. Plus it doesn't really offer any protection at all.

- The carry bag is a duplicate of the one already included with the camera.

- The arm strap is an odd design, I see how it is *supposed* to work but with the weak clip mount I can't see how you could usefully mount the camera safely in the correct orientation. You'd definitely want to add a safety lanyard if using this. Plus it's a little on the small side I think.

- The elasticated strap is probably the most useful part - but only if you have a cycle helmet with holes or the design of your helmet means the strap can't ride up (and you don't have a visor to get in the way). You could probably use it just on your head ok.

- The 'velcro' straps are of a weird double sided design which makes them pretty much useless as far as I can see. Perhaps someone else has worked out a way of using them? Please let me know!

This kit would be MUCH better if:

- It didn't duplicate items that already come with the camera itself.

- it included a proper side mounting.

- and/or a proper 'bar' mounting (yes I know there's one available separately).

- and/or a tripod screw thread mounting.

- proper velcro straps would be far more versatile.

- The crocodile clips actually had some 'bite' to them and weren't made of cheese.

If you check out the web there are lots of people making up their own custom mountings for the muvi. This kit doesn't really work if you're trying to mount to a large helmet or one with a visor that comes up over the top. I think Veho should really go back to the drawing board with this, and ask people who partake in 'action sports' what they really need as a mounting solution. It's a shame as the camera is really small and neat. I'll have to devise my own mounts as none of these really work for me.
review image review image
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on 4 October 2009
I bought this to use with my motorcycle, mountain bike, and to try a few hidden cam shots. I think the sports pack covered just about every situation spot on. I did make a few adjustments to use the hidden cam as this due to placement difficulties. The straps do the job well and I have had good results with no fear of the camera falling off. I was a little annoyed about the silicon case though, you can't use it with the bracket as its not designed to fit, or at least i couldn't get it to fit. Appart from that its worth the purchase although 20 pounds is a little steep. 8/10 for me
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on 27 October 2009
If you are contemplating getting hold of the VEHO Muvi mini cam, then this pack is an absolute "must-have" purchase.

The Muvi is undeniably a fantastic bit of kit but is almost useless in any real application without the ability to Mount the camera. If you want to ride, climb, ski, skate, walk, hop skip or jump...then none of this is possible without mounting the camera someplace on your body (or clothing).

The Extreme sports pack contains a selection of Velcro bands (double sided), straps head belts clips, standard and magnetic mounts and cases that will allow the camera to fit securely in just about any situation. Whether you want to mount the camera to a cycle helmet, a motorcycle helmet, your forehead, your ski jacket or just set it up in the corner of your room (ahem) then this pack contains all the required bits and bobs

Good points
* Fantastic addition to the camera
* All mounts are simple to use
* All mounts are really secure with solid clicking of the camera into place
* All mounts are light weight and add no real weight to helmets etc so you will forget you are wearing a camera at all.
* All straps are really well thought out and designed to work to their best (with double sided bits and thin ends etc) me, it all makes sense when you get the box open...honest!

Bad points
* A bit pricey...but then the camera is pretty cheap.
* Rubber weather proof skin is useless...sorry, its just a bad does not "weather-proof" the camera at all, at best it just protects it from scratches and when fitted, the camera does not fit into ANY of the mounts supplied, so its just a gator for wrapping around the camera when you want to leave it on your dining room table..."Gnarly dude, lets go do some extreme dining room stuff"..... you get my point


Don't buy the Muvi without this pack, its an absolute must (the clue was in the title)
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on 5 November 2009
From the reviews of other similar products I didn't have my hopes raised too high for this one. I was wrong. It's solidly built and well presented and the video quality in daylight is comparable to my Sony handycam. (if you prop it up and leave it to record.) artificial light sees quality drop dramatically, but what do you expect for the price. On the con side. buy the 8GB optional card as the one enclosed only gives 40 mins recording max and the instructions are a little on the sparse side. On the whole a great buy.
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on 27 August 2014
I bought one of these cameras to use as a helmet cam. Let's start with the pros and cons:

- OK, image quality in daylight (720p).
- Clip mounting included.
- It's very small size makes the cam easier to carry than a GoPro.
- Decent range of accessories including various types of mounts (requires optional sports pack).
- Waterproof housing available (optional item).
- Can record approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes of video (8GB card)
- The sound activated recording feature is actually pretty cool and works reasonably.
- The cam comes with a Standard USB to Mini USB adapter and a little bag that is just big enough for the cam with clip attached, a Micro SD card adapter and the USB adapter.

- The cam only comes with a 4Gb card even though the cam can handle an 8GB one.
- Would it have killed Veho to include a Micro SD to SD adapter? It is *WAY* faster than the cable connection.
- The cam will only work as a webcam with Windows (which sucks for Mac/Linux users like me).
- Transferring files over the included cable is sloooooooooow.
- Audio quality is poor (full of noise).
- The software that was included was underwhelming to say the least.
- It does not seem to be possible to change the default sound triggered recording time (2 min).
- As far as I know the cam cannot take snapshots without external software.
- It would be kind of cool to be able to hook the cam up to an external sensor for use as a critter cam (wildlife observation).

My €0.02:
It's a nice cam if, like me, all you want to do with it is stick it on your head and film yourself charging down a mountainside on your bike or strap it to your shotgun during while dusting clay pigeons in which case the poor audio quality won't matter so much since you'll probably dub over the soundtrack with heavy metal music anyway. I also use this camera an improvised dash cam in my car. The non removable timestamp is a bug if you want this cam for civilian uses but a feature if you want it for professional reasons (i.e. you are a cop, security guard, etc.) since you get evidence quality recordings. The OS support just plain sucks, the camera will not work as a webcam with anything other than Windows which is a major bummer since hooking it up to an embedded computer like Raspberry PI would open up all sorts of possibilities (such as multiple dash-cams with GPS data overlay, using the cam with Robot OS to convert your RC plane/car into a robot or a drone... and that's just what I can think of in 3 seconds). The sound triggering feature works well enough even if one does not seem to be able to lengthen the default recording time of 2 minutes (longer if another spike of 65 db or more is received before the 2 minutes are up). Testing this feature by putting it on a table in my living room filming the wall I found that after over 12 hours the Camera was still reacting to sound triggers which makes this cam potentially useful for trapping thieves and trespassers (human or animal). I recommend buying this cam with a Micro SD to SD adapter, especially if you, like me, have a Laptop who has a built in SD slot since it shortens the time it takes to download videos off the Micro SD card by a factor of 10. Downloading 1.2Gb of video took 18 minutes over a cable, using the below Micro SD adapter (which comes with an 8Gb Micro SD card) it took about a minute: Kingston 8GB Micro SD HC - Class 4

P.S. As others here have pointed out you can set the time by creating a file named time.txt containing the time in this format: 'YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss'. Put the file in the root of the Micro SD card's file system and restart the device. The file should now be gone and the camera's internal clock should be set.
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on 9 September 2009
Bought for my hols. in france cycling, when mounted on the handlebars it suffered from extreme camera shake with very shaky vids so i mounted it on my cycle helmet where it performed very well with stable video,the only problem i found was that the sound quality outside is very bad but the picture quality was excellent
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on 29 January 2010
Used this for the first time the other day, just clipped it to the top of my safety vest. Really impressed with teh quality (this video is rendered down to FLV the original file size was 899mb AVI and really pin sharp with good colour. I have just started biking and reviewing footage like the attached helps me to see if I am riding as well as I could be - road position etc, also lets me highlight other drivers doing silly things so I can improve my observationn skills.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 February 2010
I have not tried this underwater as I bought it to be able to use the camera fixed to my motorbike in all weathers. It looks like it will keep the water out and is quite well made. There are however a couple of snags.

Firstly the, so called, tripod bush on the base of the case is not a tripod bush. It is a metric thread so will not fit the old imperial thread used on all tripods. This is annoying as I will now have to make some sort of adaptor to fit it to the camera mount I have on my bike.

Second. The case has a start/stop button but no on/off so it is necessary to turn the camera on before placing it in the case.

Third. Compared with the price of the camera this seems a little pricey
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