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4.6 out of 5 stars82
4.6 out of 5 stars
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 February 2010
The first time I experienced the sound of OneRepublic was when I heard the Timbaland- remix of "Apologize" (he actually have a remix of a song from "Waking Up" on his new album). I couldn't get the sound and music out of my head, which resulted in a purchase of their debut "Dreaming Out Loud". And since I really liked this album I was quite excited when I picked up that they were working on their new album. How was this going to be? Would they keep going down the same road from their debut or would they keep on developing their own sound and musical image? Or would they just be another one of those that you simply forget after their debut?

Luckily, Tedder and the rest of the band, as far as I'm concerned, have decided to keep on developing and exploring their own sound with "Waking Up". And the result is impressive; on "Waking Up" you will find a song for every singel moment of the day. Since the first time I listened to the album and to this very day, "Waking Up" has been on repeat for nearly every singel day during this period. And as mentioned; much of this is because the band dares to explore their own musical image and take the whole thing to the next step. I think that the musical painting this album and the songs it represents is more independent, more exploring and starts of where the first album stopped and paints a much more exiting picture. And by this I mean that the production and the muscial and the artistic side of the album represents more self-confidence and work all the way through concerning who the band is and what they wish to represent.

And as I mentioned; is it early in the morning, are you going to work, chilling out at home or getting ready to hit the town - "Waking Up" contains a song for every moment of the day!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Ryan Tedder writes very good pop songs
and OneRepublic perform them very well.

This second outing is, if anything, an
a stronger showing than their 2007 debut
album 'Dreaming Out Loud' but there are a
few problems which still need ironing out.

Mr Tedder knows his way around a big tune
and a memorable hook-line and there are
many worthy specimens in this collection.

There is an anthemic quality to this music
born out of the multi-layered harmonies and
big, echoing, four-square percussion patterns.
'All The Right Moves' and 'Secrets' are both
stadium-sized illustrations of their manifesto.

The occasional and judicious use of strings adds
depth and atmosphere to some of the arrangements.
'Fear' is a particularly good case in point.
Elsewhere they are an unnecessary decoration. Their
bloated presence on 'All This Time' is truly horrible.

'Everybody Loves Me' breaks away from the dominant
formula to deliver a simple good-natured rock song.
The chorus is a tad hackneyed truth-be-told but it
scrapes through by the skin of its teeth.

'Missing Persons 1 & 2' needed finer attention to
detail in the tuning department (unless the effect
is intentional!) but still manages to be one of
the most distinctive compositions on the album

Once in a while things get a bit overblown however.
The jangling guitar and wailing vocal of 'Waking Up'
is a little too close for comfort to the sound of
a certain internationally known Irish rock band.
The concluding instrumental coda is extremely banal.

Final track (not counting the "extras") 'Lullaby' is perhaps
the project's finest moment. A lovely, uncluttered song which
gives Mr Tedder room to show off his elegant falsetto.

A bit of a mixed bag but the best of it deserves a listen.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 23 November 2009
I absolutely loved 'Dreaming Out Loud' and was looking forward to their new album, and stumbled across it on wikipedia but was slightly surprised that it is only available to download until january when the album gets released. However, it is a very worthy buy! My favourite tracks are - All The Right Moves and Secrets.
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on 6 April 2011
As a big fan of the 1st album, it made sense to me to buy the deluxe edition of the sophomore effort with a bonus enhanced CD. This album must have received little publicity because I only discovered it was out after seeing the video for All the right moves on a music channel and then going to the bands website. I was definitely excited for a new album after being so impressed at the amazing Dreaming out loud and being a big fan. After I'd heard All the right moves I realised that the band had made a change in the style of their music, but at the same time it still sounded great. I thought the album was cleverly titled as a follow up to Dreaming out loud.

With this album the band made a change to make what I would call less emotionally deep music. Ryan says on the making of documentary that with the 1st album he felt like he had to be so genuine and wear his heart on his sleeve, but with this album, after making fresh music for the 1st time in years, Ryan wrote songs for entertainment. This is where the change really lies in that some of the songs are there just as feel good tunes like Made for you, Everybody loves me and even the title track. These songs can be interpreted as being about a musician/artist's life, whereas the songs on the debut were definitely 100% emotion and I think that's why I could relate to so many of them and why I love that album. I wasn't as impressed with this album on the 1st listen, but once I got past the expectations of OneRepublic's music as being really heartfelt I do enjoy this album, and the music is still genuine and real.

The first track Made for you is probably one of my favourites with a great sound which embodies what a lot of the songs are trying to say; that you should enjoy life. It still has that great OneRepublic sound with driving piano and great song writing from Ryan. I wasn't massively impressed with the choir with the lead-up to All the right moves, but it's not bad and I can see why the band would use that. All the right moves (the 1st single) is a catchy track with a pessimistic sense of life in the lyrics but is cool. Secrets is another of my favourites and sounds so great. I really thought this song was sincere as I interpreted it as literally giving all your secrets away, but even though Ryan says it's about the music industry it's still amazing. Everybody loves me is a rock sounding song which talks about celebrity life and I'm amused at the cool arrogance of the lyrics. This is where you can see how much the band have changed in style and moved on. Missing persons 1 & 2 is a 2 track song and one of the most mellow. Ryan said it's one of his favourites but I wouldn't say the same. Good life I think is the best song on the album and my favourite. It has an incredible sound to it and as soon as the whistling intro comes in I was won over by it. It's a hugely positive song compared to All the right moves and a feel good tune. All this time is remisiniscent to me of All we are, and I do quite like it. Fear is definitely a song I enjoy with a driving Cello sound and piano rhythm. I think pretty much everyone should be able to relate to this. Waking up is probably the most diverse song on the record and the guitar sound is pretty awesome so I can see why it's Drew's favourite. It's got a somewhat aggressive vibe to it but it sounds so good. The main song is only 3:30 and the next 2 minutes is all instrumental, but as I've seen someone else say - if you can't enjoy their classical side you don't appreciate OneRepublic in all their glory. Marchin on is another great sounding and upbeat song so it's no surprise it was chosen as a single. It's an inspirational song about getting through life. I prefer the album version to the single version too. Lullaby does have a beautiful sound with the backdrop of cello and sounds so peaceful. The 2 bonus tracks make for interesting listening with Sleep being a great tune reminding me of Something ain't right here. Shout I believe is a cover song which is performed live but a good track nevertheless.

The bonus enhanced CD has a great insightful documentary about the making of the album and how the band approached things so differently this time; renting out a house in Denver to record the album. The band talks about their career and I love how sincere Ryan is saying he risked his career on the success of Apologise. The 4 tracks in my opinion are not as great quality as the album tracks but are good songs. I recognised the names of a couple of them so I'm guessing they're from the band's back catalogue. Passenger is my favourite with awesome piano and guitar riffs. It's a shame is much more acoustically based and sounds more like their early material. Trap door is pretty mediocre but not bad. Sucker punch is a catchy tune about a breakup.

Ryan and the rest of the band show a different side to their talent on this album. The band chose a different style and approach with this album and even though I prefer the debut this is not an album to be missed.
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on 15 August 2010
For alot of people, these guys are just one hit wonders (apologise) or two hit wonders if you accept stop and stare was a hit.

But, One Republic are one of the best new bands about in recent years.. their debut Dreaming Out Loud was good but it was a little patchy. This set is alot more self-assured/ confident and more cohesive as a result... ultimately, it's got the edge on their debut..

It seems Tedder and co. have learnt from the debut what worked well and honed in on it.

They have found themselves their own sound and stuck with it... at times, Dreaming Out Loud seemed to sound like just another American rock band. But Waking Up has that unmistakable Tedder production sound to it. There is defintely a greater air of confidence because they sound more experiemnetal and edgy on tracks like Everybody Loves Me or Missing Persons 1/2. They simply hadn't the confidence first time out to veer to far away from the the typical american indie/ rock band sound.
Now they do, and the album is much more interesting as a result.

The album flows alot better as a result of this sticking to their own sound too.

Stand out tracks for me:
Good Life - my personal fave, such a great upbeat life-is-good anthem.
Secrets and All This Time - both are really great ballads.
Marchin On- Timbaland collaboration again this time, this has a great beat to it, very anthemic ... you can see these guys blasting anthems like this out in a stadium.
Fear- a really great slow burner, very soothing.
All The Right Moves; really catchy, great up tempo track
Everybody Loves Me- great guitar riff, shows the bands edgier sound.

I guess the only thing i can fault them on is the choir reprise of Made For You after it has ended- what were they thinking?

All in all, I have this album since December last yearand i have to say i keep returning to it because it genuinely is that good and it certainly is a stronger album that their debut... definetly recommend it to all soft- rock / indie fans..
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on 26 December 2009
Waking Up is the follow up to Grammy Nominated piano-rock band OneRepublic's debut album Dreaming Out Loud. It has already been a successful in the US getting to #22 in the Billboard Top 200 albums! You might of heard about this band before after teaming up with super-producer Timbaland on the most downloaded song ever Apologize. They also had hits such as Stop & Stare and Say(All I Need).

OneRepublic's front man Ryan Tedder isn't also the producer(except Deluxe Edition songs) and writer(except from Shout) of the album! He is also an award winning song writer penning songs such as Bleeding Love, Happy(Leona Lewis), Halo(Beyonce), Battlefield(Jordin Sparks), Do It Well(J.LO) and many many more!

The new album opens with the track Made For You starting with a fun rocky sound and ending with a child choir giving it a quirky sound. This song is then followed by what will be the first single off the album All The Right Moves which I was able to listen to 35 times in a row without getting bored of it! This song is sure to be a success in 2010. Other notable tracks on the album include Secrets, Everybody Loves Me, Good Life, Marchin' On and most importantly the 6 minute long title track Waking Up, the rockiest song on the album with 3 minutes pure rock and a 3 minute symphony! The album ends with a blissful song Lullaby which you could ironically fall asleep to.

The album purely shows the reinvented sound of this band!
This album blew me away! 5 Stars! Must Download! Watch out 2010!
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on 17 December 2009
I just got this album from iTunes and have been listening to it non stop for the last couple of days. I really liked One republic's first album and it felt forever till the second one came out. Ryan Tedder is extremely talented musician and I love they way he twists the pop rock by adding variety of other instruments and melodies. I must say that Waking up is a great album I think it is better than Dreaming Out Loud. There are many songs which I see as singles hitting the charts.

I love the extra melodies that some of the songs carry may be because for me that's what sets One Republic apart from the rest of pop rock bands. Indisputably "All The Right Moves" is the best track on the album but closely followed by "Secrets", Good Life and Made For you. But overall all tracks are strong even the 2 last tracks at the end which true are different from the rest but does not mean they are not good enough.

Great album! Worth buying for sure!
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on 11 March 2011
Opinions vary about this album and how it follows a successful formula based upon numerous influences, U2 etc and the BBC review even went as far as to describe the track 'Secrets' as sounding like an advertisement for a new car! Well as we all know, we are entitled to an opinion but i've always thought that 'good' music is what makes us feel good, gets our feet tapping and prompts us to sing along with a song. 'Waking up' by One Republic does all of these things for me, i loved it. I don't pretend to be a musical expert but i would suggest that it would be a valued addition to anybodies collection. Ok, there are some weak tracks as you will find on any CD, the title song does go on a bit too long but you can forgive that when you hear 'All the right moves', 'Secrets','Made for you' and my personal favorite 'Good life'. Give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed.
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on 25 December 2009
I bought the CD two days agao and haven't stopped listening to it since. For me this is an amzing CD. I love it much more than their first CD 'Dreaming out loud' - which I by the way absolutely love as well.
Waiting nearly two years for the follow up a lot of expectations are set on this and they have not disappointed me. The CD contains 11 songs, which are all more or less amazing. Of course that is up everyone to decide themselves. my favourites are Secret, Waking Up, Marching On and Fear.
They managed to keep their 'oneRebublic' sound throughout the CD, which they already had on the first one.
If you liked the first CD from them, you will most likely love this one as well. if you were not much a fan of 'Dreaming out loud' chances are pretty good you won't like one either...
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on 17 December 2010
Having only heard (and enjoyed) the Timbaland remix of Apologise a year or two ago, I listened to this out of sheer curiousity via the entertainment system on a long-haul flight. Let's just say I left it on a loop for the rest of the flight - and ordered the album as soon as I landed.

What's strange is that no one track is particularly memorable on its own - which makes them sound fresh and enjoyable each time I play the album. The lyrics are instantly forgettable, but the sound and vocals are nothing short of stunning. I'm also a complete sucker for sweeping string arrangements and a few tracks deliver this in spades.

Fantastic! More please, Mr Tedder!
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