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3.3 out of 5 stars37
3.3 out of 5 stars
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 13 November 2010
Obviously things were learned from playing Fifas and games like that. Games just remain pretty much the same but are advertised to have loads of new stuff (in this case, a new cover and "2010" on it).
It really seems like deja vu, like playing UFC 2009 again.

Subs are still frustrating which kinda makes you want to punch and kick all the way to the top, but if you're caught in a sub attempt, might as well quit. Career mode still a bit frustrating from all the time consuming bs and load screens.

Already gathering dust in a shelf...
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on 19 July 2014
Ufc Evolving in real life and in games, great playing against mates , single player gets a bit dull and they are struggling to capture the importance of a ground GAME
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on 17 August 2012
I've had many hours of fun with this game and would recommend it . Had any fun features with it including the free fights and others...
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on 7 February 2013
Just seat, start playing and you won't get up again. Just a great game to play, and the graphics looks real...
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on 3 December 2012
Fantastic game to play , great value & ive had hours of enjoyment playing this game , very good product .
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3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 4 June 2010
First of all anyone who played the first game will know this is not your typical fighting game. The moves are complex and the knockouts can occur from one punch at an time...

Some people argue that this isn't 'realistic' well I'm afraid it is. The gloves the fighters wear in the UFC are much thinner and with each fighter sporting hard casts underneath one punch will knock you out.

I've played this game a lot since i bought it and haven't experienced one glitch or flaw and even the loading times seem pretty fast. I think for fans of MMA and the UFC this is the real deal but those who want a simple arcade game will be disappointed. The Title Defense Mode is a nice touch and the fighters seem much more well rounded in this one. You can no longer pick Chuck Liddell and expect a walk in the park.

Long story short - MMMA & UFC fans will no doubt love this game. Casual gamers will probably not like the quick knockouts and the complexity of some of the submissions and transitions.
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2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 August 2010
Last years installment by no mistake set the bar for MMA games. A distant memory past of UFC Throwdown, Sudden Impact, Tapout, and of course the excellent Pride FC game for the PS2 is all most MMA fans had to satisfy their gaming itch for the sport. Enter Undisputed 2009, a brilliant game encompassing the strategy and skill of the fastest growing sport in the world. Well, where to go from there? Improving what was wrong with it of course, and what was wrong with it has for the most part been adjusted here.
Firstly though, on its own merits 2010 looks phenomenal. The fighters move far more like their real life conterparts than 2009, and move sets are indivdual so as to avoid generic kickboxer vs wrestler fights that primarily made up 2009's fights. Animations are solid and although there is some clipping and collision detection imperfection, it far from detracts from the otherwise pristine gloss of the presentation.
The game modes are comprised of your general exhibition mode, along with a career mode and special modes such as tournament, which flashback to the early days of the UFC. The career mode is miles better than last year, with you even starting off outside of the UFC, fighting for the WFA. However, the career mode boils down to a menu orgy, with little more depth than rinse and repeat. You must assign points you've earnt through dire training mini games to your character from the off, with an initial career fighter that moves slower than a quadraplegic out of a bean bag, and punches with less authority than a Community Support Officer. So yes, a little shallow and repetitive.
As I was saying with regard fixing the last games problems, clearly career mode was not one of the problems fixed, but things such as swaying are included in 2010, fighting against the cage and about a million extra submissions to flesh out the ground game. And what a ground game it is this year, last year's may have been little more than a series of canned animations, but this year it really feels like a fight. You fight for position, you fight for posture and when you finally land a punch it shakes the ground more than your average Haiti death toll. The problem though, it's nearly impossible to get a submission against the computer. I've mabye managed it once or twice in nearly 700 fights. Granted I fight on expert so it should be tougher, but not impossible. It causes you to fight for the knockout each time rather than fighting like a true mixed martial artist. The worst part is of course that this was not problem last year, and must be rectified for 2011, particularly with the competition that is EA MMA on the horizon.
I would certainly give a hearty and honest reccommendation of this game to anyone interested in fighting games, or those who appreciate strong strategy and skill in their games. There is no need to reccommend this to MMA fans as I know they've already bought it by now.
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2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 9 July 2010
UFC 2009 was a great game for the ps3, packing in all the raw adrenaline and excitement of mixed martial art's fighting, so could THQ push forward and give the series a knockout, lets find out......

So a little background for those of you unaware to the sport, the ultimate fighting championships is a mixed martial arts fighting competiton, where competitors from all over the world to take part in some of the most brutal fights on TV.

Starting off with the main mode, Career. This takes place over 11 years and lets you rise from trainee to champion.
This has been really re-worked since 2009 which had a poor e-mail based system for fights and that you could also not be much of a mixed fighter, thankfully thats gone and you can now create a character which is really varied in their abilities to take on opponents.
You can attend special camps to learn new moves and hone your skills, levelling up your characters abilities all the time whilst doing so. This really feels a lot more rewarding and like you are getting somewhere without having to just do fights, as well as giving the career a more story feel rather than grinding fights to win a title.

One complaint with the camps though is that it beleives the player has a good knowledge of what moves are and what there advantages are, whilst some are obvious like a high kick or superman punch, the grappling moves or ground moves can be a bit more difficult and so you dont want to learn them just to see what they look like, it wastes your time if your aiming for a certain style. A simple tutorial would have helped this along immensely or a short AI video of what the move done. This is the same when you are doing basic training or sparring, there's no real tutorial to help you learn the game. This leads to a long time spent learning on your own what buttons do and why their good, and this is time wasted because it's not that fun to struggle when you want to be playing the game.

You see, the stats in the game are pretty dynamic they actually have a "Decay system" , what this means is that if you don't do your training your levels decrease , this also applies to failings in training. So it doesn't take a genius to see if a new person to the series takes up the game , it will be heavily frustrating that they can increase their attributes because they don't know what to do, not only that but the coaches reactions are either "good job" or " your doing it wrong" not particularly helpful.
But once you get the hang of it , the progression through the levels is good. Starting off at promotional events and attempting to get taken on by the UFC, you then move up to the fight night shows and eventually into the world of pay per view, as well as press conference's and cut scenes let you see how your popularity is rising.

The fighting is probably the most important part of the game and apart from what I have already mentioned , it is very good when you get to grips with it.
The game now has a "Sway system" much like Fight night round 4, this allows you to have more movement in the player, ducking and weaving punches and looking for the perfect moment to strike. But also like Fight night the connection of punches and kicks isn't a simple hit or miss, punches can glance of blocks making the game feel more realistic , but its not just the standing fighting thats been worked on in UFC.
Grappling and ground work is lot more difficult than it used to be, before you could take your opponent to the ground and smash their face in and that was game over. Now , players will move and get as tight as possible to you , making sure you don't have enough room to give a significant punch. The same with the grappling, holding a player in a submission is now a very difficult skill as you will always need to be adapting your position to make sure your in control, otherwise the AI will quickly see a chance to counter attack.
The cage itself is now more interactive, now it isn't just a barrier but a weapon. You can throw your oponnent up against it and trap them in a corner , making the game a lot more difficult and exciting especially if your the one trapped.

Graphics are definatley very good in this good, the muscles are toned and bulging from the fighters, sweat and blood run from their faces and a swift punch to the noggin will send your opponent spinning like something from a cartoon. A lot of licensing is thrown in as well letting the game look more like the real thing, the crowds are better than most sport games as they are 3D and have a little depth, although not at 2k games level yet.

The commentators are very knowledgable and have some intresting comments, the commentary doesn't feel as canned as FIFA and it feels as though they are there calling the game while you play it from a studio in THQ headquarters, it's pretty flawless and I have not heard many mistakes in all the time of listening to them.
A special mention has to go to the career mode commentary though, they talk all about your previous fights , how you won them , what your chances are. This feels really immersive and not just like your a created character. When fighting in a Re-match things really hot up as they talk about how the two compare , what was happening at this time last fight and also what both fighters could have done.

On that point character customisation is huge, on scale with its competitor Smackdown vs Raw. It can be a little fiddely but the array of options for hair , clothes , body is mind boggling and im sure there would be some style you would like. Personally I made 2 characters after my first playthrough, one looked like Chuck Norris and the other was MR T.

Offline multiplayer and online is available, both are really fun and I have never experienced much lag. However , be warned that online is full of people who spend all their time learning the tricks and combo's to win, not a place for the faint hearted.

The roster is pretty large split between the fie weight divisons and holding over 100 fighters. Stadiums are varied too with the inclusion of the O2 as one of the arenas.

So overall the game is a Mix bag , If you are a fan of UFC and played 2009 the transistion will probably be seamless but if your new to the series, as I was , you may find it frustrting and difficult to begin with although it soon becomes rewarding.

The game is a good fighting game, but one for fans of the sport more than the wider market.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 19 February 2011
Brought this game 2nd hand and i wish it had said that a code is needed to play online. I could of brought a brand new one cheaper then a 2nd hand one. So in the end had to pay for a code which is unfair.
But apart from that a fun game
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on 5 September 2014
good game but did not come with case
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