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4.5 out of 5 stars73
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2014
Surely this is one of the all-time classic rock albums. There can have been few debut albums more ground-breaking than this. Coming back to it after all these years, I was struck by two things that I had forgotten. Firstly, just how important Mitch Mitchell was to the overall sound of the Experience. On tracks like Manic Depression, Mitchell virtually duets with Hendrix rather than merely providing one half of a rhythm section. The other thing is Jimi's sense of humour. Red House is an extended joke, almost at the expense of the "blues". This is so refreshing compared with all the po-faced white performers of the time (Step forward Eric Clapton.) who treated the blues tradition as something sacrosanct.

This CD version of the album is enhanced by the addition of various singles, including the sublime Hey Joe and Purple Haze. The economy of these two tracks from early in Jimi's career, before audiences and drugs took him towards excess, is striking. They both remain as pinnacles of the rock single, right up there with the very best of the Beatles or the Stones.

Of course, the overall sound is very much of its time. You could not imagine this album being made today, with Hendrix' hard rock guitar, Mitchell's jazz fusion drumming and the sometimes rampantly sexist lyrics. Hendrix has dated in ways that the Beatles, the Stones and even the Velvets have not. But if he is of his time, he also transcends his time. You listen to his music knowing you hearing something from the late 1960s, but you are also aware that it is marvelous and timeless. And it is marvelous not to just to old farts like myself, but also to our sons and, increasingly, grandsons. I find it is the same with the only slightly later Monty Python. Our sons and grandsons love it, while knowing full well that it comes from another age - a time before political correctness, drum machines and the best pop-stars routinely dying aged only 27.

I would recommend this album to anyone, of any age except perhaps the very old, i.e. those over 90. I suspect that boys will like it more than girls. You don't have to be experienced or stoned to enjoy it; in fact it may be better if you are not. You don't need to be an expert on the sixties scene to appreciate it, although I would recommend some familiarity with the work of another member of the 27 club, Robert Johnson.

In conclusion, I would say that, if you have the slightest interest in classic rock music, you should own a copy of this album, and the subsequent album, Axis: Bold as Love, which, in some respects is even better.
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on 1 October 2010
First listened to this album when I was 15 (now 41). I have since listened to thousands of hours of music in other genres and wondered if this album would still have the same powerful effect on me that it did all those years ago. Needless to say it did. There are only a few records this statement applies to: you must have this in your music collection.
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on 28 March 2009
OK this seems to be digital sourced, but sounds good enough. The good thing about this vinyl set is it cover's both the UK & USA original release of this album, hence the double LP containing all tracks not available on both sides of the atlantic at the time. Amazons product description isn't correct as this is 2 LP's not one disc. The album cover shown is the USA release I believe. Nice edition with gatefold good artwork and clear sleeves.
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on 12 July 2010
Are You Experienced? was released in Hendrix's lifetime, so it has an authenticity that the large amounts of posthumous dross do not.

Even so a derisory documentary is not worthy of the Deluxe tag. This was a missed opportunity to issue a real deluxe 2CD version.

DISC ONE - The original UK Mono album album & Mono Singles. The album was not released in stereo in the UK until 1969! Lets hear the original

DISC TWO - The U.S. Stereo versions & stereo singles

Come on treat the fans properly as the Stones have done with Exile
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on 17 June 2013
Jimi Hendrix' first album needs no further introduction. It's a classic.

With tracks like 'Foxey Lady', 'Are You Experienced?' and - on my edition - 'Purple Haze' and 'Hey Joe', this album almost works as a compilation of some of Hendrix' most famous songs. But there are other gems here, especially the beautiful 'May This Be Love'.

The sound across the album is fairly uneven, which is a bit sad considering the many other great recordings from the same year. And to my ears the sound does affect the overall experience of the album. But don't let that put you off. Go buy yourself a piece of rock history.
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on 9 September 2014
I had high hopes for this album, what with it being in its original mono, the mastering being endorsed by Jimi Hendrix's estate.
I expected it to sound better than it does. I am not averse to mono recordings as such but this record sounds flat and poorly mastered.
I also didn't realise until I had already bought it that two versions exist, this one and a double album version which contains the additional single tracks. It wasn't cheap so I feel slightly short changed by a record which is both a little dull sounding and incomplete, compared to its double-album version. This should have been a real treasure as it is a must - have classic album but I wouldn't recommend this release. 3 stars
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on 7 November 2010
I simply could have not resist the temptation to buy yet another edition of Jimi Hendrix Experience first album, newly repackaged by Sony Music. What a disappointment. Not the music, of course.

Are You Experienced is no doubt one of the most important albums in rock history. In 1967 the music and sounds on LP might have as well come from another planet or dimension.

It is the quality of sound and production of new edition I find unsatisfactory.

The "new" remastered edition sounds exactly the same as the MCA "Experience Hendrix" edition from 1997. Even the booklet is more or less the same, with only minor amendments in text and outlay.

The sound of this edition from 1997 (or 2010 if you want), though remastered by original engineer Eddie Kramer, is in my firm belief notably inferior to the previous Polydor remaster edition from 1993. The 1993 remaster simply sounds clearer and more balanced with less distortion (and I am not talking about Jimi's interventions, of course). The new edition even seems to contain production faults (like for example a strange change in the color of the sound in the last 12 seconds of the Red House).

Moreover, 1993 edition booklet contained great background stories and explanations of each of the album tracks by Jimi, Noel, Mitch and Chas which is sadly absent from the newer editions.
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on 19 September 2011
I bought the original LP in 67 the day it came out, took it to school with my plastic player,told my friends, and at lunch time we went to the playing fields, it was amazing, and changed my life forever. Saw him play that year with Pink Floyd, then nagged my parents for a guitar, and secretly wished i was black..........
Wore the LP out and bought another, then the first CD, which was badly mastered off copy reels, then bought it again with the first 3 singles, which was slightly better again.
So thirty years after all that, hear it is again, and what do i think.......
Its just like the thrill of hearing it for the first time....superb mastering from Eddie K.
I have been reunited at last, brilliant.
Question : will it be even better the next time round ?
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on 30 October 2013
You know the music, you might not be familiar with the original Mono mix however, which blows the later Stereo mix off the face of the Earth.
When this album was originally released in 1967 in the UK, it was only available in Mono, this is the mix that Hendrix wanted unleashed on the public and his preferred track listing.
Later that year when he got an American record deal, it was released over there in Mono & Stereo versions with a track listing, much to Hendrix's disgust, chosen by the record company i.e. containing the three big hits which were single only in the UK, at the expense of Red House among others.
To be truly Experienced, you need to listen to the original UK Mono mix and this superb heavyweight vinyl re-issue is probably the best way to do it until they finally release this mix on remastered HDCD/SACD. Buy it and blow your mind!
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on 6 August 2009
This is perhaps one of the best purchases i have done ever, i wasnt sure if the stereo version was gonna sound good since other psychedelic classics like Sgt. Peppers sounded awful in stereo. But i was suprised to find out that this mastering by Eddie Kramer is perhaps one of the best remasters ever created. It's like he made the album the way it was supposted to be, dont shed away extra money for the mono version, this is it. Theres even a LP with bonus tracks pressed on 180g vinyl with quality sleeves and a gatefold cover and whatnot, with a booklet. As for the album itself, its a classic that sounds as good as ever.
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