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4.6 out of 5 stars18
4.6 out of 5 stars
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In my opinion this is probably one of their best albums yet, alongside with my other two personal favourites: Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights &Venus Doom (Heck, I love all the albums including the so called 'least favourite' Dark Light).

I think the greatest thing about H.I.M is that they don't sound the same on every album, they seem to adapt to new styles of the same genre of music, while maintaining their recognisable own unique style, and I believe this album is a great example of the bands professionalism in the art of music.

I know this album has had a mix of reviews elsewhere, but if you have an open mind, if you are the type of person that can accept slight change in style, then this album will blow your mind to another dimension.

Anyway, Ville Valo's voice is still breath taking, the instrumentals by Migé, Linde, Gas & Burton are electrifying and the lyrics to all the songs are... amazing, it's a must have for fans of H.I.M and people that are new to this kind of music.
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on 24 February 2011
I really have big trouble chosing how many stars to give it. I'm a metal fan. I discovered Type O, black metal and gothic thanks to HIM. They made me. And now, 11 years later, 9 after the horror of 'Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlight' - THIS!
The metal fan in me, who was hoping for something at least as heavy as the kinda unfinished 'Venus Doom', and as gloomy and romantic as the 'classic' HIM stuff, got a slap in the face. Ouch!
But since I want to review it properly, lets be objective. I know many metal fans who appreciate all sorts of music, even if it's not heavy. So, one just should approach it more maturely, not with if-it's-not-metal-it's-bad sort of thinking. And this album indeed borders with pure (but still weird) pop-music. But it IS good. It is so damn freaking good.
The memorable melodies which we so much missed in 'Venus Doom' are back. The rock'n'roll guitar solos of Mikko Lindtrom are still that perfect (even if not so audible). On the whole it's very 80s and quite fast. As Metal Hammer correctly advices, DO LISTEN TO IT WITH HEADPHONES. Seriously.
The album is perfectly produced. The lyrics border with the genius, the best ever from HIM. There's no need to speak of each song - Hammer did that perfectly!

What I don't approve is the inside cover. We got to know that the band members have not been together at the appropriate time in order to make a decent photoshoot. Such excuse is rather lame. If you can't find several spare hours to shoot copule of snaps for something that you live off, then I don't know what for.

And since I'm talking about the deluxe edition (which is really far more worth than the single CD kit), I'll just add that I have no words to describe the acoustic album. I noticed that the disappointed metal fans, like me, found peace with this one. It is pure melancholy. Dense, concentrated Finnish melancholy (and a few owls). Precisely what the album lacks. That is the CD to behold.
Personally I accept 'Screamworks' (by the way, kudos to the master behind the mike - he's in a class of his own in this one) and 'Venus Doom' as the two sides of one coin. Not only because I know the story behind the lyrics and so. They're like ing and yang precisely. Really a good album. Not heavy, but other than that - perfect.
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on 15 February 2010
I first got into HIM when Love Metal came out. Metal music is now awful, way too thrashy and never any melody. As if metal music is all about volume and screaming.Him were the first band I had heard in ages that can string a decent melody to metal riffs and actuially make tunes you can listen too. Never understood the crticism from american metal quarters given the trash they often produce. Macho crap at it's worst. Love the new album some great songs such as Heartkiller. Consistently strong throughout. A great return to form after the so so Venus Doom. Reminds me so much of Sabbath and the so called goth bands of the eighties such as the Cure and The Mission etc. Some great tunes here. Him do divide opinion but dont be put of by the macho metal fraternity, in fact take their criticism as an endorsement and buy this album.
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on 5 February 2011
ok first of i am a fan of H.I.M and i have all there albums. this new album screamworks is some what different to the other albums as it has more of an american mainstream sound to it. i cant say it is my favourite album not atall but i think HIM fans have been abit hard on the album saying that the band have sold out but the truth is if you are a real fan and you are talking smack about the album then really its you that has sold out. i would say for peaple that like screamworks but have not heard the previous albums dont expect the same thing from venus doom,greatest love songs and so on because musically its not the same sound and visa versa for him fans who have not yet heard screamworks keep an open mind and dont be to critical.
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on 2 June 2014
This is the album where the band lost their direction. Most of the songs are forgettable and I personally think the acoustic version of this album is best. Overall this is a basic album from a band who can be great. For loyal fans only.
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on 28 April 2013
some of the H.I.M cd's repeat a lot of tracks and you feel a bit cheated as you already had that song , not with screamworks , excellent , specially love Heartkiller although i did not like it as much when it first came out (probably the video was not that great). To be honest there is not a bad song on it but certain ones are great , Love the Hardest Way,'Shatter me with Hope 'is awesome could listen to that all day .A must have even if you are not a devout H.I.M. fan
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on 23 February 2012
It seems that this band can't make a bad record. Almost every song is written in highly melodic and lyrically way.
I just can't believe that they can make so much good albums in a row. This is sincerely an objective review,
because if you like gothic/hard rock music, then you will like this album and this band. Cheers!
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on 30 May 2010
I have loved HIM's songs since i first heard The funeral of hearts years ago but i have to say this this album is the best yet. I listen to it over and over in my car and have no intention of changing it for some time =D My favourite tracks are Kathrine Wheel and Acoustic Funeral but it's not by much.Definitely recommend it.
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on 6 February 2010
Hi I recieved mine today a day early so I am a VERY HAPPY bunny.
I have listened to it on repeat all day and this is what I have come to gather from it.
HIM Venus Doom was dark and full of guitar riffs, I liked it but maybe not as much as Dark Light, they was more melodic Ville Valo in that one I thought, which is what HIM is all about for me.

So Screamworks, if you have read any music mags you will read Ville Valo wanted this to be more accessable and I think that is the very apparent in the beats of the songs and the pace of the album (being the fastest paced album they have ever done).

The opening song is very different from anything I have heard Ville do before, its shocking in difference and if you find change hard then be prepared because it is - but I will let you judge if thats a good or bad thing (- personally I think it is but not so much of one that its unrecognisable as a HIM album.)

However what has not changed is the lyrics - sit down with the book and read them, listen to the album and really read them and you will see that the gem that Ville has given to us in this album is a look into his personal life, feelings and a honesty that truely comes out for me in Songs like Scared To Death and Katherine Wheel. And this is the first album that he has done sober, which I think added so so much more depth to the songs.

For all those women who are Ville Valo admirers (of which I am one) this is by far the best lyrically due to the fact you get a personal view into his life, there are songs you can sing to, songs that are sad but not on the verge of making you cry. In fact its far from that its more of a celebration of the hurt and pain love can bring you.

So if you are a old HIM fan or new buy this, even if it is just for one listen or one song - its worth in my eyes every penny, I feel I understand the band and Ville Valo 10 times more than before this.

Thank you for reading this & I hope you enjoy HIM for years to come!
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on 23 March 2010
I love this album, I love this band, I love Ville!!! I've loved Ville ever since I heard his voice, before I even saw him, been a fan ever since then, back when the LOve Metal album came out. Ville has the perfect voice and he writes such heart felt songs...he's the best for me, my muse.
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