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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars27
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 July 2011
This is an excellent piece of kit. It's large and heavy, but very economical to run on unleaded fuel. The mantle is easy to fit and is the largest mantle I've ever seen on a lantern. Consequently this puts out a huge amount of light. I use it on a tall lantern stand and it floodlights the whole area around the tent very effectively. Its so effective in fact that its a little embarassing - I felt I was lighting up half the campsite and was a little worried about using it late at night for fear of someone shouting "Put that light out!"

All in all, a great product.
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on 14 May 2012
Coleman Northstar Single Mantle Fuel Lantern - Green/Black

I received the lantern and built it up, including the complementary mantle. Burnt the mantle in and then noticed that piezo electric starter failed! My fault the mantle was between the two metal components so moving it I tore the mantle DAMN! Note to all potential purchasers take care as a burnt mantle is very very brittle and fragile.

After that miniscule disaster luckily I had ordered spare mantles and fitted it more aware of the need to keep the metal components clear. This now worked superbly.

On first ignition (after burning the mantle and all subsequent ignitions) it does plume and flare quite dramatically so don't ignite inside your tent (also I'd not suggest extended use inside a draft-proof tent). Once its settled it has full brightness flexibility from bright to requiring a welders mask - 200w only if you're on the dark side of the moon if you ask me.

So I would recommend this to all my friends/family and anyone wishing to create shadow puppet theatre from inside their tent! Whilst gaining a nice tan that will confuse the neighbours "how did you get a tan.....I thought you were camping in Scotland/Wales/England etc?". Would have been five stars if the problems with the piezo mantle clash had been forewarned or eliminated in design.

Much better than the simple propane canister lamps, but significantly more expensive, but does work well with petrol & Coleman fuel....and really it is a proper man lantern (I laugh in the face of your AA battery LED torches) you have to pump pressure in, its burns petrol and its serious kit therefore it is better!
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on 15 August 2012
Exelent very bright bought it for camping and it floodlit the whole camping area and almost half the woods. Whatsmore it's cheap to run better than gas as it runs on petrol witch doesn't lose pressure and freeze in cold wether the only downfall is can't use it indoors as it gives off toxic fumes witch build in a confined space Bit noisy but it's a noise you can get used to after a while
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on 23 September 2014
Purchased as expected reliability from Coleman. Disappointing. First unit didnt flame correctly and so only reached 20% brightness - tried replacing mantle and only used Coleman fuel but issue continued. Amazon replaced item in few days (very efficient). Second unit flamed fine BUT following day i found fuel had leaked out of the neck of the lamp and poured onto worktop and surrounding area. Very Dangerous! Sending second unit back for refund today.
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on 11 April 2013
I have owned a North-star lantern for over 7 years now, and it one of my favourite possessions. I use it camping, and for barbecues, where it illuminates very brightly, creating a focal point for discussion. Not only does it perform very well; extremely bright, long lasting ( easily 5 hrs, up to 8 hrs on one fill of petrol), but the quiet hiss noise it produces is very therapeutic when relaxing round the camp fire. 7 years old and only needed to give it a clean once a year, and replace the mantle a couple of times. I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars.
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on 23 February 2016
Super lantern! Lots of LED lamps for camping which are fine inside our Cabanon Biscaya 440 but when in Europe, you spend more time outside than in and this gives out a huge amount of bright light that is controllable! I would suggest that, whilst more expensive than unleaded fuel, you use Aspen 4T. No fumes and unlike other fuels which only have a shelf life of 2 months or so, Aspen lasts indefinitely and can be left inside the lamp without corroding it. In regard to the lamp, check Amazon Warehouse prices before buying new - paid £78.00 with prime delivery and the only reason it was "used" was the packaging was ever so slightly damaged! With the saving, we bought the Coleman Liquid-fuel Lantern Hard-shell Carry Case (from the US via Storkz)
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on 24 December 2011
Came packed in a huge box with a multi language assembly and instruction leaflet. So no instant gratification.

Slipped the mantle on and wondered & how it stayed on and finally read and understood the bit about about twisting the wires to hold it in place. Tweaked the shape several times before finally biting the bullet and taking the step to burn the mantle.
Got the wire cage on easily and the glass but it took me two attempts to get the cap on level.
Fitting the carry handle was easy - it just pops into a pair of holes.

I wanted to use the cheaper clean more stable alternative fuel (aspen 2T . . see here
[...] )
but I have no local stockist and they only sell it directly in quantities of 12 (@£3.98/ ltr)
Coleman fuel on Amazon is not cheap at £8.45 /ltr)
So I tried it with bog standard unleaded petrol @£1.33 /ltr) which is less pure and has a shorter shelf life. Yes petrol does deteriorate. My only problem was my petrol can's spout being much wider than the rather narrow filler pipe of the Coleman lamp which meant that a lot was spilt as I do not have a funnel.
That said it worked and a bright white light was produced.

I strongly recommend you order a spare mantle when you buy this lantern. You may not need it for years but when you damage the old one and have not got a spare you will wish (like I do) that you had one in your shed/garage - and if you are spending the best part of one hundred pounds on this then another three pounds will not, I guess, break you.

Plus point
Simpler to operate than the Tilly Lamp I was going to buy as no pre-heating is required and it has electric ignition
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on 11 January 2016
Fantastic lamp for fishing, camping or any other purpose where good light is needed, electronic ignition means no messing about lighting. Have tried most high end lamps and the North Star beats them all in quality, reliability and ease of use. I only use Coleman fuel or my own distilled unleaded fuel and never have been let down with this lamp once. Cannot recommend this lamp enough.
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on 10 October 2015
Love this lantern massively bright easy to light... So much so lights half the campsite. This is so helpful on those weekend camping trips late in the season when it's dark when you arrive. Also, keeps the tent nice and warm...obv caution if your tent isn't vented. All the negative reviews seem to have not used this kind of lantern before... Burn in the mantle first....
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on 15 September 2015
That's right. You'll be sparking some reactions with this light on your next camping trip. Sun goes down, you start pumping and boom, ignition throws up some eye catching flames and after a few seconds the injector is spraying a fine mist of unleaded petrol, shining a warm light onto your camping spot. And an old school hiss of burning petrol, remembering the days of the Petromax.

Price: you may get lucky and buy it half price as I did, having paid around £70 for it. This is a true bargain for one of the best outdoor fuel lamps on the market. In my opinion, the best there is. I have tried Vapalux, Tiley and Petromax, and between new old stock units, new ones made in China and used ones as well, I prefer the NorthStar from Coleman. Even if you pay full price, it's still a wonderful purchase that will serve you well for years to come, but that's for you to decide of course.

Build: Top quality item, the whole lamp is very good, heavy duty feel on every aspect, from the base, cylinder, glass, protective frame, even the handle, it's top quality no doubt. Bear in mind that you're handling a pressurized cylinder full of high explosive gasoline, so quality of components is paramount to assure, above all, safety.

Usage: nothing short of fantastic. Very easy to start, being unleaded petrol, just pump, open the fuel valve and ignite using an electric spark. This is a huge advantage being gasoline, whereas diesel needs to be primed, takes its time and it's messy - diesel is an oily fuel and leaves residue, does not evaporate like gasoline does. The intensity valve has a very nice level, raging from high output to a very dim light.
A full tank will burn for around 10 hours at maximum output, which is very good.

One advantage when compared to gas canisters, propane or butane, besides being a lot cheaper, unleaded you are likely to find anywhere. You are virtually worry free because you can always find some gas station and buy a couple of litres. I carry a gas tank with 4 liters of fuel to feed both the lantern and the Coleman stove, which is more than enough for two weeks worth of camping.

So the next time you are camping, please treat yourself to a proper lantern and steer away from LED lights or bulbs fed from a mains plug, this Coleman lantern is the proper camping spirit

I bought the Coleman fuel or white gas, which should burn clearer and is cleaner than unleaded, although much more expensive. Supposedly it will run the lantern longer without any clogging or impurities jamming the injector, but this is yet to be tested. I think that using unleaded and keeping a standard regular maintenance is good enough to avoid the much more expensive Coleman fuel.

So in brief, a very sound purchase if you need a new lantern, an excellent piece of reliable and cost effective camping gear.

And it's gorgeous too. :)
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