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4.7 out of 5 stars196
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2014
I was given this as a Christmas present ten or so years ago from my sister. At the time I was going through a separation and didn't have any of my CDs (Idid get them back later). At the time I was approaching 40; I'd been listening to Jimi since I was around 10. I had and have all the official albums, as well as few of the 'unofficial' ones (the ones that if you listened to them you'd think what's all the fuss about?). But this is a proper best of collection. Great that the Star Spangled Banner is included, but it is difficult to pull it out on its own; if you've never heard (or better still seen) Hendrix's Woodstock set go, now, watch it and be amazed. The close of Voodoo Chile playing the riff very slow, bending down the final note with the wah wah on full damp, bringing the note back up until it begins to feedback and! But it's a connumdrum, the Star Spangled Banner is one of his greatest moments (indeed possibly the electric guitar's greatest ever moment) and so should be included whilst clearly the CD cannot have the entire set. Still, better to have this moment of sublimity than not.
I Digress. This is great stuff. If you've heard of Hendrix but not heard him and your interest has been piqued, this is the one for you. If you don't understand at the end of it why he's the greatest electric guitarist of all time, go back and listen to it again until you do - enjoy!
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on 7 January 2005
5 stars, for sure - after all, this is jimi. but still, just another compilation of jimi's work ... no wonder there is hardly anything from 'Electric Ladyland' on this record. the records published in his life time in their eintirety and some performances - say band of gypsys/ life at the fillmore or the winterland or the berkeley or the san diego or the l.a. forum concerts - that's what really counts.
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on 11 April 2005
I actually own all the hendrix studio recordings, but sometimes (guilty admission) have to skip the odd track or two (little miss strange from Ladyland being a case in point)to get to the real cream, and often found myself wishing I had the ultimate collection of hendrix's songs, back to back, on one CD.
Well not any more, baby! As soon as I saw the track list for this bad boy I was amazed. It was just like the compilers of this record had asked me which tracks I wanted them to include! Wish granted! Problem solved! Nothing new obviously (this guy's back catalogue has been raped and pillaged since the 70's)but this package has all the 24carat classics. If you're new to Hendrix, on a tight budget etc, etc, get this beastie while it's still in stock!!
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on 1 July 2014
This scores over other Hendrix compilations by including his masterpiece 'The Star Spangled Banner'. Recorded at Woodstock at the time of the Vietnam war, it is the finest thing he ever did. The way he emulated gunfire, screams, bombers etc. with a guitar in live performance was the work of a true musical genius and has to be heard to be believed. In my opinion it was the greatest, most significant performance by any rock musician ever and demonstrates what a hugely powerful means of protest music can be.
The rest of the selected tracks make this an excellent one disc compilation which I can recommend unreservedly.
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on 9 May 2013
I have to say i am pleasantly surprised at how good this album is,i was never a big fan but there are thousands out there.So many artists have covered his music that its impossible to ignore him.
This album is definitely worth a listen and i would say is a perfect intro to this remarkable man's music...boom!!
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on 24 February 2014
Compared to other compilations (for instance 'Cornerstones 1967-1970') this is very nearly perfect in all respects. 'Axis:Bold as Love' is certainly covered better than on other collections although this is somewhat at the expense of the classic double album 'Electric Ladyland' which only yields 3 tracks here. The posthumous period of Hendrix material is well represented and my only slight gripe is that the old chestnut 'The Star Spangled Banner' is once again included on a retrospective CD ~ 4 minutes that could have been far better utilized in my opinion.
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on 25 June 2010
Simply a good collection of great Jimi Hendrix tracks spanning the few short creative years in the UK that Jimi Hendrix was around.

Accompanied by a well written and researched booklet with recollections about each song, only goes to add an extra bonus to what are a collection of great songs.

Probably few realised at the time what Jimi Hendrix was doing musically until he had gone, although those in the know at the time were inspired and amazed.

Jimi Hendrix was ahead of his time and achieved a great sound with by today's standards, limited equipment, that only goes to show his amazing talent that sadly did not have the opportunity to be completely fulfilled, an almost 10 years on from Buddly Holly scenario.

Whilst Buddy Holly in his 3 years recording made music still frequently played today, so with Jimi Hendrix, we find the same high regard and reverance for the talent so sadly cut short.
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on 28 March 2013
jimi hendrix wat more can i say, great,great,great,i had this cd before got damaged other places cost to much ,but from amazon wat a great deal and ther are so many more hendrix cd,s i can get again thankyou amazon you have saved my music collection ,i can build it up again thankyou
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on 22 November 2009
As you have probably gathered this is a very good compilation of Hendrix music. Most, if not all the popular songs are included with a few lesser known tracks (unless you are a Hendrix fan). It also includes the infamous Star Spangled Banner. Perfect for those that want all the good stuff on one disc.

Stick it in the drive, relax and absorb the man's guitar work. Why else would you buy a Hendrix album?
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on 17 March 2006
Hendrix elevated electric guitars to a higher level than ever. Every great guitarist has been measured by Jimi's standards and most of the new musicians today have been inspired by him.
This is a great collection which shows Jimi doing what he does best, wailing on the guitar. For someone who hasn't heard much of Jimi's work, this album is a brilliant place to start. Alot of his albums are very abstract with endless guitar solos that can be hard to get in to for a beginner, but this collection has all the right tunes and melodies to get that beginner strapped in and ready for some classic guitar rock. Having said that, there are a few songs which feature amazing solos and the casual listener will find these highly thrilling and be comfortable with them.
If you own all of Jimi's albums, this collection is a nice way of having alot of favourites bundled together on one cd. However, these days with mp3 players and computer libraries, it is easy to create playlists of favourite songs or albums and string them together. So, die hard fans of Hendrix would not find it necessary to purchase this as the collection holds nothing new.
If you are a Jimi virgin then this album breaks you in to his best work. Once you have devoured these pieces then you are ready to go out and buy the albums which feature longer, bigger, louder and better solos and visions by one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century.
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