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on 20 January 2011
This headset is just brilliant. I use them connected to my PS3 via the optical cable which is supplied with the headset.

Setting them up to the PS3 was a breeze, no problems at all and they were un-boxed and ready to go within minutes. The sound quality is incredible, "sound-whoring" is a doddle with these things, you can hear locations of enemies which will stop you getting killed from behind on game such as Black Ops.

They feel VERY sturdy, you get what you pay for, I have had some Turtle Beach models in my possession and these's feel far well made, however they don't feel brittle. The cable length is very long, but it does make them accessible from pretty much anywhere in your room. 12.5 feet I think is the length.

I use these for all game types, from Call of Duty to FIFA, the sound is equally impressive. 5.1 audio REALLY makes a difference if you are used to standard TV speakers. I can't play without them any more. I also use them for listening to music, the sound over different genres is impressive, from heavy metal to hip hop, they deliver in mid range and top end volumes without distortion. Bass is ample, I find some headphones are bass-orientated but these deliver the right amount.

I can't find any negatives at the moment, I've had them for about 2 weeks.

Another bonus is they look awesome as well, different from the boring black headsets!
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on 16 September 2011
I initially balked at the thought of spending a large amount of money on a set of headphones, but a particularly flush week meant I took the plunge and bought these AX720 headphones and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made.

It was a breeze to set-up thanks to all the cables needed being included in the box and the manual being easy to follow. I do recommend though that if you own both PS3 and 360 like myself, buy a cheap optical cable splitter so both consoles can connect to the Tritton receiver and you won't have to swap the cables over each time you want to play the other console.

The audio that comes out of the headphones literally left me jaw-dropped. The first game I tried was the new Deus Ex and initially I had to take the headphones off to check that there was no sound coming from my TV speakers because the sound being pumped into my ears was so clear and loud and wide it literally felt like the entire room was filled with the sound of the game. The surround sound is simply amazing. Audio envelopes you completely and peripheral noises can be heard clearly within the game space. I have never been so immersed within games, and as such I have returned to some of the older games in my collection just so I can experience them anew with this added dimension of depth and immersion.

I should also like to add just how brilliant these headphones are for blu-ray movies. Like my other-half said, its like sitting in your own private cinema. Audio again is crystal clear with some wonderful, deep bass.

Having experienced surround sound like never before with these headphones, it seems unlikely I could ever go back to regular speakers. I cannot recommend these things enough!!!!
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on 13 March 2011
I bought these headphone instead of the Turtle Beach set that had been originally recommended to me. I almost went that bit extra and bought the 5.1 set but then changed my mind and settled on the AX720's. They arrive in a very large package which looks a little ostentatious. In the pack you have a complete set of connectors and converters so that they can be used on a none optical output based device.

Setting them up was easy. Simply plug in the power supply, plug in the optical cable (from a PS3 in my case and a 360), switch off the DTS support (PS3 only), and away you go. The sound quality is very good and I was able to pick up on subtle effects which instantly put a whole new veneer of immersion to games. I played through Mass Effect 2, Bulletstorm, and Killzone 3 using them and dialogue was clear, the soundtracks were vast, and the effects strident. I also watched season three of Eureka (DVD), Avatar (Bluray), and a number of other films (mostly Bluray) and all the soundscapes were reproduced brilliantly. Audio placement is very good and sound reproduction is stunning. Volume can be controlled on via the small in line control unit.

The built in mic can get in the way of drinking or eating but can be removed when not in use. It is very sensitive and you have control over it's volume and also the option to switch it on or off via the inline control unit. On the PS3 you have to attach a USB lead to the console for the mic to work. If you have a model with only two USB ports I would recommend getting a powered USB hub. This way the PS3 doesn't need to be switched on to recharge the controllers. I use a 10 port hub myself.

The earphones are more than comfortable enough to wear for long periods and do a very good job of blocking out background noise. A number of time the output from the headset has sounded so clear (and loud) that I have had to take them off just to check the surround sound wasn't still switched on!!

They are expensive but if you are into your gaming and you are interested in dialogue then they are perfect and well worth it.
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on 6 February 2013
Well where should i start?
Sound quality:
Sound quality is very good, hit the low, mid and high notes on all levels very well. the only problem is that the unit itself I personally think has the bass setted up a lot more overwhelming than anything else, so on BLOPS 2 an explosion almost just takes over every other sound. This can be a problem or a good thing if you like the overwhelming bass however there is no adjustment to this unfortunately, so it means that the user would bascially have to "deal" with it. in addtion for £95 headsets I had expected atleast some sort of software to adjust sounds of even some sort of profiling system for different set-ups.

The unit has a decoder box, which is basically powered up by a usb port and an optical input which in turn you plug your headsets into. If connnecting by PC then the USB is all you need as the device registers itself as a headset so works fine just on usb in addition, the in-line controller allows for game volume and chat volume controls with also SVM so you can hear yourself, helps alot if you breathe down the mic or speaking too loudly above everyone else. Also the box has volume adjustments on/off siwtch and also you can toggle between the modes, Dolby surround sound, movie mode and dolby surround sound off which is a nice extra but doesn't really sound too different when its all off or on in my opinion. The headset has a great length of cable from decoder box to the headset, so that always a given plus if you have a set up quite far away or if you want to tidy your cables away then theres always more than plenty of cable length, i can't stress how many times that a good headset with no length of the cable can be a hindrance. The actual unit itself is very well built, feels solid and comfortable fit and fits around my ears comfortably, over long hours of uses i find that there is no problems at all and a dream to wear.

you get absolutely loads of extras in the box.
-optical cable
-Jack to xbox headset
-usb to unit
-extra set or ear pads and head pad
-ps3 and xbox adpater for optical output from the console
all these extras ofc can be bought additionally elsewhere, but tritton was nice enough to provide all this

Now the Cons of the unit:
after a week of owning the tritton headsets, the mic had just gone on it. It started making popping noises whever i moved it around, and this got progressively worse as time went by and bascially it stopped working altogther, and i had to succumb to buying a new one which costed me £13.99 from madcatz store. in addtion to this, after a further two weeks without a hitch a low humming noise appeared out of nowhere. Now this is a sort of problem that starts out fine if you have a strong mind to ignore a buzzing. i dont have that sort of patience. i contacted madcatz support and tbh they were as helpful as a tin of beans. telling me to try a ac adapter and i even bought a higher quality cable but this humming noise would continue unless i turn the SVM off ( in essence i couldnt hear myself). it wasn't the end of the world to me, but oh wait. why are my friends complaining of a crazy humming/ hissing noise... thats right, the noise doesn't only affect you, but also the other players, either over skype, xbox or ps3, yes i tried it on all of them and the humming wouldn't go.Now mind you i have owned this for three weeks, i can forgive tritton for making me spend a further 13.99 on a mic, and making me wait 4 days till they responded to my support ticket, but i just can't believe the whole thing came crashing down like this. Either i play on my own with voice chat off and no one can hear me or i can keep it on with a humming/ hissing noise that gets progressively worse+ louder to the point i just can't even hear the game sounds anymore.

On the plus side..

I did have a reponse from madcatz saying that they will send me out a replacement decoder box, which is apparently a commonly known issue and the culprit. I hope this box solves the prblem as if it does not, then i would need to send the item back for a warranty repair... meaning 3+ weeks without the headset, which maybe in fact a good thing.

I could only give the item two stars which is heavily based upon the fact that the unit is solidly built the the quality within the decoder box has let the whole thing down. The biggest problem is that for £95 i expected something which would atleast last a couple of years, and the fact that tritton has been in this sort of gaming head gear for so long that you thought they would iron out these sort of large hiccups plus the fact that madcatz owns tritton is also a scary plus... i honestly did not know madcatz owned them till now... so im staying away from tritton as i should of known that madcatz would produce poor quality products.
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on 28 January 2013
I bought this headset in February 2012. During a period of 8 months, it served me well. I was pleased with the sound quality and the ability to alter the level of the gamesound and the chatsound independently to my liking. After 8 months however the microphone stopped working. With some fiddling, the microphone will transmit the sound of my voice so others can hear it. However, I must sit ABSOLUTELY still as to assure it keeps on working. The slightest movement of the wire causes extremely loud interference that is painful to my ears.

Unfortunately (and as always), I only discovered after the problem started that many others have suffered the same problem with this product.
Just one of the threads can be found here: [...]
Some people were able to temporarily fix the problem by ordering a new microphone or a microphone from a different brand (Turtle beach), but none of these solutions were permanent as far as I could read. Even new microphones from Tritton would not solve the problem definitely! Which is maybe logical, as the problem seems to be the female jack on the headset (in my case), and not the actual microphone itself.

One piece of advice I would give to you is: whatever you do, try to avoid removing the microphone as much as possible from the headset itself, once you have inserted it! I can only imagine it will wear down further the jack it fits into.

Before this headset, I owned a Sharkoon Xstatic analog headset. I suffered more or less the same problem with these, although I had the headset for more than 2 years before the problem started.
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on 29 July 2012
i would say this product is very good. the sound is incredible and you will definately tell the difference from normal £30-50 headsets such as low end turtle beaches. the sound in these are very basey and the sorround sound works great. i have only had it on its full gaming setting and not movie mode but im sure it would do well. for instance on black ops the supressor attachment creates a great amount of bass which i could not hear in my old turtle beaches. in terms of hearing enemy footseteps, with blackops ninja pro, it works extremely well and in MW3 with sitrep pro it is very effective. i have not tried it in mw2, cod5 (waw) or cod mw (cod4). in terms of the product, it seems very sturdy and the mixamp is very good too. the mic is good as it is flexible although you have to turn in 90o and really put some force for it to go in properly. is it worth the money? well if you are a keen or addicted gamer, then yes (if you have the money) but for a casual gamer, i would just stick with external speakers as the cheaper headsets are near useless, and you still have to pay £50 for it. ihave seen reviews and people are saying that the best combo is the steel series siberia v2 with the astro mixamp. but if you are a good competitive player, eg play decerto, gamebattles or euesports, then astro a40 wireless or a50 which is coming soon both around £200.

overall a good sturdy product, cant be sure its the best in its price range though.
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on 4 August 2011
Before i bought trittons i was unsure about them, But it was tottaly worth buying them back in 2011, the surround sound was great and no matter game you played it sounded loud and crisp depending on how loud you put your mixamp on. What i hated was they broke within a year but luckily amazon sent me a new replaced pair the (2012 editions) which were superb, the paddings were changed into new leather ones and you could put the actual hedaset it self around your neck which 2011 editions didnt do. But i later sold these for astros which were alot better.
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on 17 July 2012
This headset is great. I use it mainly for my xbox 360 and I have to say the sound is crystal clear as well is the voice chat. I also use it to listen to music when I'm on my PC and the audio quality is also very good for music. The bass on these are very impressive. I am very satisfied with this product and I would buy Tritton products again. But keep in mind this headset is wired and has quiete alot of them so if you don't like wires all over the place I suggest this headset isn't for you. Overall a great product 8/10 and fast delivery.
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on 25 November 2012
After almost 2 years of me owning this product, I must say that these headphones are a brilliant investment. PC and Xbox gaming has become much more pleasurable after buying these headphones and sound is so much more crisp. It comes with a handy 3.5mm jack adapter to plug into MP3 players or the PC. the headset fits a wide variety of head sizes as the ear cups tilt and the length of the band can be adjusted, the built in MIC is of good quality and is perfect for Xbox 360's as the Xbox 360 will cap the microphone at a low quality. however the MIC isn't up to standard with most PC MIC's as PC MIC's are not as restricted in quality, the MIC can get fairly dirty and if not cleaned can break.

This headset is very very fragile, much more fragile than I can explain. If you don't think your up to the responsibility of not putting it on the floor and cleaning it every now and then, don't buy these, if you have pets/small children in the house don't buy these. after about 1.5 years of use I made the mistake of letting someone else younger wear these, the left headphone broke off when they tried to pull it off of there head And right now I'm looking for a stronger headset
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on 12 December 2013
This is not a cheap product, but I think it's worth the money.

The sound is phenomenal, with 5.1, excellent on Fifa (especially as Be A Pro mode) and COD online.

I played a lot of Call of Duty Online and wanted something to increase the experience.
I was not disappointed.
Sturdy and well-designed, great sound. Needs USB for power so bear that in mind.

I used this for PS3, easy setup though its annoying when games aren't compatible with DTS (Dolby TrueSound) or Dolby Surround Sound. On the PS3 when you setup, you can choose a number of formats to setup with the optical out cable, but certain games use DSS 5.1 and others use DTS and if you choose both on setup you won't get any sound sometimes, so you have to leave the game and re-setup.

I would have to say a year or two later I wish I invested in surround sound speakers instead.

This is ideal if you're in shared accommodation and don't want to disturb others with your surround sound.
If you live by yourself or you want other to enjoy movies/ multiplayer gaming surround sound then buy speakers instead.
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