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3.9 out of 5 stars109
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 27 April 2012
Just Cause 2 came out in 2010 and received very rave reviews by just about all of the gaming communities online, So how I missed this title I have no idea, However 2 years later and at the bargain price of £6.99 at time of writing this review, I Installed the game with great aniticipation as I had enjoyed the demo I downloaded from steam and also the xbox version too on XBL, at first I was going to purchase on XB360 but decided to go for PC after comparing both versions. (So Glad I did)

I would like to add my own recommendation for this brilliant third person shooter title and say that I have been playing it now for some 20 hours + with a few friends and It simply can't be faulted in anyway, Visually this is a bright colorful game with Gorgeous graphics and maxed out on my Gaming rig its as good as it gets, Gameplay is addictive and a whole lot of fun to be had discovering new areas in this open world masterpiece, yes "Matserpiece" I said and believe me I do not use the term lightly, We have enjoyed the gameplay so much that both my friends have went out and bought the game on XB360, From what I have read and seen on youtube this game offers 100+ hours of gameplay.

If your a fan of open world type games and like to blow things to pieces and like your games to have a light hearted approach with elements of humor throughout, then Don't hesitate to purchase JUST CAUSE 2 On any format.

Quite simply an absolute GEM and a Bargain at any price I would have gladly paid much more than £6.99 for this Epic Masterpiece, Can't wait for Just cause 3.
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on 27 July 2011
Just Cause 2 is an immensely fun third person action game. The setting is a ficticious island called "Panao", a creative mix of Thailand, Vietnam and possibly Malaysia. You play Rico Rodiriguez, working for an agency called "the agency". You have to side with the different factions in Panao with the aim of downfalling the ficticious baby Panay, the resemblance to another North Korean military leader is not merely coincidental.

Siding with these factions involoves completing missions, assasinations, destruction of property, theft and overtaking military property. By gaining their trust and causing chaos in Panau you inch towards your objective of a showdown with Baby Panay. Essentially there is an awful lot of blowing stuff up and grappling between differnt building with your grapple hook to ascent them. You have a range of guns of course and by getting pickups you can improve the effectiveness. Vehicles are abundant, tuk tuks, moterbikes, sports cars, tanks, military helicopters. You can steal any one of them, crash and burn them or use them to get between missions. The vehicles are a pleasure to drive and you shoot around in them avoiding military personnel.

You are free to roam on this ficticious island causing as much destruction as possible and following faction missions until you get towards the next agency mission which advances the story. There is some serious American bashing, your main agency contact being a fat and over jolly CIA agent trying to maintain American interests of replacing Panay with their own puppet and bashing communist principles. The accents are comical, made by Englishman trying to sound Chinese while not quite able to shake off thier cockney accent. Having said that the lead Rico is excellent as is the CIA agent. The plot is ridiculous and gets more so towards the finale. It is so far fetched as to be great fun.

There are an awful lot of gaming hours to be spent on Panay with various side missions, races, collecting special items, performing stunts etc and performing chaos. If you keep strictly to the faction and agency missions there is a good 30-40 hours gaming at a guess, assuming you don't die (highly improbable). Having said that can take a lot of bullets before he expires, the focus on the game is having a blast, not taking it too seriously and enjoying yourself. This is high octane action to play in short bursts. You don't have to bed down with it for several hours to get enjoyment out of it.

Yes it does run on STEAM, yes it does rely on a constant Internet connection and yes it is annoying when you are not connected or the servers are full (relatively rarely but still unacceptable). Should whack off a star for that really but I can't blame the poor software designers for the copy protection installed on their product.
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on 14 December 2010
Just Cause 2 is set on a massive, fictitious, paradise island called Panau. You play Rico Rodriguez, an agent , initially tasked with hunting down another rogue agent, which develops into destabilising the whole island along with local factions and overthrowing the government . The premise of the game is simple, destroy government property and kill military leaders to progress and earn cash. This is a lot of fun, it's a very simple idea, but the real fun is in the method of destruction you choose to employ. The fantastic, over the top physics in this game gives you a whole lot of variety in which accomplish this. There are many vehicles to choose from, on land, sea or sky and many locations to visit which makes for a fun and varied game - which could have so easily been very repetitive. You also unlock black market items as you progress, which you can purchase and have delivered to you right away.

The game sports very beautiful graphics, and the game play is executed very well. There are some very minor glitches in the game and the odd mission can be insanely hard - but what game doesn't have these minor complaints? There is a lot of real estate in this game and it should keep you entertained for a very long time! My only real complaint of this game, even though you are purchasing a DVD, is that it is a steam game. Once installed it gets locked to your account, so selling this on eBay, when your done, would require selling your account too. My advice would be to get yourself a free email account, there are many providers out there, create a separate, disposable steam account (with non-personal credentials) and install the game on that. If you finish the game and want to sell it, you can sell it on with your disposable account.
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on 12 January 2011
My awareness of how ridiculous some of the scenarios were that the game put me in probably only made me enjoy it more. The game is gorgeous, extremely open and tons of fun.

Probably one of my "must play" of 2010.
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on 10 April 2014
I played this game with a friend over a number of weekends and we both agreed it was one of the best games we've played. However, neither of us were particularly interested in the main mission. This game scores highly for me because it's open world and has a load of side missions you can do.

It is perhaps not the most "graphically advanced" game (but not too bad) and I thought the main story was a bit thin. I didn't like the way parts of the main mission take you out of the "standard controls" and make you fight in different ways. For example, there's a knife fight that's all about clicking when you see a particular prompt on the screen - it's all reactions with no thinking, which I don't like.

But go off the main mission and this game starts to shine. There are flagpoles to climb and they become progressively more difficult to get up. Each time you raise a flag, more of the island is revealed on your map. There are 40 enclaves dotted around the island and each one of these needs to be overcome. You can undertake hunting missions where you're sometimes forced to use a bow and arrow. You can even take a boat and hunt shark, which can be a dangerous pastime.

So I'm rating this as 4 stars even though I wasn't particularly keen on the main mission, so that 4 stars is mainly for the side missions and open world format. If it had a better main mission it could have rated 5 stars.
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on 11 April 2013
Well, mostly.

This game is fun at its' finest.
Everything is over the top, the story is there to explain a linear progression of missions that unlock a few things, but this game has many points going for it.

1)It looks amazing. Square cranked this beauty out and if you ever reach a high spot, you will be amazed at just how much detail and wonder they put into this world. But...
2)...that doesn't mean it's CPU-intensive! Even my crappy dual core from five years ago could run this game! It's very light-weight!
3) You want to do missions? Do them. You want to blow up that military base? DO IT! You want to climb that mountain? Eff that, just grapple up the side then parachute down the other, taking in the sights!
4)The ability to grapple unto and hijack helicopters and airplanes, giving you full control of a fast aerial vehicle to use for your sadisic pleasure!

Obviously, as something of a GTA clone, you will have to kill, maim and blow things and people up.
But if none of that bother you, GET this. It's cheap, it runs amazingly well, the seller was brilliant and there is little in the way of stress relief than using an attack helicopter you PUNCHED THE PILOT OUT OF to blow up his own base!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 9 December 2014
With many games I buy at the moment, I seem to complete them, get bored and sell them on. But with Just Cause 2, this will definitely be staying in my collection forever.

Having ordered this game back in 2011, I've got to say that this game is still one of my favourite games of all times. Fair enough, the graphics might not be quite as good as some of the more up to date games, but its rare I find a game where 3 years on, I can still get hours of fun out of it.

For me, this is another Grand Theft auto style game, where even when you have completed the main story line, you can keep on playing till your hearts content. There are 100's of different vehicles you can drive, ride and fly all while taking out a few bad guys on the way!

The game involves destroying all government owned property and collecting nearly 10,000 collectables to improve your equipment, vehicles and health so even after 3 years of playing this game, I am no where near 100% completion.

The open world in this game is gorgeous, and huge. The game missions are fun, even though the voice acting is super cheesy. You can fly fighter jets, 747's, helicopters, drive cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tanks, and tons of other vehicles.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2014
A very nice implementation for a game. You are basically on an island and you can do whatever you want, shot, fly, drive, swim etc.

+ huge choice of missions
+ great graphics
+ fast paced missions which never gets you bored
+ moderate video requirements

- not much of a storyline. No any depth to the story actually.
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on 31 March 2011
If you're looking for a gripping story that will pull you in and make you play on for ages to find it all out then you're in the wrong place. Starting the game the story instantly went out the window the moment the first mission was over.

This is a game for messing about. You unlock story missions by doing side missions and you unlock side missions by blowing things up. That being said, this game is still insanely fun. Hook-shotting a soldier and a propane gas cylinder together and then shooting it; causing it to fly off into the air taking the poor soldier with it before exploding never gets old and feels very rewarding when you can pull it off.

The game world is huge, you're probably thinking 'well it's probably a fair size' forget it, the world is HUGE. The game looks fantasic and it's very nice to jump in a plane and fly upsidedown over the world and there are countless things to collect, blow up, find, drive, jump off and generally mess about with. Although some places do seem a bit copy/pasted in order to make up the worlds size.

If you take this game with a grain of salt and ignore how that jump 'should have killed you' or anything about how weak the story is you'll have a huge amount of fun and i haven't laughed so much at a game in a long time when you pull your parachute slightly too late and faceplant into the floor, roll about 50ft and then get up like nothing happened. It's tremendous fun.

The bad points i can say is that because of the story being quite weak the only thing i found myself doing was messing about. It's fun and i played it for a long time when i bought it however now i only go on it now and then to just get in a tank and have a little rampage for a while before quitting. If the story was a little more interesting and if the side missions were not so repetitive i would probably play it more but in the end this feels more like a game you can waste a bit of time on and chip away a bit at the countless collectables while you wait for something else to do... but it is still really fun.
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on 21 September 2010
I bought Just Cause 2 because it was cheap and had reasonably good reviews. Having completed the main story I thought I may as well review the game.

Quite simply, it is excellent. Graphics and sonics are superb. Its a shame they don't make use of DX11 but even so, the game looks stunning and sounds.

Onto the story. You play a secret US agent sent to find out whats going on in an (invented) island in SE Asia. On the island are various factions, and in order to get to the bottom of the mystery you have to cause chaos against the state, either by just blowing up government buildings etc, or by doing jobs for the various factions on the island.

There is no inter-faction rivalry to speak of, however, you will be fighting government troups on a regular basis, and the factions will join in and help at times.

I won't give any more of the story. It gets very silly at the end though. However, once the story is over, you get to remain on the island as a mercenary, and you can finish off the remaining tasks. This is a good thing, as some of the tasks are quite varied, and I had only completed 33% of them when I finished the main story (after 78 game hours!).

How you do this is up to you. You have guns, timed explosives and you can even hijack tanks and helicopter gunships. There's something worryingly addictive about laying waste a civilian town with a tank.

However, you also have a grappling gun. Once you get the hang of it, this is both a handy mode of transport and a good weapon. Here are some of the ways you can use it:

Fire it at a nearby object. You will then be pulled to that object. Handy for climbing buildings. You can also open a parachute as this is happening and you will be launched into the air.

Fire it at a vehicle. You will either end up on the roof, allowing you to hijack it, or you will pull off the person shooting at you.

Fire it at one object, and attach the other end to another. So you can fire it at a statue, attach the other end to a van, then drive the van to pull down the statue.

Best yet, fire it at a person, attach the other end to a car, then drive off for a novel killing method.

this list could go on and on and on. You are only limited by your imagination.

So yes, the game is huge. The island itself has many environments. There's snow-capped mountains, more traditional jungle affair, and the fairly expected desert regions too. One criticism here is that going from snow to a sandy beach scene can happen a tad too quickly. there is also rainfall, and night and day make their presence felt. There is none of the pitch black you get in a Stalker game though.

As well as all the faction missions, there are 300 faction objects scattered throughout the land. You can either collect them or ignore them. Its up to you. It gives you another goal once the game is complete though.

The only downside is, that being a sandbox game, it can get boring if you play it for long sessions. Its meant for an hour here and there. If that isn't a problem for you, or you like exploring, then this game is absolutely essential.
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