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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars14
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 11 May 2010
I used to watch this religiously when I was younger and was a little worried that the dvd wouldn't live up to my memories. Fortunately all that was unfounded and I ended up watching the dvd in one go. Either I haven't grown up much or it hasn't lost it's appeal, whichever way it is, this is a good watch for any age.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 March 2010
It was so sad when they decided to cancel this cartoon series, but this DVD closes the cycle nicely and does justice to what is arguably the best X-men animated series. It has everything we expect from X-men and more, and the best thing of all is that there is an ending to it, a final moment where they effectivley say 'The End'. Very much an item to have in your Marvel collection and one that makes the transition between last-century and the modern animations.
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2011
The X Men cartoon series is sheer greatness. Filled with exciting action, intense graduation of character, and complex meta-plot issues it is leaps above most other television series. Unfortunately it ends on clearly the lowest note as Season 5 Volume 2 puts in 4 weak episodes and only 1 decent effort. So much of the subtlety is lost here, the action is either missing or forgettable, the animation is terrible, and the plot lines are dull. X Men is unbelievably good but this is not a great volume.

The volume opens with what is the worst episode in the X Men series. Jubilee's Fairytale Feature features Jubilee telling stories of medieval fantasy heroes to children. It has absolutely no action at all and is not set in the X Men universe. It clearly beats Morlock Christmas in season 4 for worst episode.

Old Soldiers pits Wolverine and Captain America against Nazis including Red Skull. It is a below average episode and while Captain America has some good action, Wolverine's doesn't make a huge amount of sense. As this was decades before Weapon X, it seems strange that he acts identically to his older self with even the same dialogue. Not sure how often "Yo" came up in 1940s Canadian slang but apparently Wolverine was ahead of the curve in his use of language. The rage Wolverine feels towards the kidnapped scientist feels utterly forced.

Hidden Agendas is terribly weak. A top secret military black op targets a small town mutant from Kentucky. This black op team are remarkably incompetent and have put in none of the research that earlier shady psuedo-governmental teams have done in X Men. The mutant does not want to leave home and is protected by Rogue. The animation change utterly ruins her look and it is off-putting. The episode isn't helped by the change in voice acting for Gambit. The playfulness of the original is not there in the more gruff acting and while it might have been ok had there been no prior comparison, it has much less charm. The episode itself has no real charm either.

The one good episode on the disc is Descent. Like all of the other episodes on the disc except Old Soldiers it has no real action. However, this one is the origin story of Mister Sinister. With the origin stories of Magneto and Apocalpyse having already been told, it seems only right that the third of the triumverate of legendary X Men villains has his emergence explained. It is an excellent story based in 19th century London featuring Charles Darwin, Jack the Ripper, an ancestor of Charles Xavier, and Sinister himself. Mister Sinister has always been kind of creepy and his setting in the smog of industrial London works a charm. This is the one redeeming feature of 5.2 and while it has very little action and pretty much none of the X Men it is excellent because Mister Sinister is an excellent character.

The conclusion of this magnificent series is a whimper. The bang is fired at Professor Xavier who is fighting another Congressional attempt to legislate mutants away. This feels so much like a re-tread of the early parts of the series and it is weird that Prof X is successfully attacked in such a throwaway manner. The rest of the episode goes on with his life in the balance. It turns out that only Magneto can save the day though he must give up his dreams of world domination to do so. The friendship between Magnus and Charles has long been a rewarding feature of X Men so it is nice that the series ends with this to the fore. It is only a shame that it did not come amid a better collection of stories as this truly remarkable series was utterly amazing for almost all of the duration.
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on 8 June 2014
i brought this brand new from a supplier that gets fulfilled by amazon, the item is clearly not new. it had a broken case and had no content claimed to be inside. after reporting this to amazon they completely dismissed what i had to say, i was shocked and disgusted at this. after leaving a negative feed back, warning others to this sellers devious ways. i recieved a email explaining how i incorrectly gave a product review on their feed back.
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on 20 January 2010
The penultimate volume of what was one of Marvel's best animated series' This DVD contains five of the ten episodes of the final season of X-Men, two two-part stories lead off. As with the rest of the series, these are (llosely) adapted from the comic books.

The first, "Phalanx Covenant" is a good old-fashioned alien invasion story, in which Beast, Hank McCoy, must team up with a goofy alien bio-organic shape-shifter, Forge, Quicksilver (briefly), and a pair of leading villains, to defeat the aliens. The second two-parter, "Storm Front" has the X-Men travel to another world after Storm in kidnapped by the tall, handsome, bare-chested Arkon, who looks like a refugee from a swords-and-sorcery epic. Actually the story's quite fun. Storm apparently saves the world, but the handsome Arkon is hiding something that the other X-Men have to uncover before Storm marries Arkon! Finally there is the episode "The Fifth Horseman", in which Beast and Jubilee discover that Fabian Cortez is seeking a new mutant host body for the evil Apocalypse! When Jubilee is captured, and Beast mutated further, in the process losing his mind, it seems nothing can stop Apocalypse taking possession of Jubilee's body!

These are all good solid stories. The animation is solid, and the plotlines, as befits two-part stories, relatively complex. "Fifth Horseman" is obviously done by a different team of animators, the style is different from the rest of the series thus far. Picking up on the Apocalypse story threads from the 4th season, it requires some knowledge of what happened in those stories.

All in all, a good release. My only complaint is that, like the rest of this series, there are no extras on the DVD. Oh well, you can't win 'em all!
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on 10 September 2014
Big fan of X-Men. One of my favourite cartoons growing up. I brought nearly all of the individual volumes and then they brought out the complete collection so I waited for the price for the individuals to come down. Really good.
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on 4 May 2014
I used to get up on a weekday morning at 6am before school just to watch these. I wanted to buy them because i loved them and my son now does too! Came well packaged and undamaged.
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on 24 July 2014
As ever the 90s X-Men series lives up to it's reputation as a highly exciting series with great animation, voice acting and action.
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on 12 April 2010
this was a great series even though they change the graphics at the end. be warned though that even though it says in stock u wont get for ages. i ordered it nearly 2 months ago and still not got
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2011
Season 5 Vol 1 of the peerless X-Men cartoon series contains 4 great episodes that live up to the excellence of the earlier sets and 1 that doesn't drag the volume down too much. After the originally designed ending of the series following Season 4 and the utter brilliance that was the Beyond Good and Evil story arc, 5.1 keeps up the good form. Two two-parters both tell solid stories, with emotional character development and complexity combined with quality action. The season ends with a change in animation studio and it is not a change for the better but the story featuring Apocalypse and Fabien Cortez is not bad.

5.1 opens up with the two-parter Phalanx Covenant. After battling Apocalypse in the dimension of time, there seemed to be nowhere really to go next but the Phalanx provide a worthy opponent. The Phalanx is a techno-bio hybrid with a hive mind. The references to the Borg are plentiful with "resistance is futile" and "you will be assimilated" being cheesily fun homages. The Phalanx story is one of the more interesting through the series because the forces of good are represented not by physical skill but by intellectual acuity. Three of the great scientists of the X Men world team up to take on the Phalanx - Beast, Forge, and Mister Sinister.

It is nice to see these characters get their turns to shine. Mister Sinister choosing to fight alongside those he normally seeks to destroy is very amusing. It speaks to the depth of the characterisation that one of the three principal villains of X Men (and perhaps the second most evil after Apocalypse) is resourceful enough to know when he has to find unusual allies. Sinister does not deviate from his character and he is not at all like his new compadres Beast and Forge. That Sinister is still snappy and makes decisions quickly rather than deliberate a la Beast keeps him in a perfect fit. It is a great combination and something a little different from any of the earlier fare.

The two-parter Storm Front is absolutely classic X Men. Storm becomes the saviour of an alien planet and finds herself treated with the admiration and love she has never had really from anyone else. Her Norse God-like admirer convincingly talks her into a marriage proposal. Of course, it cannot go well for the prospective lovers and Storm's man turns out not to be the hero she wanted to cherish. The moral conundra are right at the heart of so many good X Men story arcs in the series - the questions of individual vs collective responsibility, the treatment of those who are different, and ideals that require self-sacrifice over personal happiness.

The action in Storm Front is solid with Wolverine leading much of the charge. The X Men are in an unusual position in Storm Front in that they are more powerful than their adversaries so this is is another nice change of pace. Jubilee's role as Storm's adviser in affairs of the heart makes for some nice lighter hearted moments.

The final episode on the disc is not quite as good. It marks a change of animation studio and the change is not at all for the better. The only improvement perhaps is in Jubilation Lee who becomes clearly more Chinese-American than her traditional animation portrays. The poorer animation means that the story doesn't have the same feel. Beast and Jubilee on an unexplainable tourist trip into the heart of Mayan South America stumble across Fabien Cortez performing ancient rites. These rites are designed to see the return of Apocalypse. The payoff might have been interesting but it is not followed up by the time the series ends so it was all a bit pointless.

Despite the weaker 5th episode and the fact the disc contains 5 episodes in what is the shortest of the X Men seasons, the first 4 episodes make this more X Men greatness that is well worth watching for anyone who has made it this far.
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