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4.2 out of 5 stars108
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2015
Prior to these, I normally used Howard Leight Laser Lite foam plugs, these are very effective in blocking out the noise inside a motorcycle helmet. They still allow the high piched sounds of sirens to be heard but muffle a lot more sound too. OK - Back to the begining - I recently purchased a full Autocom Logic comms system and Zumo 590LM for my DL650. After installaion I immediately tried out the intercom and satnav. I was very disappointed initially. The reason being any speed over 30mph, I couldn't make out what my pillion was saying or satnav directions. Back home I went through all the setup and volume settings - with the laser lites in but stationary I had to crank up the volume to near distortion levels to hear anything. Out on the road although audible it was not intelligible. I went through several ear plug types including the "mold your own" type with little success. Running out of options and a road trip looming ahead, I stumbled across these on Amazon. In for a dollar......
These arrive nicely packaged and have a small carry pouch to transport the plugs in. On first inspection I thought these are never going to work, after all, the noise filters are small plastic inserts that slide into holes that go straight through the clear silicone plug (MotoSafe contains two different and exchangeable wind noise filter pairs for standard and higher attenuation - advertising blurb)...
Any way, this morning I was going to test these out... I opted for the yellow - higher filter, reasoning if it was safer for my ears to go this way.
First impression - noise inside my helmet was comfortable - no "white noise" better than I expected.
OK, turn satnav on - - - my ear drums nearly exploded..........I had forgotten to turn down the volume settings.
I quickly pulled over and lowered the Zumo to 35%.
Back on the road, Holy shmoly, I could hear everything crystral clear. Right now onto the motorway - 70mph everything still audible and intelligible.
I wear a Arai Tour X4 Helmet, not exactly quiet, but now I can understand my satnav.
I have yet to try the audio quality of the intercom, but going on the Zumo clarity - I doubt I will have any issues - I will update when tested.
So for a set of pricey(ish) ear plugs, that I thought wouldn't cut the mustard - I have to award Top Marks!
Dont know how or why they work - but work they do.
I hope this little review helps someone make an informed decision, and have similar pleasing results.
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on 22 March 2012
Fantastic product, never knew existed, can listen to music now, hear the bike, hear the traffic and come back with out ringing ears like used to happen when not wearing any plugs or wearing foam total blocking ear plugs that I could not hear a thing or music etc. Tried to leave foam plugs part way out but still useless. The plugs come with a brilliant aid for inserting plugs into ears and a handy zipped holder for when not using. I've put a mark on one so I know which is right and left- manufacturers could colour code etc. Also they have a hole in middle unlike foam so your not compressing air into your ear canal. They also come with two different levels of noise protection, I use the highest noise protection. Recommend.
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on 15 December 2011
I have just bought the Alpine Music Safe Pro Filter Ear Plugs and the Alpine Moto Safe Ear Plus.

The only difference between the two is that the music package has one more filter (three in total). The additional filter that the music package contains achieves the least dB reduction (I don't use it at all).

The moto package has two filters which are identical (!) in specs (ie same dB reduction in the various listed frequencies) with those of the music package. That was quite surprising because after reading the brochure I was left with the impression that the Music filters are specifically made for musicians as they are supposed to not block all the high frequencies as a normal ear plug would do whereas the Moto filters are supposed to allow the lower frequencies of the motor. In the end, they are exactly the same. So there goes my impression that the first are specifically made for musicians and the second for motorists. That is marketing I guess...

Frankly, it seems to me that the filters are just a piece of plastic with a hole in the middle. So much for the hi-tech I was expecting...

The overall quality of the earplugs is ok. Since I bought them, I use them.

I'm not a musician. I have just been studying the piano for about six years. I use interchangeably the two filters that reduce the most dB. This is much better than using traditional earplugs that tend to blur the sound a lot. The earplugs fit comfortably in my ears and don't hurt even after four hours of playing.

For motorcycle use, I mainly use foam earplugs. They are much more powerful in dB reduction. I use the Alpine ones whenever I can't clean my hands to use the foam ones.

The included carrying case for the earplugs is useful.

Overall, a very expensive product.
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on 11 May 2011
These very well fitting ear plugs make such a terrific difference to the level of wind noise at high speed. They also allow other noises to be heard that are useful when motorcycling. All in all an excellent product that really does make sense and very much does what it says in the description.
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on 3 August 2013
I have a Shark vision R, whilst it is a great helmet it does suffer from wind noise at speed. I have also fitted helmet speakers to enable me to wear ear protection and listen to music.
With these Ear Plugs I can hear the music and very little wind noise. They come with two inserts coloured green and yellow which allow tailoring of the noise reduction.
I've used these for about 1000 miles now, have been very impressed with comfort and performance. You can still hear people talk with them in... they just filter out the unwanted white noise.
Buy them
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on 20 May 2015
If you find this review helpful, please click the little "yes" button below.

Overall, I would say that these earplugs are ... OK. I'll start with the negatives and finish on the positives. First, they are a little fragile. They come with two different types of inserts each of which has a different noise reduction rating. As standard, they're fitted with the lower of the two and you have to swap them out if you want the higher noise reduction. But, be careful. When I tried I managed to rip the earplug. ;-(. Luckily, the set comes with a 'spare' earplug. Second negative, the noise reduction is good, but not as good as regular (inexpensive) disposable foam earplugs. The earplugs are supposed to filter out certain sound (like wind noise) while allowing other sound (like talking) to be heard clearly. Well, I'm skeptical about this. I compared using the Alpine MotoSafe earplugs while listening to the radio, then switched to regular foam disposables - and I couldn't tell a difference. The foam disposables did make it harder to hear, but that's because they cut out more noise generally. Now the positives. First, the earplugs are very comfortable, at least for me. Yesterday I wore them for over seven hours, with a helmet, and had no discomfort at all. This is not the case with disposables and typically after a couple of hours I find that I need to take them out and take a break for a few minutes. Second, the earplugs are really easy to insert (using a little plastic inserter that comes with the plugs). It typically takes me 2-3 attempts to get disposal earplugs in to my satisfaction. After a little practice with the Alpine MotoSafe plugs I can get them in first time, every time.

Overall, I would say that these earplugs are good. I'm not 100% convinced that they're worth the money though. If they were in the region of £3-£5, I would probably fully endorse them, but at £15, I think that it's not worth the money. You can buy a lot of disposal plugs for £15.
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on 8 July 2013
I ride an SV 1000 with aftermarket extremely loud pipes and was almost deaf after circa 20 minutes of riding, hence needing ear protection. I have tried all sorts of makes and styles and found these. Well worth the money and now ride for up to a couple of hours at a time without any pain or discomfort and without them falling out. Make sure you follow the instructions and twist them into your ear gently. Brilliant and worth the money - you cant put a price on protecting your hearing.
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on 30 May 2013
I was really sceptical about these for motorcycle use. I am using similar type of earplugs for loud music (studio/club), and are great. But under my helmet, after an hour riding, my ears were in serious pain (mind you, the centre filter is solid plastic). Their noise reduction was not more effective than my foam ear plugs, which I can wear for at least 4 hours with no problem.
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on 27 September 2013
These are the best ear protection I've ever found, better than throw aways, moulded and all the others that cause pain when worn for a longer period of time, these are so comfortable and can ride all day with no problems.... I'll be using these from now on... Might even buy shares they're so good :-)
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on 3 April 2014
My step-daughter has just bought a set of these earplugs for use when she learns to rid a motorcycle and I recently read a review in the motorcycle press which was not complimentary about these earplugs.
So I decide to try them anyway.
I had been using the expanding-foam type and wanted something where I could hear the bluetooth headset in my helmet better as well as perhaps using them at work where people speak to me in Dutch,with the machine noise in the background.
With other earplugs or earmuffs I need to remove them to hear instructions properly.

So I wore them when I rode my motorcycle to work yesterday then left them in for the whole 8 Hour shift.
I then rode home with them still in.

I can honestly say that they were easy to insert,and remained in place while being comfortable for the whole time.
The earplugs sit in the ear orifice,with the core and filter piece just inside the inner surface of your outer ear ;and thus they do not protrude at all,or catch on anything (like the helmet interior for example).
The instructions mention "cutting this inner piece to length if needed" but I found that with my ear shape there was absolutely no need.
I could hear the engine noise and other sounds clearly (like the chickens clucking as I went down the garden path!) and at work I could hear converastion near and away from the machines.
My own voice sounded a bit muffled , but then it does when i use any kind of ear protection.
Overall I am more pleased with them than the "review" led me to believe I would be and was able to tell my Step Daugher that she will have no problems training whilst wearing them
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