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4.8 out of 5 stars286
4.8 out of 5 stars
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After becoming addicted to this after the first series, I didn't originally know if a second series would be as good, but if anything its even better. I have been told that the viewer ratings weren't that great for this, but that may have been due to the BBC endlessly changing the times it was shown.

I am still amazed that this works at all, after all there is a tradition of Arthurian stories getting mixed up and altered over the years, but this one is so original. And thankfully, unlike the dire Robin Hood, this is highly watchable and entertaining. There are some great cameos in this series, Charles Dance plays a witchfinder, Emilia Fox is in chainmail (who could believe that a woman could look sexy in all that metal? But Emilia shows that it can be done), and Sarah Parish is absolutely fantastic as a troll.

With Merlin having to still keep his magic a secret, Morgana finding out what she really is, and Mordred vowing vengeance on Merlin there is more than enough action here. On top of that Uther falling in love with a troll due to magic, and Arthur having a love spell placed on him there is bound to be trouble and comedy in store. Arthur professes his feelings for Guenivere and starts to learn more about humility and compassion, whilst Merlin has to keep his promise to let the dragon go free, and he also finds out who his father is. Merlin also starts to see that his powers are greater than he could have first suspected and that he must use them wisely.

Why this works so well is that it mixes drama and action (with great effects) with a touch of humour, and it doesn't try to lay down some kind of code for behaviour, although with its depictions of chivalry, honour, truth, humility and compassion it does show an ideal of how we should all behave. The Arthurian legends have always been popular, probably due to the things I have mentioned, but it somehow goes beyond that, after all what boy wouldn't want to be a world famous knight, and what girl wouldn't want to be rescued by a knight on horseback?

All in all then this is another great series of Merlin, and I can't wait until the third, that is great for all the family to watch.
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on 12 October 2010
Just as I said in my review for the season 1 box set, I'll be brief. Merlin is a great series in every way, and it's second season impresses even more. The production values were raised, the stories moved on, the characters matured and the acting again was spot on! And once again, the DVD box set is just beautifully made, a bit tricky to open, but when you get inside, your jaw drops at the choice of design and pictures! Together with the season 1 box set, they are the most beautiful box sets I now own. I'm honestly impressed!

Merlin managed to put me, a woman in her thirties, well under its spell. From what's inside to what's printed outside, I recommend this box set with all my heart!
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on 19 September 2010
I bought this series for my grandson who is 9 years old having bought him the first series which he enjoyed so much. He plays them over and over again and thoroughly enjoys them. I think they are great as well and so removed from everyday life they really take you out of of the real world for a while.

We are now watching the third series on BBC TV which is just as good, if not better, than the previous two.

Hope they continue to make them.

Merlin - Complete Series 2 Box Set [DVD] [2009]Merlin - Series 1 - Complete [DVD] [2008]
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on 24 August 2010
Merlin Season 2 is better (if possible) than season 1 !!!! I first watched the show when my cousin recommended it, and was hooked by the first five minutes of the first episode of the first season! I immediately went online and purchased both season one and two, and i have not regretted it!
The characters are believable, and have modern personality traits that anyone can relate to! The modern twists on the classic legend are interesting and fun! They set up tales that we all remember, and i couldn't enjoy anything more!

I currently live in the states, and have gotten my best friend hooked too! Our favorite evenings are merlin nights! Watching Merlin, baking and having a good time. It is a great product, it brings everyone together! My friends, my brother, my family, we all love sitting down and watching this show together! This is a great program, that is loved by pre-teens, teens, college students and adults alike!

Bring on Season 3!!!! =)
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on 27 July 2010
I would recommend this series to anyone who wants to watch action, humor and adventure. MERLIN is a breath of fresh air to television. Looking forward to season 3.
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on 21 February 2010
Merlin is a fun watch. This review however will concentrate on the DVD Extras for the people out there like me who really appreciate seeing/hearing from their favourite cast members. Great extras help make the decision to buy an easy one.

Merlin have really spoilt the fandom, thank you to who ever gave the cast a camera for their video dairies, and the cast themselves for "doing their homework". It has provided the fans with fantastic informal moments. These daries and the ones from Series 1 have left me eagerly awaiting the Series 2 Box set.


Secrets and Magic (~10 - 15 mins each)
Each Merlin episode has a corresponding S&M episode. They are very much appreciated as they provide interesting footage on behind the scenes and guest stars. All 13 have been included in the box set (1-6 in Vol 2.1, 7-13 in Vol 2.2), which is great for non-UK people.

Last year the cast diaries were included as separate videos. This year there is no separate cast diary video. Instead their recorded videos have been sliced into the secrets and magic episodes where relevant.

The great upside to having the diaries in the S&M means we the fans get to see them on a weekly basis during airing which is -----> fantastic :)

But it would have been great if they had also included just the diary footage together as a separate video. This would allow fans to just watch the cast, rather then having to fast forward the S&M to get to say the "Your the Voice" (scratch that, its been cut, perhaps due to licensing) or "Lost in Abergavenny" video.

I was slightly hoping there may have been extended diary footage or new footage included in this box set as I have seen certain members with their cameras out (e.g. BJ in the A Night Less Ordinary interview). There is a couple of minutes in Making of Merlin though (see further below).

Overall one can not complain too much with the amount of extras the S&M episodes have given us.

Cast commentaries
The cast commentaries, providing some personal opinions, character insight (which is always welcomed), director talk and endearing ramblings (I'm looking at you BJ and CM - keep it up ;).

02.01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan [Bradley & Colin]
02.02 Once and Future Queen [Angel & Anthony]
02.04 Lancelot & Guinevere [Bradley & Colin]
02.08 The Sins of the Father [Bradley, Colin & Anthony]
02.10 Sweet Dreams [Bradley, Angel, Julian Murphy (producer) & Alice Throughton (director)]
02.11 The Witch's Quickening [Katie, Julian Murphy (producer) & Alice Throughton (director)]
02.12 The Fires of Idirsholas [Colin, Katie & Jeremy Webb]

Cast and Crew introduction to Series 2 (~10min)
Snippets of the producers and cast introducing their characters and a couple of seconds on their series 2 thoughts/direction. They talk about and show scenes from episodes 1-6 etc.

Making of Merlin (~35min)
This is an additional Behind the Scenes (episode 14?) that has not aired (is only on the Series 2, Volume 2 DVD at this stage).

Plenty of snippets of the producers and main cast (and a bit of the extended/guest cast) talking about:
- The Legend
- Talking Spellish
- Horses (+ more joust talk!)
- Mystical Creatures / CGI

As with the previous Behind the Scenes there is also some new cast diary footage sliced in.

- Wallpaper
- Photo Gallery

The box set contains volume 2.1 and 2.2 (also sold separately on Amazon). Each volume contains 3 disks. 2 full of episodes and one full of extras.

Content wise though you are not missing anything if you brought the set separately. The benefit is that the volumes are enclosed in the cardboard box which nicely matches the Series 1 box set. May be nice if just this outer box was sold (cheaply) separately for the dedicated fans that didn't hold out for the full series set. Media lovers like matchy matchy.

The artwork on the disks and cases are also pleasing, with each disk containing one of the main 6 cast members (I uploaded four images). It has 5 DVD9s, and 1 DVD5 (~567 mins).

Merlin Series 3 Extras
Check out my Merlin - Series 3 - Complete [DVD] review for the Volume 1 [DVD] extras (Vol. 2 extras will be added once its released).

At this stage it appears there are no Secrets and Magic episodes for Series 3, or Cast Diaries which is a big shame. There are deleted scenes on Volume 1, and Volume 2 is yet to be confirmed. To BBC Merlin - any footage saved from the cutting room floor and included in the box set is appreciated! Fans love it and I believe it's a great DVD Box set seller.
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on 30 November 2010
Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the Merlin series. We live in the USA and even
bought a multi region dvd player so we can enjoy the second series. Cannot wait
for season 3 to be released.
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on 10 August 2010
If you are a King Arthur puritain, you may not like this adaptation. They are taking enormous liberties with the old legends and myths.
But I think it is entertaining, with lots of fun, inside jokes, magic, great actors and good story lines.
I think this series has it all, and I love it. I cannot wait for season 3.
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This is so good, it brings tears to the eyes. The brilliant concept of a Merlin the same age as Arthur continues to breathe new life into the legends.

Talents have converged to produce something special. Fine scripts. Splendid castle. Awesome dragon. Great special effects and audacious stunts. Throughout, the cast shines - especially Colin Morgan, superb as Merlin - good natured, put upon, vulnerable, all the while his powers growing. Who will ever forget his heartrending performance in that final episode? His scenes with Gaius (Richard Wilson) and Arthur (Bradley James) are amongst the series' many particular pleasures.

The 13 episodes (several with commentaries, all with background bonuses) cover a wide range - in turn exciting, uplifting, moving, upsetting and very funny indeed. Visiting villains further enhance. Mackenzie Crook and Sarah Parish are both hilarious, she as a troll at her most happy when gorging on fresh horse manure. Charles Dance is a genuinely menacing Witchfinder, especially disturbing when giving Gaius such a tough time.

Characters have developed, the stage thus set for Season 3. Romance is budding between Arthur and Gwen. Morgana, Mordred and Morgause (Emilia Fox excellent) are clearly now fully motivated to create future havoc - many knights thereby destined never to see another day.

One cannot help holding blinkered King Uther (Anthony Head) personally responsible for most of the troubles, with so much unnecessary slaughter, attitudes hardening amongst those he persecutes. Arthur will need to break free from such entrenched inherited prejudices. Lucky is he to have loyal Merlin as a guide. The prince may as yet not fully appreciate him - but viewers do, apparently the world over. What better testimony of the series' worth!

Totally involving, spellbinding fare.
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on 30 January 2013
I bought series 1 to 5 for my nephew who had not started watching Merlin until series 3 and had missed the early episodes.

I thought he would be delighted with this as a Christmas gift and was not disappointed by his reaction when he opened them.

I must admit I also really enjoyed watching this series and was sorry when it ended but will enjoy borrowing the DVD's off my nephew to watch them again sometime

As always excellent delivery service
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