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2.5 out of 5 stars37
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 April 2012
This would be a standard run of the mill zombie b-movie were it not for one man & that man is Ken Foree, who played Peter Washington in the original Dawn of the Dead. This means to us fans, he's the equivalent to zombie royalty. However, I'm not just giving him props for turning up. With his cool vibes & sheer presence, I think he lifts this movie to above average.

Apocalypse of the Dead is one of those zombie films filmed in Eastern Europe - mainly for tax & cost reasons. The result I always find is the same - the sets all tend to look the same plus the lighting always seem too dark. For me, I have two gripes with the movie. I mention the lighting as it is a real issue; virtually the whole movie seems poorly lit. The second is the soundtrack - I think there must have been some sync problems.

OK - gripes over. Picture a train carrying a top secret cargo. As normal, there is an accident & a toxic gas is leaked out into a nearby station. Enter zombie madness. There are a few cut scenes to the Serbian President as it seems that this is all part of some government cover up but this theme is not developed that much in the movie.

Ken Foree turns up as a super-cool Interpol agent working on a prisoner transfer. With just one day to retirement (isn't it always the way), he gets caught up the drama...

Throw in a religious nut, a zombie nun, having to shoot your partner, a girl with too few clothes & you got yourself a zombie movie.

The zombies themselves are well-done & seem to be a mix of fast & slow - something for everyone There is even a sneaky joke in there about shopping centres for hardcore fans.

All in all, entertaining low budget horror not to be judged to harshly. The savage reviews on here are too much, these fans should bow to an actor who deserves our respect - Mr Ken Foree.
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Just finished this on Lovefilm as I trawl through as much zombie film nommage as inhumanly possible.

Apocalypse of the Dead sets its stock early on with the amateurish artwork on the intro credits. I have seen sturdier houses of cards compared to this plot but hey, who watches a zombie movie to obtain philosophy and life-changing insights.

The film is pointlessly dubbed in places so I can't begin to imagine how awful the actors originally sounded. There are pointless fill scenes and some very sketchy acting and a quite quite awful script.

But there is plenty of action and the film doesn't waste any time in getting to it. The camera work is very shaky for the action scenes and I found myself getting a bit motion-sick in places finding the whole thing a little hard to follow. You get the full impression of what's going on though, and for the zombie-flick lover there is plenty of the good stuff (even if the zombies do move like elastic bands).

I would recommend you rented this instead of buying the DVD where possible, as I can't imagine you'd want (or need) to watch this more than once.
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on 11 March 2010
I watched this not expecting much (I've seen plenty of zombie flicks with similar covers and been disappointed e.g Zombie diaries).

This was an good zombie flick from serbia, it does not take itself too seriously and gets on with the zombie action. The plot was wafer thin with many pointless scenes like going down to fix the generator to fix the electric to the PC and then it never worked anyway. I guess we need some excuses for some dumbass characters to be eaten up by the zombies.

To me, this film reminded me of a zombie game you would play on your console - some scenes are like cut scenes from a game with some bad dubbing going on. Why some actors were dubbed is strange as they are all speaking English anyway. The Professor was dreadful and he wasn't dubbed. The Apocolpyse character voice over had me in hysterics as the voice did not fit the actors motions!!

Ken Foree keeps it together along with Kristina Clebb so there are some good acting amoung the crap. There are a few nods to the original zombie flick "Dawn of the Dead" as Ken was in this film. "Maybe we should find a mall?"!

It's not a great film and lets be honest most zombie films aren't but if you just love to watch zombie films then you will want to see this for the gore. There is also a scene after the credits roll if you want to know what happens to the annoying dumbass reporter.
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on 4 November 2012
This is a good attempt from Eastern Europe at a Zombie film that does not take itself seriously and has Ken Foree as the main character. The plot was thin in places and had the usually references about going down in dark places, but had agood twist on it. The acting was fine and plenty of blood and guts, however it did suffer from poor dubbing in places and two speed Zombies. Either super slow or very fast. However if a Zombie Apocalypse is around the corner I want Ken Foree in my corner as this gut never gets bitten even when surrounded by a couple of hundred Zombies.
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on 16 August 2010
IM gunna assume that like me your a big fan of zombie films. If your like me then youv seen them all and you know just how dreadfull the acting and camera work can be
This film however gave me a shock. The acting is pretty damn good tbh. A few in particular really stand out among the rest. THough there are one or 2 shady performances i garuntee you that youv seen worse. (zombie diaries anyone?)
Another surprise was the make up and sound effects, it does look to a high standard. Not quite romero but its pretty damn close.
i wont bother making a comment on the story as we all know what zombie movies involve plot wise.

8/10 zombie movies id recomend torrenting but this ones worth the buy imo. One of the best ive seen in a long time.
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on 18 April 2010
This film is also known as ZONE OF THE DEAD in case anyone spots it under that title as well. A Serbian made zombie flick with lots of nods towards the Romero style of zombie films.A nod to RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is having a gas cause the dead to rise. This is not a great zombie film, but you could do a lot worse then buying it if you are a zombie fan.It is good to see a different take on zombies from European eyes. The film is dubbed but watchable. It is more enjoyable watching it with friends after the pub though!
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on 15 August 2013
bit of a weird zombie film, but i'm a sucker for them all so I did enjoy it, sort of, would recommend to people who aren't that fussy about all the technical parts of a film and just enjoy cheesy zombie flicks that aren't that great over all.
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Also known as "Zone of the Dead" so you know it must be good with two titles. The end of times apocalypse starts in Serbia with zombies just like the good book, and a few others predicted. The police are escorting a prisoner when the florescent green gas gets released early with gun play at the Railroad station. And we know it is real zombie gas by the color.

The only mystery is who is the prisoner and who is the skin head who has prepared for all of this? And they really weren't much of a mystery since I didn't care.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Zombie nudity (Vanja Vajzmanovic) Part of a DVD 12 pack.
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on 21 March 2010
If You don't expect much, just a dumb
zombie action movie, than You got it right.
The sfx and make-up are very nice indeed,
apart from that there ain't anything else.
Enjoyable though.
I only got one question, how come an
experienced agent, like Reyes is supposed to be,
could be such a moron in almost every action ?
Anyway, prep snacks and beer and You won't be disappointed.
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on 3 April 2010
Ok - this is not great, but its not terrible either.

A train carrying biohazardous material gets shot at the contents leak, turning everone that came into contact with it into zombies.

Enter a few kids, a old man, a mental patient doing gods work and of course Peter from Dawn of the Dead, and you have a worthwhile zombie flick.

It has a good plot, acting os ok, effects are good, lots of little marks of respect to iconic movies that came before.

Just don't it too seriously
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