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4.5 out of 5 stars65
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2010
Dc has brought out another animated movie in the form of the justice league.this time the league is faced with the alternative universe version of themselves.Great story line with great fights. my only flaw is the absence of kevin conroy's voice as the batman.other than that,you will have a blast.If you are into dc feature lenght animations then pick this up now!
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on 4 March 2010
i gotta say, DC continues to impress with their animated offerings.i
liked everything about this latest offering.not only was the story
really good,but the voice acting was stellar in my mind.the fight
scenes were spectacular,but they didn't overpower the rest of the
movie.i also really liked the opening title sequence.i thought it
really stood out.the movie also had a dark edge to it,which i really
liked.definitely adult oriented,which suits me fine.all i can say is i
hope they keep up the quality and make sure the movies continue to have
the adult edge to an aside,there's a great bonus short included
called The Spectre,which i recommend watching as well.for me,Justice
League: Crisis on Two Earths is a 4/5
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on 3 January 2014
I was very excited to receive this film, and i was not let down in any way after watching it.
All of the main characters were portrayed in a way faithful to the comics, and what a treat it was to see Jon J'onzz on screen alongside Batman, the Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman.
The alternative earth characters were mainly reliant on the audience knowing the charactor that they were meant to be the opposite of, with only Owlman really being given motivation and rounded characteristics.
I found it gripping, with hundreds of little easter eggs for those who know the DCU inside out (a personal favourite being the brief appearance of 'Red Arrow' or 'the Jester' appearing at the beginning. As well as how Wonder Woman came into possession of an invisible Jet.) But the narrative was simple enough for anyone coming new to the material to understand, and whilst it was in no way an Adult story the delivery was grown up enough to look at serious issues and the darker side of charactors, with the climax to the film being very tense whilst at the same time being a piercing look into the psyche of one hero.
I would recommend this heartily to all fans of DC comics, or even those that just want a decent thriller that rewards rewatching.
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The superhero known as Lex Luthor travels from a parallel Earth to ours and summons the help of the Justice League to take on the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the JLA from his own Earth. Agreeing to help him, the Justice League travels to Luthor’s Earth and takes on the Crime Syndicate, pitting the likes of Superman against Ultraman, Wonder Woman against Superwoman, the Flash against Johnny Quick, Green Lantern against Power Ring, Martian Manhunter against J’edd J’arkus, Hawkgirl against Angelique, and, soon enough, Batman against Owlman.

In a true case of looking in a mirror darkly, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is a super heroic and super villained thrill ride that gives you two Justice Leagues for the price of one!

Such a simple premise but such a cool story. Why not have the JLA face themselves from an alternate reality? Who would win? If you’re fighting someone every bit as powerful as you are, would someone come out on top? What if they thought like you? Talk about playing with one’s shadow.

There’s superpowers galore in this movie as each hero gets to take on their counterpart and show what they are fully capable of. More so, you get to see what our beloved JLA would be like had they taken other paths in life as the similarities and differences between them and the Crime Syndicate are explored.

A bunch of other heroes make an appearance in this flick as well, guys like Aquaman, Black Canary, Red Tornado (a personal favorite), Firestorm (another favorite), and more. Kind of a throwback to Justice League Unlimited in that way.

Don’t be fooled, though, as this movie is more than just a superhero/supervillain slugfest. It gets into the deeper issues, the big one being about choice. In the context of the movie, if every choice we make spawns an alternate reality where the alternate choice(s) was also made, do any of the choices we make ultimately matter?

This movie is smart, interesting, and grabs you from the get-go. The action is top notch, the animation is ultra sweet, and if these direct-to-video DC Universe movies have proven anything, it’s that they know how to make a good Justice League flick. I can’t wait until they transfer that same know-how to a live action Justice League movie. Can you imagine how awesome that’ll be?

Anyway, back to this one. This is such a good movie and is a must-have on any superhero fan’s movie shelf. You not only get DC Universe’s all-stars, but the all-stars of a parallel universe as well. Like I said above, definitely a two-for-one ticket and definitely worth checking out.
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Another animated movie take on DC Comics Superhero characters, in this case their Superhero team the Justice League.

This film is a new take on a storyline that DC have done a few times down the years. All about a parallel DC universe. Where life as people know is startlingly different. The people are all the opposite. Heroes are Villains. And vice versa.

Thus Superman in this world is the Ruthless Ultraman. And Lex Luthor is a hero, who has been fighting a losing battle for year's against the Super Villain team the Crime Syndicate.

Lex's last desperate gambit is to cross universes, and to ask for the Justice League to help. But fighting a world where the villains are so powerful that most have lost the will to resist is no easy matter. Especially when Owlman, this world's twisted version of Batman, has his mind on other things..

The movie runs for just over seventy minutes. It has some nice and colourful animation that is very easy on the eye. The creation of characters that are similar to and yet so different to the ones that we know grabs from the off. Comic fans will have lots of fun spotting a few interesting cameos. But those who don't know their dc comics continuity will have no trouble following things.

It has lots of excellent action sequences, fight scenes in which you really feel that the heroes have a hard task on their hands. There are some subtle touches of humour. And it does ask a few interesting moral questions of the viewer about when to stand up and fight. Without ever letting this get preachy or stand in the way of the action.

It doesn't use any of the more regular voice actors from the other dc animated films. Initially people familiar with those may find it a tricky adjustment to make, to hear all the characters sounding so different. But you do quickly get used to that. James Woods in particular does turn in an excellent and subtle vocal performance as Owlman.

Parents be aware this is a 12 certificate thanks to mild action and violence and language, so it's not suitable for very young viewers. It is though an excellent new take on an old story, and well worth 4/5.

The dvd does begin with a trailer, but you can skip that via the next button on the dvd remote.

It has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English,Castilian Spanish, German.

Subtitles: English, Castilian Spanish, German.


In addition to, as usual with these dc dvds, having several previews of other releases, you also get

DC showcase: The Spectre. A ten minute long animated feature involving the supernatural wrath dealing character. This takes it cues from the 1970's comic Wrath of the Spectre, and sees him investigating a murder in Hollywood. A haunting look at the seamy underbelly of the place, it's also done in the style of a 1970's film with lots of great little touches to emphasise that, and is a really great watch.

There's also DCU; the new world: A 25 minute long feature interviewing a few executives and writers from the company about he direction they were trying to take their comics in - as of the time it was made. It is now somewhat out of date, but it's an interesting look at how comic companies work and absorbing viewing.

There's also two episodes of the cartoon show Justice League. Both are twenty two minutes long, and are parts one and two of a story called A Better World. Which is available on other dvd's, but is included here because it's another take on the Crime Syndicate. And it's very good.
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on 11 June 2014
There's a reason I like DC universe films and this is one of them!!

I know the storyline well (even loving the reboot for the DC new 52) and it lives up to it.

The different versions of each characters are great, evil green arrow, black canary, Lobo. Plus the Crime Syndicate are well and truly badass, especially the smartest and dangerous of them all who finds a way of wiping out humanity, OWLMAN!

This is definitely one you have to watch.
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on 11 May 2014
Modern retelling of a great DC classic, i enjoyed it (having the original book), the grandchildren enjoyed it, having seen the latest Justice League animations, only one minor quibble, a little violent for very young children and i would suggest that parent/adult supervision required and a decision as to whether the child is mature enough for the animation, "Superfriends it ain't".
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I know I would enjoy superheroes more if I took the time to read the comic books. It’s just a case of too many books, not enough time. But when I heard of the idea behind Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, I was definitely intrigued. So I jumped into the movie without the benefit of the TV show or knowing who all the members of the Justice League are. Maybe that was part of the problem, but I found it just average.

It’s a typical day for the Justice League as they are working on their new base of operations. That is until Lex Luthor (voiced by Chris Noth) shows up. He claims to be from a parallel Earth, an Earth that is being overrun by the evil twins of the Justice League.

While Batman (William Baldwin) is hesitant to leave their Earth to go save another one, Superman (Mark Harmon), Wonder Woman (Vanessa Marshall), Green Lantern (Nolan North), Flash (Josh Keaton), and J'onn J'onzz (Jonathan Adams) quickly go with Lex. But fighting a league of villains like their own may prove to be too much. Can they defeat…themselves?

As I say, the idea is intriguing, but it doesn’t really get developed. Then again, maybe I’m asking too much out of a 75 minute movie. It was produced around the same time as the Justice League TV show, and maybe that would have helped me some since part of my concern with the movie was the characters. I felt like they were pretty much all flat. Heck, the one guy I’d never heard of before isn’t someone I still really know. And if it weren’t for the Green Lantern movie last summer, I’d still be lost on who he is. And we don’t really learn anything about the bad guys other than that they’re bad.

The story is really just an excuse for a bunch of super hero sized fights. There are a couple of small twists to the story, but for the most part its straight forward. Nothing wrong with that, but it could have been more entertaining.

The voice work was fine. The big names (among those not already listed we've got Gina Torres and James Woods) and the small names worked well together. Again, there was nothing that made it stand out, although any time emotion was called for, the cast did deliver.

The animation was hand drawn but done for TV. It tells the story, but it was produced fast with little to no attempts to be more artistic.

It’s not that I hated the movie; I was entertained while watching it. But when it was over, I was left asking if that was it. I guess I was just expecting something more epic. They certainly could have gone there from the premise. But to do that, it would have had to be longer.

So if the premise interests you, you’ll enjoy Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Just don’t expect anything mammoth from it and you’ll be fine.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 October 2011
If you enjoy superhero cartoons you'll enjoy this one. It's a well executed piece of work with outstanding production values, a tight storyline and a polished finish. But... Like most of the more recent DC Animated Universe (DCAU) movies to come out, it just doesn't have the depth and resonance of Bruce Timm's earlier work. You know - the stuff from back when all the shows really did make up a cohesive universe with its own continuity.

These days... the characters aren't quite so three dimensional; the dialogue not quite so mature. Perhaps as a result I find that I just plain don't care quite so much about either the characters themselves or the world they inhabit. I definitely get the feeling that Timm is more of a pure producer these days. That he isn't so directly involved in the actual writing.

For those deeply entrenched in the history of the DC comic book universe, this is a movie that references, but is far from married to the "Crisis" meta-series in DC comics. Fundamentally it is its own work, and needs to be taken as such. Personally, I think that was a wise move. You just can't compress something the size and scope of the comic book Crisis into the length of a movie and not wind up with a total mess.

Another real achievement that the creators of this work can be proud of is that they did manage to make the character of "Owl-Man" (Batman's alternate universe evil double) a credible and non-ridiculous opponent: surely a feat well nigh on par with making Shakespearian comedy actually funny.

But... in the end I find that I can't help but come back to where I began. This is a good movie. It is fun to watch. But it's not in the same league as Bruce Timm's earlier stuff. The stuff that made me proud to be a fan of the superhero genre. The stuff that easily held up as at least as intelligent as any of the live action dramas made for "grown-up" TV - if not considerably more so.

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on 16 May 2011
There's usually one word associated with DC Comics, and it's not Superman or Batman. It's CRISIS... there have been so many Crisis story arcs that it's becoming difficult to keep track of them, but this animated film is something that anyone can understand and enjoy and you don't need to be a fan to do so.

Originally intended to be the transitional piece between the Justice League animated series and its sequel Justice League Unlimited, Crisis On Two Earths was made into a full length animated feature of its own independent continuity. The story has a noble Lex Luthor from an alternate reality enlisting the Justice League's help in battling the evil superhumans of his world, a mafia-like organisation called the Crime Syndicate who are twisted parodies of Superman, Batman etc.

While there are a few segments of dialogue and violence that earn this film a 12 rating, I'd say it's still suitable for children since it is easily entertaining and features plenty of action sequences. Included on the second bonus disk are the Justice League episodes 'A Better World', which is basically the same film with a few minor differences, showing what would happen if the Justice League members themselves became evil tyrants, and a DC animated short The Spectre, a dark supernatural detective story which may not be suitable for younger viewers due to some disturbing scenes.

All in all though, if you enjoyed the Justice League animated series or the DC animated universe in general, this is a good purchase for fans, though I wish they had brought back Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman.
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