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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 26 October 2011
Lego Harry Potter

Having bought and loved the Lego Star Wars and Indian Jones games I knew I would need to check out this version of Lego tell tale madness and am glad I did.

This game follows similar patterns to traditional Lego games. You have the ability to play as Harry, Ron and Hermione as you explore Hogwarts and unlock all various puzzles and tasks. The game follows the movie storylines from years 1 to 4 and with some great funny exerts in to, albeit not as good as the Star Wars parodies.

Controlling the characters through their tasks is simple enough. The ability to fly a broom is something we have all wanted to do and is very apt here. Casting spells is tremendously fun as well. Certain characters have different abilities and herein lies the Lego game back problem.

Annoyingly, what appears in all Lego games now is backtracking. For example certain characters have certain abilities, such as Snape has dark magic, and you must unlock, and then buy these characters and then go back to a level to complete it fully. This can be enjoyable when a level expands because of it. Entering a different part of a level, for example in the maze is good. And opening a dark magic crate to see what you get adds a tingle of enjoyment but the levels are not as enticing to make you jump up with excitement at the prospect of doing another level again, for example the lake task which is the most annoying Lego level ever invented.

The graphics for this game are as would be expected stunning. For Harry Potter fans wondering how different areas in the films merged together over the years, here is your answer. Cleverly designed with little teasers and funny scenarios.

Puzzles and collectables include a `House-crest' for each level of each year. You can rescue 50 students in peril (some situations are hilarious : and the ever loveable joy of getting as many studs as humanly possible.

This is a good little game. The stories are funny, the controls are good and it's a light hearted fun ride. Whilst the running back and forth in different levels is frustrating and occasionally not knowing what to do is at a ridiculous high, this is fun and worth checking out.
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on 20 August 2010
ok, urm, im actually a 13 year old girl, so technically this is a kids review. I thought you might need to know the kind of persons opinion you are reading :L. i am on my mums account too. Ok, so, about the game....

this brilliant. i have seen some reviews about the Dungeon of Doom? me and brother have not got to this point of the game but when we do i think we will be more cautious because we know people are getting trapped, so we will be more careful. But we haven't experienced any problems so far. We are just starting year 2 and i can't wait till my brother gets home so we can get going again. We played it for hours yesterday when we got it and we probably will today as well! I must say, i REALLY enjoy the short clips...probably more than i should, lol. The lego sense of humour is fab and the graphics are awesome. i'm glad we chose to get it on the ps3 and not the wii.
My brother is a 16 year old experienced gamer and so he does most of hard/tricky/complicated...well, he does most if it, but i enjoy it just as much as he does. it's great how you can play as animals such as, Ron's rat and Hagrids dog. The only thing so far that i can think of as a downside is:
we haven't got many True Wizards (this is a bar and the bar fills up when you collect those little bolt things, and when the bar reaches the top, you are rewarded a True Wizard, and a gold brick) and also not very many House Crests. you get these by figuring out a way to unlock them during play and you collect one for each House (Griffindor, Ravenclaw..ect) and if you get all 4 you get a gold brick. but me and my brother are the kind of gamers that stay a long time in each area to make sure we have collected everything possible. So where on earth were the other House Crests that we couldn't find? And we were once very surprised when a level ended because we had only 58% of the true Wizard complete. So, where were the other bolts?
However, that would be stupid thing to put you off buying this game. it is not as addictive as other games we have had but im really really glad i found it on here.
...i wanna play it now but i can't :( have to wait for my brother :L hurry up bro, im bouncing up and down here!
hope this helped :)
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on 26 June 2010
i have had this for a few days now after being lucky enough to get it a day early. i have almost played through all the story levels but i have barely been off it for 3 days so thats no surprise!!!

this game goes back to the original idea of there being a central hub rather than the weird boxes which caused so many problems in indiana jones 2. the hub is hogwarts and it is massive!!! luckily you get guided round for the story levels but you can stop and interact with stuff at any time and there is plenty to interact with. the humour from star wars is back, you can interact with things and youll end up laughing with surprise when things happen.

all the levels are held in diagon alley for when you want to go back and play them again, there are also shops in the alley so you can go and buy characters again, no more wandering around aimlessly! there are lots of bonus levels in gringotts bank. its seems that travellers tales took on board all the issues with indiana jones 2 and remedied them. the levels are long and detailed and the cut scenes really tell the stories of the books/films. there is loads to do and will probably takes ages to fully explore, im still finding new areas and things to do.

you learn spells and how to make potions and can buy extra spells.

the game is extremely colourful and the graphics on the PS3 are really impressive, especially for what most people class as a kids game (i am an adult and have played all the lego games).

overall this game is similar in feel to the original star wars ones which i feel were the best. its a big game so will take a while to complete, its funny and isnt too easy, it does make you think.

this game is really, really magical and will enthrall people of all ages as well as those who love the lego games and those who love harry potter. i cant recommend it enough.
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on 29 December 2015
I bought this because we'd played 'Lego Star Wars' and as my girls were into HP, I was hoping that it would be of a similar quality - and it was.

The Lego franchise with these computer games is something to behold. They manage to get the right mix of story/humour/puzzles that aren't THAT difficult but can present a challenge - though my ten year old is SO much better at this than me.

That said - it engages my 7 year old, my 10 year old and me, a *% year old....

Great games.

We've progressed to the 'Lego Dimensions' which takes it to another level!
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on 26 July 2013
I originally bought this game for the PC but soon found it was riddled with glitches and was hard to finish certain levels due to the glitches. Found this to be better and would recommend it to fans on the lego games and of Harry Potter.
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on 4 April 2012
How can I begin to describe how incredible this game is? I don't like shooting games but I love Harry Potter. The animations are quite funny and the game play is challenging, but not impossible. You can play as Tom Riddle, Crookshanks, Ginny, Dudley, Vernon, Griphook, Fang and many more, either in levels or getting the stud. As Tom Riddle you can perform avada kedavra or crucio. The levels are fun and I have really enjoyed this game from stat to finish.
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on 5 September 2011
If you are a Harry Potter or Lego fan then this is a great game for your collection. As well as the famous trio, there's lots of characters to unlock whilst playing including Hogwarts teachers, students, ghosts and dark wizards. Once you have mastered your spells you can explore Hogwarts and Diagon Alley to your hearts content. As this is years 1-4 you complete the key moments from the first four Harry Potter books such as confronting the troll in the dungeon, fighting the Basilisk, flying a broomstick, participating in the Triwizard Tournament and foiling Voldemort. This is a lighthearted game so if you prefer something a bit more challenging then this probably isn't for you but personally I think it's great fun. The cutscenes are easy to follow (you don't have to have seen all the films) with the addition of drop-in-drop-out gameplay if you want to team up with a friend. There is also a freeplay element so you can replay any levels as your favourite characters in search of the many collectable items. It took me over 40 hours to achieve 100% in this game so it certainly won't be finished in a hurry. Thoroughly recommended.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 January 2013
I bought two Lego games for my partner's children aged 6 and 7 for Christmas. I chose this one and Star Wars. They play on them on my PS3 whenever they are staying with us, and seem to have great fun. They can play separately, or together on split screen so it is a good way of getting them to play together and co operate, and they can also play with their dad or me if one of them wants to do something different. They seem to enjoy the games very much and always want to put them on, very happy with them they seem suitable for all ages, my only complaint is that they crash occasionally. Overall a great gift for gamers of all ages.
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on 16 December 2014
Never been a big fan of any PS3 games until my boyfriend recently introduced me to the LEGO games. I bought this one over the weekend and over the course of three days I have completed Years 1,2 and 3. I have been a massive fan of the books since they first came out and am now wondering why it has taken me so long to get this game! It's fun and simple and gives the chance to play through the story which for any fan of HP is a must!

Probably from a child's point of view this game would be a lot harder and take much longer to complete but being an adult I have found it's ease no less fun and magical!
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on 15 July 2013
As with all lego games, this is really fun to play for kids and adults - especially if you are a fan of the franchise. Loads of levels, characters and things to do.

Be aware, as with other TT lego games, there are a few bugs in this game. Nothing too game ending (unlike lego LOTR), but sometimes a bit funny on some bits of Hogwart's and a couple of the levels.

Overall - awesome.
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