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The PG Era was in full-swing for WWE back in 2009. Everything was changing, even the names of their pay-per-views, and sadly it meant we had to say goodbye to Unforgiven as the September event in WWE’s calendar.

So came the gimmick-themed names/concepts for Vince’s shows, such as Hell in a Cell, TLC, Night of Champions etc. Breaking Point here was an idea that had merit; promoting the top-tier matches on the card as submission-style bouts. Although this could’ve been an annual thing, the concept of Breaking Point strangely hasn’t been used since. That’s something of a shame, as this show (despite being flawed) offers a lot more good than bad, with the Montreal crowd being absolutely fantastic throughout.

Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Jericho & The Big Show (Champions) vs. MVP & Mark Henry
The Jericho/Show pairing was a really surprising success. They worked very well as a unit and enjoyed a nice dominant run as tag team champions. Against the random pairing of MVP and the World’s Strongest Man, what you have is a simple, yet decent opener with all four chaps working well together. (7/10)

WWE United States Championship Match
Kofi Kingston (Champion) vs. The Miz
Great U.S. title bout here between these rivals. Miz was really starting to come into his own here as a heel & singles-wrestler (his French promo against the Montreal crowd is brilliant!), and Kofi is as terrific as ever. Not as memorable as their fantastic Intercontinental Championship affair on Main Event four years later, but still an excellent encounter. Quality. (8/10)

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
D-Generation X vs. Legacy
The first of its kind, this Submissions Count Anywhere bout is a fantastic success. This tornado tag affair thrives beautifully on its intensity, its brawling and its genius gimmick. Like the previous month at SummerSlam, Triple H and Shawn Michaels graciously make Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase look like their equals, with convincing submissions, superb utilisation of the stipulation and fantastic psychology. It’s damn-near perfect, especially with the right team going over. Such an overlooked gem this was (both the feud and the matches themselves)! Match of the night. (9/10)

Singapore Cane Match
Kane vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)
Oh, dear…I really despair over those times that Kane had to wrestle Khali. Not even the stipulation helps here. Marginally better than the bout at SummerSlam, but that’s not saying much. Only five minutes, but that’s five minutes too long. At least the outcome and finish were correct. SKIP. (3/10)

ECW Championship Match
Christian (Champion) vs. William Regal
Thankfully, the disappointment at SummerSlam was more than made up for HERE. No tomfoolery or stupid booking, just two brilliant veterans fighting tooth-and-nail in a pure, wrestling bout. There’re some stiff, brutal moments (cheers, Regal!) and absolute quality to behold. Stuff like this and Christian as ECW Champion are what made those final days of the ECW brand something to value. (8/10)

Pat Patterson & Dolph Ziggler
Before the main-events, we had this segment to provide the audience with a bit of a breather. It was great to see the first-ever Intercontinental Champion/former stooge/Hall of Famer here, and he does some admirable mic-work here (to the approval of the Montreal crowd). However, the whole thing DRAGS because of Ziggler, whose mic-work at this early stage in his career REALLY wasn’t up to scratch! The final moments and John Morrison’s run-in is all done to keep the IC Title picture hot (as it had been back in 2009), but the whole segment needed to be booked better. Skip. (4/10)

“I Quit” WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. John Cena
This was without doubt the most brutal, intense and psychological chapter in the entire Cena/Orton rivalry, and the entire execution is beautiful. Orton’s sadism, character skills and timing are on FORM here, as are Cena’s, and his resiliency is actually inspiring here. There are sick moments involving steel chairs, Singapore canes and handcuffs; all resulting in a brilliant story being told. Is it as good an ‘I Quit’ match as say Flair/Funk, Rock/Mankind or even Cena/JBL? No, but it’s certainly the greatest ‘I Quit’ bout out of the entire PG Era, and will certainly be remembered for a long, long time. (9/10)

Submission World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk (Champion) vs. The Undertaker
After the legendary feud with Jeff Hardy, CM Punk had truly cemented his right to be world-title/main-event material. And after the Undertaker’s shocking return, things could only look up, right? Well, given hindsight I sorely wish Punk’s glorious world-title reigns in 2009 had gone on longer, and that the Taker feud had been much more productive. This is barely nine-minutes long, and while the action is good (with Punk standing up quite well to Taker), the finish and outcome is not only ultra-cheap, it did a great disservice to Punk and the audience! Recreating the Montreal Screwjob twelve years on? REALLY? Terrible way to conclude what had been an all-round great show. (7/10)

There’re some good extras to support this show. Eve Torres conducts a fine interview with Chris Jericho and the Big Show…and then there’s highlights from the 07.09.09 edition of Raw, where U.S. TV presenter Bob Barker guest-hosts the show. During that whole ‘Celebrity Guest-Host’ phase that dominated Raw for a time, Barker presents a crossover with ‘The Price of Right’ (the original, U.S. version). Presented in highlight-form and featuring a variety of different WWE Superstars, ‘The Price is Raw’ is absolutely bizarre and out-of-place, yet strangely – and rather ironically - very entertaining. A welcome goodie indeed.

In my opinion, it’s a shame that WWE Breaking Point was only a one-time event, as there’s a lot of terrific ideas that merited the show being turned into an annual affair. There’re some classic bouts and a strong undercard here, which is sadly letdown by a few major blunders, but Breaking Point’s concept and all-round quality is exceptional. Very much worth the purchase, fellow fans!
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on 12 April 2011
breaking point 2009

unified tag team championship
jerishow (chris jericho and big show) (c) vs mark henry and mvp
an average opener nothing to special, could of been better had mvp and jericho worked together more, i just dont think two big men together works well, can be too slow and boring

wwe united states championship
kofi kingston (c) vs the miz
good little encouter between two up and coming stars, lots of back and forth action, with the right man winning

submissions count anywhere match
legacy (cody rhodes and ted didiase) vs dx (triple h and shawn micheals)
very good match alot better than i would have fought, with both teams fighting all over the arena and right out the back by the suvenear stands, nice moment with triple h applying a sharp shooter with ted dibiase wrapped in a chair.
shocking win though

singapore cane match
kane vs the great khali
very dull and boring i didnt want to see this, the fans didnt want to see it so just skip

ecw championship match
christian (c) vs william regal
very good match, its ashame the wwe didnt put this on as the summerslam match instead of a 30 second quickie, lots of back and forth technical wrestling and very good to watch

wwe championship i quit match
randy orton (c) vs john cena
surprisingly good, with both superstars making good use of the pg era, some very brutal singapore cane shots, and a very unique finish to the match

world heavyweight championship
cm punk (c) vs undertaker
i was really looking forward to this match seeing as both wrestlers are very skilled with submissions, but what do we get, nothing but a 8 minute match with a screwjob finish, very disappointed

average event
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on 22 December 2009
breaking point 2009 replaced the old ppv of unforgiven and was a match that had submission matches at its centrepiece,not all matches were i quit matches but it was the theme involving three of the nights matches.
The event opened with the unified tag team champs,jerishow,going up against the tag team that was lumped together in mark henry and mvp.The match was ok,when jericho and mvp were in the ring the match was ok,when henry and show were in the ring it was passable,it wasnt a classic but it was a solid opener,you certainly wouldnt want the best match to be the first match.
The united states championship was contested next as the champ kofi kingston went up against the miz who taunted the crowd in french and drawing maximum heat before the match even started.
The match was excellent,yes you read that right,it was end to end stuff,quick pins,inventive counters and was fought at a blinding pace,i really rated this match and you should enjoy it.
The first submission match of the night was up next as dx fought the legacy(rhodes and dibiase) in a submissions count anywhere match.The match was solid but didnt blow me away,they fought through the crowd,out into the foyer,back down the stairs and into the backstage where trips went out for the count and took a long time to get back ,leaving hbk to the devices of legacy who beat the lips of him from post to post,at times it was a tad dull but there was some clever moves designed to make someone tap,one such being a camel clutch/sharpshooter over a chair at the same time.
a singapore cane match between kane and the great khali match was up next and was very poor,the crowd hated it,no one cared and nothing looked convincing,thankfully the match didnt last long,outs shame to the belief that the wwe owner vince likes two monsters pummeling each other as it seldom looks good hey.
The ECW championship was contested next between the holder christian and the challenger william regal,after the horror show between these two at summerslam ,this was a more fitting match,very technical and classy at times and certainly entertaining,was a very good match and just what the name ECW needed.
The WWE championship was contested next as the champ randy orton went up against john cena in an i quit match.This match was brutal at times,cena handcuffed to the turnbuckle and being smashed in abdomen and ribs over and over again almost had the crowd chanting for say mercy,kinda like braveheart almost,this was a great match also.
The main event was next and was fought under submission rules also,the champ was cm punk who went up against the undertaker who wasnt long back from hiatus and went straight into the world heavyweight title picture.This was a match that people viewed as a match too far for punk.
The match lasted 8 minutes which isnt good,it was felt that the show had over ran and it was time to close it up,it felt messy and unfinished and the ending has upset people and as for this screw job storyline,where did it go afterwards,it went nowhere is the answer,a very uneven end to a solid 3.5 out of 5 ppv.
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on 22 November 2013
bought this for my brother as a present, he absolutely loved it. great price a lot cheaper than high street, super fast delivery
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on 26 June 2013
I really enjoyed this. There was plenty of action and had some of my favorites. Not a lot of extras though but still enjoyable
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on 20 August 2014
buy these wrestling tames for my son very pleased with the quality of them
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on 24 August 2014
dvd arrived on time this was a gift and was greatly enjoyed
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on 29 August 2014
As expected
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on 9 July 2012
The product was dispatched quickly and was in good condition, it works absolutely fine. I got it for my cousin and it's a bargain at that price.
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on 22 March 2013
The DVD is ok, it has some good points and some bad points but still a very good WWE PPV.
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