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on 6 February 2012
Yes I really have had them all. Samsung's, Sony's, iPod's, Philips, Sansa's - all of them ! This is by far and above the best music player I have ever bought for the price I paid. Its not just good for the price though, It's good full stop. Made In Korea which I find genuinly amazing considering nearly all the other are made in China which, for me, i have quality issues with albeit a Samsung I had. This is a beautiful piece of kit. There is just nothing else on the market that looks like it. A metal ring at the top with high quality solid plastic elsewhere makes the product feel much more expensive than it is. Its minimalist. No fuss, no nonsense. It is what it is. The controls on the player are well designed but do take some getting used to, but are easily mastered. The sound quality on this player is just extraordainary. I have never heard of Cowon before. I only heard about them on a reviewers website. When I researched for Cowon music players, a lot of reviews came up from the U.S.Virtually all of them said the same thing. "Cowon is a premium brand specialising in premium audio. All their devices sound quality beats iPods and even Sony's." I had to try it out. I am obsessed with good quality sound. I look for clarity, purity, bass and a bit of power in a music player ( to drive big headphones) This players sound quality is beautiful. There is no other word. What impresses me the most is the detail it picks up - even with the supplied earphones. There are notes and pitches this player picks up that I have never heard form anything else before. Plug in a decent pair of earphones, I recommend Sennheiser CX 280 from Amazon, and the sound becomes even more incredible. There are also several different EQ presets built into the player. BBE sound enhancements really do work, and its not described as "rock, flat, bass, classical" or whatever. Its in these codenames that sound the business and really do deliver. I personally prefer the BBE Headphone 3 preset, and BBE Viva2. No you can't make your own, but what do you expect from a player costing this much, and besides which why would you ? The presets are spot on and offer a wide range of different sounds. The player has no problem what so ever at driving large headphones. Just plug in a decent quality pair of phones to get the best out of what the player can deliver.
I hope I have covered everything. This Cowon E2 is a stylish, well made, beautiful sounding, easy to use, affordable music player that knocks the competition out for six. Just try it.
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on 16 February 2012
I bought this product for my wife and she is impressed with the sound quality as much as I am, I just want to give some useful information.

To play files in numerical order you must do the following.

you must add or rename track numbers 01-99 with brackets e.g. "(01) Lady GaGa - Alessandro" and tracks 1-9 must start with a zero e.g. (01)-(09). For tracks 100 upwards do not use brackets otherwise the player won't detect them.

The files in the E2 should look something like this:

(01) Lady GaGa Alessandro
(10)Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
(99) Aha - Take on me
100 NWA Straight outta compton.

I figured this out myself as cowon are useless providing support and gave no information on how play tracks in a numerical order, also look after the usb cable as they are hard to find and usb cables designed for ipod shuffle won't work on the cowon e2, hope this helps.
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on 9 September 2011
The Cowon E2 is a great little mp3 player, perfect for either yourself or as a gift, and it's quite easy to work out, don't need to read the manual or anything, although I've never been a person who likes to read the manual when it comes to something like an mp3 player, I like to play around with it myself.

It's very agile but from the photos I saw before buying it, I thought I could use the silver ring to attach it to my jeans or something, but the ring isn't like a keyring, it's solid so you can't really attach anything to it. Only way to do that really is to get a keyring itself and attach it to the player. Either way, I really like the way it looks, it's quite sleek and nice, and something you wouldn't mind getting scratches around.

Turn on the power button and the volume resets every time you turn it off and on again, probably so you don't end a night with blasting music and wake up in the morning, turn it on to feel alarmed by that same volume again. The sentiment is nice but I didn't like that feature so much.

They actual managed to fit on the Cowon equalizer which was a nice touch but because there is no hold button (which I wasn't impressed about), I found myself (or rather, my bag) switching onto a different equalizer and I'd have to trawl through all of them one by one to get back to what it was. Can't fault the sound though, it's pretty incredible for such a small player.

But yes, no hold button, very infuriating, so never mind their sentiment of me almost blasting the volume in my ears, when it's in my bag, it does that anyway when it accidentally hits the volume up button.

Also, what I have noticed is that every time I connect it to my computer, and take it out for a spin again, it always plays the first alphabetical track. Just being pedantic there.

Never tried out the earphones that came with it so can't comment there, but assuming they are just cheap tacky ones that most people like to replace anyway.

Still, it's a nice player, very simple and great if you're on the go. In all honesty, unless you're really not picky about your mp3 players, this is better off as a gift to someone else, or as an introductory mp3 player to someone who has never had one before. It was a great player but made you yearn for more.
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on 4 February 2011
More like Wowon,incredible sound though I feel my Sennheiser phones pip the E2 units they sent,love the packaging,haven't found a use for the BBE function normal is superb covers all the angles absolutely love it,dead easy transfer[Windows]and can even run a analogue line out to my old NAD amp such an amazing piece of kit everything else now inferior full stop.
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on 3 January 2012
This Cowon iAudio E2 4GB MP3 Player was purchased as a Christmas present - excellent service, excellent product. The player is tiny, but has proved easy to load with music & the sound quality is good. With a device this small without a screen it means that you cannot see to select the music to play which could be a negative, but I was aware of the fact when purchasing the device. Also, the booklet is small & on line instructions are possibly more helpful although I was able to charge up & load a track onto the device following the instructions. This pack only contains a USB cable so anyone wishing to charge the device away from a computer needs to purchase a charger or similar device. Would recommend this product.
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on 18 April 2012 resets itself to the beginning every time you charge it, which it doesn't seem to hold for any longer than 4hrs max. As there is no display, there is a function thats supposed to tell you via audio description the name of the track and/or artist, but doesn't. Perhaps thats a fault on this particular unit. Worst of all though, because it resets, you can't scroll through albums, only tracks, making it difficult to navigate quickly.

Sorry Cowon. Quirky design & great sound but usage is poor and therefore wouldn't recommend.
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on 6 September 2012
I originally bought this so i could listen to my library of flac files in my car through a line in. It is a nice little play that i really like. One downside is the player is charged through the jack, which means if you lose the little cable you will need to order a new one instead of like other plays which use generic usb sockets. The sound quality is good but i had a hard time seeing the difference of all the different sound settings.
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