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4.5 out of 5 stars123
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2014
I could say a lot of things about this however I am going to keep it simple and short.
I thought it was dragged out way too much and the ending was annoying - although they did axe it so maybe it would have been further developed in series 5.
I don't see how a deaf girl who plays the violin can be seen as a hero.
Got really fed up with Matt in this one.
Claire- how many times does she have to say "This is my ... attempt" we get it.
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on 16 April 2014
Not quite as good as the other three but still enjoyable, a great watch with twists and turns. Good price. Recommend to any anyone who likes something different. Little scary in places
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on 18 September 2010
Heroes should stand as a great tragedy of television greatness; if left as a single season it would have stood tall with a reputation that would have made it untouchable. The concept of a second season wasn't terribly bad either it was just a question of whether the characters could be taken to new heights, whether new characters would engage and whether the stories becoming more thrilling. What didn't help and in fact may be the overall contribution to Heroes' fall was the writers strike which split the second season. The second season ended up a dull affair while the third season at times felt overblown and the two volumes which made it up didn't feel consistent as a whole unit. There was still quality but some of the characters went from change to change that come the finale, they had become completely lost.

Season four and `Redemption' however isn't a complete calamity as it stands. It starts off with great potential, a more character driven plot centred on the idea of a Carnival filled with people with abilities led by the mysterious Samuel (Robert Knepper). Though many fans weren't convinced with the concept, it was a more interesting organisation than the Company or the Government Agency in previous volumes. This was in part due to the mysterious nature of its inhabitants; were they heroes or villains? The Carnival was the opposite of past organisations but the series was clever at also making it seem like a healthy alternative compared to what transpired in `Fugitives'.

Tied into this was the resolution of the `twist' at the end of `Fugitives' which whilst lacked an overall point, was a very interesting and at times entertaining aspect of the season which featured heavily Nathan Petrelli and Matt Parkman also. Likewise other characters returned to more simplistic stories; Peter trying to help people, Hiro trying to be a hero and Claire trying to have a normal life. Whilst Peter and Hiro remain more interesting characters, Claire has become almost unbearable with her story changing very little from season to season and she has quite clearly now outstayed her welcome. Other characters such as Noah, Suresh, Lauren etc. don't really add anything to the story either. The trouble overall is that nearly everything we see here has all been done before and it's gotten very old. Apart from the new individuals from the Carnival there weren't that many new lead characters, apart from Emma who even then was developed too slowly and didn't feature too heavily in the overall story till later.

To sum up the season; `Redemption' had some fantastic concepts and good moments but overall it suffered from a lack of new characters, spent old characters and fundamentally a finale that didn't deliver any excitement. Heroes has died a painful death despite moments where it briefly showed glimpses of its past glory but ultimately it failed to find any more inspiration despite the vast amount of comic books out in the world to draw inspiration from.

Heroes was a show that blew everyone away when it debuted with its characters, it story and development. The first season was one of the greatest debut seasons ever but sadly it never recovered from a dire season and attempted too much with its following season to a point in which it became confused. A real shame it couldn't draw any inspiration to stage a great recovery.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 April 2010
Watching Season 4 will be in some ways very much unlike the previous seasons - sure, the basic premise of course remains and many of the characters are familiar (and the ones who are not are no less gifted). The positive development in my opinion is that the whole show calms down a bit and istead of jumping between alternate futures episode to episode, there seems to be a consistency of theme throughout the season.

The new addition is the Carneval - a way for a group of people with abilities to hide - and as for people, Samuel is the main new character. Without spoiling any of it, the majority of the show links to / revolves around the Carneval and Samuel, while at the same time also revealing more about Claire (the cheerleader, who now is luckily out of the cry 5 times a minute phase for good) and Noah Bennett. There are also two subplots focused on Gabriel and Hiro respectively, which work rather neatly.

The added focus, and as a result a slightly slower pace of events in my opinion really adds to the franchise - it removes some of the frantic elements from the previous seasons and allows the story to build more slowly, also giving Kring more of an opportunity to build a more solid and bettr rgued story in the process.

If you liked the previous series, this one should definitely come as no disappointment, in fact, had you not watched the series from the start, Season 4 might be a good place to immerse yourself, before going through the rollercoaster of the previous three seasons.
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on 29 December 2010
Absolutely brilliant, season 4 epitomises what Heroes is all about, this pulls it all together. Not so much slicing and dicing, appearing and disappearing, it just simply makes sense of it all.

Good things must come to an end, but the ending doesn't quite make you convinced it's quite the end.

Grammy and Bafta winner..... Maybe If I was Hiro, I could have a say in that :)

Excellent stuff....
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on 8 January 2016
I was particularly enjoying this having watched seasons 1-3 through my Amazon Prime membership. I had watched the first 9 of 19 episodes prior to Xmas, and then had a break from it to find you now want to charge me £1.89 per episode.

Exceedingly disappointed......what's the reason......and where was the warning???
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on 27 June 2013
heroes had amazing characters and sylar is a legend. However they could never tell a decent story. such a shame an amazing concept badly executed,

season 3 is the one to get.
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on 6 May 2013
Just finished the last season - and in that US drama way all the storylines have been tied up successfully! I really enjoyed the series, although some of the powers were a bit freaky.
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on 8 November 2014
Loved this series from start to, well, finish. Fairly quickly got through each season & by the last disk of season 4, I were left wondering how it could be the end. There were so much potential for, at least two more.

The very last episode ends with 'to be continued', just having phased into chapter 6 Brave New World. Then ends with Claire jumping off the carnival Big wheel infront of news cameras. Sorry, spoiler. So, there could of been so much more. I do wonder why they decided to axe it. Funding? Lack of popularity? Does anyone know?
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on 29 December 2012
That's all there is to say. If you were disappointed with season 3 (and let's be honest, who wasn't), do not give up before getting to this final run. The energy and scope of seasons 1 and 2 is recaptured, and the storytelling is much more secure. Some problems with not letting go of minimally-available actors are apparent, but they do not detract from the overall enjoyment. Thank goodness this last series was able to happen to end Heroes on a high. Watch it.
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