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4.6 out of 5 stars152
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2010
My first contact with the borg in HIGH DEFINITION swept me off my feet. One of the best ST feature films amazed me again. Watched on my 24" LED monitor it was stunning. I love the new ST blu-ray menu. Funny that most blu-ray have crap menus but this one is amazing. Loaded with extras a real bargain to be watched over and over again.
Pure HD entertainment. You will experience details both audio and video which will really surprise you. Go get it. Delivery was good not excellent but patience is a virtue
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on 31 January 2003
I've been a fan of Star Trek Movies ever since I saw Wrath of Kahn for the first time. However, most since then have been dreadful (not including "Generations"!)
But this film has restored my faith in Star Trek Films (and sci-fi films in general!)
This film has good charactisation, a good story, and very well directed (Johnathon Frakes aka Will Riker!)
This story is basically this: (pay attention!)
The Borg are back!
(if you don't know about the Borg, they are part organic/part machine who assimilate other races into their collective, which is controlled by a single mind! They are very strong and can adapte so that certain weapons do not hurt them! They fly around space in huge cube shaped ships which are very difficult to destory. The Borg have no individuals in its collective as they all work as a single mind. They assimilate other races in order to add individual skills into their collective in an effort to become perfect!)
This time the Borg plan to destory the human race by going back in time and preventing them from launching Earth's first Warp-drive space craft. In doing so, it would prevent Earth's first encounter with an alien race and so destroying Earth's future! This would make us easy prey for assimilation!
Cue The Enterprise lead by Jean-Luc "Action Man" Picard! (someone who was once assimilated into their collective!) They travel back in time to stop the Borg! However, all doesn't go to plan! Whilst some of the crew are on Earth's surface, the Enterprise has been boarded by the Borg and are slowly being over-run! Deck after deck of crew are assimilated.
So, the remaing crew set about getting their ship back! They are overpowered and forced into retreat when Data (the lovable Brent Spiner on top form!) is captured! There he meets the Borg Queen (Anna Kreig) and is tempted by flesh! So Jean Luc set out to try and stop the Borg and rescue Data before the Earth's future and The Enterprise is destroyed!
This is a rip-roaring film with some really funny moments (all of the crew have at least one funny line including Worf!)
THis has been well thought out and superbly brought to the screen! Brilliant special effects and a great music score!
This is a must-see for everyone, not just Star Trek fans!
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on 28 August 2010
I bought this Blu-ray to watch on a friend's machine and I was so impressed with the quality gain that the very next day I replaced my computer with a new system that can handle Blu-Rays. Yes, the quality difference was THAT CONVINCING. Instant assimilation!

I think pretty much all of the additional material is in standard definition. This includes the original trailer, and you can clearly see the difference in quality. The trailer, despite only being 14 years old, has grain and jitter, but by comparison the HD presentation of the movie is crisp, detailed, and vivid. The sound is truly excellent.

If you ever got a thrill from watching the fleet's desperate defence of Earth, or seeing the vein pop out of the side of Patrick's head when he goes off the deep end with his Ahab impression, you absolutely must buy this Blu-ray. And a player to watch it on... I don't call mine my Blu-ray drive, I call it my First Contact drive :)
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on 5 August 2003
ST8: First Contact was the first entirely Next Generation Trek film and, quite frankly, it is the best of all the 10 films. It has become apparent that the best Trek films have incorporated some decent battle scenes, interesting character development and a larger-than-life baddy; this film has these in spades. It was only natural that the most frightening enemy ever created in the Trek universe, the Borg, should be given a big-screen outing and they don't disappoint. There was always a danger that writers would have nothing new to work with when writing for such a fearsome enemy. However, by exploiting the storyline involving Commander Data and introducing the Borg Queen they were kept fresh and interesting.
This leads onto a general gripe about recent Trek films. Data's character development effectively came to an end in First Contact - he had had his emotion chip exploited and finally displayed the full range of human frailties. The story involving the Borg was, effectively, a final ending too. Unfortunately Paramount went on to make two more movies and TV episodes involving the Borg which were rubbish and resorted to steps backward in both character development and plot in order to make more money.
I don't agree with people who criticise the jokey lines - they were not overused (unlike ST:9) and didn't detract from the story. All the characters have some good material and the weaknesses in the main characters (most notably Capt Picard's need for revenge) address the final quibble that so many people have had with the Next Gen TV series - why should everyone in the 24th Century be perfect and nice? (Sorry Gene Roddenberry - great idealism but rubbish entertainment).
In short, the film has everything a Trek film should have. ST8, 2 and 6 are all essential viewing.
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on 11 November 2005
This is a really well made film. It has a good plot, good action, nice effects and the Borg!
Having failed to assimilate Earth at the battle of Wolf 359 in the ST:TNG double episode 'Best of Both Worlds', the Borg go back in time to try to assimilate Earth again. Trouble is that since Picard was partially assimulated in the previously mentioned double episode, he can 'hear' the Borg collective in his head and so is there to thwart the Borg's attempts as they travel through time. Here is the only plot hole in this film. Why travel through time whilst you have the whole of the Federation's ships around you and risk the possbility of another ship following you through the time rift? Why not travel back in the privacy of 'Borg space' and no-one would ever know the difference! Anyway - the Enterprise manages to follow the Borg back in time to a historic moment when mankind is just getting over World War III (yes, 3!) and one crazy scientist is converting an old missile into a ship equipped with a prototype warp drive system. Its maiden flight is about to take place and this will trigger a series of events that will lead to the creation of the Federation (see the Enterprise series for more details). The Borg see this as an ideal opportunity to take over mankind and its up to our entrepid Enterprise crew to stop them.
This film has all the elements of good Trek. It plays on the strongly established main characters and their relationships, it ties in well with established Trek canon, it has a good balance on action and humerous moments. Patrick Stewart gives a stellar performance as Captain Picard thanks to a well written script and the directorship of fellow crewman, Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker).
I doubt that you will have missed this film if you are at all into Star Trek as it is a classic. Even if you are not into Star Trek, you will enjoy and appreciate a well made film. The extra's on this DVD are on a par with previous Special Editions with good commentary by cast and crew.
A worth addition to anyone's DVD collection.
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on 10 August 2007
Growing up, me and my family used to fervently watch the 'next generation' crew every single night. Presently they can name every single episode. However, me being very small at the time, I have just recently rekindled the 'trekkie' pashion. I decided to but 'First Contact' for the history that coincides within the Star Trek universe. It was very thrilling to see some of my favourite actors and characters hitting the big screen once again (the first time together was in fact 'Star Trek Generations').
The plot involves the crew of the next gerenation aboard their new ship; the Enterprise E. The original (Enterprise D) had in fact been destroyed in the earlier film. Captain Picard (who many deem the overall best of the Starfleet captains) is having dreams and thoughts about the Borg and their plan to attack Earth and take on Starfleet. Because of Jean-Luc's past experiences with the Borg, Starfleet intelligence decides to not put Picard into the same situation again and in stead of facing the Borg with the other Strafllet ships at the ready, he is ordered to patrol the neutral zone; in case the Romulans decide to take advantage of a bad situation. The crew of the newest Enterprise are sorely dishevelled at this, but decided they cannot disobey Strafleet command. However, they receive audio accounts of the current attack and decide to go maximum warp to the heart of the battle, ultimately in a direct violation of Starfleet's orders. When they get there, they find 'the defiant' struggling and Picard decides to take command of the fleet. His mind previously linked to the collective, he knows exactly where to strike the hardest. The borg cube is destroyed and a sphere disattaches and creates a temporal vortex. The Enterprise gets caught up in a temporal wake created from this vortex and soon discover the Borg have gone back in time and assimilated Earth in the past. They immediately decided to follow the Borg in to the past to stop their attempts and preserve their timeline. (it is noted they were saved from the changes to the timeline because of being caught in said 'temporal wake'.)
Upon entering 21st century Earth they discover the Borg sphere is attacking a missile complex somewhere on the surface and destroy the ship. Little do they know the Borg are aware of their immediate demise, and transport over to the Enterprise somehow not being detected by their scanners. Their plan is to assimilate the Enterprise from the inside out and call upon the 21st century Borg to assimilate Earth before First Contact happens on April 5th 2063.
On the surface, Diana Troi finds Zephram Cochran and the rest of the crew on the surface help him to re-build his warp engine so the Vulcans will take heed that Earth is developing inter-stellar warp capabilities(although he is more than reluctant to say the least).
Without going into much more detail as to spoil the rest of the story; Data gets kidanpped by the Borg Queen (wonderfully played by Alice Krige), Picard attemots to rescue him and I'm sure the day is well and truly saved by the end of the film.
The special effects are great! You get sucked into the graphics so fervently that you keep wanting to learn how to pilot any Starfleet ship. What I wouldn't do to be let wild in one of those rad ships!! The science fiction in unbelievable, yet believable. It's not too heavy so as to yet the general viewer be disuaded by technical science fiction, however not too easy-paced so the committed Trekkie does not get bored and/or annoyed. Characterisation is really pronounced and you can see how the script-writers plan to add more depth to the people the Trekkie community grew up with.
Some very entertaining moments, laughable omissions and excellent story conceptions make 'Star Trek First Contact' a film that you will definitely want to reach for again and again. It's Trekkie history in the making and you will not be disappointed in the discovery that unveils the perception of even the youngest viewer.
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on 1 August 2006
First Contact should have shown the people behind making Star Trek movies how to do it - action, excitement and drama. Unfortunately, this is the only Next Generation movies that really shines.

The Borg are a terrific enemy, as they do not kill their enemey but assimilate them and turn them into the Borg themselves and they quickly adapt to become immune to phaser fire. They also look much better than they did in the lower budget TV show, especially when they are adapt to phasers.

It is also brilliant to see the first Warp flight, giving meaning and purpose to the history of Star Trek. One SLIGHT criticism here is that they got their dates a little mixed up here. In the first ever episode of the Next Generation (Encounter at Farpoint), we learn that man kind was ruled by a drug-fueled, military obcessed totalitarian government in the 2070s. But yet here man kind is 'united in a way no one thought possible' from 2063 onwards? Sorry to sound geeky, but that just bugged me a little.

The new Enterpirse looks superb, but unfortunately doesn't appear in enough shots to give us a good look like we saw in the Motion Picture (rectified in the next movie).

All in all, a great Star Trek film. I'd rank it just behind II The Wrath of Khan and VI The Undiscovered Country, but it is easily the best of the Next Generation films.
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Piccard and his crew didn't get as much (big) screen time as Kirk, so there's not that many other of his movies to compare First Contact to. However, it is definitely the best of all the next generation's filmic outings.

Possibly its greatest strength is that it can be watched by people with no prior knowledge of Star Trek lore. It's about a race of (effectively) space zombies, known as `the Borg' who travel back in time to take over Earth. Therefore Piccard and co must follow them back and teach `em not to mess with us earthlings.

What you have here is a fun, sci-fi adventure with plenty of action and space aliens. If you know Star Trek, you'll probably already have seen this one. However, my challenge goes out to all those out there who consider `Trek' to be the domain of spotty nerds in their mothers' basements - if you're in any way interested in sci-fi, try this one out with an open mind, you may get a pleasant surprise.

Note: I do happen to live in my mother's basement, but I don't speak Klingon.
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on 16 July 2011
I have been a Star Trek Fan for a very long time, and First Contact has to be one of my favourite films, not just of Trek, but in general, so imagine my delight when I saw a copy of the remastered edition of the film available for less than £5!

Needless to say I bought it straight away, and I plan to buy all the others in remastered edition too.

I was a little disappointed when I got the confirmation e-mail telling me that my product wouldn't arrive for another week or so, but on the other hand I though it was so cheap and there was no postage to pay that I couldn't moan, and I was so glad I didn't. The post arrived only 2 days later and in amongst all the junk was an Amazon package.

I sat down with my partner and we enjoyed the film with a nice glass of red, and we also enjoyed the extras too.

The film itself is a fantastic story and I wont spoil it for anyone reading this but if you love the Borg it is well worth a watch.
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on 6 February 2012
Last time I watched this film it was on VHS. It is the first Blu-Rauy I've watched and what a huge difference to the DVD's I've watched. Not only does it look good, but the sound is enhanced too, even though I have a standard HD Ready TV.
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