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4.6 out of 5 stars152
4.6 out of 5 stars
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The Key Cast Members -
'Patrick Stewart'............. 'Picard'
'Jonathan Frakes'........... 'Riker'
'Brent Spiner'................ 'Data'
'LeVar Burton'................'Geordi'
'Michael Dorn'................'Worf'
'Gates McFadden'.......... 'Beverly'
'Marina Sirtis'.................'Troi'
'James Cromwell'........... 'Zefram Cochran'
'Alfre Woodward'............ 'Lily'
'Alice Krige'.......;............'Borg Queen'
After a battle with the 'Borg' ---'Enterprise' follows an escape vessel from the now destroyed 'Cube'
through a time distortion on course for 'Earth' which takes them from the 24th century back to post
World War '3' in the 21st century, the date 4th April 2063 which is the day before the first recorded
'First Contact'
When a team from the 'Enterprise' investigate the damage the 'Borg' has inflicted upon the site of the
first 'Human' - 'Alien' meeting, 'Picard' and team try to find 'Doctor Zefran Cochran' who history records
as the one who greeted the 'Space' visitors.
Trouble is, the 'Borg' Queen is determined to change history by destroying mankind, of course if the
'Borg' succeed -- Space exploration by Mankind in the future never less enemy for
the 'Borg' to face in years to come.
On Earth whilst the Captain and his team battle the 'Borg' who have taken over several decks of the
'Enterprise' --'Commander Riker' try's to convince 'Zefram' the inventor of 'Warp-Drive' to fire up his
Ship to rouse the interest of a 'Vulcan' Ship that's passing by Earth on the 5th April 2063 so the historic
meeting takes place.
Follow the crew of the 'Enterprise' as they try to preserve the future of mankind.
This is an exciting and often tense addition to the 'Star Trek' movie series.
Superb picture Quality and Special-effects coupled with excellent Sound definition.
Special Features -
* Commentary by - 'Damon Lindelof' and 'Anthony Pascal'
* Industriial - Light and Magic - The Next Generation. HD
* Greetings from the International Space Station HD
* Spaceshipone's Historic Flight HD
* Brent Spiner - 'Data' and beyond - part 2 HD
* Star-Fleet Academy - Temporal Vortex
Blu-ray Exclusives
* Library Computer
* Star Trek I.Q ( BD live)
* Plus over three hours of previously released content.

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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2014
I'm not a fan of JJ Abrams re-incarnation of Star Trek, not by a million miles. So if I want to have fun Trek time I have to look way back to previous generations (ironically this time the Next Generation) and to 1996's Star Trek: First Contact - the last truly great Trek movie.

Haunted by dreams of the techno-zombie Borg race calling to him Picard wastes no time (okay, maybe a little) in charging the Enterprise into a Borg battle with the Federation above the Earth. The cube is successfully destroyed, but the Borg manage to travel back to the mid-21st century, a time when Earth is fractured due from World War III, and try to prevent the first meeting between humans and aliens.

Zefram Cochrane is the man who makes that connection with his first ever warp drive flight, and he's not quite the squeaky clean hero that the Enterprise crew thought he would be. Meanwhile, with their escape pod destroyed, the remaining Borg slowly take over the Enterprise, with their as-yet-unseen Queen attempting to seduce security codes out of Data with promises of humanity (a clever reversal of Borg culture).

Naturalized Star Trek movies tend to fare better with audiences. Both First Contact and the Voyage Home are more accessible for non-Trek fans but still have a sense of adventure and a strong connection to the universe (pun intended). First Contact also receives a huge boost from Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful score, which is his best Trek effort and certainly one of his best scores overall. The action is a little bit clunky (endless generic Enterprise corridor scenes get a bit tiresome) but the character chemistry is pitch perfect and there is a good variety in the excitement.

The Blu-ray looks good in 2.39:1 1080p, but I do believe that it would benefit greatly from a 4k remastering. Surely the series has enough fans for Paramount to justify it. The Dolby TrueHD sound fares a lot better and there are loads of extras. However, there is a commentary by Damon Lindelof (!) who was not involved with this film in any way (thankfully). Why this talent vacuum was invited to spout his opinions on a film far better than anything he could ever hope to be associated with is beyond me. It's like asking Ed Wood to make his own cut of Ben Hur.
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2012
Star Trek First Contact is the first of The Next Generation (TNG) movies to stand alone with no help from characters from the previous crew of the enterprise.

The Borg Collective, are on the warpath and have unilaterally attacked the Federation Fleet. Initially denied permission to take part in the battle, because of his association with the Borg, Captain Picard disobeys direct orders and joins the fleet and, because of his knowledge of the Borg, is able to destroy the Borg Cube, but not before some escape to earth. It is soon discovered that the Borg have used time travel and mean to stop humans getting Warp drive by killing the inventor and therefore stopping the experimental first flight. It is the Warp drive's signature that first alerts the universe that humans have developed to a stage that enables humans to travel beyond the stars. If the Borg are able to succeed, Earth will be assimilated before the Federation even exists.

With half the crew on the surface trying to save the Warp drive experiments and the other half on board the Enterprise battling the Borg we have two story strands to follow. The earth bound story is the better of the two by some margin; however the struggle to save the ship is not without its highpoints.

The Borg are a terrific enemy, scary, adaptable, and unrelenting in their need to assimilate all life. The Borg queen is one of the best "bad guys" ever put on screen and her first on screen appearance is wonderfully done. Their Cube design ships are just beautiful to see. The battle between the Borg and the Federation is beautifully done.

Directed with panache from a witty and action packed script, Jonathan Frakes keeps the story whipping along at quite a pace. The Picard/Lilly story helps keep the ship bound scenes ticking along nicely, without her it could have got a bit repetitive, how many times can you make shooting a Borg interesting? The Catpain Ahab scene in Picards ready room is very effective in showing Picards internal struggle with the idea of vengence at any cost. James Cromwell is superb as the planet bound eccentric Warp Drive scientist who drinks too much.

As usual the special effects are first rate, especially the Borg Cube Spaceship. Production design is flawless and Jerry Goldsmiths score is effective but in short supply. A lot of the film has little if any music, not that it made a huge difference.

All in all an exiting and very satisfying film. Wrapped up in a healthy 106 minutes.
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on 3 June 2013
A brilliant movie with a great plot and storyline. It differs from the earlier movies in that it is mostly set in the past, for the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, which is a refreshing change and plot twist. Patrick Stewart truly uses his training as a Shakespearian actor to add emphasis and stress the mental strain Jean--Luc Picard is dealing with after his assimilation by the Borg.

This movie is ideal for fans of the franchise in general, particularly those who prefer The Next Generation to other series within the continuity, but is also accessible to those with little knowledge of the Star Trek universe as it is so well written and as a result easy to slip into.
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on 27 December 2003
One of the blows against Nemesis was the open admission that they wanted to do "Khan" for the Next Generation. The key problem with this idea is that they failed to realise that they had already done that, in First Contact.
Star Trek: First Contact is THE film for the Next Generation crew, bringing the best elements of the TV series to the larger format. Director Jonathan Frakes is the perfect man for the job possessing an extraordinary amount of knowledge for the characters and universe and he juggles the twin storylines perfectly (there's a great moment where Cocheren agrees to go ahead with his historic flight then the camera cuts to another borg ranpage through the Enterprise and the horrific scene showing the mutilation of assimilated crew members). The climax is a combination of tension, action and Jerry Goldsmith's fantastic action score, the score which only minutes later beautifully accompanies the First Contact of the title.
It's only a shame that this isn't yet available on anything but a bare-bones dvd. Hopefully Paramount will sooner or later release a decent edition
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on 25 July 2005
This is far and away the best Star Trek film ever made, it was thrilling and entertaining at the same time. The effects were first rate and the story was second to none. The Borg added some darkness to the film which had not really been seen in Star Trek since Star Trek II. Jonathan Frakes did a marvellous job with this film and he showed what a great director he is when he's got the right script.
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on 4 June 2001
It may be a little strange, but all the Trek movies have appealed to me like no other cinematic venture. The music has always been lush (except in 4 and 7), the atmosphere always engaging and the stories usually containing more than the usual sci-fi dross. I even like the first one - the dull one where nothing actually happens. I'm now just waiting for the entire TNG series to reach DVD.
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Star Trek First Contact is a science fiction action film that was released in 1996, and was directed by Jonathan Frakes. I would personally say that First Contact is the best Star Trek film to be based on The Next Generation, second only perhaps to 'Nemesis.'

The film follows an race of aliens know as the Borg. They are a group of cybernetic lifeforms that form part of a collective consciouness with a single mind. Their desire is to achieve perfection through the assimilation of other species and their technologies. Those unlucky enough to become a Borg 'drone' will find themselves loosing their sense of individuality and having their bodies implanted with various mechanical components. In Star Trek First Contact a Borg vessel has began an invasion of humanity. Their goal is to reach Earth where they will assimilate the population. Standing between them and their goal is Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and a former Borg himself. Picard is determined to not only stop the Borg, but to seek revenge for what they did to him in their last encounter. But the Borg reach Earth and deploy a plan to assimilate the entire planet by travelling back in time to the year 2063 and before Earth made first contact with another species. It's up to the Enterprise and her crew to save humanity.

The concept behind the Borg is great. They are truly scary. I think it's the fact that they do not aim to kill you, but turn you into one of them - a mindless drone. It was good to see some of the history of the Federation in First Contact, most notably the first warp speed flight and the first encounter with another species. There are some great special effects throughout the film that have all been done to a high standard. The battle between Starfleet and the Borg near the beginning of the film comes to mind, but also all of the sets are great with no expense spared and some great attention to detail. The film is thrilling and full of suspense, it offers sci-fi and horror, but also some comedy and drama. First Contact has plenty of brilliant scenes that are guaranteed to entertain. One that sticks in my mind is the scene on the Holodeck, and also when we see Dianna Troi drunk.

The acting from all is excellent. In the film Captain Picard, shows his somewhat darker side at times, adding another dimention to the character that we knew from The Next Generation. At one time he is compared to Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. I was also pretty impressed with the acting from Brent Spine who played Data, an android who wants to become more human. In the film he is tempted by an offer made by the Borg which raises a few good moral issues. Jonathon Frakes who not only directed the film, but also played as Commander William Riker, does extremely well on both fronts and deserves a mention.

If you're a Star Trek fan, then you'll without a doubt enjoy First Contact. If you're not a fan, then you'll probably still enjoy the film as it offers so much.
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on 29 September 2004
This was for a while my second favorite film. After ST: TUC of course. But unlike TUC (The Undiscovered Country ST6) this is more about the encounter than the people. And this is what TNG seems to be about. Whether it's becuase of the strict engagement protocols, or the way the love interests in the film are built TNG has never felt like a family, which TOS got right.
Having said that though - this is without doubt the best of the TNG films pre-Nemesis. Like my fellow reviewers have stated, Trek seems to work in even numbers. This one is a must have for any Trekkie and a must have for any Sci-Fi collection. It's fast, it's fun and the acting is at it's best. Watch out for the cameo's which are fun.
All in all it's the second best Trek film ever made.
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This film see's the return of captain picard and his crew with a brand new ship all new uniforms and a new mission to stop the borg from changing earth's history and to save humaity once again.This movie has it all great action,humour,and cool special effects and after sitting through the dismal genarations this is a huge breath of fresh air.The performances by patrick stewart and co are superb all round. Alice krige plays the seductive and sadistic borg queen superbly.It's also great to hear jerry goldsmith's sweeping score once again.Sadly the dvd lets the film down big time with only 2 trailer's as added features.Luckly the picture and sound quality is very good.Overall a great film only let down by a lack of extra features on the disc.
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