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5.0 out of 5 stars First Contact in HD
My first contact with the borg in HIGH DEFINITION swept me off my feet. One of the best ST feature films amazed me again. Watched on my 24" LED monitor it was stunning. I love the new ST blu-ray menu. Funny that most blu-ray have crap menus but this one is amazing. Loaded with extras a real bargain to be watched over and over again.
Pure HD entertainment. You will...
Published on 9 Aug 2010 by Ron VIn

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2.0 out of 5 stars Good Film, Bad DVD
Star Trek: First Contact is an entertaining Film. It is about a Borg Plot to destroy earth which the next generation crew have to deal with. The only thing dissapointing is the lack of extras on the disk! There's not even menus, the Film just plays. You'd be better buying the VHS edition for at least that's got an interview with Alice Kridge, the Borg Queen. Never the...
Published on 9 Mar 2003 by will_2006

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First Contact in HD, 9 Aug 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My first contact with the borg in HIGH DEFINITION swept me off my feet. One of the best ST feature films amazed me again. Watched on my 24" LED monitor it was stunning. I love the new ST blu-ray menu. Funny that most blu-ray have crap menus but this one is amazing. Loaded with extras a real bargain to be watched over and over again.
Pure HD entertainment. You will experience details both audio and video which will really surprise you. Go get it. Delivery was good not excellent but patience is a virtue
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5.0 out of 5 stars I've been assimilated, 28 Aug 2010
Boing (UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this Blu-ray to watch on a friend's machine and I was so impressed with the quality gain that the very next day I replaced my computer with a new system that can handle Blu-Rays. Yes, the quality difference was THAT CONVINCING. Instant assimilation!

I think pretty much all of the additional material is in standard definition. This includes the original trailer, and you can clearly see the difference in quality. The trailer, despite only being 14 years old, has grain and jitter, but by comparison the HD presentation of the movie is crisp, detailed, and vivid. The sound is truly excellent.

If you ever got a thrill from watching the fleet's desperate defence of Earth, or seeing the vein pop out of the side of Patrick's head when he goes off the deep end with his Ahab impression, you absolutely must buy this Blu-ray. And a player to watch it on... I don't call mine my Blu-ray drive, I call it my First Contact drive :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth the upgrade, 6 Feb 2012
Mr. Seymour Griffiths (Dunstable, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Last time I watched this film it was on VHS. It is the first Blu-Rauy I've watched and what a huge difference to the DVD's I've watched. Not only does it look good, but the sound is enhanced too, even though I have a standard HD Ready TV.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Easily the Best of the Next Generation Films, 1 Aug 2006
Mr. A. E. Hall "brother_of_sadako" (Liverpool, UK) - See all my reviews
First Contact should have shown the people behind making Star Trek movies how to do it - action, excitement and drama. Unfortunately, this is the only Next Generation movies that really shines.

The Borg are a terrific enemy, as they do not kill their enemey but assimilate them and turn them into the Borg themselves and they quickly adapt to become immune to phaser fire. They also look much better than they did in the lower budget TV show, especially when they are adapt to phasers.

It is also brilliant to see the first Warp flight, giving meaning and purpose to the history of Star Trek. One SLIGHT criticism here is that they got their dates a little mixed up here. In the first ever episode of the Next Generation (Encounter at Farpoint), we learn that man kind was ruled by a drug-fueled, military obcessed totalitarian government in the 2070s. But yet here man kind is 'united in a way no one thought possible' from 2063 onwards? Sorry to sound geeky, but that just bugged me a little.

The new Enterpirse looks superb, but unfortunately doesn't appear in enough shots to give us a good look like we saw in the Motion Picture (rectified in the next movie).

All in all, a great Star Trek film. I'd rank it just behind II The Wrath of Khan and VI The Undiscovered Country, but it is easily the best of the Next Generation films.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek at its best, 11 Nov 2005
Mr. M. Randall (Wakefield, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a really well made film. It has a good plot, good action, nice effects and the Borg!
Having failed to assimilate Earth at the battle of Wolf 359 in the ST:TNG double episode 'Best of Both Worlds', the Borg go back in time to try to assimilate Earth again. Trouble is that since Picard was partially assimulated in the previously mentioned double episode, he can 'hear' the Borg collective in his head and so is there to thwart the Borg's attempts as they travel through time. Here is the only plot hole in this film. Why travel through time whilst you have the whole of the Federation's ships around you and risk the possbility of another ship following you through the time rift? Why not travel back in the privacy of 'Borg space' and no-one would ever know the difference! Anyway - the Enterprise manages to follow the Borg back in time to a historic moment when mankind is just getting over World War III (yes, 3!) and one crazy scientist is converting an old missile into a ship equipped with a prototype warp drive system. Its maiden flight is about to take place and this will trigger a series of events that will lead to the creation of the Federation (see the Enterprise series for more details). The Borg see this as an ideal opportunity to take over mankind and its up to our entrepid Enterprise crew to stop them.
This film has all the elements of good Trek. It plays on the strongly established main characters and their relationships, it ties in well with established Trek canon, it has a good balance on action and humerous moments. Patrick Stewart gives a stellar performance as Captain Picard thanks to a well written script and the directorship of fellow crewman, Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker).
I doubt that you will have missed this film if you are at all into Star Trek as it is a classic. Even if you are not into Star Trek, you will enjoy and appreciate a well made film. The extra's on this DVD are on a par with previous Special Editions with good commentary by cast and crew.
A worth addition to anyone's DVD collection.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 'THE QUEST TO SAVE THE FUTURE', 24 July 2014
rbmusicman (U.K) - See all my reviews
The Key Cast Members -
'Patrick Stewart'............. 'Picard'
'Jonathan Frakes'........... 'Riker'
'Brent Spiner'................ 'Data'
'LeVar Burton'................'Geordi'
'Michael Dorn'................'Worf'
'Gates McFadden'.......... 'Beverly'
'Marina Sirtis'.................'Troi'
'James Cromwell'........... 'Zefram Cochran'
'Alfre Woodward'............ 'Lily'
'Alice Krige'.......;............'Borg Queen'
After a battle with the 'Borg' ---'Enterprise' follows an escape vessel from the now destroyed 'Cube'
through a time distortion on course for 'Earth' which takes them from the 24th century back to post
World War '3' in the 21st century, the date 4th April 2063 which is the day before the first recorded
'First Contact'
When a team from the 'Enterprise' investigate the damage the 'Borg' has inflicted upon the site of the
first 'Human' - 'Alien' meeting, 'Picard' and team try to find 'Doctor Zefran Cochran' who history records
as the one who greeted the 'Space' visitors.
Trouble is, the 'Borg' Queen is determined to change history by destroying mankind, of course if the
'Borg' succeed -- Space exploration by Mankind in the future never less enemy for
the 'Borg' to face in years to come.
On Earth whilst the Captain and his team battle the 'Borg' who have taken over several decks of the
'Enterprise' --'Commander Riker' try's to convince 'Zefram' the inventor of 'Warp-Drive' to fire up his
Ship to rouse the interest of a 'Vulcan' Ship that's passing by Earth on the 5th April 2063 so the historic
meeting takes place.
Follow the crew of the 'Enterprise' as they try to preserve the future of mankind.
This is an exciting and often tense addition to the 'Star Trek' movie series.
Superb picture Quality and Special-effects coupled with excellent Sound definition.
Special Features -
* Commentary by - 'Damon Lindelof' and 'Anthony Pascal'
* Industriial - Light and Magic - The Next Generation. HD
* Greetings from the International Space Station HD
* Spaceshipone's Historic Flight HD
* Brent Spiner - 'Data' and beyond - part 2 HD
* Star-Fleet Academy - Temporal Vortex
Blu-ray Exclusives
* Library Computer
* Star Trek I.Q ( BD live)
* Plus over three hours of previously released content.

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5.0 out of 5 stars `You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!', 6 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is by far the best `Star Trek' film I've ever seen and is certainly my favourite from the film franchise. `Star Trek: First Contact' is a highly rated, action-packed adventure featuring the Next Generation team with Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise and is a well-written adventure and well-directed by Jonathan Frakes who plays Riker in the movie. There aren't any original series characters like Kirk featured in this, as this is the first pure Next Generation film following 'Star Trek: Generations'.

I had this film for my birthday back in 2005 when I was getting into `Star Trek' through the original and `next generation' series and really enjoying the voyages of the starship Enterprise with Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) and the rest of his crew. It was a lovely birthday treat and certainly worth enjoying, especially whilst I was studying my GCSEs at the time.

One of the biggest highlights of this film for me is the Borg. They are the most scariest villains in `Star Trek' history and are well suited for a movie audience. The Borg are a cybernetic race of advanced humanoids that roam about the galaxy seeking perfection assimilating various species into their hive collective. They are monsters that are unstoppable and you can't reason with them. They'll take you and turn you into one of them, essentially saying that it's best for you and that `resistance is futile'. Reminds of me another cybernetic race of beings who want to turn you into one of them - the Cybermen from `Doctor Who'.

The Borg first appeared in `Star Trek: The Next Generation' in its second season in an episode called 'Q Who?'. But it was only until the two-part story `The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1' and 'Part 2', that they got to their peak of interest with the audience. The Borg kidnapped and assimilated Picard into their collective and he became Locutus of Borg, a human voice to speak on behalf of the collective. He was raped and mutilated, before he was eventually rescued by the Enterprise crew and restored back to his old self. But the scaring of the Borg was left on him and he could see them in his nightmares and hear their voices sometimes.

Six years on, the Borg have come back to haunt Picard as they return to invade the Earth and the United Federation of Planets. Picard has been ordered by Starfleet to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone whilst they take on the Borg in full force. But Picard disregards those orders and he and his crew aboard the Enterprise join in the fight. They arrive just in time, before the Borg travel back in time and attempt to change Earth's history. The Enterprise follows the Borg back in time to stop them from changing history after seeing what happens in their future when the Earth becomes `Borgified'.

They arrive back on Earth during the 21st century - April 4th 2063 to be precise , a day before a significant event in Earth's history - `First Contact'. This is an event where Zefram Cochrane (played by James Cromwell) does a test-flight of a nuclear missile turned into a vessel with the first newly-fitted warp drive. This is significant as once he takes this test flight into space, Earth will get spotted and recognised by an alien race who come to make first contact. I won't tell you which alien race it is, but if you're a Star Trek fan I tell you now you will be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was when I saw it first time, and it all seemed to make sense.

But the Borg have come to change that and prevent `First Contact' from ever happening. Picard and the Enterprise have a fight on their hands to prevent the Borg from changing history, and the rest of the film is an exciting set of two plotlines where Picard, Data, Worf and Beverley fight the Borg on the Enterprise who try to take over the ship and Riker, Geordi and Troi are down on Earth to help Cochrane seeing his warp-drive test-flight through.

I've recently had the pleasure of meeting two of the cast who were in this spectacular Star Trek film - Brent Spiner who plays Data the android and Alice Krige playing the Borg Queen.

I had the original DVD cover signed by Brent Spiner at a London convention back in July, 2011. When I saw him on stage during a panel talk and actually meeting him, I found him really funny and a joy to watch and meet. I told Brent how much I enjoyed this film and that it was one of my favourites, and he was pleased since it's his favourite too.

Brent Spiner as Data in this is truly remarkable. Data is this android on board the Enterprise who's constantly seeking to become human and has recently had a `emotion chip' planted into his psiotronic brain from 'Star Trek: Generations'. Here he finds himself in the action fighting against the Borg with Picard and Worf and is also captured when the Borg take him prisoner pulling his legs through the doors of `Borgified' Engineering. He gets seduced by the Borg Queen who has her drone plant flesh skins on parts of his body including his arms and face, in order to get the sensation of being human. This is so as to get Data to do what the Borg Queen wants him to do such as entering the encryption code for the main computer and regain control of the Enterprise. He even finds himself kissing the Borg Queen - which is romantic in one sense and sickeningly disturbing in another.

I really enjoyed it when Data gets to show emotion in this one, and enjoyed the `gags' going on in this when he's feeling anxiety and Picard tells to switch off his emotion chip and he does so. I also like it when Data was tempted by the Borg Queen's offer for 0.68 seconds. It was a delight to watch Data in this, and he's certainly my favourite character from the `Next Generation' series and I'm pleased I managed to meet the actor who played him.

I also met Alice Krige who plays the Borg Queen in this at a convention in Birmingham, November 2011. She was absolutely lovely to meet and a joy to chat to. We talked about many things as well as her part of the Borg Queen including Shakespeare, Ian Holm and about her being in a recent BBC film production of `Persuasion' that she was in which I've also seen. Alice Krige has done so many films and things in her career including `Chariots of Fire' which I saw a re-release of in the cinema with my parents fairly recently and has also worked with Tom Baker in a Big Finish Doctor Who called `Phantoms of the Deep' which I enjoyed listening. It was a delight to meet Alice then and I'm really glad I did. I hope to meet her again soon.

Frakes cast Alice Krige for her creepy sexiness as the Borg Queen, and Alice certainly lives up to the part. Here she's plays a very seductive and creepy leader in control of the Borg collective who tries to seduce Data to her will. She was even there when Picard was assimilated as Locutus of Borg and it comes full circle when Picard confronts the Borg Queen in trying to rescue Data. I really enjoyed Alice's interpretation of the Borg Queen and it's true to say that British actors/actresses are great to play villains in American movies. Alice would return to play the Borg Queen again in the `Star Trek Voyager' finale called 'Endgame' and is still truly remarkable and `creepingly sexy' as Frakes describes her.

Jonathan Frakes has done a remarkable and wonderful job directing this film as well as playing Will Riker. He's created an action-packed atmosphere with this film that's rather delicious to enjoy and creates a grim context when the Borg come into play. Frakes has directed many episodes of `Star Trek' before in `Next Generation' to give him the experience to direct this film and would later come to directing again for the film 'Star Trek: Insurrection' and many episodes of `Deep Space Nine' and `Voyager'. He balances the directing and acting talents remarkably well and is very casual about it aspiring to match the same talents as Leonard Nimoy who also directed and acted when he was in `Star Trek' playing Spock. Frakes also casts his actors very well in James Cromwell, Alfre Woodard and Alice Krige and he should do so considering being an actor himself.

The writers of this movie - Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore - have done a remarkable job in telling a good rollicking adventure with the Borg and time travel thrown into the mix. They clearly enjoyed writing this movie compared to their previous experience with `Generations'. Braga and Moore have set the tone of this film right to appeal to audiences both non-Star Trek and hard-core fans as they wish to go for. The film certainly is standalone and doesn't require you to be a Star Trek expert to watch this, as it's a good space adventure with evil robot-like monsters invading the Earth. Despite its reference to `The Best of Both Worlds', it hardly requires you to know the characters and the setting of `Star Trek'. Braga and Moore have clearly constructed a well-paced and well-structured movie to enjoy and doesn't baffle you with too much technical jargon. I'm glad they flipped the storyline where Picard was supposed to be on Earth and instead fought the Borg on the Enterprise with Riker taking charge of what's going on with Cochrane and the warp ship.

The rest of the guest cast are truly remarkable.

James Cromwell plays Zefram Cochrane, and is a complete contrast to the character that was in the original series episode 'Metamorphosis', since he's a drunkard and a jerk and doesn't care about the future of humanity compared to how the history books depicted him. I loved it in those moments when Cochrane gets Troi really drunk when he is and enjoys really tingy 60s rock music - which brings out some real comedy from Marina Sirtis who plays Troi when she's drunk against Riker. A moment I really like in the movie is when Geordi tells Cochrane he's going to be a statue one day and he runs away scared saying 'I don't want to be a statue!'. Riker is appalled with Geordi asking him, 'You told him about the statue?' I enjoyed it when Cochrane doesn't see himself to be a legend in the future and Riker telling him a saying that went 'Don't be a great man, just be a man...' to inspire him as it was something he would say ten years in Earth's future.

I've had the pleasure of seeing James Cromwell in many other films including `I, Robot' and recently in the silent film `The Artist' which he was good in too.

Also in this is Alfre Woodard playing Lily, whom Picard makes friends with during the movie. Lily is a character for the audience perspective who don't know what `Star Trek' is and are coming to the film for the first time. Lily is the one asking questions about `Star Trek is and asking Picard where he comes from and asking him about the 24th century and Picard shares with her when he tries to calm her down since she doesn't trust him at first. She's also the one who stands up to Picard and challenges his ideals when he refuses to blow up the Enterprise to stop the Borg, and it truly is one of the most powerfully emotional scenes in the whole film when Picard goes too far and smashes the glass cabinet containing all the gold models of the former Enterprises. It's a friendship between two character from different centuries that truly bond in this movie and is rather moving when the two eventually part ways as Picard goes back to the Enterprise.

I enjoyed the regular cast in this and it's so nice to see the likes of Gates McFadden as Dr Beverly Crusher; Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi; LeVar Burton as Geordi; Michael Dorn as Worf; Brent as Data and Frakes as Riker. Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard gives off his best performance in this Star Trek movie and certainly plays the part of the tormented captain fighting against the Borg remarkably well. His scenes with Lily and his confrontation with Worf about blowing the ship are truly sensational. I'm sure he enjoyed it when he was playing Dixon Hill in the holodeck novel `The Big Goodbye' evading the Borg and when he, Worf and the ill-fated Hawk stop the Borg sending a interplexing beacon signal by going onto the deflector dish of the ship. Picard is really in the heart of the action of this film, and I really like it when he goes to rescue Data from the Borg Queen in the heart of the ship. It's a strong story for Picard, especially where the Borg are concerned and Patrick Stewart is brillaint.

I must say I really enjoyed Jerry Goldsmith's musical score for this, especially the melody themes for `First Contact' that were heard during the opening and closing credits as well as the actual `First Contact' sequence between Cochrane and the aliens. And it's good to hear the classic Goldsmith 'Star Trek' theme music he likes to play during the end credits which is true Star Trek theme music.

The original DVD for this doesn't have many special features to go with it apart from the `teaser' and `theatrical' trailers that was shown in the cinemas. Since then, the movie has been repackaged with more features added to the mix.

The special edition is a 2-disc DVD that follows in preceding Star Trek films released in the same vein. For Disc 1, there's two audio commentaries for the film including one with Jonathan Frakes with a director's eye and another with Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore with the writer/story point of view. There's also a `text' commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda with their expert knowledge of the series.

On Disc 2, there are documentaries and featurettes that run in the similar vein to previous films. There's a `Production' section containing documentaries on the making of `First Contact' including the directing side from Jonathan Frakes, `The Art of First Contact', the Story, the various action set pieces including `The Missile Silo' and `The Deflector Dish' and the design of the new starship Enterprise-E that was made for this movie and its following successors. There's the `Star Trek Universe' section containing documentaries about Jerry Goldsmith the composer and Zefram Cochrane. There's also a `Borg Collective' section featuring documentaries about the Borg themselves including one called `Unimatrix Zero', `The Borg Queen' and the actual design of the Borg for the movie. There's also `scene construction sequences' for particular sections of the film, as well as art and production galleries and of course the trailers for the movie and one trailer for the `Borg Invasion 4D' ride that was running during `The Star Trek Experience' in LA.

The movie has recently been repackaged for 2010 following the latest Star Trek films' revival. I can't say much for this DVD version of the film, but I'm sure it has some interesting features including a brand new commentary for the film.

I'm sure I have plenty more to say about this amazing film from `Star Trek' but now I think it's time to stop. As Frakes describes it, it's an action-adventure, friendship/buddy thing going on, romance and comedy movie that I'm sure will appeal to everybody, particularly those who aren't Star Trek fans when coming across it. It contains a fine performance by Patrick Stewart as Picard and is wonderful to see Brent Spiner as Data the android and Alice Krige as the Borg Queen. And it's also a great movie featuring the Borg as the Star Trek villain who are truly scaring and exciting to watch! Trust me, you'll enjoy this! It's certainly a good thing to enjoy over a pizza in my opinion!

'Engage!' and 'Make it so!'
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best `Next Generation' trek film, by far, 6 July 2013
Piccard and his crew didn't get as much (big) screen time as Kirk, so there's not that many other of his movies to compare First Contact to. However, it is definitely the best of all the next generation's filmic outings.

Possibly its greatest strength is that it can be watched by people with no prior knowledge of Star Trek lore. It's about a race of (effectively) space zombies, known as `the Borg' who travel back in time to take over Earth. Therefore Piccard and co must follow them back and teach `em not to mess with us earthlings.

What you have here is a fun, sci-fi adventure with plenty of action and space aliens. If you know Star Trek, you'll probably already have seen this one. However, my challenge goes out to all those out there who consider `Trek' to be the domain of spotty nerds in their mothers' basements - if you're in any way interested in sci-fi, try this one out with an open mind, you may get a pleasant surprise.

Note: I do happen to live in my mother's basement, but I don't speak Klingon.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A perfect Continuation of the movie franchise, 3 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Star Trek VIII: First Contact [DVD] (DVD)
A brilliant movie with a great plot and storyline. It differs from the earlier movies in that it is mostly set in the past, for the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, which is a refreshing change and plot twist. Patrick Stewart truly uses his training as a Shakespearian actor to add emphasis and stress the mental strain Jean--Luc Picard is dealing with after his assimilation by the Borg.

This movie is ideal for fans of the franchise in general, particularly those who prefer The Next Generation to other series within the continuity, but is also accessible to those with little knowledge of the Star Trek universe as it is so well written and as a result easy to slip into.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek First Contact on Bluray, 26 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In my opinion this is by far the best big screen Star Trek film. The storyline and acting are excellent and the remastering makes the movie even better to watch. Alice Krige plays the Borg queen perfectly and I would recommend this product to anyone that likes sci-fi, whether a Start Trek fan or not
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